12/30/20… 13,930.44                            12/23/20… 13,916.22                           

  6/27/13… 15,000.00


                   DOW JONES INDEX: 12/23/20…30,606.48;  12/23/20…30,051.15;  6/27/13…15,000.00)



LESSON for December 30, 2020/Jan. 1, 2021 – “A Whisper of Hope?” (July – Dec., 2020)


Things have to get better because we won’t have Djonald Unedited to entertain us now… at least after January 20th  Millions of cases and hundreds of thousand dead… hospitals full and some rationing care, millions more Americans “food insecure (i.e. hungry) and a new variation of Britplague is said to be 70% more infectious.  More lethal or vaccine-resistant?  Maybe, maybe not.

2020 exited like the proverbial drunk uncle knocking over the holiday dinner table and coughing into the tablecloth.  Of immediate concern are the two Senate races in Georgia on Tuesday, featuring four candidates unfit to serve as spong mops in the Covid ward… Democrat Jon Ossoff making wild promises that had even AOC and the Bern shaking their heads, other Democrat Raphael Warnock told his constituents to put on their shows.  Neither Republican incumbent said anything positive about their own records: corporate smasher/slasher David Perdue accused Ossoff of working for Communist China but did, at least, boast of turning around Reebok and Dollar General (while omitting his tenure at Pillowtex where he embarrassed even the My Pillow guy by offshoring American jobs to Indonesia, Vietnam and… yup… China) while Kelly Loeffler accused Warnock of hating white people and beating up his (black) ex-wife.  But the biggest shovel of filth was dumped over the children for Christ when both elephant-manure politicians threw more dirt (some probably valid, some not) over a snowy nightscape to the strains of… “Silent Night”!

At least the roster of Trump loyalists apparently willing to physically obstruct Inauguration Day appears to be down to a bitter few.

It wouldn’t have been 2020 without weird Christmas Eve terror, provided by one Anthony Quinn Warner, who exhibited his lust for death by blowing up an RV full of explosives on a Nashville Street.  Astonishingly, he was the only fatality because he prefaced the blast with a recorded warning for civilians to evacuate… the speculators speculated he wanted to kill only first responders… coupled by a repetitive loop of Petula Clark’s 1967 hit “Downtown”.  Clark, now 88, expressed “shock and dismay” and wondered if the song’s reference to aloneness and loneliness might have had something to do with Warner’s allegation that the world “will never forget me”.  (They will, but his fifteen minutes of fame might stretch out into five or ten or even fifteen days while the mental health autopsies trickle in,  (Warner was a devotee of conspiracy theories, especially the one as holds shape-shifting reptilian aliens were moving into high office disguised as human beings.  Comedians, accordingly, posted and published pictures of Jared Kushner… whose criminal father was along those pardoned by Djonald Unchained.)

And the little cherry atop the scum sundae was the plague-precipitated death of Mary Wells… the sunny Mary Ann of Gilligan’s Island.  Tina Louise (“Ginger”, the last castaway standing) called her “a cultural landmark”.  So crank up Little Roger’s illicit parody of “Stairway to Heaven (if you know where to find it) and let’s wrap up 2020 (July through December) in old newspapers (soon to, themselves, disappear) tie it up tight with a ribbon of roadkill entrails and deposit it in the dumpster

Here’s how 2020 wrapped up (July through December)…



LESSON for July 1, 2020 – ALL THIS, and WORLD WAR, TOO!  (DJI: 13,570.83)

(from last week’s DJI...)


Have to admit – the President is still on a roll, a downhill roll like a fat man bundled up as a snowball rolling down a hill on a winter’s day five, six months back, that most of us can only dream of (or forward, as finds us still under the weather).

So maybe his toadying up to Vladimir Putin is a good thing – or so we thought at the time. 

We got/had the plague, the unemployment, a new-old cop on black teen strangulation murder as has kept the race riots percolating, we’ve got Prospero’s happy horde fending off the Red Death and ancient enemies at the gates (and, apparently, in the White House) and the prospect of re-recession.  That’s just the old, old stuff… topping it off (the new old stuff), we’ve got many, many more months of pandemic pandemonium, lists of the dead and dying crawling down from the seniors to teenagers and children and even… in a wink n’ nod to the Greatest Generation, a revival of Nazis, as during World War II, and perfidious Russians, as in the Cold War.

       Check on all accounts! - DJI

Hate was/is bustin’ out all over, and  unlike the docile, dispirited citizens of Oran in Camus’ opus… Americans were lifting their spoons to dig in.  Excusable in the hotheade days of midsummer, less so now.  At least we’ve got the vaccines… maybe… as could be ubiquitous by July 1, 2021.

We had: stock markets and employment crashing, killer cops and rampaging rioters, bars and nightclubs closing, masks politicized and Don Jones ran out of toilet paper.  It being our seventh anniversary, we ran the July 1st Indices for comparisons… not  encouraging.  About the only bright spot was the drop in gas prices… as if we had anywhere to go.

“Our estimation (and America’s) of a plague lasting maybe five or six months, allowing for a monthly correspondence with the five chapters of Camus has clearly gone off the rails – it now seems fortunate if the end of the coronavirus comes, as in the novel, within ten months to a year.”

That would be in January if the former “impossible”, March if the latter “unlikely”.  Maybe by the Fourth of July, 2021?


Wednesday, July 1, 2020… Infected:  2,658,324; Dead: 127,000 m/l; Dow:    25,827.36


LESSON for July 8, 2020 – DIRE TRANSPIRINGS!  (13,533.19)


The buzzword for the week is “dire” and the situation is dire.  (But not the direst… by now the situation, les vaccines, is dire-er.)  And “Don Jones, if not already deceased, is likely to become a die-r… and soon.”

Because whole categories are at risk of falling off the edge of the Index, we have to resort to tweaking the numbers… see lesson for details.  (A similar necessary tweaking for the week of February 5th resulted in a Don-drop of about 1,500 points, lowering Mr. Jones’ well being to worse than it was seven years ago.

During the previous week, President Trump went to Mount Rushmore, held a rally, made a speech denouncing mail-in voting, calling BLM a “hate group” and Russiagate a “Hoax”.  Two days later… Fried Chicken Day… he made another speech, and called the plague “99 percent harmless.” 

Kanye West threw his, uh… hat… into the ring for November.


LESSON for July 15, 2020 – DON JONES READS BOOKS!   (13,500.00)


Mary Trump (Don-Don’s niece) writes a book which… while not nice to Uncle Don… blames his father for making him the psycho he is today and for driving his eldest son, Djonald Unfriended’s brother and Mary Trump’s father, Freddy Trump, to alcoholism and an early death.  Abusing his children to “toughen” them up… "That's what sociopaths do,” Mary concluded

It follows Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, a former Vogue magazine staffer’s “Melania and Me”, “The Art of Her Deal” (another “portrait” of Melania), not-so-crazy-by-comparison John Bolton’s “The Room Where It Happened”, and some sixty books by the President himself (as well as Don Junior’s anti-Biden screed “Triggered”).

“Too Much and Never Enough” also reveals the President’s gift to Mary on her 12th birthday… underwear!

On the plague front, CDC predicts 160K dead by August first and cases among 18 to 24 year olds reportedly up 400%.   Alabama State Senator Marsh hopes everyone gets it, because with cures and vaccines useless, universal infection is the only way to build herd immunity.  The coronavirus is fading away in China, however, because China is a dictatorship – and dictatorships may have some human rights issues here and there, but if there is a problem to be solved, it’ll get solved… quickly and brutally, if need be.  But solved. 


LESSON for July 22, 2020 – GOOD TROUBLE?   (13,466.26)


The title derives from Congressman and former Freedom Marcher John Lewis, whose long and distinguished career earned him medals and plaudits – and over forty arrests, which encounters with the law he called “good trouble”.  Friends, enemies and strangers pay tribute to Rep. Lewis (D-Ga), remembering the violent days of the Freedom Marches and comparing them to the current strife in Portland and elsewhere.

“One mischief always introduces another,” Daniel DeFoe.

Mask and social distance “denialists” have been, increasingly, mirroring some of the fortune tellers and soothsayers that deFoe decried in his “Journal”.  Dr. Fauci throws out the first ball of the “Washington Baseball Team’s” season.  It’s a wild pitch – and Tony goes into hiding.  The knives (were already) out for Anthony S. Fauci inside the White House,” the liberal WashPost alleges

We tweak our “Health” index again  RBG goes back into the hospital for her pancreatic cancer – liberals tremble and tweet.  Pasadena, CA cancels the Rose Parade.


LESSON for July 29, 2020 – STIM SELLS?  NOT!   (13,480.16)


Don Jones wonders if Congress and the President will extend the $600 supplemental unemployment stimulus payments and whether (or not) to do anything about the forthcoming wave of evictions which will wash over America next weekend, after the Federal Freeze thaws out.  (We extended the deadline to… Now, and the same problems are rising.  Go figure!

Even the capitalist mouthpiece Forbes admits that: “(E)ssential workers are overlooked and underpaid.  Djonald Unbroke expresses full confidence in The Mnooch (but some Republican Congressmen don’t).


Saturday, August 1, 2020… Infected:  4,608,207; Dead: 153,986; Dow: 26,428.32


LESSON for August 5, 2020 – VEEP VEEP! (The Democrats go “Veep Veep”!)   (13,452.30)


With the Democratic nomination tagged and bagged for Biden and polls showing that he is losing support among young voters worried that he’ll ban Tik Tok and the Republicans’ staunchest (and dedicated) supporters… the elderly… President Trump starts worrying about his future.  Hence, he tweets scenarios such that  “…suspend (or cancel) the election, rip up the Constitution and reign as King Donald I until death passes the baton to Don Junior (or, the Devil forbid, Erik)?”

Having bumbled and fumbled away his support among the military (except for the inevitably rewarded Ge, Flynn), his martial options are down to SPACE FORCE! (and is Veep Pence acting rather strange these days in the latest ongoing crisis?). 

Meanwhile, Sleepy Joe… the former Veep… is floating his own Vice Presidential candidates and (no surprises here, given the polls) that “most of the twelve (or thirteen) candidates for candidateship are women of color.” Notably, there is not one African-American or Latino male on his short list.  “No Corey Booker.  No Julian Castro, or his brother.  No Beto… well, Don Jones suspects that wouldn’t really fly anyway.  No Kanye.

“Just a lot of women… uppity women.”  The likes of former candidates Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris, whose relationship with Joe on the campaign trail were, well… uppity.  “The Times listed Tammy Duckworth as their third choice, the Senator from Illinois since 2017 and former director of the Illinois Department of Veterans Affairs is also a retired Army lieutenant colonel and helicopter pilot who lost both legs in combat while serving in Iraq.  Behind her are former UN Ambassador Susan Rice, Congresswomen Karen Bass and Val Demings and Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms who has been in the news as a critic of police brutality.”

“How about Michelle?” some ask. 


LESSON for August 12, 2020 –UNCLE JOE’s KAMALALA SUTRA!  (13.486.84)


Biden plays it cool… Joe Cool!… and picks Harris as his running mate.  She’s a twofer… black and (from India) Indian and a former prosecutor too, a threefer if you count gender.  Democrats worried about their nominee’s health are relieved.  Team Trump is digging for dirt.

Ah! those polls… we start running our monthly grid, including prognostications from RCP (itself a poll of about a dozen polls), 538, Wikipedia and “270 to Win”.  The consensus is that Joe has his 270 and more.  But they said the same about Hillary in 2016.  (Can you say “Hillary for Biden’s Attorney General?  The Democrats’ own Ken Starr!)  And Donald Unpaled denies that children can get the plague, and trumpets: “We’re going to compete for every single vote in 2020 and we expect to win a historic share of the black vote come election day.”

Plague fighters, meanwhile, are currently favoring hydrochlorothiazide (a Trump-sanctioned drug) over drinking bleach.  The University of Washington predicts 300,000 deaths by New Years’ (but only 250,000 if everybody wears masks). They underestimated.  Economists cross their fingers as to the beginnings of recovery but, as this Index predicted, “even if the Dow breaks 30,000, Mister Trump will have to do a masterful selling job to sell his economic prowess to the Joneses.”  It did, but he didn’t.

Thursday is the 75th anniversary of Hiroshima.  Russia celebrates by hauling out a “Sputnik” vaccine ahead of the Americans.  Turnout at the Sturgis biker rally only half the usual.


LESSON for August 19, 2020 – CONVENTIONAL WISDOM!  (14,797.04 – Post Tweak)


We list some of the things we are growing tired of, as we round into the end of summer…

Heat, humidity, wildfires and blackouts

The Plague

The President


The primetime gameshow drivel on network TV (not all bad, as it gives Don Jones the opportunity to work around the house and read books… coming up, Cuomo’s and, we presume, Miles Taylor’s.

Anything “virtual”


LESSON for August 28, 2020 – THE ELEPHANTS in (YOUR) ROOM!  (14,831.84)


”We’re here and they’re not!” – President Trump, pointing to the White (or People’s?) House.

Both parties’ conventions recede into history; squeezed by plague, juiced by a previously unimaginable partisan hatred.  Our day by day blowback reveals…

          August 20th – Trump offers words of love for Q-Anon, words of hate for the Goodyear Tire Company.  Vice Presidential nominee Kamalala screeches: “I know a predator when I see one.”

          August 21st – The President raids Biden’s hometown of Scranton, PA and reminds voters of how Joe abandoned them, while doubling down on Q-Anon.

          August 22nd – Trump family woes trump politics… Djonald’s brother Robert is buried, Don Junior defends Steve Bannon after fraud charges while Senior just calls him “sad”.

          August 23rd – Bannon bailed out by unknown sources.  Mary Trump exposes brother Donald’s foibles, adding to the family disjunction.

          August 24th = The convention in Charlotte and over Zoom awards Trump a 2500 to 1 victory over William Weld; Trump pouts and filches that one Iowa delegate through procedural hocus-pocus.  Kimberly Guilfoyle, the loud woman who dumped Cal. Gov. Newsome for Don Jr. shrieks a speech as do Junior and a bunch of politicians including a black man, Tim Scott.

          August 25th – Trump-ing his brother (for once!) Erik speaks from the Rose Garden, Mike Pompeo from Jerusalem.  Melania and Tiffany Trump orate and a 17 year old “patriot” guns down two protesters in Kenosha.

          August 26th – Pence time!  “Where the spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom and freedom always wins.”

          August 27thDjonald’s 70 minute acceptance speech celebrates his accomplishments (real and imaginary) and he reminds the mob of “our beautiful wall and our two great (new) Supreme Court judges.”  (Soon to be three!)

And it’s over.  Polls show Biden’s lead widening to eight points.


LESSON for September 2, 2020 – HIGHER MASCHEMATICS!   (13,533.19)

Don Jones wonders why so few N95 masks that protect the user as well as the public are available.  The N95’s feel cardboardy and flimsy, but unlike floppy surgical or fabric masks, they hold a distinct, muzzle-like shape. They’re about as cheap as they feel, going for $1.75 retail in the small quantities in which they’ve long been sold to the public, and while bulk health care prices are a well-kept secret, they’re likely quite a bit lower, at least in normal times.”

The President whines that he inherited the trouble-making Dr. Fauci.  Actor Chadwick Boxeman remembered for “Black Panther” and for visits to sick children.


Tuesday, September 1, 2020… Infected:  6.068; Dead: 185,594; Dow: 28,645.66


LESSON for September 9, 2020 – LABOUR’S LOVE LOST?   (14,907.86)

Unemployment finally falls for Labor Day, all the way down to 8.4 percent… campaigners celebrate but the still-unemployed 11 million grumble.  Republicans blame Labor’s decline on the corruption of its leaders, Democrats cite offshoring and, of late, robots.


LESSON for September 16, 2020 – THE FIRE, THE RAIN and OTHER THINGS!   (14,903.24)


Climate, long the orphan of 2020’s electoral storms, snaps to life.  Wildfires spread in the West, tropical storms and hurricans batter the East and it’s already snowing in between.

The latest Social Progress Index has America falling to 28th among developed and underdeveloped nations of the world and becoming one of only three (Brazil and Hungery the others) where social progress worsened in 2020.  Harvard Business School businessman Michael Porter alleges “We are no longer the country we like to think we are.”  Other indices produce similar unhappy portents.


LESSON for September 23, 2020 – STATE of the STATES!   (13,464.31)

Just when Don Jones thinks things can’t get worse, Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg dies suddenly, giving Djonald Unsubstantiated a third SCOTUS vacancy to fill.  Republicans are ecstatic, but pretend not to de.  Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is resolute… Trump will appoint his creature to the bench and to hell with the voters.

We look at Senate races and find about how things turned out… save an upset win for moderate Republican Susan Collins of Maine.  It’ll come down to the Georgia races next year.

Pandemic vacation is over so we de-tweak our prior tweaking and the Don sinks again.


LESSON for September 30, 2020 – “SHUT UP, MEN!”    (13,464.31)                

The first Presidential debate is a sick debacle – hyperpotentiated by Trump’s choice of Amy Coney Barrett (a far right anti-abortion extremist) to replace RBG on the High Court.

The debate features much heat, little light, and a plethora of overtalking as makes most of it un-understandable.  Sleepy Joe calls Trump… horrors!... a clown and barks “Keep yapping, man!”  The President calls for law and order and justice and attacks one Biden boy… Ukrainian Hunter… while the ex-Veep defends the other, the martyred Beau.

Neither welcomes the endorsement of, nor specifically denounces, those brain eating amoebas detected in the drinking water of Lake Jackson, Texas.

Subsequent to the talking and analyzing, President Trump… now indicted by the New York courts for tax fraud and selling ambassadorships… gets it (the plague, not the knowledge).  He also fires campaign manager Brad Parscale, who is taken to a mental hospital after threatening to kill himself.


LESSON for October 7, 2020 – “SICK ELEPHANTS on PARADE!”   (13,508.68)

 Media junkies queue up to denounce the debates.   The fuss is still boiling over when the President is medivaced from the White House to Walter Reed Hospital on the Marine One chopper, numerous WH officials and outside agitators like Chris Christie get it.  Trump’s administration increasingly compared to dysfunctional regimes of the past, this week it’s Ancient Greece and Rome where, should a leader fail to inspire confidence, he would be run out town (the former) or fed to the lions (the latter).           


Thursday, October 1, 2020… Infected 7,242,033, Dead: 207.655; Dow: 27,916.90



LESSON for October 14, 2020 – “LORD of the FRIENDLY FLIES!”   (13,515.58)


…said insect being the musca domestica that parked on Mike Pence’s head during his otherwise tedious debate with Kamala Harris.  Flies are drawn to carrion like Jeffrey Epstein to little girls.  It was not a good omen for Republicans.

There was a fly on his head, and (Pence) pretended not to notice,” noted Dubya’s speechwriter David Frum.

Absent serious input on the issues, partisans waged a costly war of negative advertising that left most Americans sickened.  Republicans ran a doctored interview with Dr. Anthony Fauci, praising the President’s rapid response to the plague.  Democrats pretended that there was no static remaining between Biden and the Bern.

Trump fired campaign manager Brad Parscale, who went on an epic drunk, beat up his wife and was carted off to the bughouse.

Three weeks to go…


LESSON for October 21, 2020 – “SUPER PRECEDENT SPREADERS!”   (13,519.84)


The Senate Judiciary Hearings on Amy Coney Barrett usurp the usual one-two punch of spooky news… plague and the election.   (It’s easier to overlook the latter for reasons that President Trump chooses not to participate in the second debate and, rather than face an empty chair or a chicken or Charlie McCarthy, Joe Biden shrugs and goes back to work trying to drum up the votes.)

Barrett, now… she’s already been through this once (being told by Dianne Feinstein that the dogma lives within her during her performance for the Court of Appeals) and, this time, the dog barks on cue, saying nothing that might hurt her with the two or three Republicans as might express some reservations were she to confess to the extreme-right agenda that Democrats accuse her of trying to bring to the bench, if confirmed.  Thus, she did not overtly espouse her opposition to birth control and abortion, her bias towards de-legitimizing gay marriage and re-criminalization of sodomy and… of note with elections barely two weeks away… overturning the “pre-existing condition” provisions of Obamacare.

“The nominee added that Roe v. Wade, the case that legalized abortion nationwide, did not belong to the category of judicial rulings known as “super-precedents” — decisions considered so fundamental that they cannot be overturned. (DJI)

“’Roe is not a super-precedent,” Barrett said, adding: “But that does not mean it should be overruled.’”

Instead, she trotted out her family, including the two adoptees of color, Republicans waved the bloody flag of Brett Kavanaugh’s “disgraceful” interrogation at the hands of the JudCom; Democrats waved their bloody flag of his nomination.

Sens. Feinstein and McConnell hugged, then everybody left the session and ran back to their offices to dial for dollars.

LESSON for October 28, 2020 – DE BATES MOTEL!   (13,524.73)               


Election week and Halloween both check in and… wonder of wonders… Trump and Biden hold their third (or second) debate and, if it is not decorous, it is at least coherent.  NBC’s Kristen Welker cracks the whip whenever either candidate strays from the path of righteousness and thanks them for a “robust” evening during which, unfortunately, nothing new or newsworthy is revealed.

In the real world, Hurricane Zeta ravages the cursed Louisiana coastline and Trump brings his roadshow to the International Church of Las Vegas where he channels Petula Clark’s “Round Every Corner”.  (What is this fascination today’s crazy Americans have with the 88 year old Petster?

One week before the voters cast their ballots, Judge ABC (unmasked) is sworn in at the White House by Justice Thomas (also unmasked) in front of President Trump (unmasked) and a crowd of well-wishers (mostly masked).  She says Justices should act on the law, not political pressure or personal beliefs.  Nobody believes her, but nobody laughs out loud. 

Prefaced by the party-line confirmation of Barrett and the ravages of the cursed Louisiana coast by Hurricane Zeta,

Pollsters (Rasmussen and Trafalgar excepted, as usual) estimate a Biden lead of from five to eleven points and say next Tuesday’s election hinges on Florida, Pennsylvania. Michigan, Wisconsin and North Carolina – in which state thousands of vultures have gathered on rooftops to haunt houses.


LESSON for November 4, 2020 – “THE GHOST of JOHN McCAIN!”   (13,523.33)

Democrats are experiencing that sinking feeling by midnight or thereabouts… “déjà vu all over again,” as Yogi Berra put it.  Trump has made fools of the pollsters, blasted through Florida, North Carolina and the race is too close to call in the flipped states of the old industrial Midwest where angry white workers take out their frustrations on “persons of color” as opposed to the job-offshoring free enterprise buccaneers.

As of Wednesday morning, Joe Biden holds a two percent lead in the popular vote and has 225 electoral votes, compared with POTUS garnering 213.  With so many keystone states (like Pennsylvania) still too close to call and bipartisan allegations of fraud and malfeasance flying through the air like diseased pigeons, “(t)here is at least a high possibility, if not a probability that the decision… as in Y2Ks Bush/Gore dangling chad contest… will be decided by the Supreme Court.”  (DJI)  “Which, given the improvident demise of Justice Ginsburg and the lightning-quick elevation of Amy Coney Barrett to her seat, makes for a medieval comedy (or tragedy, for the losing faction) worthy of Shakespeare (or, at least, “Game of Thrones.”

And don’t expect James Bond to leap to the rescue of the free world… RIP Sean Connery.

If there is hope amidst Camp Biden, it may well be out in the Arizona desert, where the challenger clings to a narrow lead, potentiated by the endorsement of John McCain’s widow after months of Trump’s ongoing disrespect and denunciations.  It would be the old soldier’s (that one that got captured) last strike from beyond the grave against his fraternal enemy as a blue moon rises in the Western sky.

At least, the President can take consolation in McDonald’s announcement that it’ll bringing back the McRib on November 12th, its first appearance since 2012 (also an election year).



Sunday, November 1, 2020… Infected 9,127,208, Dead: 230,556; Dow: 27,847.66


LESSON for November 11, 2020 – “LAWYERS, GUNS and MONEY!”    (13,638.31)


And… the winner of the election for President of the United States is…

Still unknown.

Vice-President Elect Kamala Harris disagrees, announcing that Uncle Joe is the next President of the United States.

By Monday, six days after, Biden’s slim lead is holding up… he’s vetting potential Cabineteers, names thirteen experts to his Plague Panel and says “we’ll follow the science” as Operation Warp Speed starts to warp.  Mexico and China join Brazil and Russia in refusing to recognize or congratulate Uncle Joe and Trump tweets furious tweets alleging electoral fraud and hinting at a coup (unfortunately having alienated most of the military except for convicted General Flynn).

As the lawyers gather like buzzards on Route 66, the DJI poses two possible outcomes…

“Will Amy Coney Barrett cast the deciding vote, invalidating the whole election and scheduling a do-over in November, 2021, or 2022 or not at all – making Rudy Giuliani a jurisprudential victor as improbable as Trump himself in the Presidential races of 2016 and 2020?

“Or. after a wincing Chief Justice Roberts dismisses Rudy’s papers and swear in Biden with a cough and a snarl, will Trump barricade himself in the Oval Office behind a beautiful wall of furniture and predecessorial portraits and lawbooks to hurl at the newly transitioned Secret Service trying to break in?  Will Uncle Joe have to call the Orkin Man with his traps and poisons to spray insecticide through he keyhole and under the door until Djonald falls on his ample backside, arms and legs waving feebly in the air like a gassed palmetto bug, while the Pik-A-Lok Men force the door and local Animal Control officers charge in, drag the coughing, wheezing ex-President out, bundle him into a truck with a cage in the back and transport him… not to Mar-a-Lago or even to the nearest large toilet to be flushed away the way most dead insects are?”


LESSON for November 18, 2020 – “THE CABINET of DOCTOR FAUCI!”   (13,651.40)


Biden takes a knee in the victory formation while Trump fights on.  And the President-Elect instinctively turns to the one man more powerful than himself and the Donald combined… Dr. Anthoy Fauci who, arguably, had as much to do with his election as John McCain.

The remainder of his incipient Cabinet contains a lot of Obama retreads, starting with Dr. Vivek Murthy (Surgeon General 2015 to 2017), who will head his official plague task force.  These lucky souls will not have to face interrogation and obstruction by Mitchy – but the rest of the Biden cabinet will.  We explore the possibilities and you (and history) will be the judge.  Biden names Ron Klain his Chief of Staff, gets his picture taken at a Korean War memorial; POTUS gets his at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. 

Rudy G. files more lawsuits – 24 and counting.



LESSON for November 25, 2020 – “INSIDE the ACTORS’ STUDIO!”   (13,533.19)


As shamefaced White House appointees slink away into the twilight, the presumptive lame duck increasingly relies upon Acting officials… accountable to nobody but King Djonald… and obscure bureaucrats.  Case in point – Evelyn Murphy, Queen of the General Services Administration.

The GSA is that body which regulates relations between an incoming and outgoing government.   “The spirit of the law, of democracy, presumes that the bureaucrats will obey the wish of the voters – designate electors pledged to vote for the victorious candidate and enable the outgoing and incoming administrations to co-ordinate the affairs of state.  But the letter is not… a letter.  Absent a specific prohibition, enforced by the courts, a defeated candidate can tie up the transition process indefinitely.”

Which Trump, through Murphy, did for three weeks… while the pandemic prowled, race riots raged, the jobless fell further into destitution and foreign enemies probed America’s defenses… until, finally, she relented and the electoral process staggered on to the next obstacle while Rudy G., Sidney Powell and the rest of the lawyers issued injunctions and writs that served no purpose save to salve the President’s vindictiveness and, through Senate President Mitch McConnell, Team Trump vowed to block any Cabinet or White House appointments of persons to the left of Lindsey Graham.

Can Biden do anything about this prospect?  He can, we suggested.  Even the National Review admitted that, while the Constitution’s Article II, Section 2, says that “any principal “officer” of the United States can serve only with the advice and consent of the Senate,” deputy officers are not subject to this limitation.  Thus, Uncle Joe can pack his Cabinet with deputies who, until a principle is named and confirmed, will serve as “acting” secretaries.

Donald Trump knows this and fears this.  After all, so many of his own principals have been fired or resigned in disgust that Team Trump is rife with actors.  Joe can appoint deputies like AOC (Justice), Greta Thunberg (Interior), the Bern (Labor) and so on and so forth until even the balkiest Republican Senators will be crying for mercy.

We offer the President-elect some more suggestions.

In other news, a mysterious monolith was discovered in the Utah desert.  Perhaps the shape-shifting reptilian aliens now among us could find jobs with Joe.


LESSON for December 2, 2020 – “THANKS and NO THANKS!”   (13,682.73)                      


In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we offer things we are thankful for in 2020… stretching the list a little… and some of the many things for which we are not.  And we note those developments which were pleasing to one faction of partisans, toxic to another.







Minimum wage raised in 14 states

Good Samaritans celebrate the holidays by paying off layaway and medical debts for strangers.

Iranian terror-General Soleiman liquidated.

Family members rescue toddler from homeless maniac in Venice, California.

Trump walks back climate change hoaxibility. 

WNBA players get 100% raises, still trail the men.

Korea’s “Parasite” becomes first foreign film winner. 

Endangered koala born in American zoo.

New York plots to ban cashless retail.  Experts now predict well hit a trillion dollar deficit this year.

Heroic mother saves her baby from maniac carjacker and jeweler fights off robbers with pickle jars.



Embattled potentates Trump and Netanyahu agree on a Mideast peace plan, but the Palestinians reject it. 

Impeached (but not convicted), Trump trots off to Switzerland

Trump cuts permit processes for big polluters. 

Justin Bieber, bitten by tick, contacts Lyme. 

Turks begin massacre of Syrian Kurds.

The “Cats” movie

Elon Musk dances, elicits groans. 

Animals endure tragic days: 30 monkeys die in German zoo fire, Maryland police seek seagull slaughterer, troll releases bedbugs in Pa. WalMart, Kentucky dog skinner arrested before completing his Cruella deVil coat.

WNBA players get 100% raises, still trail the men.

Next panic: the Chinese coronavirus

Global warming killing off penguins but bad blizzards rage coast to coast, even freezing Miami. 

Demented dentist guilty – faces ten years for pulling a tooth while on his hoverboard.

Embattled potentates Trump and Netanyahu agree on a Mideast peace plan, but the Palestinians reject it. 

Experts now predict we’ll hit a trillion dollar (pre-pandemic) deficit this year.

Kobe Bryant, daughter, 7 others die in chopper crash. 

Philly’s “Gritty” mascot sued for assaulting a kid. 



Doctors advise focus on facts, not fear.  US life expectancy finally rising due to drops in cancer and overdoses. 

Man run down by rageaholic deer

Antarctica records record 65 degree days  69 degrees

Disney walks back fining schoolkids for watching pirate “Lion King”. 

BYU mellows out on anti-gay policies. 

Greyhound to stop ICE dragnet checks. 

Trump chump Roger Stone gets 3 years.  Hot Pockets heiress gets five months in Varsity Blues scandal. 

UK brain surgery patient plays violin during operation


Iowa debacle and candidate flaws spark new talk of new (old) faces.   Kerry?  Hillary?  Nobody gained by this farce!

Coronavirus called worse than SARS.  (Remember?) 

The holidays are over and the Chinese economy, like coronavirus, is infecting the world.  Unemployment on a rocket ride upwards

Hard times strike Kohl’s (250 workers laid off) WayFair (550), HSBC Bank (35,000).

Sick Asians proliferate – some get death threats, Chinese-American businesses losing out. 

Mexican cartels seize avocado market




Awwww… to rhino calf born after 480 days hard labor, San Diego zoo’s new baby hippo and a sick puppy gets wheels for its hind legs. 

Spring finally springs in the east – New York hits 72, cherry blossoms out in Washington. 

Sunday is International Women’s Day

Lawyers swarming at first case of divorcing parents of CV kid fighting over who gets to sue the St. Louis Health Department.

Conspiracy theorists attack Leap Year as a liberal plot.  (Well it is, isn’t it?)


Expert expert Dr. Fauci of CDC predicts a vaccine is still at least a year off.

Judge Judy hangs up her robes after 25 years on the bench and MSNBC host Chris Matthews abruptly runs off after hardball GQ article about his remarks on women’s looks. 

Conspiracy theorists attack Leap Year as a liberal plot. 

Bill Clinton blames “anxieties” for his affair with Monica.

CVs next casuality – the new James Bond movie.

Purell hoarders buy out supplies.  (ALSO TP)


Terrorists quiet – they’re social distancing in their caves

Conventional crime falls (or, rather, morphs – often cyberifically)…

Harvey Weinstein gets justice (of a sort)… the plague! 

Blasts from the past making a return: drive in movies and milkmen.

Quarantined Americans are banging pots and pans and applauding their heroes and Italians are singing from their windows.

Three months after, the Wuhan, China curfew and quarantine is lifted. 

Most crime down as robbers and rapists and burglars shelter in place. 

Five tigers and three lions infected at Bronx Zoo

Patriots’ owner Robert Kraft (still facing his massage trial) donates Chinese-made masks to New York front-liners. 

Still angry at being ignored, NoKo shoots off a “barrage” of missiles into the sea, scaring the fish. 

Harrison Ford piloting miscue… again!  (He’s OK.)

Mysterious “Oxford Cure” sees six monkeys in Montana recover from the CV after being given… something…

Democrats play nice for primeries – Obama endorses Biden who professes to love Bernie who plays nice with Warren.

Polls show that, despite protests, 70% to 80% support shelter-in-place

CV whistleblower Brett Crozier relieved as caption of the USS Theodore Roosevelt


The Dow keeps crashing, sinking below 20,000 at one point

Moralists are now decrying hoarders like the Charmin bears, gougers, fake tests and remedies,

Shady dudes are selling broken-down ventilators out of the backs of old cars, and the Mob moves into the Purell black market.  Purell now going for $20/bottle. 

America weeps as a truck full of toilet paper overturns and burns in Texas.

Families of the dying protest exclusion from hospitals and nursing homes while

And animals are re-taking the cities… screaming monkeys infest the deserted public squares of Thailand… goats trot through Wales and feral pigs through Paris, and the empty streets of New Orleans’ French Quarter are being re-inhabited… by rats. 

Florida man charged with assault for coughing on a grocer. 

Texas truck of toilet paper crashes and burns and millions weep.

ICEman arrested for child molestation in Arizona rage in cage

Projectors project small business losses of a cool trill

Shortages of toilet paper and, now, Pepcid persist


Homer glad:  Beer companies using delivery dogs in this age of social distancing. 

Dogs being trained to sniff out CV victims (and what else?)

German priests resume holding Masses behind plastic shields and florists are risking all to open their shops for Mother’s Day.

Wages rise because the lowest paid are being laid off.  

Homer sad: Restaurateurs predict that the CV will kill off all-you-tan-eat buffets… forever! 

Murder hornets invade Washington State

JWB?  Black jogger gunned down by ex-cop in Georgia, agitators continue agitating

Wicked scammers targeting healthcare workers with dangerous fake PPE


Mortgage rates at lowest in memory,

Economy bouncing back.  Unemployment, expcted to rise, falls 1.4%.  Consumer indices up for the first time in five months. 

Even protests have a silver lining - Gun shop sales spike

Found: chest of $1M in gold hidden by eccentric tycoon in the Rocky Mountains

Dunkin’ Donuts adds 25K jobs. 

Happy birthday Prince Philip (99).

Louisville killer cop fired for shooting Breonna Taylor ten times in March. 

Re-opening: U.S. Open, Nathan’s hot dog eating contest.  At the San Diego Zoo, a 100 year old turtle is retired from stud after fathering 800.

Biden clinches Democratic nomination – chooses Harris for veep. (Tulsi Gabbard is disappointed)

Mobs tear down statures of Confederate Generals and Philly police chief Frank Rizzo 

Price of cocaine crashes, due to plague

Trump on Law and Order: “Some of (the people) may not know that’s what they want, but that’s what they want.” 

MAGA believers drink bleach and die.

Village People deny Trump’s playing “Macho Man” at rallies  

Trump vows to arrest John Bolton if he publishes his book. 

POTUS and Mitch McCheese also beta test voter suppression tactics by opening only one polling place each for Louisville (pop. 624,890) and Lexington pop. 328,690) generating four to six hour waits


With plague declining, Chine resumes persecutions in Hong Kong

Minnesota riots go national, called “domestic terrorism”. 

Trump holding MAGA Night celebration, warns protesters will be met by “vicious dogs and ominous weapons.” 

Minneapolis cops strangle black man in front of angry crowd while (Floyd?) protests swell, including children

Price of gas rises due to more drivers on the road.

Seattle plague survivor gets 181 page, $1.1 million hospital bill. 

PC running wild: Vogue magazine, Bon Appetit, beauty shops and Band Aids trolled.

Authorities in Louisville to revisit shooting of Breonna Taylor; “no knock” warrants come under fire. 

Lady Antebellum changes their name to PCtier “Lady A” and is immediately accused of white privilege by the black Chicago blueswoman using that name for years.  (PC minefield)

Neo-Nazi gang “Boogaloo” killing cops to start a race war

Navy re-fires Captain Crozier of the USS Teddy Roosevelt for overdose of concern about his men



NASA to name headquarters after Mary Jackson, heroine of “Hidden Figures”. 

New York man freed after 25 years for murder he didn’t commit. 

Record high NASDAQ! 

Kanye makes the ballot in Oklahoma and out-Yangs Andrew Yang by promising each new American baby one million dollars. 

Empire State Building reopens (Kong happy)

Fugitive kangaroo recaptured in Fort Lauderdale

Congress approves Naitonal Latino Museum

Michelle O. debuts new Spotify podcast – first guest is (surprise!) Barack. 

“Naked Athena” flounces in the street during riots…

PC purges of songs, books, films, statues etc. escalate wildly

Courts agree to hear arguments to censor Trump niece’s book; quickly greenlights it.

Ohio pizzeria mocked for drawing swastikas on pizzas.  (I guess this belongs here because some Nazis are/were nice people…)

Democratic convention begins.


Swarms of locusts grounding planes in New Delhi

NASCAR noose becomes six day wonder. 

Goya Foods CEO praises Trump, incites bean boycotts.  P

(Black) St. Louis prosecutor orders confiscation of guns from (rich, white) homeowners in neighborhood besieged by protestors and claims it was to prevent a “chilling” effect on First Amendment right of protests.  P

Acting DHS Secretary Chad Wolf re-promises “domination”, Trump promises to invade more leftish cities (like Chicago) no matter what the Mayors and Governors say. 

Mary’s Book (7/15 DJI) lits #1 on Amazon   P

Roger Stone calls black radio host a bad word. 

RBG’s liver cancer is back – Trump sends well wishes.  RIP to Rep. John Lewis (D-Ga) – Trump sends condolences. 

59 cops injured in Seattle and protester shot dead in Austin. 

USDA warns Americans not to plant mystery seeds from China (where somebody seems to have watched “Little Shop of Horrors”).

Washington’s NFL team (ex-Redskins) changes name to… The Washington Football Team. 

“Naked Athena” flouncing in the street is shot in the feet.


First black female Navy fighter jet pilot gets her “golden wings”.     

Portuguese President saves two drowning girls whose kayak collapses

Negro Leagues’ 100th anniv. features Hank Aaron.

Venmo Challenge” finds philanthropists giving $500 tips to bar and restaurant servers. 

Happy 116th to America’s oldest woman… her secret: bananas.

Giant panda Mei Shung gives birth in D.C. zoo. 

“Dead” woman rises from her coffin in Detroit

Republican convention begins.


Virtual DemCon opens in Milwaukee (and Wilmington and living rooms all over America).  

Biden nominated.  Kamala hails his “Stability”.  Others prefer “decency”.

Prince Harry endorses Biden… or does he?   (Is this important enough to be included as partisan news?)

17 year old Kenosha militia wannabe shoots three protesters, kills two, riots escalate. (He says it was self defense)

Republican convention begins.


Partial census data calls 23% of US households “food insecure”.

Riots in Belarus after dictator Aleksandr Lubashensky is “re-elected” for umpteenth time since 1994.

USPS removing mailboxes

“Female recession” blamed as working women juggle jobs and childcare – 15.5% unemployment in May vs. 13% for men.  

Black maniac murders white 5 year old as race relations deteriorate – white state trooper shoots unarmed black motorist.

Racist neighbors arrested for throwing dead squirrels onto black family’s lawn. 

Q-Anon warns that liberal Satanists are molesting and eating children

Jerry Falwell Junior resigns from Liberty U. over wife’s affair with the pool boy (who says Junior liked to watch)

Steve Bannon busted for defrauding “Build the Wall” donors.  He pleads not guilty, calls it a “political hit job”.  banners ban Bannon for bankrupting investors

Double hurricanes Laura and Marco strike the Gulf Coast, but two days apart;



Elon Musk invents coin-sized brain implant to do things to people

Ronnie Long freed after 44 years at NC prison for rape and burglary he did not commit,

Russian opposition leader Navalny survives Putinesque poisoning.  (A few Vlad Lads might consider this partisan, but к черту их.) 

Magician David Blaine soars over AZ desert  on 52 balloons, 

Naomi Osaka wins US Open, Dominic Thiem takes the men’s title. 

Bubba Wallace joins Michael Jordan in a pioneering black NASCAR team.

Malaysian monkey steals iPhone, takes selfies. 

Joe and Jennifer Montana foil attempt by home invader to kidnap their granddaughter.

Five year old sends firefighters a Baby Yoda doll. 

Good animal stories: Finnish rats sniff out plague, rats trained to detect land mines. 

Trump nominated.  Surprised?

Hundreds of thousands march on Washington chanting: “Get your knee off our necks.”  Best speech from MLK granddaughter Yolanda. 

Sudden death of RBG.  Partisans call her demise “Republican gold.”   

Djonald Unashamed plucks Catholic anti-abortion activist Judge Amy Coney Barrett out of the swamp to replace the notorious RBG on the high court before Ginsburg was even in the ground. 

BilBarr designates New York, Portland and Seattle as “Anarchist Jurisdictions”, enabling his Master to deny federal funding for the plague.  BilBarr the Barbarian also says BLM uses the dead as “props”,


Warrants out on Jacob Blake for sex and domestic abuse – his sister says “The reality of America is not real.” 

Homicides up 37% in big cities, partisan blamers assign blame. 

President Trump calls fallen soldiers “suckers and losers”

Labor Day riots turn bloody from Vallejo, CA to Times Square, NY

Bad news for the poor: Stim 2 deal fails… Nancy wanted 2.2T, Mitchy offered only 600K.  Bad news for Dow: Tech stocks crash

Tik Tok beats Trump deadline by two days, selling out to MAGA corporation Oracle over Microsoft, meaning that personal dirt and data formerly filched by China will now go directly to Q-Anon.

Wicked weather: wildfires West, flooding East and blizzards between.

15 million poor kids who can’t afford internet access for online learning will learn nothing, remain dis-educated for the rest of their lives. 

Breonna Taylor riots: Louisville mob sets library on fire.  BTs mom:

Nieman Marcus CEO invites media to tour his mansion as company collapses.

Black licorice overdoses killing sweet toothers. 

Trump/Biden debate an embarrassment to America no matter whom you support.



Stocks which fell sharply on Trump plague news, bounce back as the drugs (legal, maybe not Perdue) kick in.

Space Force rolls out 23M titanium toilet. 

Astronomers find 24 planets outside our solar system where living conditions are better than on Earth.  (No political ads!)

Newly recovered Harvey Weinstein faces more charges in L.A. that mean he faces 140 years to life.

Pence and Harris debate – upstaged by a fly. 

SCOTUS nominee Barrett expresses discretion on overturning precedents.

Turkey (the bird, not the country) cheap and plentiful, but farmers suffer due to Thanksgiving cancellations.

Dr. Oz declares a War on Hugging, but Dutch mental patients advised to hug cows.

Stevie Wonder releases first album in 15 years.  Dolly Parton’s Christmas platter goes to Number One. 

Sex/Nex cult leader Keith Raniere sentenced to 120 years.

NASA’s Osiris Rex lands on Asteroid Benno for six seconds of gravel grabbing.  They also discover more water on the moon. 

New Borat movie (Borat pranks Rudy G. & parties with Q-Anon, says they’re “good people”)

Pope Francis appoints Wilton Gregory first black Cardinal of DC.

Mitchy insists Barrett’s confirmation will go on, but closes Senate until Barrett hearings begin Oct. 12th 

Columbus Day rioters (presumed left) in Portland tear down statue of Abraham Lincoln.  

“Wolverine Watchmen” arrested in plot to kidnap & kill Michigan Gov. Whitmer.  Their takedown elevates the Hawaiian-shirted (haole eg. white)) “Boogaloo Boys” ito Number One in domestic terrorism. 

Gun-waving St. Louis socialite media stars indicted for threatening mob of protesters  

Anticipating Barrett confirmation, Texas courts deny social services to LGBTQs, deputies deny medical aid to pregnant prisoner and Kentucky AG sues to re-seal Breonna Taylor file  

Rudy G’s daughter, Caroline, says she’ll vote for Biden. 

Iranians caught impersonating Proud Boys  (Who’s the perp here and who’s the victim?)



Experts say climate change will kill off 40$ of world plant life. (Poison ivy?  Broccoli?)

120,000 bottles of wine destroyed in Napa fires

Oklahoma prison guards accused of torturing prisoners by repeated playing of “Baby Shark”.

New book posits UK royals William and Harry at the point of re-igniting the Wars of the Roses.

Stockpiles of syringes languish in hopes of  vaccine as world plague spikes. 

Funeral having to install walk-in freezers for surplus corpses. 

Political and racial violence escalates - Nazi pedophile’s plot to kill Biden also foiled

Mitchy rejects Trump/Pelosi stimulus deal; Dow tumbles

Police swarm to detect and lock up trick or treatin’ kids.  Beverly Hills police also criminalize kids taking candy from strangers.

Utah plans to ration hospital beds and treatments – young people get saved, senior will just have to die.

Jared Kushner accuses blacks of “not wanting to be successful enough.”  Eat that, Gregory!... you’re not the Pope!


McDonald’s promises to bring back the McRib.

Wisconsin Nazi arrested for home invasion of wrong enemy home. 

WalMart scraps robot shelf-stackers and replaces them with… people!

George Stephanopolous says that foreign interference is “the dog that didn’t bark”.

Chairman Jerome Powell of Fed hints that, despite the Wall Street uplift, another stimulus would help the Main Street economy. 

Record 106 women (about 25%) elected to Congress.  And then there’s Kamala.

Whale eats, then spits out, two women. 

Record Dow tops 30,000 and biggest one week bounce in Don (nearly 115 points) as unemployment falls below 7%.  (But food lines lengthen, too,)

Dragon Crew blasts off, riding shuttle Resilience to ISS to do medical tests.  They bring a Baby Yoda aboard.  

Bush I’s service dog, Sully, rewarded with bronze statue.  No bacon.  But Waffle House will debut its Bacon Beer the week before Christmas. 

Online Black Friday sales soar, brick and mortar stores suffer.

Pfizer leads, Moderna trailing and Oxford/AstreZeneca rising to 3rd place in vax race.  First needles to plunge by Xmas?

“Black Panther” villain Michael B. Jordan voted “sexiest man alive”. 

Macy’s cuts back on parade but does reopen its Xmas window displays. 

Election initially too close to call (out of the woodwork come the lawyers), but Arizona seen handing Trump payback for his dissing of McCain.

Dodgers win World Series in six over Tampa. 

Junkies rejoice (church police squeal)!  Five more states legalize marijuana and Oregon legalizes cocaine and heroin.

Alt-righters switching from censorious Twitter and Facebook to Parler. 

Elon Musk and Bill Gates duke it out for America’s 2nd richest behind Bezos. To quote Melania’s coat: “Do you care?”

GSA greenlights Biden election and he starts choosing Cabinet picks.

Johnny Rotten endorses Trump, gets bitten on the penis by fleas.

Trump denies results, declares corruption and fires traitors – replacing them with actors.

Leaky Eric Snowden to become a Russian citizen – paving the way for Erik Trump?  Djonald?

Trump’s anti-doctor, anti-mask plague czar Scott Atlas gives strange interview to Russian media while his boss boasts he’ll get 20% of the black vote.

Cat 2 Zeta is 5th hurricane to hit Louisiana coast, heads northeast after killing six and cutting power to nearly 2 million. 

Some doctors and virologists propose blocking next plague by declaring a “War on Bats”

Jared Kushner joins Scott Atlas (above) in fomenting a “War on Doctors”. 

Louisiana church arsonist gets 25 years, but porn star Ron Jeremy gets 300!

RIP: “Bond, James Bond” (Sean Connery) and Alex Trebek (“Jeopardy”).

200 murder hornet queens found alive in a dead tree in Washington (state).

Sea Dream Line resumes cruises, passengers get it on the first day out. 

Billionaire tortures neighbors by playing Gilligan’s Island theme over loudspeakers all night.

Stimulus 2 stalls again = 3.3M foreclosures and millions more evictions could begin on January First

Tired, angry Americans are murdering each other at record pace.

Cat fives Iota and Eta follow same path… devastating small towns on the Nicaragua/Honduran border.

Doctors, politicians and the law declare War on Thanksgiving.


Tuesday, December 1, 2020… Infected 13,714,024 Dead: 259,256; Dow: 29,871.25


LESSON for December 9, 2020 – “THE DEVIL WENT DOWN to GEORGIA!” (13,704.94)


Teams Trump and Biden ooze into the Peach State, where control of its two Senate seats will determine whether the President-Elect has a majority (by virtue of Vice President Harris’ tiebreaker) or whether Mitch McConnell will be able to obstruct everything and anything that occurs regarding policies, budgets, appointments and the plague.

But the Republicans have a problem.  Trump continues to assert that the election was rigged and the results are fraudulent, which gives some of the lukewarm MAGAmen license to stay home on Election Day.  That Djonald Unhinged is now feuding with Governor Brian Kemp and Secretary of State Gabriel Stirling (both Republicans) doesn’t help… Attorney General BilBarr is on the hot seat for failing to override the voters and declare his boss re-elected and newly pardoned General Flynn is promoting a military coup (which is unlikely due to the fact that most of the military hate the lame duck).  It also doesn’t help that in the Valdosta rally, Trump spends ninety percent of his time promoting himself, not the candidates.

Out in the real world, Americans are aggrieved to learn that their President passed up the chance to order more vaccines from Pfizer, who then sold their stock to others.  And Bob Dylan sells off his music catalogue for $300M… Don Jones can’t want for those Febreze commercials set to “Blowin’ in the Wind”.


LESSON for December 16, 2020 – “IF THIS BE TREASON…!” (13,822.40*)


* The Index gets a 100 pt. bonus as a consequence of the FDA approval of the Pfizer Vaccine.


A whiff of hope as a truly rancid year nears its close… Pfizer’s vax is approved and the confident Trumpsters predict 20 million doses (actually serving only half that due to the double-dose protocols) by New Years’ Day.

Still, the lame duck quacks.  His latest ploy is set into motion by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton who files what the Atlanta Journal Constitution calls “a brazen lawsuit asking the U.S. Supreme court to toss out Georgia’s election results.” And Michigan’s, Wisconsin’s and Pennsylvania’s – effectively giving the election, and Presidency, to Djonald Undeterred.  And it has a chance, liberals worry, inasmuch as the verdict will be handed down by SCOTUS (and its three Trump appointees).

Also undeterred is Rudy G. who, not trusting the Texan, ramps up his tally of lawsuits to 58, all rejected.

Over 100 House GOP members sign on to an amicus brief backing Texas. The signatories included several lawmakers from the four states from which Trump and Texas were trying to throw out millions of votes – effectively tearing up the Constitution and establishing a dictatorship.

The DJI has a suggestion for Mister (temporarily un-presidented) Biden… unless the millions as compose Trump’s base take up arms, outgun the U.S. military and National Guard (except in the 17 states as join the amicus brief) and enforce Paxton’s dictate… once you take office, grow a pair and appoint an Attorney General who will try the revolted politicians for treason and do what the Union was unable to do in 1865 as a consequence of assassination, a Confederate VP and failure to convict him after impeachment…

Try them for treason.  Convict them.

Hang them.

Decorate every lamppost from the Capitol to White House with corpses and let them swing and sway until they rot to skeletons – the way it was done in the good old days.


LESSON for December 23, 2020 – “A YEAR to DISMEMBER!” (13,916.22*)... AND

      * The Index gets a 100 pt. bonus as a consequence of the FDA approval of the Pfizer Vaccine.

LESSON for December 30, 2020 – “A WHISPER of HOPE…!” (13,930.44)


Wednesday, January 1, 2021… Infected 20,136,186; Dead: 347,202; Dow: 30,606.48



Which brings us up to the present…


Having taken our leave of Mr. Defoe and his 1665 plague last week, we bid adieu to M. Camus and his Algerian peste, noting that… just as the end appeared in sight, several principal characters contracted the disease and expired.  Depending on vaccines, as we do, and not the hand of God, resolution of the Coronavirus… or at least its temporary withdrawal, still seems far, far away.





(Nine days for the price of seven!)

Wednesday, December 23, 2020


           Infected:  18,455,655

                     Dead:  326,145

                        Dow:  30,129.83

President Trump suddenly calls Stim Two’s $600 payout too low and threatens veto.  He also issues a “slew” of pardons, most to his jailed flunkies like Republican Congressmen Collins and Hunter and four sadistic Blackhawk baby killers.  (Roger Stone is still waiting.)   Crying, plague-flouting American teen gets her sentence reduced in the Cayman Is.  Trump also angers Congress bipartisanly by vetoing Defense Spending Bill, causing them to spoil Christmas, come back to Washington and prevent the first of what might well be two government shutdowns. 

   A new new CV variant (Variant Three) discovered in UK and Eurodocs worry that Variant Two targets kids.  U.S. cuts deal with Pfizer to get 100 million vaxxes.


“Of a sudden Castel’s anti-plague injections scored frequent successes, denied it until now.  Indeed, all the treatments the doctors had tentatively employed, without definite results, now seemed almost unfirmly efficacious.  It was as if the plague had been hounded down and cornered, and its sudden weakness lent new strength to the blunted weapons so far used against it.


Thursday, December 24, 2020


             Infected:  18,603,862

                       Dead:  328,600

                          Dow:  30,201.25

The ranks of Americans shot (with Pfizer) reaches a million. Variants Two and Three found in South Africa.  Dr. Jah says these Variants are already here in America “because we are not looking for them” and are spreading because “people need to get together, (and) I understand that.”  Dr. Fauci turns 80 with a subdued party but Dr. Birx resigns after a horrible scandal – exposed eating Thanksgiving dinner with family! 

   Antarctic researchers get it (the plague).  Don Jones doesn’t get it (Stim2).  Jared Kushner and Roger Stone (finally!) get it… their pardons… President Trump then pockets donation from anti-plague tweets and then flies off to Florida to play golf.  Military spokespersons insist that the plague will not stop Santa.


(P)eople looked less strained, and they occasionally smiled.  And this brought home the fact that since the outbreak of plague no one had hitherto been seen to smile in publ.ic.  The truth was that for many months the town had been stifling under an airless shroud, in which a rent had now been made, and every Monday when he turned on the radio, each of us learned that the rift was widening; soon he would be able to breathe freely.”


    Friday, December 25, 2020


           Infected: 18,733,000 m/l

                    Dead:  330,000 m/l


CDC predicts 415,000 deaths by January 15th… no, wait, 419!  Other Authorities predict 567,195 dead by August.  Exactly!  Christmas tributes go to frontline heroes: family, UPS drivers, teachers, undertakers.  Lobbyists lobby for more groups (hotel workers, prison guards) to be declared “essential workers” and move to the front of the line for vaxxes.

    Congress begs Djonald Unmoved to sign Stim 2, but he holds out for higher payments (which Republican Senators reject).  Republicans’ National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) shovels filth over Christmas with negative ads over visuals of falling snow to the strains of “Silent Night”. 


“(Cottard) began by asking Tarrou if he really thought the official communiqué meant an end to the plague.  Tarrou replied that obviously a mere official announcement couldn’t stop an epicdmic, but it certainly looked as if, barring accidents, it would shortly cease… and a return to normal life in the near future.

   “’Granted,’ Cottard rejoined.  ‘But what do you mean by “a return to a normal life”?’

     Tarrou smiled.  ‘New films at the picture-houses.’”


Saturday, December 26, 2020


            Infected:  18,902,164

                      Dead:  331,561




Yet another plague variation (the fourth!) comes down the chimney for Christmas.  Pope Francis celebrates pandemoniacal holiday with online mass from empty St. Peter’s.  The plain old 2nd and 3rd spread to France, Nigeria and Japan.  Southern California is the new epicenter… LA County has a plague death every ten minutes and upgrades its fear factor from “grim” to “grave”.  17 percent of the county has it, including numerous Hollywood celebrities.  Governor Newsome calls it “a surge on top of a surge on top of a surge! 

   Unemployment aid runs out, government shuts down Tuesday, small businesses are folding left and right and eviction surge begins Friday but Djonald Unmoved still refuses to sign – hints that he’ll just let it expire until President Joe takes office next month and to Hell with Americans that didn’t vote for him or didn’t work harder if they did.  Then he goes off to play golf.  (Golfer Gene “the Shark” Norman gets it.)


“Actually, while the epidemic did not stop “from one day to another,” it declined more rapidly than we could reasonably have expected.  With the first week of January an unusually persistent spell of very cold weather settled in and seemed to crystallize above the town… icy radiance flooded the town with a brilliant light, and in frost-cleansed air the epidemic seemed to lose its virulence, and in each of three consecutive weeks a big drop in the death-roll was announced.  Thus over a relatively brief period the disease lost practically all the gains piled up over many months.



Sunday, December 27, 2020


          Infected:  19,097,377

                    Dead:  332,866


Plague deaths have now struck one in every thousand Americans.  (Adult Americans would be more like it.)  EU begins mass vaxxing but Spain and Sweden report variants.  Pols, pundits and publicity hounds prowl the talkshows… the Bern calls Trump’s toying with the sick, the unemployed and the nation “unbelievably cruel” as Djonald Unmoved promises unspecified “good news” on the way.  Jon Karl of ABC opines that “no Washington insider knows what Trump wants (except maybe Trump).” 


“This state of subdued, yet active ferment prevailed until January 25, when the weekly total showed so striking a decline that, after consulting the medical board, the authorities announce that the epidemic could be regarded as stemmed… and the evening of January 25 was the occasion of much festivity… the townspeople paraded the brilliantly lighted streets in boisterous groups, laughing and singing.

   “True, in some houses the shutters remained closed, and those within listened in silence to the joyful shouts outside.  Yet even in these houses of mourning a feeling of deep relief prevailed…”



Monday, December 28, 2020


        Infected:  19.151,65

                  Dead:  334,116

                     Dow:  30,403.97


Admiral Giraour praises the progress of plague-fighting and, especially, his boss – voicing the rosy scenario: “the end of the plague is in sight.,” and touting the usual remedies… masks, washing hands and, now, cancelling New Years’ parties.  Some disagree; “grim” quickly replaced by “nightmarish” and complainers complain that Operation Warp Speed promised 20M vaccinations by New Years’ but has delivered, so far, only two million.  (The EU begins vaxxing later than us, but more intensively… which scoffers dismiss as “socialism”… and the UK variant Two – or, maybe, Three – is found in Canada.


“On his return home, Tarrou wrote out an account of this peculiar incident, following it up with a ‘Feeling very tired tonight,’… Mme Rieux felt worried about him.

   ‘Quite likely it’s nothing serious,’ her son said.

   Tarrou was lying on his back… (h)is head was aching and his temperature was up.  The symptoms weren’t very definite, he told Rieux but they might well be of the plague.


Tuesday, December 29, 2020


        Infected:  19,334,975

                  Dead:  337,210

                     Dow:  30,334.67   

Djonald Unfriended relents; signs “cheap” $600 stimulus… gratitude is not forthcoming.

   Dems, weirdly, agree with his $2,000 giveaway but Mitchy refuses after Congress narrowly votes two thirds thumbs up, 275-134 (they also override Trump’s defense spending veto, 322-87. But some things stay the same: President Joe calls the incumbent “irresponsible” because, instead of the 20M vaxxes promised by New Year, we have barely 2M. 

   The U.K. plague variant hits Canada, experts say it’s already in the U.S.  More experts call plague outlook “nightmarish”; Dr. Fauci downplays, simply remarking things might actually get worse.  Really?

   Christmas terror comes to Nashville as somebody blows up an RV and about forty buildings, after a recorded message warns people to evacuate.  Nobody killed but the driver.  Investigators and profilers proliferate.


“I say, Doctor, is it a fact they’re going to put up a memorial to the people who died of plague?”

   “So the papers say.  A monument, or just a tablet.”

   “I could have sworn it!  And there’ll be speeches.”  (Rieux’ old asthma patient) chuckled throatily.  “I can almost hear them saying: ‘Our dear departed…’ And then they’ll go off and have a good snack.”




Wednesday, December 30, 2020


           Infected:  19,679,455

                     Dead:  341,343

                        Dow:  30,409.56

L.A. hospitals overflowing, plague patients are being dumped in gift shops.  Plague variant toll in U.S. rises from one to three.  But first responders and healthcare workers cheer as first Pfizer vaxxee Margaret Keenan gets her second shot.

   Nashville lone wolf bomber identified as one Anthony Quinn Warner whose girlfriend warned the authorities that he believed a conspiracy theory that shape-shifting reptilian aliens were secretly taking over high positions in commerce and politics.  The FBI said that he was not “on their radar” despite an unhealthy fixation on 88 year old Petula Clark – inspiring psychologists and profilers to analyze the psycho-cybernetics of “… when you’re alone and life is making you lonely, you can always go… Downtown!”


“At noon the fever reached its climax.  A visceral cough racked the sick man’s body and he was no spitting blood… now and then, in the intervals between bouts of fever and coughing fits, Tarrou still gazed at his friends.  But soon his eyes opened less and less often…, when the end came, the tears that blinded Rieux’s eyes were tears of impotence; and he did not see Tarrou roll over, face to the wall, and die with a short, hollow groan as if somewhere within him an essential chord had been snapped.”


Thursday, December 31, 2020


             Infected:  19,968,087

                       Dead:  345,737

                          Dow:  30,606.48


And… the world bids goodbye to 2020.  Good!   Bye!

   Surgeon General Jerome Adams excuses vaccine logistical failure on chronic underfunding of public health.  “This has been a marathon but we don’t want to trip up on the final lap.”  Final?  Dr. Fauci sends his holiday greetings, sort of, saying that “if we do that correctly, we will be there by early fall.” (No specifications re: that or there.)  Wisconsin lab rat troll sends patients there by contaminating over 500 doses, apparently just for the hell of it.

   Speaking of poison pills, Mitch McCheese loads up the $2,000 Stim 2½ with chaff to censor social media and overturn the election.

   Happy New Year, y’awl


"And indeed, as he listened to the cries of joy rising from the town, Rieux remembered that such joy is always imperiled.  He knew what those jubilant crowds did not know but could have learned from books: that the plague bacillus never dies or disappeared for good; that it can lie dormant for years and years in furniture and linen-closets; that it bides its time in bedrooms, cellars, trunks and bookshelves; and that perhaps the day would come when, for the bane and the enlightening of men, it would rouse up its rats again and send them forth to die in a happy city.







(REFLECTING… approximately… DOW JONES INDEX of June 27, 2013)

See a further explanation of categories here

































Wages (hourly, per capita)


1350 pts.





1,411.02  24.87 nc

Median Income (yearly)







666.60    35,279



Unempl. (BLS – in millions







299.34   6.7% nc


Official (DC – in millions)







365.00    10,657


Total. (DC – in millions)







313.49    18,430


Workforce Participation

Number (in millions)

Percentage (DC)










In 149,865 937 Out 100,566 547 Total: 250,481  59.86


WP Percentage (ycharts)*







151.99  61.50







Total Inflation







1,025.48     +0.2









285.26      -0.1









374.82      -0.4


Medical Costs







290.24      -0.1









295.51     +0.0  
















Dow Jones Index







334.13  30,606.48


Sales (homes)

Valuation (homes)













     Sales (M):  6.69 Valuations (K):  310.8


Debt (Personal)







281.11    62,583
























Revenues (in trillions)







295.33         3,450


Expenditures (in tr.)







223.82       6,637


National Debt (tr.)







335.85    27,565


Aggregate Debt (tr.)







384.89    82,093























Foreign Debt (tr.)







291.95         7,090


Exports (in billions – bl.)

Imports (bl.)

Trade Deficit (bl.)





















106.29       182.0 nc   245.1     63.1

















World Peace








Christmas choir return to Notre Dame (the cathedral) in hard hats – the renovation expected to be complete by 2024.










Neo-Nazi plot to destroy US power grid foiled.  Nashville explosion called domestic terrorism – antisaurian perp killed in blast was a suicidal paranoid afraid of AT&T’s 5GB radiation.  25 killed, 110 wounded in Yemeni airport attack. 










President Joe fleshing out his Cabinet with two Latinos, one Native American and one homosexual (former rival Buttigieg).  Former rival Andrew Yang plans to run for Mayor of NYC.  (Beto’s still working on getting the band back together.)  Spending in Georgia runoff elections tops a billion. 










UK and EU in post-Brexit deal to avert commerce chaos.  Christmas retail sales up 2.4% but online sales rise 40%.  Scares in the air: Boeing 737 Max returns to the skies (with waivers that passengers can bail without fees, if so desired), FAA legalizes testing for drone deliveries and fugitive jetskier who buzzed planes near LAX is still at large.  Plague migrants drive up housing prices in Covid coldspots.










Five killed in Arkansas Christmas massacre.  Six shot (3 die) at Illinois bowling alley – troubled Green Beret arrested.  Seven killed by Chinese slasher (in China).  NYC bikers (on bicycles) terrorize old ladies in SUV, then start attacking taxis. 














(with, in some cases, a little… or lots of… help from men, and a few women)
















Thundersnow races across West as snow and ice blanket Death Valley; blizzards augur a widespread White Christmas for the East.  Wicked weather brings 71 mph winds to NYC.


Natural/Unnatural Disaster








Australian sailor rescued after swimming to buoy and hanging on for hours… his little dog is rescued too.  Window washers rescued in Baltimore highrise blast.  Twenty boat people drown off Tunisian coast.  6.4 Croatian EQ kills seven.  Massive fires kill nobody in Rochester, NY and Indiana (due to first responders saving children).




















Science, Tech, Education








As Facebook and Google probes continue, China starts investigating Alibaba for monopoly.  Relatives reveal that James Scotty” Doohan’s ashes were smuggled aboard a rocket and “sentt off into space among the stars”.  Bostonian nerds market dancing robots for $75K – soliciting “gentlemen’s clubs”?


Equality (econ./social)








Second police killing of unarmed black man in Columbus, OH; killer cop Adam Coy promptly fired for gunning down cellphone wielding homeowner.  Breonna Taylor killers also fired, but 2014 shooter of Tamar Rice cop gets off.  National Park ranger accused of tasing Native American who “stepped off the trail”.  Assistant Coach Becky Hannon becomes first female NBA head coach after Spurs’ Head Coach is ejected.  A sportscaster declares: “The balls see no difference whether a man or a woman is holding them.”


















U.S. experiences smallest population increase in 120 years.  Popstar Jessie J. contacts ear disease and is plagued by social media trolls.  Home Depot recalls ceiling fans that break apart and decapitate victims.  Isolation and school closures blamed for spiking teen suicides.  FDA recalls moldy SportMix dog food for killing dogs.




- 199.01

- 199.41

Passengers on last month’s United death flight starting to get it.  Anti-mask evangelist and “Growing Pains” child star holds Super Spreader caroling  gatherings.  Ritzy restaurants (like LA’s La Scala) foiled in attempt to hold secret Super Spreader parties.  U.K. docs delay second vaxxes to give partial immunity to more injectees.  Operation Warp Speed blames the weather, the holidays and state & local officials for vaccine bungling (20M doses promised, 2.5M delivered.)  Wisconsin troll blamed for contaminating vaxxes (see above).


Freedom and Justice








SCOTUS frees black man sent to Death Row six times by all-white juries by a vote of 7-2 (Clarence Thomas dissenting).  First woman to be executed in many years gets a holiday stay; Wisconsin judges get anti-Semitic death threats.  Chinese journalist gets for years for “promoting quarrels and trouble: (i.e. reporting on government plague incompetence).  Loud woman in NY hotel charged after accusing black teen of stealing her cellphone (which was lost in a Uber).  Palm oil in Girl Scout cookies accused of supporting child labor. 










Cultural incidents








Blind faith: Andrea Bocelli sings “Silent Night”.  Jose Feliciano, rooftop children celebrate 50th anniversary of Feliz Navidad.  Football’s Final Four are Alabama, Ohio State, Clemson and Notre Dame (the University).  Alvin Kamara celebrates Christmas with record six touchdowns for the Saints.  NBA season opens with five holiday games.  RIP Celtics’ K. C. Jones, knuckleballer Phil Niekro, Russian spy George Blake, fashionista Pierre Cardin, Congressman-elect Luke Letlow (R-La), tough Principal Joe (“Stand By Me”) Clark, and Dawn Wells (“Mary Ann” of Gilligan’s Island).


Miscellaneous incidents








TV stations cancel the news for Christmas, replace it with sleazy televangelists like Joel Osteen (empty out the negative” – and buy my book) and T. D. Jakes, who advises: “Go Skiing.”  San Francisco pranksters erect 7 foot tall monolith… of gingerbread!  Seasonal silliness spikes: Alec Baldwin’s wife accused of being from Boston, not Spain; Patriots’ coach Bill Belichuck loses game, throws phone (see also cellphone calamities above).  Angry squirrels attack humans in NYC and Orlando, FL.  RIHell Serial killer (60 or more) Samuel Little.  And it’s 2021, dammit!






























The Don Jones Index for the week of December 23rd through December 31st, 2020 was UP 14.22 points

The Don Jones Index is sponsored by the Coalition for a New Consensus: retired Congressman and Independent Presidential candidate Jack “Catfish” Parnell, Chairman; Brian Doohan, Administrator/Editor.  The CNC denies, emphatically, allegations that the organization, as well as any of its officers (including former Congressman Parnell, environmentalist/America-Firster Austin Tillerman and cosmetics CEO Rayna Finch) and references to Parnell’s works, “Entropy and Renaissance” and “The Coming Kill-Off” are fictitious or, at best, mere pawns in the web-serial “Black Helicopters” – and promise swift, effective legal action against parties promulgating this and/or other such slanders.

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