6/4/21… 14,204.48

    5/28/21… 14,210.59

      6/27/13…  15,000.00



DOW JONES INDEX: 6/4/21…34,084.15; 5/28/21…34,464.64; 6/27/13…15,000.00)



LESSON for June 4, 2021 – “A LITTLE LITE READING!”


Americans by the milliards are driving over the highways and through the woods to grandmama’s house, to Disney World and, of course, flocking to the nearest beach (except the unlucky wet, freezing souls in the Northeast).  Meat and marshmallows on the grill, mellow-able drinks in the cooler and all that is lacking is a good beach book to read.

Have we got one for you, Mister Jones!

“It is worse, much worse, than you think,” states David Wallace-Wells in his late 2018/early 2019 tome “The Uninhabitable Planet”.

Bad enough.  And the book, like the climate, gets worse too.

“The slowness of climate change is a fairy tale, perhaps as pernicious as the one that says it isn’t happening at all, and comes to us bundled with several others in an anthology of comforting delusions: that global warming is an Arctic saga, unfolding remotely; that it is strictly a matter of sea level and coastlines, not an enveloping crisis sparing no place and leaving no life un-deformed; that it is a crisis of the “natural” world, not the human one; that those two are distinct, and that we live today somehow outside or beyond or at the very least defended against nature, not circumscribed and literally overwhelmed by it; that wealth can be a shield against the ravages of warming; that the burning of fossil fuels is the price of continued economic growth; that growth, and the technology it produces, will allow us to engineer our way out of environmental disaster; that there is any analogue to the scale or scope of this threat, in the long span of human history, that might give us confidence in staring it down.

“None of this is true.”

Mr. Wallace-Wells is, apparently, not a climatologist, but he has interviewed plenty of these in his aweful book about the awfulness of the human (and the planetary) future.  He is a Deputy… formerly for the Paris Review, presently for New York Magazine’s high sheriffs; he is also a fellow who is not only a Fellow but a National Fellow at the New America Foundation, billed as a “distinctive community of thinkers, writers, researchers, technologists, and community activists” (which, assuming said Fellow is only even partially correct, will be a short-lived enterprise… almost as short as Donald Trump’s blog). Well reviewed (See Attachment Three), lauded by a couple of Williams (Vollmann, author of No Immediate Danger, and Gibson, Neuromancer), compared to “The Sixth Extinction”, “Silent Spring” and ”a cross between Stephen King and Stephen Hawking”, “Uninhabitanle” evokes the sort of fearful respect that, owing to its relentless, unmitigated pessimism, is more easily praised than responded to.

The recently concluded Climate Summit initiated by President Joe was a necessary, if feeble, first step towards re-establishing an American presence on the global stage, rudely given the hook by Donald Trump’s withdrawal of the Paris Climate Accords which, as noted in Station Eleven, “Climate Conflict”, the meeting of which would not have been enough to save the world from “bloodshed”… the literal climactic damages as well as the toll from inevitable wars and criminal activities to come as the planet warms.  (After a series of computer crashes and possible hacks, we have finally managed to include both Biden’s introduction to the Summit and responses and notes on the contributors as Attachments One and Two.)

How bad is it?  (The situation, not the book – although with statements like “not a new normal, but the end of normal… never normal again,” it’s not exactly the fun beach read for summer.


Courtesy of the publisher, the first chapter of “Uninhabitable”… “Cascades” is available online and reprinted below as Attachment Three.

The author posits twelve discrete but interconnected “Elements of Chaos”, each of which shares the common denominator that the worsening of the carbon dioxide toxicity of the planet and a plethora of multiplying factors – all bad (except, perhaps, for the Russians… but only in the short term).   Like the twelve Stations of a Cross from which there is no relief and no resurrection, the uber-pessimistic Mr. W-W drags his burden of despair to our doorstep before disappearing into the night.



Humanity faces, it would seem, twelve Stations of dying… as individuals and as a species, and the race to the end is likely to conclude before the end of the twenty-first century (although individual and select geographical catastrophes will manifest long before the last hominid takes its last breath) and Earth becomes rather like Venus.  These special deaths dangle on a de-needled Anti-Christmas tree of fear and loathing like so many Satanic ornaments… each dedicated to a special, infernal and eternal concluding shriek.  Spin the wheel and place your bets.


These twelve forms of death (the author’s “Elements of Chaos” although there is a logical and intelligent progression, in each case, from the worrisome to the tragic), all prolonged and excruciating as any tortures devised by the Spanish Inquisition, are…


  1.    Heat Death

The most obvious of the Elements, and one which will soon (if not already) be upon us for another long, hot summer (temperatures in Fargo, North Dakota, reached one hundred degrees this week) – the author notes that an increase of seven degrees centigrade will kill directly, a four degree increase (widely circulated as the best worst-case scenario) will directly kill half the planet’s population by 2100.

  2.    Hunger

Every degree Centigrade cuts grain production by ten percent.  With the United Nations predicting population growth to soar to the point where fifty percent more food will be needed by 2050, the actual grain production… let along meat, which requires eight pounds of grain per pound, and other, more climate-sensitive plant foods… will be falling.  Moreover, the soil… especially in less affected, even less prone to heat in places like Canada and Russia… is of poor quality.  The result is what Mr. W-W refers to as “the Malthusian tragic”, potentiated by well-meaning liberals who oppose and even block potentially useful GMO technologies.

  3.    Drowning

If unchecked by 2100, sea levels raised by Arctic and Antarctic glacier melt will inundate the world’s large coastal cities from New York and Los Angeles to Miami (including both the White House and Mar-a-Lago).  A four degree hike will raise sea levels by 260 feet,  Such a possibility is comparable to the Biblical Great Flood which, archaeologists have determined, did actually occur about 5,500 BC in the region of the Black Sea,


  4.    Wildfires

Citing Joan Didion’s “Slouching Towards Bethlehem” (but, somewhat surprisingly, not Nathaniel West’s “Day of the Locust”, the author enumerates innumerable fires that have raged, particularly in the American West, over the past decade… not to mention the chaos in the Amazon, where Trumptastic dictator Jair Bolsonaro has been busily chopping down the Amazon rainforest, thus perpetuating a vicious cycle: fires kill trees, dead trees release their carbon into the atmosphere, heating it up and enabling more fires to repeat the process.


  5.    Disasters

“Uninhabitable” was published a few weeks before the emergence of the perversely pestiferous Covid plague but, a year earlier, the summer of 2017 produced three major hurricans (in sequence), not to mention smaller (but no less injurious to their victims) catastrophes like floods, fires, storms and landslides.  The author notes that researchers are considering adding a new Category Six class of super typhoons which, citing Australian folk-tales, are bundled together as “dreamtime weather”.  Atop this add the environmental damage of flooded chemical refineries and earthquake shaken nuclear plants.


  6.    Freshwater Drain

While the earth is 71% water, only one percent of it is drinkable.  Four billion human face chronic shortages – especially in Cape Town, Africa; Sao Paolo, Brazil and Barcelona, Spain.  (Not to mention Flint, MI!)


  7.    Dying Oceans

“Undersea” by Rachel Carson (written 20 years before Silent Spring) was no Disney homage; rather a tale of terror, death and horror as if a new version of the Little Mermaid was directed by Eli Roth of the “Saw” franchise.  Since its publication, coral reefs have been dying off and fish are migrating northwards – some schools as 250 miles.  See, also, a March New York Times expose entitled “CLIMATE CHANGE IS CAUSING THE GULF STREAM TO WEAKEN”.


  8.    Unbreathable Air

Are you feeling tired?  Do others think you’re stupid.  You are and they’re right because mental faculties are far more dependant than the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere (or its lack).  The air quality index is measured on a scale – 50 is the old normal, it become dangerous over 300 (which point was reached in recent Western wildfires) and at the time of publication, had been measured at 993 in China, 991 in Delhi, India.


  9.    Plague

Mild winters and rainy springs bring a bountiful harvest of ticks, fleas and mosquitoes – all of which were the prime disease spreaders before Covid elbowed them aside.  Now they’re itching to get back in the race.  You’ll be itching too – or worse.  A note: Mister W-W entirely missed the present plague, the book was published just as lab researchers in Wuhan were starting to feel not so well.


10.    Economic Collapse

We saw a taste of it last year when the stocks slumped and unemployment soared.  We may be recovering but the next disaster… most likely climate related… will be even worse.  There is going to be a stark trade-off… reduce (or terminate) “fossil capitalism” and pay the economic price, or don’t.


11.    Climate Conflict

Those nations that do find their situations worsening may… well, will… attempt to survive at the expense of others, and this may… well, will… lead to war.  How much and how destructive are yet to be answered, but it is notable to note that Mr. W-W had no comment on the possibility of a nuclear war winter canceling out a climate induced global warming to felicitous circumstances.  Other are probably looking into this.


12.    “Systems” (i.e. refugees, migrants, mental health)

Finally, the catch-all for whatever didn’t fit in the first eleven.  This may include crime, race riots, political upheavals (for good or ill), a renunciation or embracing of strange religious beliefs – whatever.  A coda: the likelihood of UFOs landing and guiding us out of our cage through science and/or wise counsel is unlikely because it is assumed that any interplanetary culture probably experienced the same sort of energy-related mishaps as we are going through and then either learned to mind their own business and forego space travel or else they extincted themselves.


After the Chaos, comes, a somewhat inadequate unnamed, unnumbered swamp of…

13.     Remedies


President Biden’s April climate summit took place after the publication of “Uninhabitable” but, as Attachment Two details, most of the attendees at least admitted that there was a problem – duly acknowledged in post-climate media coverage.

As set out in the landmark Paris Agreement, (which, EDF Europe Executive Director chose to mention without mention of Donald Trump), “now is the time when we’re looking for countries to bridge the gap between their ambition to limit temperature increases to near 1.5 degrees Celsius and the commitments put forward in Paris, which amounted to temperature increases of around 3 degrees.”  Three degrees, stated Wallace-Wells is well down the road to extinction.

Perhaps a handful of immensely powerful men (or woman if Joe goes and Kamala replaces him) can do something about it.  Otherwise, all that Don Jones can do is become a hermit, wait for the end and hope there is a Heaven for the virtuous).  Failing that, drive down to the mall and shop, take home a beer and a burger and live life out to the end.  But feel guilty about it.


As for Don Jones, even a record rebound in employment couldn’t wipe away the stain of debt that threatens to sink America.



MAY 28 – JUNE 3


Friday, May 28, 2021


      Infected: 33,221,141

               Dead:  593,976

                Dow:  34,429.00


It’s National Hamburger Day (and climate be damned!)

   Memorial Day Weekend unshackling of traffic and airlines brings higher prices, which Don Jones gladly pays.  Costco food courts and AMC movie theaters coming back.  Many states, counties and cities, schools and businesses dropping or preparing to drop mask mandates – POT (Party of Trump) head Idaho Lt. Governor takes advantage of Governor’s absence to issue executive order banning local mask mandates.

   POThead Senators kill one-six commission by not showing up, then filibustering – turning 35-54 loss into a win because cowardly Democrats don’t make them stay up all night reading phone books and the latest installment of “50 Shades”.  Lonely RINOs hit the road… Lisa Murkowski claims taunting of murdered Capitol cop Brian Sicknick makes her “heartsick”; Paul Ryan mulls bolting party.

   Tales of heroism circulating during San Jose transit yard shootings.  One black man, Manuel Ellis, gunned down by Tacoma police who say he was looking into cars.  Witnesses disagree.  Another, one Eric Riddick, however, freed after nearly thirty years in jail for murder he didn’t commit, due to lobbying by ex-cellmate rapper Meek Mill.  Bill Cosby, though, denied parole again.



Saturday,  May 29, 2021

      Infected:  33,246,635                Dead:  594,087




New plague cases lowest in a year – over 40% of Americans now double-vaxxed.  Those vaxxed (and many pretending to be) indulge in “revenge travel” just to get out of their basements.  Things are worse in Nepal… climbers at Mt. Everest base camp get it… and Japan… a Tokyo doctor predicts disaster but the Olympics will go forward “because they just want the money.”

   MicroSoft says Russians prepped for summit in three weeks by hacking 300,000 American e-mail accounts looking for foreign policy data.  So everybody not on the list has to be ashamed that Putin didn’t consider them important.  Shouldn’t the lucky/important 300K get a medal or certificate or at least a donut for their recognition, sort of like making Nixon’s Enemies’ List?

   Police searching San Jose shooter Sam Cassidys house encounter all the guns and ammo he forgot to take with him on his rendezvous with death.  A pundit informs Don Jones that Sam’s guns were “lethal”.



  Sunday,   May 30, 2021

       Infected:  33,258,623                 Dead:  594,430




Just as things were starting to look better (Moderna vaxx approved for kids), along comes a Vietnamese Variant… said to be more lethal and more contagious (vaccine efficiency unknown).  Paris experiments with indoor rock concert… up north a ways, anti-maskers riot in Brussels.

   Memorial Weekend massacre in Florida… over 20 shot, 2 killed at rap concert.  Transgender lynching in… yup… Florida.  And another man there busted for stealing 200 ventilators from dying patients.  Texas counters with legislative massacre of voting rights and a carnival ride breaks down, stranding passengers.

   Competitive technology: Chinese shuttle links up with space station while American anti-missile missile test fails over the Pacific.



 Monday,   May 31, 2021

       Infected:  33,264,380                 Dead:  594,568                         Dow:  34,393.38  



It’s Memorial Day.  Helio Castroneves wins Indy 500.  Hollywood making a comeback with “A Quiet Place 2” and Cruella.  Jersey shore temperatures rise 20° so Americans can enjoy freedom from Atlantic City to the Santa Monica Pier.

   Texas and Florida… Florida and Texas.  Gov. Abbott’s racist voter-suppression law stumbles when minority Democratic legislators walk out and deny the Guv his quorum, leading him to threaten to withhold their salaries (as if that was why they ran for the job in the first place).  A constituent is arrested for assembling his arsenal to attack the local Wal-Mart.  In the Sunshine State, daily mass shootings continue as authorities now decide to call the Miami rap concert massacre “domestic terrorism” after the stolen car used in the gunplay is found sunken in a canal.

   Overseas, left and rightist parties team up to gang up on Israel’s Netanyahu.  The Sorting Yarmulke will sort out winners and losers once the deed is done.  And, as population and food prices swell, an aging China passes new legislation to allow families to have three children despite fear of being overtaken by India diminishes due to plague deaths.



  Tuesday,   June 1, 2021


         Infected: 33,374,078                  Dead:  595,184                    Dow:  34,575.31


It’s National Dairy Month.  Also, the first day of the 2021 hurricane season.

   And also, the 100th anniversary of the Tulsa race massacre.  President Joe meets and greets the 101, 103 and 107 year old survivors as the mass exhumation of unmarked mystery graves continues.  And Tulsa becomes one of those cities now paying people… the right kind of people, that is… to move in.  Like Topeka, Kansas and Morgantown, WV.

   Plague is retreating in America, advancing overseas.  US deaths down 7% for the week.  New York City marks its first day without a Covid death in over a year.  Americans with at least one shot top a 60% threshold – on the way to Joe’s 70% in a month as the Feds and many states pull out all the stops… door to door visits, speeches, prizes (West Virginia has a gun lottery).  And an expected economic boom may be the biggest since the end of World War II; so many California tourists driving to Vegas that the freeway is clogged and demand is causing OPEC to raise oil production quotas (bad news for climate).  Dr. Jah predicts a beautiful summer for the vaxxed, but not for the refuseniks.

   Also unhappy… Vietnamese, whose variant puts 9M denizens of Ho Chi Minh City on lockdown, and fearful Tokyo Olympics volunteers are quitting en masse.  There are so many new variants that scientists are going to start giving them Greek letters (like surplus hurricanes).



 Wednesday,  June 2, 2021

                          Infected:  33,397,088                  Dead:  595,825                     Dow:  33,600.38  

It’s a good week for Gotham.  The positivity rate drops below one percent and Broadway will be re-opening after 16 months dark (AMC theater stock up 800%, earning the coveted “meme stock” status once afforded Game Stop).  Fans pack Yankee Stadium for Lou Gehrig day.  The NFL drops disrespectful and disgraceful “race-norming” policy (meaning that, since blacks are deemed stupider than whites, their concussion settlements can be less).  And Amazon throws in the paper cups and ends marijuana testing for employees.

    Russian cybercriminals hack meat processors to spoil Memorial Day cookouts.  The Chinese, meanwhile, scramble the New York City subway system beyond its usual scrambling point.  Payback for the Asian bashings East and West, the Motherland is infected with new variations of bird flu – soon to be coming to America.



     Thursday,  June 3, 2021

             Infected:  33,428,083                       Dead:  596,403                         Dow:  34,577.04


   Fully vaxxed:  136,644,618        Doses shot:  297,720,926 Completely vaxxed: 41.63%


As partial vaxx rate hits 63%, President Joe proposes a “Month of Action” to get it up to his promised 70% by July 4th.  One Jonathan Carlyle of Toledo becomes second Ohio State Vax-a-Million winner.  Twelve blue (Democratic) states have now hit that 70% mark, but six Party of Trump strongholds still below 50%.

   Such troubles as exist are blamed on the new prosperity.  Lazy workers still blamed for the shortage of employees to fill unsafe, minimum wage jobs.  Lumber prices are skyrocketing, appliance warehouses are empty and Dr. Jah says America has a glut of vaccines (which we can sell… or give… overseas).  Dr. Fauci’s emails are hacked and tracked; conspiracy theorists now say he knew that the plague was a deliberate Chinese plot all along.  And the Pentagon denies the existence of UFOs, but does so ambiguously.

   Also on the upswing – violent crime.  12 and 14 year olds in shootout with police who are caught on bodycams hoping they don’t have to shoot them… but they do.  Disgruntled (natch!) fireman kills co-worker, burns down house and then commits suicide.  16 frat rats in Washington (state) arrested for hazing pledge who drank himself to death.  And a fungible artist sells an invisible sculpture for $18,000.













As it has for the past few weeks, the Don bounced around a little, settled slightly higher this week… almost the same as two weeks ago.  Many of the indices were variable and subjective… housing prices keep rising, gladdening owners, discouraging renters and people who need to move for good reasons or bad.  Sales, however, are declining so realtors have that… what’s that buzzword above… “re-entry anxiety”?






                                (REFLECTING… approximately… DOW JONES INDEX of June 27, 2013)


                                                          See a further explanation of categories here










































Wages (hourly, per capita)


1350 pts.





1,443.93  25.45



Median Income (yearly)







670.52   35,494



*Unempl. (BLS – in millions







345.75 5.8%



*Official (DC – in millions)







398.72      9,796



*Unofficl. (DC – in millions)







329.74    17,596



Workforce Participation-Number  Workforce Participation-Percent












In 151,469 Out 100,078 Total: 251,547 60.21



WP Percentage (ycharts)*







152.48    61.70















Total Inflation







1,000.09     +0.8










281.46     +0.4










273.77      -1.4



Medical Costs







286.77     +0.0










292.27     +0.4


























Dow Jones Index







373.44 34,084.15



Sales (homes)

Valuation (homes)






- 2.66%







     Sales (M):  5.85 Valuations (K):  341.6



Debt (Personal)







273.55    64,312 430









































Revenues (in trillions)







293.29         3,429.5



Expenditures (in tr.)







210.38       7,055



National Debt (tr.)