10/15/21…  14,405.04 

10/8/21…    14,402.77 

6/27/13…    15,000.00


(THE DOW JONES INDEX:  10/15/21…34,912.56; 10/8/21…34,754.99; 6/27/13… 15,000.00)



LESSON for October 15, 2021 – “RESTORATION COMEDY!”


Neophyte candidate Glenn Youngkim had a bad week.  After gaining on (and in some polls, overtaking) former Gov. Terry McAuliffe who, like Grover Clevaland and Donald Trump, is seeking to regain his post as Governor of Virginia, along came a parcel of rogues including Djonald himself (remotely), twice indicted – once pardoned Trump fixer-dixer Steve Bannon, Arizona state Rep. and manic Q-Anon stalwart Mark Finchem, organizer John Fredericks and former Trump/Pence advisor and emcee Martha Boneta, who called upon attendees to pledge allegiance to an American flag that "was carried at the peaceful rally with Donald J. Trump on Jan. 6."   Youngkin subsequently tweeted that the ceremony was “wrong” but the damage was done, the candidate tarred and feathered (rightly or farther-rightly) with supporting the Capitol mob and the violence they generated.

Trump (and Trumpism) is the “me! me!” screaming meme that just won’t go away.


Allegedly… our Constitutional chasm of checkbooks and balance sheets favors the euthanism as fawnishly as it prefers fugitive murderers like Brian Laundrie be termed persons of interest (or “pinterests”) rather than “suspects”… allegedly, then, then-lame duck President Donald Trump, who had called for the mayhem-seeking minion mob that followed his every rally exhortation on the one six with sighs of love and devotion to “Follow Me!” to the Capitol and kick a little Congressional butt, slipped away and returned to the White House to follow the proceedings on television.

This accoding to Jonathan Karl, a television talking head who has written… yes… another book about the final days of the regime – this particular tome called “Betrayal”.  (Ol’ 45’s biographers, hagiographers and coroners just luuuv those one-word titles that punch the reader in the gut… “Unfit”, “Fear”, “Rage”, “Peril”, “Hoax”, “Landslide” and the such... and then just hang around, like one of those sticky peanut butter and banana sandwiches that Elvis loved, and finally done him in.)  The sordid goings-on Karl reported have not only caused Don Jones to vomit, they have circled the globe like a viral swarm of disease, generating even more repulsion and ridicule among our allies.

While the Capitol was under attack on Jan. 6, former President Donald Trump remained out of sight from the public and watched TV in the White House private dining room Karl, ABC News' chief Washington correspondent, revealed on the network’s "This Week" according to the its Philadelphia outlet, Channel Six.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., called Trump… allegedly, mind you… to ask him to tell the rioters to leave the Capitol, Karl reports in "Betrayal” (subtitled: The Final Act of the Trump Show" (See Attachment One).  McCarthy allegedly told Trump, "I just got evacuated from the Capitol! There were shots fired right off the House floor. You need to make this stop."

A source familiar with the call between McCarthy and Trump told Karl that the former president “pushed back”, saying, "They are just more upset than you because they believe it more than you, Kevin," referring to the (again, “alleged”) lie that the election had been stolen.

A week ago Thursday, Bloomberg News author Billy House published “House Committee Probing Capitol Riot Expands Investigation”, detailing the way and means by which Team Pelosi has been slowly filleting and grilling witnesses for the last several weeks.  Recently, they issued subpoenas fingering two men who (allegedly) colluded with the then-President in helping to organize the rally that preticipated the raid.  (See Attachment Two)

“The subpoenas for Ali Abdul Akbar -- also known as Ali Alexander, according to the panel -- and Nathan Martin compel them to produce documents by Oct. 21 and testify at depositions on Oct. 28 and 29, respectively.”

House coantends: “The panel says both men have been tied to an organization called One Nation Under God, which submitted a permit application in December 2020 for a Jan. 6 protest on the Capitol grounds regarding “the election fraud in the swing states.” 

The select committee… seven Democrats and two Republicans - of the subspecies that Trump, his then-MAGAmen and women and present day Party of Trump adherents… POTheads… dismiss as Republicans In Name Only (RINOs) - also issued subpoenas to four other of Trump’s top aides (former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, former Deputy Chief of Staff for Communications Dan Scavino, former Defense Department official Kashyap Patel and former White House strategist Steve Bannon) as well as 11 other people involved in the planning and organization of the Stop the Steal rally and other events organized in the lead-up to Jan. 6, when both houses of Congress met to certify the election victory Joe Biden.  (Among the “little people” also served were Maggie Mulvaney, the niece of former Trump adviser Mick Mulvaney, and Trump's 2016 campaign spokeswoman, Katrina Pierson.)

Politico reported that Trump himself is now directing Bannon, Meadows, Scavino and Patel to defy the committee’s subpoenas.

Maryland Representative Jamie Raskin has said that  Bannon, the former White House Chief Strategist under former President Donald Trump, is "completely exposed" to possible arrest if he defies a subpoena issued by the House Select Committee on the January 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol.  (Newsweek 10/11/21)

Trump has invoked executive privilege to prevent his former aides from testifying before the investigative committee. Executive privilege is a presidential power that bars the president's communications from being shared with Congress.

As a result, Bannon has said that he won't cooperate with the committee's subpoenas. He had until midnight last Thursday to hand over documents relating to January 6 to the committee.

But Raskin, a Democrat who sits on the committee, said that that executive privilege doesn't extend to Bannon because Bannon was fired from the executive branch before he allegedly consulted Trump on overturning the 2020 election and holding a "Stop the Steal" rally on January 6.

The committee said that, when a Capitol Police official followed up with Martin, he rejected having any details on the rally, leaving the vendor "shocked," the panel said.

The committee also said Alexander made references in public statements to the need for violence. For example, at a Dec. 19, 2020, event, Alexander said that violence had not been used "yet." There, he also lauded several members of Congress, including Rep. Paul Gosar, R-Ariz., who was at the event.

The committee has also been seeking details from 15 social media companies on the spread of disinformation ahead of Jan. 6.

The panel has said it has received "thousands of pages of documents" according to NPR (see Attachment Three).


Trump, according to the Philadelphia report on Karl’s book (See Attachment Four) finally acquiesced to recording a video statement. In the message posted to Twitter, he asked his supporters to go home but also praised them. "We love you. You are special," Trump said in the video.
An aide present for the recording said, "Trump had to tape the message several times before they thought he got it right."


Trump, Karl continues, had spent the weeks between his defeat at the polls… or, in the alternate universe, the stolen election… and the J-6 shopping for Attorneys General who would, one way or another, overturn part or all of that disgraceful election and leave Djonald to serve out his next four years, so saving America.

His unguided tour of the DOJ began with Bill Barr, who brushed him off, proceeding to Acting Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen, who said the Justice Department "can't and won't just flip a switch and change the election," thence proceeding to attempt to replace Rosen with Jeffrey Clark, “a lawyer with no experience in election law, but who promised to declare without evidence that there was widespread voter fraud and to pressure contested states to reverse President Biden's victory.” (ABC, Attachment One)

Clark also brought a new conspiracy theory to what ABC’s Julia Cherner called a “cocktail of falsehoods.” Two sources familiar with Clark's actions said Trump "believed that wireless thermostats made in China for Google by a company called Nest Labs might have been used to manipulate voting machines in Georgia. The idea was nuts, Karl alleges, “but it intrigued Trump, who asked Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe to look into it."

The coup comiqúe fell apart because Trump was then told “every senior DOJ official would resign if he went through with his plan, as well as White House counsel Pat Cipollone, who said Trump's plan amounted to "murder-suicide pact," according to Karl.

It was a blown extra point for Ol’ 45, a failure of nerve at the worst moment.  Had the lame duck showed a little bit more backbone, he would have installed the loyal Clark, replaced his DOJ prosecutors with My Pillow salesmen, shut down the contentious media and, if necessary, distracted the public by launching a nuclear strike against Iran.  Or Denmark.  (Perhaps a bow and arrow fanatic with a grudge against Norwegians?)


While the Senate riot panel was chasing Steve Bannon here, there and everywhere, the House was dickering and dithering, prepatory to a tin can field goal, and the DOJ was corralling, branding and castrating various POTheads, Democrats in the Senate were rasslin’ with one another.  Leftists (having appropriated the term “progressives”) dickered with the left-moderates while the right-moderates, Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema, took on the other 46 in a handicap match.  Republicans… moderate, conservative and just plain crazy, sat on the sidelines and jeered.

Senate Majority Leader Adam Schiff, who unleashed a bristling speech chock-a-block with personal venom and vituperation against Republican “colleagues” (see last week’s DJI) stole a line from Reese’s Pieces and declared that he was “not sorry”.  He told Republican former President Donald Trump "you were in charge on January 6th" after Trump blamed Democratic failures for leading to the January 6 riots at the U.S. Capitol.

Trump's statement blaming the Democrats specifically named Schiff, who sits on the committee. Trump referred to Schiff as "shifty" (schiffty?) and called the commission "the Radical Left's Witch Hunt." Trump previously used the term "witch hunt" to refer to any investigations into his alleged wrongdoing.

Schiff's committee has issued several subpoenas against former Trump officials and allies whose actions are believed to have contributed to the Capitol riot.

What Trump has done has been to go on another speaking tour, concentrating on the so-called “purple states” he would need to regain his authority… the Georgia State Fair last week, then primary pioneer Iowa next.  Some have called this his “revenge tour”, and Djonald Unhors’d has shown no compunction in hurling slings and arrows against the RINOs he believes to have betrayed him.  He repeated false claims that the 2020 election was "rigged" and continued to cast doubt on the results including in Arizona, which just concluded a review of the state's largest county's votes and found no evidence of a stolen election.

A case in point… that Arizona gubernatorial election where four Republicans (so far) are running to succeed Gov. Doug Ducey, who will be termed out next year.  Ducey, according to the October 11th Business Insider, lost favor with the former president when he certified the state's election results while appearing to reject an incoming call from Trump. Ducey then tweeted on December 1 that all 15 counties had certified their results, and that Arizona wasn't going to "disenfranchise any voter."

"That's the law. I've sworn an oath to uphold it, and I take my responsibility seriously," Ducey tweeted.

Which of the three orthodox Republicans (orthodox at least in the sense of the semi-maverickal legacy of Barry Goldwater and John McCain) Ducey has anointed as his successor was not noted by the Insider, but the one he will definitely not be endorsing former TV anchor Kari Lake, whom Trump endorsed after she called for his face to be added to Mount Rushmore. Separately, Lake also said she would not have certified the 2020 election results, and she's echoed Trump's claims of election fraud.

"They haven't been charged with a crime, and they were invited in by Capitol Police," Kari Lake said during an interview with the conservative news network RSBN at former President Donald Trump's earlier Iowa 10 rally in Des Moines on October 10th.

"Considering how much - already at the time - information we had about serious irregularities and problems with the election, I would not have certified it right then," Lake said in an interview with the right-wing news outlet One American News Network.

The BI contents that there is no evidence that the Arizona election results were unfairly skewed in favor of President Joe Biden. Arizona GOP officials testified before Congress on October 7 that Biden won "free, fair, and accurate elections," citing the results of a Republican-driven vote audit in Maricopa County. But Trump has continued to claim that the audit uncovered "undeniable evidence" of fraud.

In his endorsement of Lake, Trump wrote that "few can take on the Fake News Media like Kari." He added that she would make the "MAGA movement very proud."  (See Business Insider, Attachment Five)

In DesMoines, the local Register reported upon Trump’s bestowal of his papal kiss upon both 88-year-old U.S. Sen. Chuck Grassley and Iowa's first-in-the-nation caucuses, which has for decades launched the presidential nominating contests for both major political parties, and also hinted that an endorsement for Gov. Kim Reynolds could be coming very soon.  (See Attachment Six)

"I said, 'Kim, do you want me to endorse you tonight or later?' And she said, 'Sir, this is Chuck Grassley’s night.' How nice is that?" the former president said.

Returning to Iowa for his first visit after losing the presidential election in November, he launched “a multifront assault on President Joe Biden and congressional Democrats he said were taking the nation to the "brink of ruin."

Trump, spoke for more than 90 minutes Saturday night and rattled off a list of campaign-style promises and joked about a potential new slogan, but stopped short of announcing a reelection bid.

"We're going to take America back," he said.

He also unveiled a possible campaign slogan for 2024, the Register revealed – “Make America Great Again – Again.”  (He did not promise to “take America back – back again”.)

"Civil War" became a top trending topic on Twitter on Sunday, Newsweek reported,  after Trump supporter Lori Levi told MSNBC that she believes the U.S. is headed for a "civil war."

Levi, described as “a pro-Trump merchandise vendor who travels from rally to rally” lost her only political foray… a Congressional race in 2010.  (See Attachment Seven)


The usual suspects clocked in with the usual reactions

Rolling Stone (Attachment Eight) snickered that the “very stable genius” Trump “spewed lies, nurtured grudges” and, after endorsing Grassley, derided Biden’s age and mental capabilities.  They unearthed one Trump-supporter who broke down into tears on conservative network RSBN because, she said, her entire family had “turned liberal” because they’d been “brainwashed.” But, she added, she has hope because of Trump.

“I have complete faith that this man is going to save us, he’s basically saving the world,” she said. “Not just us, everyone.”

CNN (Attachment Nine) eschewed the irony and highlighted the paranoia, declaiming that the debacle in DesMoines was “(t)he most alarming Trump rally yet” calling Grassley, Reynolds, Iowa Reps. Mariannette Miller-Meeks and Ashley Hinson, and other mainstream Republican officials “hypocrits” for fawning over Djonald after having denounced the Capitol riots.

On the right, Fox News… Trump apparently forgiven for his rantings several weeks ago to the effect that the Fox had gone RINO… trumpeted “TRUMP STIRS FANBASE, ATTACKS BIDEN ADMINISTRATION AT IOWA RALLY” and threw out more Trumpian tidbits to the crowd, including his zinger: “Hillary conceded, I never conceded. Never. Never conceded," Trump said.  (See Attachment Ten).  But correspondent David Amelotti also pivoted, saying: “the former president also continued his false claims that the 2020 election was rigged, despite Republicans, Democrats and his own attorney general confirming there was no widespread fraud.”

The National Review, perhaps terrified that Djonald’s advice to Republicans to sit out the 2022 midterms unless “the steal” is resolved, also acknowledged his “lack of evidence”.

Some loyalty!

It fell to the aforementioned One America News Network to rally the mob.  Pointing out how Biden fumbled the bag with multiple issues such as the coronavirus pandemic, the Afghanistan withdrawal and the border crisis, Trump made his own list of campaign-styled promises while telling his Iowa supporters “we’re going to take America back.”

“After just 9 months under Biden, violent criminals and blood thirsty gangs are taking over our streets, illegal aliens and deadly drug cartels are taking over our borders, inflation is taking over our economy, China is taking over our jobs, the Taliban has taken over Afghanistan, lunatic leftists are taking over our schools and radical socialists are taking over our country,” he explained. “We’re not gonna let that happen.”


Meanwhile, the trials roll on… the mooks and moaxes who followed Djonald Unhinged from the White House to the Capitol (even after he gave them the slip) and follow him still are being hauled up before the jaws of justice and locked up – more or less to virtuous affirmations of martyrdom and a determine to… should Marjorie’s assessment of the likelihood of civil war prove prescient… fight again another day.

Having dealt with Proud Boys, Oath Keepers (some of whom pled guilty and ratted out their comrades-in-arms and, thereby, violated their Oaths), the man in the horned helmet and sordid, assorted other felons and misdemeanants, the Justice Department now trained its sniper-sights on one Robert Reeder, of Harford County, Maryland, whose trial on the charge of “parading” in a Capitol building was interrupted when the vigilante group Sedition Hunters presented U.S. District Judge Thomas F. Hogan  with video showing him grabbing and pulling a police officer onto the ground on January 6.

Outraged and flabbergasted, Judge Hogan vowed to “make an example” of Reeder and sent him to the slammer for six months inasmuch as he seemed “proud” of his participation in the riot.  This having the desired effect of reducing the previously unjailed suspect to blubbering and recanting in the best tradition of enemies of states like Russia and China emerging from “re-education camps” emasculated and begging (or at least pretending to do so): Reeder sobbing that he had been unemployed for the past ten months and inasmuch as, wusa 9 baltimore reported, was likely to remain so forever. “I’m radioactive,” he said. “No one wants to hire me. They just have to Google my name.”

Obviously he never thought of moving to Minnesota and working for My Pillow.

The judge said it had become clear to him that many Capitol riot defendants taking misdemeanor pleas like Reeder were “not truly accepting responsibility,” and further took the opportunity to prociaim that he’d sent “a signal to the other participants in that riot… that they can expect to receive jail time.”  This accomplished, Hogan probably realized that confining large numbers of disgruntled partisans in small spaces busts budgets and breeds conspiratorial thinking as lead to actions down the road (think the Taliban in Gitmo or Adolf Hitler writing “Mein Kampf” in prison for the failed Beerhall Putsch in Munich).  Consequently, he cut the sentence in half and sent Mr. Reeder off for decontamination.

Or consider the plight of James Bonet, indicted in June on six counts, including a felony count of “obstruction” for taking a selfie while smoking marijuana in Senator Jeff Merkley’s (D-OR) office during the Capitol riot.  A criminal mastermind, Bonet uploaded a selfie of him holding a joint to his lips inside Merkley’s office, with the caption, “Smoking at the capital building.”

Bonet was arrested in late January after the FBI received a tip from his coworkers about his participation in the riot. According to charging documents, the coworkers told investigators Bonet was an avid conspiracy theorist and would frequently discuss them at work, “including the conspiracy theory that the 2020 Presidential Election was ‘stolen.’”

In June, a federal grand jury indicted Bonet on six counts, including one felony count of obstruction of an official proceeding, which carries a maximum sentence of up to 20 years in prison.

 Smoke that!

Unsurprisingly, after Bonet pleaded guilty Wednesday to one misdemeanor charge – avoiding a much more serious felony charge of obstructing the “joint” session of Congress - U.S. District Judge Emmet Sullivan sentenced him to a year for “remaining in a building”, the same penalty for convicted of possession of any amount of marijuana in Maryland.

Another instance cited by WUSA was the plea bargain struck by Brandon Straka, a “Stop the Steal” speaker who pleaded guilty Tuesday to one Class “B” misdemeanor count of disorderly conduct in a Capitol building, despite having initially been charged with a felony count of impeding law enforcement during civil disorder. Straka – a right-wing activist who amassed more than 500,000 followers on Twitter through his pro-Trump #WalkAway campaign urging Democrats to leave the party – agreed to cooperate with ongoing investigations against other riot suspects and to give law enforcement access to his social media accounts.

Half a century ago, political prisoners used their terms of incarceration to organize and educate “common” criminals, recruiting them into the underground.  See this discussion from 

That’s half a million suspects to be rounded up and re-educated!  What a stellar day for America!

An IDC Perspective report discusses the question of striking the right balance between public safety and civil liberties in light of investigations made into the Capitol riots. Cascading failures in intelligence, leadership, and preparedness meant that the rioters who breached the Capitol simply exited the building and returned to their homes — in all 50 U.S. states. “As a result, it has taken a large-scale, nationwide concerted effort to analyze the unprecedented volumes of digital evidence to identify and arrest the rioters.”

The United States Department of Justice has called the investigation into the January 6, 2021, Capitol riot "[o]ne of the largest in American history both in terms of the number of defendants prosecuted and the volume of evidence."

A murder of lawyers will be needed to defend and prosecute all of these Capitol occupiers.  Rudy Giuliani who, reportedly, has been having financial troubles (Djonald stiffed him), had better pack his briefcase with briefs and get to work!  The conservative Washington Examiner asserted that former Trump White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham suggested Capitol riot investigators “should scrutinize private meetings devoid of documentation to understand fully a bid for the Justice Department to challenge President Joe Biden's 2020 election victory.”

NBC News's Meet the Press host Chuck Todd asked Grisham if she had any idea of who was "helping sort of fund and back these crazy claims" of election fraud being pushed by Trump and his White House chief of staff, Mark Meadows.

"I know, you know, as does the public, that there was Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell and some of those characters," Grisham replied.

And while the show trials continued, it was on to Iowa (again) for the unindictednest unindicted co-conspirator who had a few things to say: “…After nine months under Biden, violent criminals and blood thirsty gangs are taking over our streets, illegal aliens and deadly drug cartels are taking over our borders, inflation is taking over our economy…" and errands to do: “…the former president has strongly hinted publicly that he plans to run without explicitly saying so…”  (See Attachment Ten)

The Capitol riot, said Fiona Hill, a former top national security adviser to Donald Trump, on CBS's Face the Nation, was "in effect a dress rehearsal for something that could be happening near term, in 2022, 2024."

"We've got election cycles here that will heighten the tensions, and once people start talking about violence, once the threshold is crossed, we're in a danger zone," Hill added.


Politifact (see Attachment Eleven) also vetted… or at least tried to vet… the ex-President’s Iowa allegations.  The results were not encouraging.

But the fact is that Iowa gave the once and future candidate a sweeping majority and polls have only continued to show that he is the strongest of the republican candidates while, at the same time, Afghanistan, the economy and the plague have depressed President Biden’s support.

So if his Restoration is in the cards and a concomitant Civil War, perhaps Don Jones had better hope that there will be plenty of American-made ammunition available at the local firearms emporium.  It wouldn’t do to depend upon important Chinese bullets stranded in some offshore port when the shooting starts.







Friday, October 8, 2021


Infected: 44,290,093

Dead:  712,095

Dow:  34,746.05



Senate votes to kick the can on debt ceiling via party-line vote.  (See last week’s DJI)  And they report that Trump tried to pressure the DOJ to overturn 2020 election.  Djonald is now pressuring former aides to refuse subpoenas – and go to prison, for him.  (See above) Yes, daddy!  President Joe refuses his predecessor’s claim of Executive Privilege (and this will come back to haunt him in, oh, four years.

   Pfizer still begging for approval of youth (5 to 11) vaccine; FDA promises two weeks.  Maybe three?  Four?  TV Doctor Besser admits things are better but we still have “to be aware of the unknown”.  Huh?  Plague supply chain issues menace stockpiles of Halloween candy.

  Less than 200,000 new jobs this month, half what was expected; drop in unemployment rate puzzling, but maybe not.  TV economist Jill Schlesinger admits prices are rising faster than wages.




Saturday, October 9, 2021


Infected:  44,317,553

Dead:  712,974





U.S. will hold first meetings with new Taliban government in Qatar after ISIS-K blows up an unfriendly mosque.

   Trump rally in Iowa (2024 primaries, hint hint!) at which he calls Democrats “drunk on power.” 

   Trouble at sea: Coast Guard exonerates the Rotterdam Express cargoship… says “Surf City” oilspill might hav been leaking for 8 months.  Navy’s USS Connecticut collides in South China Sea.  And nautical spies busted for selling nuke sub secrets… some of which were hidden in the middle of peanut butter sandwiches.




Sunday, October 10, 2021


Infected:  44,339,764                          Dead:  713,228




It’s mental health day.

   SecTreas Yellin derides debt ceiling crisis as “housekeeping” and trillion dollar coin as “a gimmick”, calls debt crisis a “self inflicted wound” while cheap tax countries are spurring “a race to the (inequality) bottom.”

   Pope Francis calls on world leaders to combat climate change.  Lebanon does its part… its power grid fails: no heat, no light, no nothing.  85 marathon racers freezing to death in Utah are rescued as is 3 year old boy after nearly a week in the woods.

   Violent weekend stretches from senior housing (2 killed) to SC nightclub (2 more) to Phila. (13 year old girl) to the incompetent terrorist killed by LAPD, his hostages free and active shooter wiping out 14 at Minnesota bar.  Cops shot in Georgia (on his first day) and Louisiana.





Monday, October 11, 2021


Infected:  44,435,951

Dead:  714,056

Dow:  34,396.06




The moderating weather helps with firefighting, but there are Texas tornadoes, Colorado snow and a Hawaiian earthquake.

  Diseased dancers return to “Stars” as America begins losing its fear of crowds (especially at sporting events like Texas A&M’s home stadium upset of #1 Alabama before over 100,000 screaming, spitting, spreading fans.

   30th anniversary of Anita Hill/Clarence Thomas kerfuffle.  Paul McCartney says it was John and Yoko, not him, who broke up the Beatles.




Tuesday, October 12, 2021


Infected: 44,562,287                    Dead:  716,477

Dow:  34,378.34



Gas prices up seven more cents in the last week, food prices highest in a decade.  Inflation stokes labor unrest – John Deere, Kaiser Healthcare and Hollywood all planning strikes.

   A week of heroes – mom saving toddler from open manhole, neighbor finding Texas boy lost in the woods.  Santa Barbara fireman laboring to save Reagan Ranch and Museum.  Superman Jr. (son of Clark Kent and Lois Lane) fights crime and… uh… comes out as gay.  Like Robin.

   And then there are the zeroes: Raiders’ coach John Gruden resigns after somebody digs up his old email, full of racist, homophobic and sexist rants and porn which he swapped with the big brass poles at Hooter’s.




Wednesday, October 13, 2021


Infected: 44,767,938

Dead:  721,567

Dow:  34,377.81




Captain Kirk shat into space for 11 minutes; says “Wow!”  One of only 600 now and the oldest (90), he philosophizes: “Out there lies coldness, down here, sustenance,” and tells Jeff Bezos: “what you have given me is an experience I won’t forget!”  Not unlike workers at some Amazon warehouses.

   Real and TV doctors agree that the plague is losing its stranglehold around the throat of America (like what the Wyoming coroner calls Gabby Petito’s method of demise) – as CV-19 increasingly becomes the pandemic of the unvaccinated.  Kyrie Irving, however, quits basketball rather than take the shot.  United Airlines joins the ranks of the employers saying “get vaxxed or get fired” but offers the obedient employees a thousand dollars (in some cases, combat pay).  America will allow tourists from Canada and Mexico to cross its border and an Oregon long hauler leaves the ICU after 299 days.

   The quarantines are easing, but strange diversions continue.  The Korean “Squid Game” is a bloody, purge-like romp among cartoon characters.  Realer, still, is Devios Licks… a sort of Tide Pod challenge to kids to destroy their schools and its even more violent (and illegal) corollaries like Slap-a-Teacher. 




Thursday, October 7, 2021


Infected:  44,884,900

 Dead:  723,756

 Dow:  34,912.56




The week ends on a happy note for the old folks… Social Security payments will rise by an average of almost six percent.  Still less than the 32 percent rise in inflation (after the social security boost) since Y2K, but appreciated nonetheless.  The Dow rockets upwards as soon as the news is unleashed.

   TV Dr. Jah says that he expects the Moderna and J&J vaxxes to be approved soon… and, in fact, the FDA greenlights Moderna 19-0.  Still at issue is whether vaccine switching creates more, less or the same amount of protection.  Supplies are plentiful and the plague “is not going to dominate our lives as it used to.”

  After coroner confirms cute, blonde Gabby was strangled, new anger at “person of interest” Brian Laundrie, believed to be in the Florida swamps (or the Appalachian Trail, or Mexico or Bermuda).  Still the law proceeds, if slowly: (Really) cold case of the baby frozen to death is solved after forty years; Robert Durst finally sentenced to life without after only twenty.  And terror comes to Quietville when a Dane (self-converted to Islam) kills five Norwegians with a bow and arrow.




Call it a banner week for the old folks.  First, 90 year old William Shatner goes where only 600-some have gone before, then the Social Security Administration rolls out a 5.9% increase in monthly allotments (still less than the rate of inflation).  This raise, the (temporary) debt ceiling (party-line) agreement, an improving but strange economy in which workers are woo’ed and pursued instead of eschewed and so many Joneses have so much money that they are impatient that the Chinese supply chainsaw can’t cut it fast enough to cool down their burning wallets.  And the inflation rate could have been worse.  (It will probably get so.)








(REFLECTING… approximately… DOW JONES INDEX of June 27, 2013)


See a further explanation of categories here











































Wages (hourly, per capita)


1350 points





1,481.15  25.99 26.15

Median Income (yearly)







674.58   35,671 680

*Unempl. (BLS – in millions








*Official (DC – in millions)







464.70      8,401 404

*Unofficl. (DC – in millions)







405.58    14,301 287

Workforce Participtn.
















In 153,242 259 Out 100,060 058 Total: 253,317 60.50

WP %  (ycharts)*







152.23  61.70 60



Total Inflation







973.36     +0.3  .4








272.56     +0.4 .9








251.94     +2.8 1.2

Medical Costs







285.05     +0.3 -0.1








287.33     +0.2 .3




Dow Jones Index







379.06 34,912.56

+534.75 (1.56%)today

Home (Sales) 














     Sales (M):  5.88  Valuations (K):  356.7 nc

Debt (Personal)







270.38    65,192 232






Revenue (trilns.)







331.81       3,871 880

Expenditures (tr.)







217.86       6,871 877

National Debt tr.)







318.54    28,829 876

Aggregate Debt (tr.)







372.51    84,844 878










Foreign Debt (tr.)







274.97   7,627 636

Exports (in billions)







 189.80  213.7

Imports (bl.)







 114.30  288.0

Trade Deficit (bl.)







   94.32        73.3


SOCIAL INDICES (40%)   0.07 bond




World Affairs








Persecuted journalists in Russia and the Phillipines win Nobels (which go nicely with the ropes around their necks).  Lebanese power grid collapses, massive blackouts ensue.









ISIS-K leader nabbed in Iraq, so the boys blow up Taliban mosque prompting the T-tribe to seek talks (and ransom money) from evil America.  Incompetent terrorist cut down by LAPD, hostages freed.  Ethiopian war heats up.









Congress votes to kick the can, save the government, then turns to arguing infrastructure.  A CBS poll says most Joneses like “elements” of it.  Minnesota sets vote for 11/2 to abolish the police.  DHS calls for an end to mass workplace immigration raids.









Tesla moving its headquarters to Austin so Elon can party with Willie.  TreaSec Yellin derides debt ceiling as “housekeeping”, debt crisis a self-inflicted wound caused by tax inequality and calls the trillion dollar coin gimmick… a gimmick.  TV economist Jill Schlesinger says prices are rising faster than wages. Used car prices finally falling, but inflation hits gasoline, airline tickets (up 40%), food and scarce Christmas toys; supply chain shortages imperil Halloween costumes and candy, rubber rats and pumpkins and, with computer chips held up, Apple’s plan for new iPhones for Christmas is faltering.  Strike fever strikes John Deere, Kaiser Healthcare and Hollywood.









Americans go postal, mad mailman kills two co-workers & self in Memphis while another postal worker is shot in Pa.  Other murders of the week include 13 year old in Phila., co-ed at Texas football game, cops shot in Georgia and Louisiana, two dead at S. Car. nightclub.  Gun fun at the old folks’ home kills two more, Minnesota bar shooter pots 14.  Brian Laundrie’s father joins posse after coroner Ben Blue says cute blond Gabby was “throttled”.  Very cold case killer arrested for freezing baby to death 40 years ago.  18 former NBA players busted for defrauding health plan.














President Joe calls for coastal wind farms to generate energy.  Winter strikes early: 87 frozen Utah marathoners rescued from blizzard.  Icelandic glacier melt called “beautiful destruction” but will the name of the country be changed to Waterworld?  Bitcoin manufacture said to gobble energy from computer transactions and generate methane and will raise global temperature by 2°.  Alone!

Natural/Unnatural Disaster








America cheers as missing 3 year old found alive (and thirsty) after five days lost in the woods.  5.9 EQ in Hawaii.  Nautical woes: submarines collide in South China seas, spying spouses caught selling secrets hidden in peanut butter sandwiches.  Coast Guard exonerates Dutch-dubbed, German-flagged tanker anchor… says oil may have been leaking for months.  Up (or not) in the air, Southwest leads airlines in cancellations and stranded passengers, Russian crash kills 16 skydivers, another falling plane pulverizes UPS truck, killing driver.  Fire in Taiwanese hi-rise kills 25.  Yet another shark snacks on surfer saved by spectators.




Science, Tech, Education








Snapchat declares War on Drugs (dealt online).  Scammers hijacking QR codes to steal identities and money.  Prince William denounces the space race for stealing brains away from Earth issues.

Equality (econ/social)








Raiders’ coach John Gruen cancelled for old sexist and racist emails and for sharing porn with Hooters’ execs.  NYC firefighters cancelled, like police, for old racist and sexist remarks (and Mayor Bill DiBlasio steals money from both).  Five women will be put on quarters (the backsides).  Evil teacher in S. Orange NJ yanks off Muslim student’s hijab, exposing her hair.




















- 103.12






- 103.33

Doctors say even baby aspirin causs fatal bleeding.  Other doctors declare a War on Salt.

Pfizer still begging for FDA approval for the 5 – 11 year old, government says maybe 10/26 as more and more children get it and die.  Or later… “experts” promise they’ll be vaxxed by “the holidays”.  Halloween? Thanksgiving?  Christmas?  Easter 2022?  Cleveland pulmonologist denounces Halloween haunted houses and hayrides as spreading plague (and heart-pounding fear).  TV Dr. Besser admits things are getting better “but we still need to be aware of the unknown.”  How?  It’s unknown.  Texas gubernatorial candidate Allen West gets it.  More police get it too – a K-9 spends nine days in doggie ICU.  An Oregon man gets out of the ICU after 299 days.

Freedom and Justice








Varsity Blues blues for two rich parents convicted and facing 20 years in jail.  Federal appeals court in Texas overturns lower court’s overturning of anti-abortion law… on to SCOTUS.  California passes law requiring “gender-neutral” products like toys and toothbrushes (?) and GN areas in stores.  In the comics, John Kent (Superman’s son with Lois) comes out as gay, just like Robin.





Cultural incidents








New York’s Rockettes are back.  “Tina” opens on Broadway while Ms. Turner remains in Zurich, counting her catalog money.  Diseased dancers return to “Stars” ballroom.  Tennis star Andy Murray recovers the wedding ring he’d tied to his sneaker.  Rare snow leopard gets it and dies.  Also RIP: MBL catcher/announcer Ray Fosse, actor Granville Moore (Oz), Irish musician Paddy Moloney (“Chieftans”), children’s author Gary Paulsen, Hasbro CEO Brian Goldner, 102 year old civil rights activist Timuel Black, 111 year old Disney animator  Ruthie Tompson.  “No Time to Die” opens, breaks records.  Hollywood might die next week of strike-it is. 

Miscellaneous incidents








Jeopardy star Matt Amodio loses.  Legos follows Mr. Potato Head into wokefulness with transgender plastic cubes, then creates a 9,000 piece Titanic on sale for $600K.  (Kate and Leo figurines extra.)  Youth of America playing “Devious Licks” (destroying school fixtures) and Slap-a-Teacher… coming: underground “Squid Game” clubs?











The Don Jones Index for the week of October 8th through October 14th, 2021 was UP 33.58 points.


The Don Jones Index is sponsored by the Coalition for a New Consensus: retired Congressman and Independent Presidential candidate Jack “Catfish” Parnell, Chairman; Brian Doohan, Administrator.  The CNC denies, emphatically, allegations that the organization, as well as any of its officers (including former Congressman Parnell, environmentalist/America-Firster Austin Tillerman and cosmetics CEO Rayna Finch) and references to Parnell’s works, “Entropy and Renaissance” and “The Coming Kill-Off” are fictitious or, at best, mere pawns in the web-serial “Black Helicopters” – and promise swift, effective legal action against parties promulgating this and/or other such slanders.

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ATTACHMENT ONE – From the Independent U.K.




Ex-president reportedly argued with aides who wanted him to put out a message calling off his supporters

By Bevan Hurley


Former President Donald Trump boasted about the size of the crowd on 6 January as rioters attacked the US Capitol, a new book claims.

Mr Trump watched on a television in the White House private dining room as a mob of his supporters stormed the Capitol and chanted “hang Mike Pence”, writes ABC News Chief Washington Correspondent Jonathan Karl in his new book Betrayal: The Final Act of the Trump Show.

He reportedly enjoyed what he saw and argued with aides who wanted him to put out a message to his supporters to stop rioting.

“Trump had to tape the message several times before they thought he got it right,” an aide who was present said.

Mr Trump spoke to Republican House leader Kevin McCarthy during the riot, and allegedly told him: “I just got evacuated from the Capitol! There were shots fired right off the House floor. You need to make this stop.”

According to a source familiar with the call, Mr Trump responded by saying, “They are just more upset than you because they believe it more than you, Kevin,” referring to the “Big Lie” that the presidential election had been stolen.

A House select committee investigating the Capitol riots has subpoenaed Mr Trump’s phone records from the day.

Mr Trump is fighting the order, claiming executive privilege, and is attempting to block four of his former aides including Mark Meadows and Steven Bannon from cooperating with the committee.

President Joe Biden has said the National Archives should comply with the request, and that executive privilege doesn’t cover those communications.

Betrayal, which goes on sale in November, is described as the definitive account of “what was really going on during the final weeks and months of the Trump presidency”.


ATTACHMENT TWO – From Bloomberg News


By Billy House, October 7, 2021, 4:48 PM EDT Updated on October 7, 2021, 10:34 PM EDT



The House panel investigating the Jan. 6 insurrection at the U.S. Capitol issued additional subpoenas on Thursday, seeking testimony and records from two men it says have ties to organizing a rally that took place on the grounds earlier that day.

The panel also subpoenaed records from the organization Stop the Steal LLC, affiliated with another rally at the White House Ellipse featuring then-President Donald Trump. The panel says it has uncovered and is exploring direct connections between the two gatherings and the riot at the Capitol.

“The rally on the Capitol grounds on Jan. 6th, like the rally near the White House that day, immediately preceded the violent attack on the seat of our democracy,” Representative Bennie Thompson, the committee chairman, said in a statement. “Over the course of that day, demonstrations escalated to violence and protesters became rioters.”

“The Select Committee needs to understand all the details about the events that came before the attack, including who was involved in planning and funding them. We expect these witnesses to cooperate fully with our probe,” Thompson said.

The subpoenas for Ali Abdul Akbar -- also known as Ali Alexander, according to the panel -- and Nathan Martin compel them to produce documents by Oct. 21 and testify at depositions on Oct. 28 and 29, respectively.

The panel says both men have been tied to an organization called One Nation Under God, which submitted a permit application in December 2020 for a Jan. 6 protest on the Capitol grounds regarding “the election fraud in the swing states.” 

Read More: Trump Instructs Former Aides to Defy Jan. 6 Panel Subpoenas

The select committee has already issued subpoenas to four of Trump’s top aides, as well as 11 other people involved in the planning and organization of the Stop the Steal rally and other events organized in the lead-up to Jan. 6, when both houses of Congress met to certify the election victory Joe Biden.

The subpoenas to the four men -- former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, former Deputy Chief of Staff for Communications Dan Scavino, former Defense Department official Kashyap Patel and former White House strategist Steve Bannon -- required them to turn over documents by Thursday.

A lawyer for Trump has instructed them to defy the subpoenas, according to a letter seen by Bloomberg. The committee did not comment on those subpoenas Thursday night. 

The committee, made up of seven Democrats and two Republicans, said that Martin’s phone number and email address were listed among the contact information for One Nation Under God. The panel also says a vendor listed on the permit application told the U.S. Capitol Police he was reporting to Alexander and Martin and identified them both as being affiliated with Stop the Steal.

On two of its websites, Stop the Steal advertised the Capitol rally event and sought donations to offset expenses.

However, the permit application to Capitol Police did not disclose any connection between Stop the Steal and the Capitol rally event, says the committee’s announcement about the subpoenas.

“Further, when a Capitol Police official spoke with Mr. Martin at the end of December 2020, Mr. Martin claimed not to have any information about the rally and directed the official to speak with the vendor,” the committee states. “According to the police official, the vendor was ‘shocked’ to learn this because he was in ‘daily communication’ with Mr. Martin about the event.”




By Claudia Grisales, Updated October 8, 2021 3:21 PM ET 


The White House is authorizing the National Archives to share a set of documents with the Democratic-led House select committee investigating the Jan. 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol, press secretary Jen Psaki said Friday.

Former President Donald Trump has said he plans to fight subpoenas from the panel for four former officials in his administration by using executive privilege, which is a right traditionally asserted by a White House to keep deliberations confidential.

Separately, the committee indicated Friday that former Trump strategist Steve Bannon is not planning to comply with the subpoena it issued to him two weeks ago, citing his "vague references to privileges of the former President."

President Biden determined that asserting executive privilege was "not warranted" for the first set of documents gathered by the National Archives, Psaki said. She said that the panel's requests for documents would be evaluated on a case-by-case basis and said Biden believes that reaching a "complete understanding" of what happened on Jan. 6 is of the "utmost importance."

In a letter to the National Archives, White House counsel Dana Remus said the documents "shed light on events within the White House on and about January 6 and bear on the Select Committee's need to understand the facts underlying the most serious attack on the operations of the federal government since the Civil War."

Article continues after sponsor message

"The conduct under investigation extends far beyond typical deliberations concerning the proper discharge of the president's constitutional responsibilities," Remus wrote in the Oct. 8 letter, a copy of which was obtained by NPR.

Panel indicates it has not gotten cooperation from some former Trump aides

In September, the select panel issued subpoenas to four former Trump administration officials: Bannon; former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows; the Trump White House's former deputy chief of staff for communications, Dan Scavino; and Kashyap Patel, who was chief of staff to former acting Defense Secretary Christopher Miller.

The panel gave the four a deadline of Thursday to reply to a request for documents. The subpoenas also call for them to sit for a deposition next week.

In a statement Friday, the committee's chair, Rep. Bennie Thompson, D-Miss., and its vice chair, Rep. Liz Cheney, R-Wyo., said:

While Mr. Meadows and Mr. Patel are, so far, engaging with the Select Committee, Mr. Bannon has indicated that he will try to hide behind vague references to privileges of the former President. The Select Committee fully expects all of these witnesses to comply with our demands for both documents and deposition testimony.

The committee has declined to comment on Scavino, who was not mentioned in the panel's statement on Friday.

However, Rep. Zoe Lofgren, D-Calif., another member of the committee, told NPR that the panel has yet to receive any "written communication" from any of the four witnesses as of yet, including Scavino.

"Though the Select Committee welcomes good-faith engagement with witnesses seeking to cooperate with our investigation," Thompson and Cheney added in their statement, "we will not allow any witness to defy a lawful subpoena or attempt to run out the clock, and we will swiftly consider advancing a criminal contempt of Congress referral."

While congressional subpoenas cannot be dismissed outright, if they're fought it could lead to an extended legal battle.

Latest subpoenas go to Stop the Steal organizers

Friday's statement followed a new wave of subpoenas on Thursday for a right-wing group, Stop the Steal, and several of its members, including far-right activist Ali Alexander.

The panel is seeking testimony and records from Alexander, listed in the subpoena as Ali Abdul Akbar, and Nathan Martin. Both are connected to permit applications for the rally that preceded the deadly attack on the Capitol. The committee has also issued a subpoena to the Stop the Steal group, seeking records.

"The rally on the Capitol grounds on January 6th, like the rally near the White House that day, immediately preceded the violent attack on the seat of our democracy," Thompson said in a separate statement. "Over the course of that day, demonstrations escalated to violence and protestors became rioters. The Select Committee needs to understand all the details about the events that came before the attack, including who was involved in planning and funding them. We expect these witnesses to cooperate fully with our probe."

The panel said a group, under the name of One Nation Under God, in December 2020 submitted a permit application to the U.S. Capitol Police to hold a rally on Jan. 6 on "election fraud in the swing states." However, a vendor listed on the permit application told police the group was actually tied to Stop the Steal, Alexander and Martin.

When a Capitol Police official followed up with Martin, he rejected having any details on the rally, leaving the vendor "shocked," the panel said.

The committee said Alexander made references in public statements to the need for violence. For example, at a Dec. 19, 2020, event, Alexander said that violence had not been used "yet." There, he also lauded several members of Congress, including Rep. Paul Gosar, R-Ariz., who was at the event.

The committee says it has already received "thousands of pages of documents"

As the committee has ramped up its work, it has issued several other requests. Last week, the panel issued subpoenas to 11 individuals who played a role in organizing the rally before the siege. Among the people served were Maggie Mulvaney, the niece of former Trump adviser Mick Mulvaney, and Trump's 2016 campaign spokeswoman, Katrina Pierson.

In August, the committee issued orders to 35 social media and communications companies to preserve relevant records, and the panel asked eight federal agencies to turn over relevant documents while also seeking details from 15 social media companies on the spread of disinformation ahead of Jan. 6.

The panel has said it has received "thousands of pages of documents."

Republicans have painted the committee, which is mostly made up of Democrats, as nothing more than a partisan exercise.


ATTACHMENT FOUR – From abc ch. 6 Philadelphia



Trump argued with aides who wanted him to tell his supporters to stop rioting, according to Jonathan Karl's sources.

By Julia Cherner

WASHINGTON -- While the Capitol was under attack on Jan. 6, former President Donald Trump remained out of sight from the public and watched TV in the White House private dining room, ABC News' chief Washington correspondent Jonathan Karl revealed on ABC's "This Week."

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., called Trump to ask him to tell the rioters to leave the Capitol, Karl reports in his new book, "Betrayal: The Final Act of the Trump Show."

McCarthy allegedly told Trump, "I just got evacuated from the Capitol! There were shots fired right off the House floor. You need to make this stop."

A source familiar with the call between McCarthy and Trump said the former president pushed back, saying, "They are just more upset than you because they believe it more than you, Kevin," referring to the lie that the election had been stolen.

The former president liked what he saw, boasted about the size of the crowd and argued with aides who wanted him to tell his supporters to stop rioting, according to Karl's sources.

Two hours after the riot started, Trump finally acquiesced to recording a video statement. In the message posted to Twitter, he asked his supporters to go home but also praised them. "We love you. You are special," Trump said in the video.

An aide present for the recording said, "Trump had to tape the message several times before they thought he got it right."

In earlier versions he neglected to tell his supporters to leave the Capitol, according to Karl.

MORE: Trump threatens court showdown after Biden OKs release of Jan. 6 Capitol attack documents

Last week, a Senate report documented alarming new details about the way Trump attempted to use the Justice Department to overturn the presidential election. 
Attorney General Bill Barr refused to go along, infuriating Trump when he said in early December there was no widespread fraud.

After Barr left office in mid-December, the report said Trump pressured Acting Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen to help steal the election but he too refused.

Rosen told senators he informed Trump that the Justice Department "can't and won't just flip a switch and change the election."

In response, Trump asked that the DOJ "just say the election was corrupt and leave the rest to me and the [Republican] congressmen."

In late December, Trump turned to Jeffrey Clark, a lawyer with no experience in election law, but who promised to declare without evidence that there was widespread voter fraud and to pressure contested states to reverse President Biden's victory.

Clark also brought a new conspiracy theory to the cocktail of falsehoods. Two sources familiar with Clark's actions said Trump "believed that wireless thermostats made in China for Google by a company called Nest Labs might have been used to manipulate voting machines in Georgia. The idea was nuts, but it intrigued Trump, who asked Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe to look into it."

At a dramatic, three-hour Oval Office meeting on Jan. 3, Trump said he wanted to make Clark acting attorney general, according to Karl.

"One thing we know is you, Rosen, aren't going to do anything to overturn the election, Trump said, according to Rosen's congressional testimony.

Trump was then told every senior DOJ official would resign if he went through with his plan, as well as White House counsel Pat Cipollone, who said Trump's plan amounted to "murder-suicide pact," according to Karl.

"Betrayal: The Final Act of the Trump Show" will 
become available Nov. 16.



ATTACHMENT FIVE – From Business Insider




By Cheryl The, Mon, October 11, 2021, 3:14 AM


A Trump-endorsed candidate for Arizona governor said the Capitol rioters were "invited in by Capitol Police," appearing to push an unproven narrative that the riot was nonviolent.

"They haven't been charged with a crime, and they were invited in by Capitol Police," Kari Lake said during an interview with the conservative news network RSBN at former President Donald Trump's October 10 rally in Des Moines, Iowa.

The US Capitol Police Force was criticized for its handling of the Capitol riot after some officers were seen posing with rioters for selfies and moving barricades aside for the mob to move forward.

But there is plenty of footage and records of officers' injuries to show how violent the breach of the Capitol was. During a July 27 House select committee on the attack, Capitol officers testified to the racism and physical harm they experienced during the January 6 riot.

The DOJ said that more than 1,000 assaults were committed against police officers. But conservative figures have repeatedly minimized the violence that took place during the riot. In May, Georgia Rep. Andrew Clyde likened the Capitol rioters to tourists. And in September, North Carolina Rep. Madison Cawthorn said in an interview that the rioters were mainly "normal people" who were "kind of wandering in."

At press time, 671 people had been charged with crimes in connection with the Capitol insurrection.

Lake did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Insider.

Lake is a former TV anchor whom Trump endorsed after she called for his face to be added to Mount Rushmore. Separately, Lake also said she would not have certified the 2020 election results, and she's echoed Trump's claims of election fraud.

"They haven't been charged with a crime, and they were invited in by Capitol Police," Kari Lake said during an interview with the conservative news network RSBN at former President Donald Trump's October 10 rally in Des Moines, Iowa


Lake won Trump's favor when she called for him to be added to Mount Rushmore. 

"Considering how much - already at the time - information we had about serious irregularities and problems with the election, I would not have certified it right then," Lake said in an interview with the right-wing news outlet One American News Network.

There is no evidence that the Arizona election results were unfairly skewed in favor of President Joe Biden. Arizona GOP officials testified before Congress on October 7 that Biden won "free, fair, and accurate elections," citing the results of a Republican-driven vote audit in Maricopa County. But Trump has continued to claim that the audit uncovered "undeniable evidence" of fraud.

In his endorsement of Lake, Trump wrote that "few can take on the Fake News Media like Kari." He added that she would make the "MAGA movement very proud."

Trump also took the opportunity to hit out at Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey during his endorsement of Lake's candidacy, saying Lake "will do a far better job than RINO Governor Doug Ducey - won't even be a contest!"

Ducey lost favor with the former president when he certified the state's election results while appearing to reject an incoming call from Trump. Ducey then tweeted on December 1 that all 15 counties had certified their results, and that Arizona wasn't going to "disenfranchise any voter."

"That's the law. I've sworn an oath to uphold it, and I take my responsibility seriously," Ducey tweeted.

Ducey can't run for reelection in the 2022 Arizona gubernatorial election because of term limits. Lake is up against four other candidates for the GOP nomination.



ATTACHMENT SIX – From the Des Moines Register




By Nick Coltrain, Ian Richardson, Stephen Gruber-Miller, Andrea May Sahouri

Former President Donald Trump returned to Iowa for his first visit after losing the presidential election in November, launching a multifront assault on President Joe Biden and congressional Democrats he said were taking the nation to the "brink of ruin."

Trump, who spoke for more than 90 minutes Saturday night, rattled off a list of campaign-style promises and joked about a potential new slogan, but stopped short of announcing a reelection bid.

"We're going to take America back," he said. 

He repeated false claims that the 2020 election was "rigged." He continued to cast doubt on the results including in Arizona, which just concluded a review of the state's largest county's votes and found no evidence of a stolen election. 

And in front of thousands of whipped-up supporters, he endorsed both U.S. Sen. Chuck Grassley and Iowa's first-in-the-nation caucuses, which has for decades launched the presidential nominating contests for both major political parties. 

"You proved why Iowa should continue to vote first in the nation, that’s right. First in the nation," Trump said, referencing his 8-point margin of victory in Iowa in November 2020.

Trump criticized Biden for his handling of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Afghanistan withdrawal, and multiple pieces of domestic legislation that have clogged up Congress — which Democrats control by slim margins — for months. 

"Don't say I didn't warn you," Trump said, later encouraging his supporters to turn out en masse for the 2022 midterm elections.

"We must send the radical left a message they will never forget," he said.

Trump's visit comes as, according to the latest Des Moines Register/Mediacom Iowa Poll, more Iowans feel favorably toward him than have before. Overall, 53% of Iowa adults hold favorable feelings toward Trump. His ratings are even higher among his fellow Republicans, with 91% feeling favorably toward him.

'Iowa, what a place': Trump gives some love to the Hawkeyes — and recalls his victory

Despite his dark message about the Biden administration, Trump was upbeat about Iowa during his visit.

"As disastrous as the Biden administration has been, no one can blame the great state of Iowa, because boy, we did really — we did really good here," he said. "Iowa, what a place."

He took the stage shortly after the University of Iowa scored a come-from-behind victory against Penn State in a game that was displayed on large screens during the rally's pre-program.

"Hello, Iowa, and congratulations to the Iowa Hawkeyes!" Trump said, kicking off his remarks. "That was a big win today!"

His appreciation for Iowa extended toward 88-year-old Grassley, who he said "has my complete and total endorsement for reelection."

"We have with us tonight a great American patriot, a man who truly loves Iowa — loves Iowa," Trump said. "He’s a young — very young guy. He’s strong. And he’s very handsome. He fights like no other. When I’ve needed him for help he was always there."

As for Gov. Kim Reynolds, who has not formally announced her reelection campaign, Trump hinted that an endorsement for Gov. Kim Reynolds could be coming very soon.

"I said, 'Kim, do you want me to endorse you tonight or later?' And she said, 'Sir, this is Chuck Grassley’s night.' How nice is that?" the former president said.

Iowa, national Democrats criticize state Republicans for supporting Trump after Jan. 6 riot

Iowa Democratic Party Chair Ross Wilburn criticized Iowa Republicans for supporting Trump after his supporters stormed the U.S. Capitol in January.

"Iowa Republicans have tied themselves to a man who attacked the foundations of our democracy throughout his time in office," Wilburn said in a statement. "Just nine months ago, he incited a violent mob to attack his own Vice President and threaten the lives of lawmakers who were simply fulfilling their constitutional duty to certify our election."

A slew of Iowa's top Republican leaders warmed up the crowd ahead of Trump, including Reynolds, Grassley and U.S. Reps. Ashley Hinson and Mariannette Miller-Meeks.

Reynolds led the crowd in a chant of "U.S.A." and criticized Biden on his immigration policies, mentioning that she visited the U.S.-Mexico border this week.

"I was just there this week," she said. "You know who’s never been there? Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. They don’t care. They don’t care what’s happening at the border."

Vice President Kamala Harris visited the U.S.-Mexico border in June.

Reynolds also mentioned Biden's COVID-19 response, eliciting boos from the crowd.

"They don’t respect you," she said of Democrats. "They don’t respect your faith, your values. They don’t think you’re capable of making your own decisions and they don’t think you should. And this is what America looks like under Democratic leadership but I’m here to tell you we’re fighting back."

National Democrats slammed Trump's visit to Iowa. Ammar Moussa, a spokesperson for the Democratic National Committee, said Trump's grip on the Republican party "is the anvil around their necks going into 2022."

"The Republican Party remains beholden to a president who oversaw millions of lost jobs, hundreds of thousands of lives lost, and a violent assault on the Capitol and police officers," Moussa said in the statement. "While Republicans have failed to lead, President Biden and Democrats continue to deliver for Iowans and Americans in ways Trump and Iowa Republicans are desperate to claim credit for."

Trump supporters from near and far gather at Iowa State Fairgrounds

Hours before the rally began, thousands of supporters and merchants selling Trump paraphernalia lined up at the Iowa State Fairgrounds.

Among the revelers was T. Trump, a Vietnamese immigrant who traveled with other Vietnamese immigrants from California. T. Trump and others said they legally changed their last names from Tran to Trump out of respect for the "king." 

"When you have a king that really works hard ... the people take over his name," T. Trump, 55 and wearing an American flag themed cowboy hat, said. "We came here for freedom. We don't want to lose this country. You were born free, you want to live free, you want to die free." 

Diana Johnson, 66, and Lori Ediger, 58 — sisters from Nebraska — were also in line Saturday. They arrived at the fairgrounds at 5:30 a.m. 

Ediger was so excited, she couldn't sleep, she said.

"This guy's a man of his word," Ediger said. "He does what he says he's going to do."

Both were decked out in American flag themed clothing and Trump 2024 attire. 

"Biden shouldn't be in the White House," Johnson said. "Period."

Sheryl Robins, a retired nurse from Osceola, said she was glad to see the level of energy inside the fairgrounds. It was her first Trump rally since 2016. 

She said she likes how Trump brought the background of a businessman to the White House and how he supported veterans and the economy. She said she's been unhappy with how Biden has handled those issues. 

"He ruined our economy, gave all that free money out, and look what he did to our military (and) the Afghans," she said, adding that her husband is a Vietnam War veteran. 

Inside the gate of the fairgrounds, David Lage, an evangelist from Ankeny, said he believes Trump will win again in 2024, and he plans to support him unless the former endorsed someone else. 

"Trump’s for the country. He’s for America. He’s for Jesus,” he said. 

Trump’s remarks didn’t impress everyone in attendance. Darcy Shelton, a health care worker from Des Moines, said she has supported Trump in the past but did not enjoy Saturday’s speech.  

“I thought he was more full of himself than anything,” said Shelton, who wore a Trump flag draped around her shoulders. “…It was more about the election being stolen from him than about the American people.” 

Shelton, who said she's an independent, said she’s displeased with the Biden administration — particularly his vaccine mandate for health care workers. But she said she’d like to see someone else other than Trump run in 2024. She said she particularly likes Florida’s Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis, whose name has been floated as a possible candidate. 


Although Trump talked briefly about electing Republicans to Congress next year, his speech also sounded like that of a candidate seeking another run at the presidency.

"We will quickly complete the border wall and we will end illegal immigration, once and for all," he said, running through a list of promises. "We will have to start it all over again — it would have been so much better if we had an honest election, but we’ll be able to do it again."

At one point, he speculated that Stacey Abrams, a former Georgia gubernatorial candidate, would run for president.

"Let’s run against Stacey Abrams, I’d like that," he said.

Trump has left open the door to trying to reclaim the White House, though he hasn't made any official declarations. According to the Washington Post, Trump was eager to announce his 2024 candidacy in August as the American withdrawal from Afghanistan turned chaotic. Advisers talked him out of it with how a formally declared candidacy introduces new rules about fundraising and media appearances, according to the Post.

Trump never left the political arena, even as he boarded Marine One to leave the White House shortly before Biden's inauguration in January. He had already launched a political action committee, dubbed Save America, soon after it was clear Biden won the electoral college in November.

Within weeks of leaving office, his reelection PAC was transferring tens of millions of dollars to the new PAC. By mid-summer, it was sitting on more than $90 million, according to the most recent federal financial filings. The Save America PAC has also hired two GOP consultants with deep Iowa ties.

Trump openly eyeing the Republican nomination for president for a third consecutive time hasn't cleared the field of other potential rivals in 2024, though none have formally declared.

Former Vice President Mike Pence, former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, former United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley, U.S. Sens. Tom Cotton, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, all Republicans, have visited Iowa this year.









"Civil War" was a top trending topic on Twitter on Sunday after remarks from an attendee of former President Donald Trump's rally in Iowa were widely circulated online and by the media.

Trump held a rally at the Iowa State Fairground in Des Moines on Saturday. At the event, Trump supporter Lori Levi told MSNBC that she believes the U.S. is headed for a "civil war." Levi criticized Democrats and Republicans, saying most members of the GOP are "as weak as they possibly could be in Congress."

"They're establishment. They don't care about the American people because they're in their elite little tower," she said. "So we're just sick of it, you know, and we're not going to take it anymore. I see a civil war coming. I do. I see civil war coming."

As of Sunday afternoon, the term "Civil War" had been tweeted nearly 67,000 times as it trended on the major social media platform. Many were criticizing Trump supporters and the right-wing "Make America Great Again" (MAGA) movement. Some also tried to offer solutions to the current divide within American society.

"Polarization is worse than ever and getting worse not better. There is a Civil War coming if we don't stop dehumanizing those we disagree with politically," unsuccessful Democratic presidential and New York City mayoral candidate Andrew Yang tweeted. The political activist promoted his new Forward Party PAC, which aims to promote democratic reforms.

"Political stress is at record highs, we're already seeing political violence, 42% of people now see political opponents as "mortal enemies" or "evil." We can all feel it. Where will it end? I wish it were hyperbole but we should take this very seriously," Yang added in a follow-up Twitter post.

Dean Obeidallah, host of The Dean Obeidallah Show, suggested that largely Democratic states would be happy for largely Republican states to secede from the country—unlike what happened back in the 1860s during the Civil War.

"'Civil War Coming' is trending. It's not for various reasons but a big one is the Civil War in 1861 happened when Red States said we are leaving and Blue States waged a war to preserve the Union. Today if Red States wanted to leave Blue states would say 'Check out time is 1PM,'" he tweeted.

Nick Knudsen, the executive director of DemCastUSA, warned that America's shouldn't dismiss the threat of violence.

"To everybody making light of the MAGA folks talking about Civil War: just remember that they're heavily armed, brainwashed and consistently encouraged by the GOP to engage in vigilantism/insurrection," Knudsen wrote.

"Not a good combo. We should fear for the folks they'll target with violence."

Edward Snowden, the infamous former computer intelligence consultant and whistleblower, expressed confusion over the trending topic.

"Why is 'Civil War' trending? Are they bombarding Fort Sumter? Is there a massacre on Pratt Street? Is the infantry advancing on Gettysburg?" he wrote, making references to historic moments from the Civil War.

American Unitarian Pastor John Pavlovitz said he doesn't see a violent conflict coming.

"There is NOT a Civil War Coming," he wrote. "The vast masses of decent, compassionate people here are being challenged by a hateful, conspiratorial, extremist minority who want white evangelical theocracy. Americans cannot simply allow them to have it."

Actress and activist Patricia Arquette also dismissed the possibility of a war within the country. "There will not be a civil war. Even in states Biden lost across the country he got millions of votes," she tweeted.

Columnist and commentator Wajahat Ali said that he doesn't expect a civil war but believes there will be more political violence.

"There might not be a civil war but there will sadly be incidents of violence across America and people still aren't taking the threat of a radicalized, weaponized GOP cult seriously. Wait until there are vaccines for kids and mandates in schools. These people are unhinged," Ali tweeted.

Some historians have raised concerns for the past couple years that the current political reality within the U.S. is similar to the polarization and tension ahead of the Civil War of the 1860s. That conflict occurred when the Southern states seceded from the Union and formed the Confederacy in a bid to preserve the institution of slavery. The Union army ultimately won in 1865 and the nation has managed to stay together ever since.

Trump supporters violently attacked the U.S. Capitol on January 6 in an apparent effort to prevent the formal certification of President Joe Biden's election victory. The mob of rioters was animated by Trump's baseless claims that the 2020 election was "rigged" or "stolen" in Biden's favor.

The former president continues to promote this false allegation, despite no evidence emerging to substantiate it. Many GOP voters believe the so-called "Big Lie." Recent polls have shown that as many two-thirds of Republicans believe Biden won through a rigged or stolen election.

Newsweek reached out to Trump's press office for comment but did not immediately receive a response.


ATTACHMENT EIGHT – From Rolling Stone



But it didn’t matter to the adoring crowd, which chanted “Trump won!” while the ex-president spewed election fraud lies

By Peter Wade

Former President Donald Trump spewed lies, nurtured grudges and bashed Biden on Saturday night at the state fairgrounds in Des Moines, Iowa — the state where voters, according to a recent Medicom/Register poll, like Trump even more now that he isn’t in power. The speech lasted an exhausting hour and 43 minutes.

The rally began with typical Trumpian rhetoric. Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) accused President Joe Biden of tanking the economy and having “no border” with Mexico as he referred to Trump’s beloved southern wall as “the fence.” Republican Gov. Kim Reynolds spoke next, saying that the Biden administration can be “summed up in three words: inaction, chaos and crisis.”

The dark theme continued once Trump took the stage and accused Biden of bringing the country to “the brink of ruin.”

“There’s never been anything like what has happened,” Trump said. “After just nine months under Biden, violent criminals and bloodthirsty gangs are taking over our streets. Illegal aliens and deadly drug cartels are taking over our borders. Inflation is taking over our economy. China’s taking over our jobs. The Taliban has taken over Afghanistan. Lunatic leftists are taking over our schools, and radical socialists are taking over our country. And we’re not gonna let that happen.”

Trump went on to attack Biden and congressional Democrats (including “Crazy Nancy Pelosi”) for trying to pass a bipartisan infrastructure bill and another social safety net reconciliation that would assist Americans with child care and climate change mitigation measures, which Trump referred to as a “socialist transformation bill… an open borders bill, it’s an American energy destruction bill.”

The former president also bemoaned that Biden overturned his racist travel ban that prevented citizens from a number of majority Muslim nations from entering the United States. “We don’t want Fifth Avenue blown up,” Trump said, falsely equating immigration and crime. “We have enough crime on Fifth Avenue.”

Trump’s usual lies about abortion were on full display as he falsely claimed doctors are “ripping babies from their mother’s womb” and adding another falsehood, “And, in fact, killing babies after the birth.”

When beginning the relitigating 2020 portion of the evening, Trump continued his lies claiming he won the election. “First of all, [Biden] didn’t get elected, OK? Forget that,” Trump said, adding, “Hillary conceded. I never conceded.” (He did.) He circled back to the topic later in the speech, bringing up the Arizona audit and claiming people “used Covid to cheat” in the election. During this rant, the crowd began to chant, “Trump won! Trump won!”

The rally included numerous references to World War II General George Patton. The opening scene from the film Patton played on a big screen ahead of Trump taking the stage. “Do you think General Patton would have left early from Afghanistan?” Trump asked the crowd, neglecting the fact that his administration negotiated the terms of withdrawal, setting a date of May 2021 — which Biden pushed back to August — and agreeing to release 5,000 imprisoned Taliban fighters. (“George C. Scott, did he win the Academy Award [for playing Patton]? Did the movie [win]? I think so,” Trump later said.)

The former president then mocked Biden, saying he frequently doesn’t know what state he’s in, even though within minutes of saying that, Trump mixed up Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Regardless of the ranting and lies, attendees at the rally were fired up. Before the rally even began, one Trump-supporter broke down into tears on conservative network RSBN because, she said, her entire family has “turned liberal” because they’ve been “brainwashed.” But, she added, she has hope because of Trump.

“I have complete faith that this man is going to save us, he’s basically saving the world,” she said. “Not just us, everyone.”






Opinion By Dean Obeidallah, Updated 10:00 PM ET, Sun October 10, 2021


(CNN) While Donald Trump has held several rallies since the January 6 Capitol insurrection, his rally in Iowa Saturday was the most alarming by far.

At Trump's past post-presidency events, you wouldn't find the state's leading GOP officials attending en masse. In fact, at a rally in Georgia last month, Trump railed against the state's Republican leaders for refusing to assist him in illegally overturning the 2020 election. Trump even told the crowd he'd prefer potential Democratic challenger Stacey Abrams as governor over his fellow Republican who's currently in office, Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp.

Saturday's rally in Iowa, though, was different. This one was attended by longtime Iowa US Sen. Chuck Grassley, Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds, Iowa Reps. Mariannette Miller-Meeks and Ashley Hinson, and other mainstream Republican officials. Some of these very same people, who just nine months ago were slamming Trump for his role in the Capitol riots, were now only too happy to be seen supporting him. This is politics at its worst -- and at its most dangerous for our democracy.


The most hypocritical of the bunch is Sen. Grassley, who on January 6 was escorted by his security detail to a secure location to protect him from the pro-Trump mob that had laid siege on the Capitol. Grassley, who voted to certify the 2020 election, made a veiled reference to Trump in his statement, noting that the lawsuits filed after the election had failed and that "politicians in Washington should not second guess the courts once they have ruled."

In February, however, after Trump's impeachment trial for allegedly inciting the January 6 insurrection (allegations which Trump has denied), Grassley was even more direct with his criticism. He said in a statement that "President Trump continued to argue that the election had been stolen even though the courts didn't back up his claims," and "belittled and harassed elected officials across the country to get his way." Grassley added that Trump "encouraged his own, loyal vice president, Mike Pence, to take extraordinary and unconstitutional actions during the Electoral College count."

Grassley continued bluntly: "There's no doubt in my mind that President Trump's language was extreme, aggressive, and irresponsible," sharing his view that all involved in the attack -- including Trump -- "must take responsibility for their destructive actions that day."

Trump loyalists can't hide this truth

Flash forward to Saturday, and there was Grassley beaming as Trump offered a "complete and total endorsement for re-election" for the 88-year-old Senator. Grassley responded, "If I didn't accept the endorsement of a person that's got 91 percent of the Republican voters in Iowa, I wouldn't be too smart."

To Grassley, it was "smart" to accept the endorsement of the man who spent Saturday's rally spouting the same falsehoods that led to the January 6 violence that caused Grassley to hide in fear. Trump's litany of dangerous election lies at his Iowa rally ranged from irresponsible claims he won Wisconsin "by a lot" in 2020, to lying that the results of the recently released Arizona audit support his false claim that he had actually won that state. He even declared that, "First of all, [Biden] didn't get elected, OK?" The crowd responded to Trump's buffet of lies by chanting, "Trump won! Trump won!"

But Grassley wasn't alone in his duplicity. Also attending the rally was GOP Rep. Ashley Hinson, who had released a statement on January 13 about the Capitol attack, saying, "I believe the President bears responsibility, and that is why I urged him personally to call off those who were violently storming the Capitol last week." Hinson added, "I wish he had spoken up sooner, but he did not."

Yet her view of Trump's role in the January 6 act of domestic terrorism, as the FBI has classified it, did not stop Hinson from attending Saturday's rally. Nor did the fact that, just days earlier, the Senate had released a 400-page report titled "Subverting Justice," about Trump's efforts to utilize the Department of Justice to help him illegally overturn the 2020 election. In fact, none of Iowa's elected GOP officials who attended the rally appeared to be concerned that Trump had asked the Justice Department nine times to undermine the election results in what appears to some to be an attempted coup.

You don't need to be a historian to recognize the danger in a political party showing blind loyalty to one person. These GOP elected officials just several months ago rightly criticized Trump and his role in the false election claims that led to the January 6 attack. With their presence at his rally this weekend, it seems they've now changed their tune.

Perhaps they now agree with Trump's lies. But it's more likely their flip-flop comes from recent polls showing that 91% of Republicans in Iowa view Trump favorably. That, and not wanting to face the wrath of Trump, like Georgia Gov. Kemp, Wyoming Rep. Liz Cheney and other Republicans who have dared to speak truthfully about the election.

But who knows what Trump whim will be the next litmus test for remaining in his good graces? When even Grassley, Iowa's longest-serving US senator, thinks it's "smart" politics to no longer criticize Trump for his un-American attack on our democracy and instead praise him in a pursuit of an eighth term in the Senate, it's clear that the party is no longer defined by policy ideas but by absolute loyalty to Trump and his influence. To put it bluntly, today's GOP is how democracies die.






by DAVID AMELOTTI, KGAN, Sunday, October 10th 2021


DES MOINES, Iowa (KGAN) – Former President Donald Trump spoke to an estimated crowd of 20,000 supporters in Des Moines Saturday evening.

He criticized the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan and wasted no time taking aim at President Joe Biden's administration.

“After nine months under Biden, violent criminals and blood thirsty gangs are taking over our streets, illegal aliens and deadly drug cartels are taking over our borders, inflation is taking over our economy," Trump said.

Trump slammed Democrats' massive $3.5 trillion spending bill, saying it will raise taxes on working families "like never before" and ship jobs out of the U.S.

The former president also continued his false claims that the 2020 election was rigged, despite Republicans, Democrats and his own attorney general confirming there was no widespread fraud.

“Hillary conceded, I never conceded. Never. Never conceded," Trump said.

Trump did have some words of encouragement for Republican lawmakers in Washington.

“Congressional Republicans must stand strong," Trump said. "This is not a time for Republicans to fold, walk away, quick, be afraid. Whatever happens, happens. Don’t worry about getting impeached.”

Trump's speech didn't include comments on a potential run for the White House in 2024, though the former president has strongly hinted publicly that he plans to run without explicitly saying so.

“I think you are going to be happy,” Trump said of 2024 while visiting a police station on Sept. 11. “Let me put it that way.”






Conjecture that former President Donald Trump is seeking back the White House job he held for four years continued to generate news— and fact checks — in Iowa on Saturday night, Oct. 9.


Trump’s latest visit was a Save America Rally that drew thousands of people to the Iowa State Fairgrounds in Des Moines, Iowa, and was run by Trump’s Save America PAC.

We checked some of the Republican former president’s Iowa comments. Many are familiar from previous appearances across the country. But, they bear paying attention to because Iowa has held the nation’s first presidential nominating precinct caucuses and, so far, figures to do so again in 2024.

"Just this week the latest Des Moines Register poll showed that Biden is a record low, 31 percent approval in Iowa … While your all-time favorite president … is at a record high, the highest we’ve ever been." 

Trump has received high marks among Iowa voters, especially Republicans. The most recent Des Moines Register/Mediacom Iowa Poll, reported Oct. 4, showed that 53 percent of Iowans have a favorable view of Trump, while 45 percent have an unfavorable view. The approval numbers are better than he had when president, The Register reported. The poll questioned 805 adults between Sept. 12-15. Its margin of error was plus or minus 3.5 percentage points.

Among Republicans, 91 percent had a favorable view of Trump in the Iowa Poll survey. Another 7 percent viewed him unfavorably, while 2 percent didn’t know, the survey showed. The flipside showed 99 percent of Democrats in Iowa viewing Trump unfavorably, and only 1 percent viewing him favorably. 

Whether it was a mistake or intentional, Trump flubbed the numbers on President Joe Biden’s favorability rating — in the same poll, 37 percent of voters said they had a favorable view of the president, not 31 percent.

Beyond the latest poll, Trump can point to his 2020 electoral performance in Iowa. He won 53 percent of the November vote for president, while Democrat Joe Biden collected 45 percent. Other candidates got the rest.

Few Iowans are ambivalent about Trump. In that latest Iowa Poll, only 2 percent said they were not sure how they feel about him.

But some Republicans in other parts of the United States have been upset by Trump’s rallies. In Perry, Georgia, on Sept. 25, Trump upset members of the Republican establishment by calling Gov. Brian Kemp a disaster and saying he’d prefer Democrat Stacey Abrams, a rising star in her party and a frequent target of derision among Republicans, as governor. 

"They’ve never been so successful as they are now because of what we did," talking about giving billions in subsidies to farmers.

Agriculture income was a mixed bag during the Trump Administration, in large part because of a trade war with China during which the federal government compensated farmers for lost sales. Net farm income – income minus expenses – increased from $75.1 billion to $81.1 billion from 2017 to 2018, went back to $79.1 billion in 2019 and up to $94.6 billion in 2020, U.S. Department of Agriculture data as of Sept. 2, 2021, show. 

That net income was helped by government assistance in 2018 and 2019 to counteract the trade wars and assistance in 2020 for COVID-19 pandemic-related losses. The USDA Economic Research Service reported that federal government assistance to farmers totaled $11.5 billion in 2017 and $13.7 billion in 2018 before jumping to $22.4 billion in 2019 and $45.7 billion in 2020. 

An analysis by The National Foundation for American Policy reported in January 2020 that Trump aid to farmers was exceeding federal spending on several federal government agencies. The nonpartisan research group, which focuses on immigration, international trade and other matters dealing with globalization and the economy, also reported that farm subsidies at that time exceeded how much the federal government spent on building naval ships and maintaining the United States’ nuclear arsenal.

The USDA’s most recent forecast calls for net farm income to increase 19.5% by $18.5 billion from 2020 to $113.0 billion in 2021. 

The Arizona forensic audit of the state’s 2020 presidential election results "showed massive irregularities."

PolitiFact looked into this when Trump previously made the false comment, which the fact-finders ruled to be "Pants on Fire." That report showed that a Republican-led review of the 2020 election totals in crucial Arizona showed Biden with 45,469 more votes than Trump in Maricopa, the state’s largest county. 

Not only was that close to the official results certified in November 2020, Cyber Ninjas, the firm hired to conduct the review, reported that Biden’s margin of victory was 360 votes larger than what the county’s official canvass showed.

Trump claimed that the audit showed "2,500 duplicate ballots," but that claim is misleading. The previous fact check found that duplicate ballots are created when election officials find a ballot has inconsistent signature information and they contact the voter, but only one ballot is actually counted. 

Trump also claimed that "10,324 voters might have voted in multiple counties." This is an exaggeration of what the report says, and Maricopa County officials have said that the report’s criteria were not stringent enough to prove duplicate voting. 

The report said it found 5,047 voters with the same first, middle, last name, and birth date, representing 10,342 votes among all Arizona counties. report from Maricopa County officials, though, said the criteria used to identify voters resulted in false duplicates, and the firm should have used more specific criteria like social security number and driver’s license number.

"We won by a lot" in Wisconsin.

This is false. Biden won in Wisconsin with more than 20,000 more votes than Trump.

While he didn’t get into specifics, Trump made a similar claim about winning Wisconsin in August, which PolitiFact found to be "Pants on Fire." It involves an email exchange in the early morning hours after Election Day from an election consultant to Claire Woodall-Vogg, executive director of the Milwaukee Elections Commission. 

"Damn, Claire, you have a flair for drama, delivering just the margin needed at 3:00 a.m." the consultant wrote. "I bet you had those votes counted at midnight, and just wanted to keep the world waiting!" 

Woodall-Vogg responded about 10 minutes later: "Lol. I just wanted to say I had been awake for a full 24 hours!"

Right-leaning news organizations published the exchange and commentators jumped on it but Woodall-Vogg said the exchange was a joke, but inappropriate. Republican and Democratic observers were at Milwaukee’s absentee ballot-counting center until all results were tallied and no evidence exists showing ballots deliberately were miscounted. Trump’s efforts to impugn the process lost in both a recount requested by Trump and a Wisconsin Supreme Court ruling.

"Illegal aliens and deadly drug cartels are taking over our borders."

This is another topic PolitiFact has researched, as have fact-checkers with other news organizations. Border security drew interest in Iowa before Trump came to the state when Gov. Kim Reynolds joined nine other Republican governors for an Oct. 6 trip to Anzaldaus Park, in Mission, Texas, where the U.S. border with Mexico exists. The governors used the setting to sharply criticize Biden’s handling of border crossings. 

U.S. Customs and Border Protection data show crossings of the Mexican border into the United States are at an all-time high, with 200,599 encounters in July alone and 195,958 in August.  Data for September had not been compiled. That compared with 38,536 the previous July and 50,648 the previous August, the data show.

Austin American-Statesman fact-checkers wrote in March that a surge in immigrants was the result of drastic changes between the immigration policies of Biden’s and Trump’s administrations, but also worsening economic circumstances in countries where the migrants have lived, notably Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador. 

PolitiFact reported in June that a U.S. Customs and Border Protection status memo on border wall construction between 2017 and 2020 showed about 738 miles of barriers were planned, of which 453 miles were completed. About 17 miles of completed wall were in Texas. 

Another 285 miles were either under construction or in the pre-construction phase when Trump left office. President Biden ordered that the work be stopped on his first day in office, although another some 13 miles of wall is being built in a flood control plan that has pro-immigration activists upset, NPR News reported.

Overall, U.S. Border Patrol total apprehensions at all of the nation’s borders totaled 405,036 in fiscal 2020, which ran from Oct. 1, 2019, through Sept. 30, 2020 on the federal calendar. That was a little more than one-half of the 859,501 apprehensions the previous fiscal year but close to those in fiscal 2018 and up from fiscal 2017, U.S. Border Patrol data show.

You have to go back to fiscal 2000 for the peak of almost 1.7 million apprehensions, the data show. The Border Patrol consistently had, with a few exceptions in the 900,000 to 970,000 range, more than 1 million apprehensions in a stretch from fiscal 1983 through fiscal 2006.

On the Oct. 7 Senate Judiciary Committee report on Trump’s efforts to overturn election: "The left’s new obsession is the un-select committee, I call it the un-select committee."

The Judiciary Committee issued two reports on Oct. 7 on the former president’s efforts to overturn the 2020 president election. One was from the majority Democrats and one was from minority Republicans, led by ranking member Sen. Chuck Grassley of Iowa. The two reports were based on the same testimony but had different conclusions. 

The majority report said Trump repeatedly asked leaders of his Department of Justice "to endorse his false claims that the election was stolen and to assist his efforts to overturn the election results." They added that Trump’s Chief of Staff Mark Meadows asked Acting Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen "to initiate election fraud investigations on multiple occasions, violating longstanding restrictions on White House-DOJ communications about specific law enforcement matters."

"Trump allies with links to the ‘Stop the Steal’ movement and the January 6 insurrection participated in the pressure campaign against DOJ," the report also said.

The report said Rosen threatened to resign and that other Justice Department lawyers would, too, if Trump persisted with his pressure and that Trump forced the resignation of a U.S. attorney so that he could appoint someone who would "do something" about his claims of election fraud, the report said.

The minority report didn’t dispute any of the testimony but said Trump followed the Justice Department staff recommendations and did not take actions that an assistant attorney general, Jeffrey Clark, suggested: sending a draft letter to some states with reported voter irregularities and recommending that their legislatures choose different Electoral College electors. Biden won the states in question.

The Republican report also noted that Trump did not fire anyone over these matters. It said the Republicans believe Trump had legitimate complaints and reports of crimes involving the election, and that he was reaching out to the Justice Department to make it aware of those complaints and doing its job of investigating them. He did not, the Republicans said, issue an order to take any actions.

Multiple audits and reviews have shown no evidence of widespread voter fraud, and have confirmed that Biden beat Trump in the election.


ATTACHMENT TWELVE – From Rev transcripts



Donald Trump: (00:13)

Hello, Iowa. Congratulations to the Iowa hawkers. (sic) That was a big win today. I’m thrilled to be back. That was a big win. But I am thrilled to be back especially on such great news as that, that was a big one. You’ve been a great school, a great team, a great tradition, really an amazing job and it all started right here and we’re going to keep it here. Number one, right? We’re going to keep it here. The fairgrounds so they broke the record tonight in the history of the fairgrounds. I don’t know how old it is, but in the history of the fairgrounds, this is the most people they’ve had. So thank you very much.

Donald Trump: (01:00)

And all of you who are hard working American Patriots that we know and we love you all, as we get there tonight, millions of Americans are realizing that Joe Biden and the radical left have brought our nation to the brink of ruin. There’s never been anything like what has happened. After just nine months under Biden, violent criminals and blood thirsty gangs are taking over our streets, illegal aliens and deadly drug cartels are taking over our borders. Inflation is taking over our economy. China is taking over our jobs. The Taliban has taken over Afghanistan. Lunatic leftists are taking over our schools and radical socialists are taking over our country. And we’re not going to let that happen. We’re not going to let that happen. And you can’t say I didn’t warn you, but I also can’t say you didn’t get out because you got out and voted like no sitting president has ever received votes before. The election was rigged. But as disastrous as the Biden administration has been, no one can blame the great State of Iowa because, boy, we did really, we did really good here.

Donald Trump: (02:24)

Iowa, what a place? And by the way, nobody’s ever been better to Iowa and the farmers than Trump. I can tell you that. You know that. You know that. First you rejected Joe Biden by delivering him a humiliating fourth place finish in the Iowa caucuses. You remember that? He came out, he didn’t even stick around, he left. Then you came out in record numbers to give us thundering eight point landslide victory, a big beautiful victory in November. You proved why Iowa should continue to vote first in the nation. That’s right. First in the nation. And Jeff understands that. Right, Jeff? First in the nation, Jeff. And just this week, the latest the Boyne register poll showed that Biden is at a record low 31% approval in Iowa. Who the hell are the 31%? Is there anybody here that voted? Any 31 percenters? While your all time favorite president. This is a negative poll for Trump. I mean, they don’t like me too much but we can’t complain, I guess. Is that a record high we’re right now at a highest we’ve ever been, 53% approval. Which for radical left newspaper is not bad, right? You saw some of those polls. Texas is in play. We won by a lot. Florida is in play. We won by a lot. Ohio is in play. We won by a lot. He’s down 17 points in the state of Wisconsin and actually we won by a lot. Twice.

Donald Trump: (04:26)

Remember last time they had us down 19 points in Wisconsin and we won. I said, why is that? Why do they do that? Because they want to keep people from going and voting. It’s called suppression. They’re suppression polls, they should be illegal, but basically it’s the fake news. “Oh, you have a lot of people there.” Fake news. It’s the fake news. As we speak, Joe Biden and the radical left Democrats in Congress are trying to ramp through a $5 trillion world spending bills that cost more than the entire sum the United States has spent two on any war in the history of our country. Not only is this the largest spending bill of all time and the largest tax hike of all time, this monstrosity is so dangerous for our country and so bad for children and grandchildren to come. This monstrosity is a bill to end America as we know it. It’s so bad. And the Republicans have to stay strong. You have to stay strong. You have to fight. Bring our country back.

Donald Trump: (05:37)

It’s a socialist transformation bill. It’s an open borders bill. It’s an American energy destruction bill. First time ever we had energy independence ever. Now they’re calling OPEC, Russia and other countries, “Please send us some oil, will you please?” We were finished with that. We had more by far. When I left office, we had more energy, we had more coming in, we had more oil and gas than Saudi Arabia by far, than Russia by far and now what calling them asking if they’d help out. In Alaska they killed Anwar. They’ve been trying to get it since Ronald Reagan couldn’t get it. Couldn’t get it. And I got it. [inaudible 00:06:24].

Donald Trump: (06:27)

For many, many years, for decades, and now perhaps the biggest drilling site anywhere in the world as big as Saudi Arabia, now you know what they did? They terminated it. Lisa Murkowski Republican did a really bad job for the state of Alaska. That I can tell you. It’s an illegal race-based discrimination bill. It’s a corrupt elections bill. Oh, wait till you look at what they have about your elections like the elections aren’t bad enough and corrupt enough. It’s a bankrupt Medicare bill. It’s a bankrupt social security bill. They’ll bankrupt both of them. And it’s a naked power grab by the likes of Biden and Pelosi and Kamala Harris. Hasn’t she done a great job with the border?

Donald Trump: (07:14)

And Bernie Sanders is in there too. And Omar. How about Omar? Omar. Omar is in there too. She doesn’t like Israel too much. Does she, huh? Didn’t she marry her brother, right? She came in she married her brother just nice. And they don’t do anything about it. They don’t do anything about it. With us they do everything, right? Oh, they do everything. Congressional Republicans must stand strong. This is not a time for Republicans to fall, to walk away, to quit, to be afraid. Whatever happens happens. They have to be strong. Don’t worry about being impeached. Don’t worry about anything. You’re worried one of them was so worried he was going to be impeached. He let everything happen. It was so sad to watch. I watched it. It was really pretty sad. But they just don’t seem to have the spine, some of them.

Donald Trump: (08:18)

Thank you. That was a great word. That’s the word I was looking for. You need spine. Here are just some of the ugly surprises hidden in the Democrats socialists calamity. According to the nonpartisan joint committee on taxation, the Biden spending bill will raise taxes on working families like never ever before. The Biden plan would make the United States business tax rate dramatically higher and bring it back to one of the highest in the world and actually substantially higher than a place called communist China. Have you ever heard of it? In fact, taking into account all taxes under Biden’s plan, the Democrat bill would give businesses an approximately 100% tax advantages to locate jobs in China rather than the United States. Think of it.

Donald Trump: (09:21)

We’re incentivizing people to go to China but not here. Gee, I wonder why. The Biden plan will build up China and the Republican party we want to build up America. Very simple. Biden socialists bill also includes mass amnesty and free college. Don’t get excited for illegal aliens. Not for you, but for illegal aliens. It includes a blow out increase in chain migration and it eliminates caps on green cards for foreign workers. Lots of luck. By the way, we have created more jobs than ever before. We have, we have 12 months ago, we had 160 million people working in this country. The highest number by far. African-American, Asian-American, Hispanic-American, women, men, graduates of the top colleges and universities, non-graduates, people that didn’t have a high school education, never got a diploma, every single group had the highest numbers they’ve ever had. Hundreds of thousands of people are right now pouring into the United States from Haiti. The people coming into our country are uneducated. In many cases, don’t speak the language. They don’t have the skills that we need to make America great again. Have you ever heard that expression? And they’ve been for many, many years, sadly they’ve been unemployed. The Democrat bill will also admit every foreign national previously denied under my national security travel ban. Remember I had the travel ban? Everyone said, “Oh, what a horrible thing.” I said, “No, we really don’t want people in our country who are going to blow up our cities, if you don’t mind.” We don’t want. We don’t want fifth avenue blown up. They’re having enough time with crime on fifth avenue right now and Chicago and lots of other places. We won in the United States Supreme court for the travel ban, bringing in countless unscreened travelers from all over terror afflicted countries and they weren’t allowed to come in. We said we don’t, I’m sorry, we want to be politically correct. We want to be nice. I’m sorry. We don’t want people that want to hurt our people, that want to hurt our country. I think that’s okay. It will include funding for unlimited numbers of unvetted African nationals to be brought to America and given free welfare and government benefits courtesy of you, the people of Iowa and the American taxpayer. Congratulations. I’m sure you’re thrilled about it. As you have to struggle. And only 3% of the people they crammed into those planes, remember they said, ” Oh, the airlift was… Oh, that was scrape.” They had no idea who was getting on those planes. We still don’t have any idea. Only 3% were qualified to be taken to a place called the United States of America. Isn’t that something? 3%. You’re going to be hearing from those people over the coming years in a very bad way, right? The Democrat package includes a plan to demolish the US energy industry which has largely been done in a period of nine months, starting with a $630 billion down payment on the socialist green new deal, which is throwing money out the window at the expense of future generations of Americans. The green new deal conceived and made up at about 15 minutes by some radicals sitting around in a room that know nothing about the environment.

Donald Trump: (13:27)

Their bill includes giant new taxes and fees and American oil. And especially on American gas production that will kill capitalists oil and gas jobs, devastating workers in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Texas, Oklahoma, North Dakota, and many, many other states. Gas prices and inflation have already skyrocket. I saw the other day inflations are highest in 24 years. Think of it. But it’s going to go up and much more. Get ready. The Democrat bill imposes a new energy tax on methane which is projected to increase your energy costs by hundreds of dollars per year, percentages that nobody even knows what to say. Up 50, 60, 70, and 80% quickly. The bill abolishes the Hyde Amendment forcing taxpayers to fund the far left extreme abortion agenda, ripping babies from their mother’s womb right up until the moment of birth. And in fact killing babies even after birth. You saw that in Virginia with the governor of Virginia after birth. In the Republican party we believe that every child is a sacred gift from God.

Donald Trump: (14:55)

The Democrat socialist bill also includes a $1.3 billion payoff to the fake news industry, these people, but we’re giving them money. They don’t deserve it. By subsidizing and hiring of reporters at media outlets all across the country, meaning, liberal media outlets. Can you imagine on top of everything else, billions of dollars is being spent to take care of these people that don’t report truth. They don’t report truth. They’re all going out, right now they’re going to buy a new car. Nice one too. Meanwhile, the media says nothing about Biden’s handling of COVID despite all of the vaccines that we came up with, therapeutics that we came up, and knowledge that we gave Biden’s come up with this horrible period of time. He hasn’t done the job because now we have more people that have died of COVID in 2021 with the vaccines, with the therapeutics, more people died in 2021 than in all of 2020. But the media is silent. They don’t talk about that. They hate to talk about that. Can you imagine if I were president and had these numbers and some people thought, first of all, he didn’t get elected. Okay. Forget that. But some people said, “Oh sir, it was COVID.”

Donald Trump: (16:34)

Incredible. They’re allowed to say that about me. They called it illegitimate, they called it everything in the book, it was fine when I say it. Now here’s the difference, Hillary conceded. I never conceded. Never. Never conceded. No reason to concede. When you look at the numbers of these swing states, and we’re going to go over them real quickly in a little while, but when you hear these numbers of swing states, there was no reason to concede. They shouldn’t have conceded. They did the honest thing, attacking our country. Even though the numbers are greater, they don’t have the death watch in the right hand corner. Remember on CNN fake news which is down 80% in ratings.

Donald Trump: (17:24)

Remember that death watch. Death watch. And the [inaudible 00:17:33], we don’t have that anymore, but they’re losing more people. Okay? What’s going on? That doesn’t sound so good. That’s because it’s fake news. They are the enemy of the people. The Democrat bill contains billions and billions of dollars for unlawful government training programs inspired by toxic and bigoted and critical race theory. It’s crammed with so-called equity provisions. Equity. You know what equity means? We’re going to take it away from you and give it to other people. I don’t think they’re going to take it away from too many of you. I have a feeling. I don’t think they’re going to take it away from you. But it’s a code word for illegal government discrimination that they want to bring to everything from education, to housing, to healthcare, to our military.

Donald Trump: (18:26)

They’re also giving the IRS the power to destroy people, just like they tried to do with the Tea Party, Christian organizations. And just like they’ve always been trying to do to me, yeah, you see that. We fight like hell. We all fight like hell. This bill is a sinister combination of job, killing tax hikes and walk fascism that will destroy our nation. And to think that we had 11 Republicans go along with an extension, headed up by Mitch McConnell. Can you believe that? Mitch McConnell. 11… And you know what it does? It gives the Democrats more time, two months. It gives them more time to figure it out. They can now have two more months to figure out how to screw us. That’s what they did. They approved it. And they should be ashamed of themselves.

Donald Trump: (19:27)

The radical Democrats will lower the final price tag to try to fool the public. They’ll come in and, “Oh, we don’t want the five.” Because it’s truly five, it’s not three and a half. Also, it’s not an infrastructure bill. It’s 9% infrastructure. The rest is a green new deal garbage that you might as well just throw it out, put it in the wastepaper basket. But think of it, trillions and trillions and trillions of dollars more than anybody’s ever even conceived of. Most of it for junk programs that will only hurt our country.

Donald Trump: (20:02)

But the bottom line will always be a socialist transformation of America if they allow this to happen. So when they talk about the debt ceiling, we have a very powerful card there. We don’t want to violate that, but that’s more important than what they’re going to do by passing this thing that’s going to kill our nation. All Americans have common sense. Republican, Democrat and independent must stand firm. And you have to really stand strong and firm against Biden, crazy Nancy Pelosi, she’s a nut job, and the extreme power grab.

Donald Trump: (20:45)

And we must declare with one united voice that we cannot allow America to ever become a socialist country. That’s what they’re doing. And I really think it’s a step beyond, I think this is going to be a communist country. We’re not letting it happen. But these people, the media who don’t cover anything they do that’s wrong, anything they do that’s okay they make it like it’s the greatest thing that ever happened, and anything we do that’s right they make it sound bad, evil and corrupt. They are sick people and they’re really hurting our country. Practically every single Democrat lawmaker, the house and Senate has endorsed this deranged legislation, and that’s why every single one of them has to be voted out of office next November. Next November, it’s coming up quick. Time flies, right? Time flies.

Donald Trump: (21:41)

Remember the election we said, “Oh boy, it will never end. It’s just it.” But let’s say, in November we have an election already. I mean, think of it. It’s a year from now we’re having an election so quickly it flies. The four years really flew. I did a couple of things. I said, I have two things. Number one is to protect and save our country. And the other thing was to survive against these maniacs. We must send the radical left a message. They will never, ever forget. And we must do it by electing record numbers of America first Republicans. And we have a lot of great ones.

Donald Trump: (22:22)

We have so many great ones. The Democrats multi-trillion dollar spending spree is also going to trigger runaway inflation. And last month we saw yet another dismal jobs report came out yesterday. Did you see those numbers? They were disaster. In fact, even the radical left newscast is oh, I think we’re looking at six or 700,000. What are you thinking about? I like 700,000. I think it’s 800,000. How about like really less than 200,000. They’re saying like, “Whoa, this has been.” And 10 minutes later, “Well, it’s not that bad actually, it’s pretty good.” These people are so corrupt. The media, look, I don’t need to do this. But the media is corrupt. And you know what? When I started, I’m so proud of this. Two things I proved. Number one, the elections are totally corrupt in our country. They have been for a long time. But never like they were this last time. They used COVID in order to cheat and rig.

Donald Trump: (23:21)

And the other thing is how dishonest the media was because they were at 96% approval rating before I came along, and now they’re like in what? The 20s. They’re actually, I think lower than Congress. Is that possible?

Audience: (23:38)


Donald Trump: (23:38)

We’re going to witness a deadly combination of no growth and inflation, or what is known as stagflation. You remember stagflation from the years of Jimmy Carter. That’s very good. Well, let me show what you, oh. She’s a historian. Jimmy Carter, stagflation, they were not good years. I was in business. I was saying, “This isn’t good.” It was a bad time for our country, but this will be far worse because the numbers are far bigger. Under my administration we had the exact opposite. We had low inflation, surging growth, and the greatest jobs presidency in the history of our country. And I say that [inaudible 00:24:27].

Audience: (24:26)


Donald Trump: (24:52)

I keep looking at these big, beautiful screens who else is going to give you a big screen like that? By the way, we have great generals but not the television guys. These guys are major losers. But do you think that general George Patton would have left early out of Afghanistan? Do you think he would have left dead soldiers for no reason whatsoever? And do you think he would have left $85 billion worth of the best equipment anywhere in the world? And you know Russia and China, they already have samples of our great helicopters. We have the Apache helicopter. We have the best stuff in the world, and they are now re-engineering the equipment, they’re de engineering, they’re taking it apart, they’re figuring it out and very soon they’ll be building the best stuff for less money. It’s a disgrace. What’s happened is a disgrace. Think of it. 600,000 of the best machine guns, rifles, and guns made anywhere in the world. And I read the other day, these tremendous numbers-

Donald Trump: (26:03)

And I read the other day, there’s tremendous numbers of our equipment right now, being sold on the black market. Isn’t that nice? General George Patton … I saw that movie years ago. And a little while ago, we were at a rally, and it was a great rally. And I said, “Could you guys ever find that opening to George Patton?” Right? What a great thing that was. George C. Scott, George C. Scott. I don’t know. Did he win the Academy Award? Did the movie? I think so. Something like that. They did pretty well. Right? But that was him. In fact, they actually said that wasn’t nearly as tough as the real Patton. That was a softer version of the real Patton, but we need that. We did great. We knocked out a 100% of the ISIS caliphate.

Donald Trump: (26:50)

We had great generals. We had a general named Cain. I went to Iraq. I don’t want to embarrass him, because he’s not a television general. I’ll end up ruining him. He’ll probably come out with a bad statement about me, because he was told to. But we had a general. I flew in, and I landed at night. Every window was dark, because they thought it would be … This is on Air Force One. I said, “Isn’t that terrible?” The lights were all off. They pulled down the shades. The plane was entirely black. They couldn’t see it. And I said, “Isn’t that incredible? We’ve spent trillions of dollars in the Middle East, and we can’t even land Air Force One with the lights on.” But I landed. And it was an incredible experience. I got to meet a lot of great real people, real soldiers, real generals, real officers. We have great generals.

Donald Trump: (27:40)

And I said to them … They greeted me at the airplane, immediately whisked me inside. I’m saying, “You mean with all the money we spent … ” But I met two generals that could star in any movie. They had that quality. And the sergeant, who was unbelievable, could have been a movie star. I said, “You’re a good looking guy. You’re a tough guy.” “Yes, sir.” But I met general … I said, “General Cain, what’s your first name?” “Raisin, sir. Raisin.” I said, “You mean like a raisin?” “Yes, sir.” I said, “You mean, your name is general Raisin Cain? I love you, general. You’re what I’m looking for. I’m looking for that.” And I said, “So, general, they say it’s going to take two years, general, to get rid of the ISIS caliphate in Iraq, Syria. And do you agree with that?” “No, sir.” I said, “You don’t? Well, my Washington television general said two years, and they said we won’t be able to do it in the … ” “I disagree, sir.”

Donald Trump: (28:46)

I said, “How long will it take?” “Sir, we can do it in four weeks. Maybe less, sir.” I said, “Wait a minute, general, explain this to me.” “Well, sir, they would come here and there of a higher rank.” I said, “Did you ever tell them what you have in mind?” “No, sir. That wasn’t my job. I’m a general. I was at a lower rank. They tell me, sir. They didn’t ask. I’m not supposed to do that, sir. I’d like to, and I wanted to, but I couldn’t.”

Donald Trump: (29:14)

I said, “So you did a plan that they didn’t want. Right? That’s what you want to do now.” He said, “Yes, sir. It’s very easy.” I said, “When you say four weeks,” Said, “Yes, sir, four weeks. And you know what? We’re going to have time left over, sir.” I said, “So what’s different? They say two years, and you won’t do it. You say four weeks, and you’re going to have time left over. What’s the difference?” “Sir, we’d hit them from five different locations. We’ll hit him from the left. We’ll hit him from the right. We’ll hit him down the middle. We’ll be launching from Syria, from Iraq and from all over. Sir, they only wanted us to fly from this big air force base that we have right here, from our big base. And we’re very far away, and it’s one location. Sir, we have many locations and we’ll hit them from every damn one of those locations.”

Donald Trump: (30:08)

And you know what? I said, “Well, let me give that a little thought, general.” I went back, and I listened to the other ones. And I said, “They’re not good.” One of them, Milley, actually told me that when we leave, he … I know where this came from. He went to Biden. I know exactly where this came from, because he told me the same thing, Milley, a real genius. I put the Patton thing up. Compare that to Milley. But he said to me the same thing as they did, “Sir, it’s cheaper to leave the equipment than it is to take it.” I said, “Now wait a minute,” and especially being in the construction business, right? I said, “So you mean we have a $50 million plane?” All it needs is a tank of gas and a pilot.

Donald Trump: (30:52)

We could have flown over 200 pilots, taken everything out. But we didn’t have to worry, because the Taliban listened to me. We didn’t have one soldier killed, think of it, in 18 months. I spoke to Abdul. Abdul is the man running the Taliban right now. They left us alone. And it would’ve been fine, but what happened is we took all our soldiers out. And I told this one time before to our great group of people, very much like you, from a slightly different state. Remember, Biden went to say, “It’s great to be in Idaho.” They said, “Sir, you’re in Iowa.” Do you remember that? ” It’s wonderful to be in New Hampshire.” “Sir. You’re in Florida.” So we should have known.

Donald Trump: (31:36)

But I know exactly what happened. Milley went up to him, just like he did to me. But it was unacceptable. With me, “I said, I want every nut. I want every bolt. I want every screw. I want every plane and tank. I want the Apaches. I want everything out. And I even want the hangers.” Those beautiful canvas hangers that hold these big monster planes. They’re massive. I said, “I want the hangers. I want the canvas. I want the plastic. I want the fiberglass. And I want the steel. I want everything out. And then we’re going to bomb the hell out of the five or so bases that we don’t want.”

Donald Trump: (32:12)

And with Bagram, I hate to say it, but we’re going to keep. We’re going to stay there. It’s right next to China. Nice to have a base like that. It’s got the longest runway there is. The concrete pad is so thick. I couldn’t [inaudible 00:32:26] in construction. I figured maybe six inches. How about six-feet? Six-feet thick. And we left it. They spent supposedly $10 billion, building. And we left it in one night, and we left all the equipment. And don’t believe them when they say they disabled the equipment. They didn’t. You see a couple of helicopters. They didn’t disable. They got killed for leaving the equipment. And so they disabled a couple of little old helicopters. That equipment is brand new, right out of a box, including the night goggles, which are better than the goggles we have. They’re later models. And including all of the rifles, machine guns and guns, they’re the latest model, the latest and the greatest.

Donald Trump: (33:03)

So our enemy of many years has all of that. And it’s a shame. It’s a shame to see what’s happened to our country. It’s a shame, but the general was great. So he called me up. I said, “General, give it to me one more time.” “Four weeks, sir.” I said, “General, go ahead.” “Thank you, sir, very much.” Now he doesn’t give a shit about television. He’s a general. Generals aren’t supposed to care about them. Remember this, just to go back for a second. So when Milley told me that, I said, “What are you a nut job? Are you stupid?” That’s when I realized … That was one of the many times I realized he was stupid. Such a phony story they concocted, but one of the many times. But you know what I realized? He went in to Biden and said the same thing. “Sir, it’s cheaper to leave the equipment than it is to take it.” You’ll have a $5 million army tank. You’ll have a $30 million helicopter, brand new. Think of this. Even if you just flew it into Pakistan, it’s a very short flight. And then you took your time and taken it. We should have taken everything. Most importantly, we should have never lost 13 warriors. And nobody talks about this, and we should talk about it every time, every time.

Donald Trump: (34:22)

We also have numerous young people who have lost a leg, lost an arm, in one case, lost two legs and an arm. And nobody talks. We talk about the 13, and we love those 13. And they’re looking down on us right now. And they’re proud of us, because we what we’re doing. But we had some terribly wounded people. And overall, they lost approximately 250 people. That’s a terrible thing. Should’ve never happened. Should have never happened in that location. Should have happened in Bagram, where you have a big, big wall actually, a wall. You’re not allowed to say wall. They don’t like walls. The Democrats don’t want to build a wall. It was almost completed. I had to start it two-and-a-half years later for one reason, I had to fight off all the lawsuits where they were suing me. And it was just about finished. They would’ve finished the wall.

Donald Trump: (35:14)

But what happened with the general, Raisin Cain, is called me up, said, “Sir, it’s done.” I said, “Done?” “It’s done, sir. And we defeated 100% of the ISIS caliphate in record time. Sir, we hit them so hard. They didn’t know what the hell was happening, sir.” We defeated … We do. We have great generals. We have great soldiers and sailors and everything. I’m so proud of it and so proud of Space Force. Remember, they didn’t like Space Force.

Donald Trump: (35:49)

Space Force going to be one of our most important. We totally rebuilt the military, but we did this. And that was much tougher than withdrawing from Afghanistan, which we wanted to do, we wanted to do. And by the way, speaking of Pakistan, Pakistan would’ve helped us, but we didn’t ask them for the help. We give billions and billions of dollars a year to Pakistan, and they don’t do anything for us. They don’t do anything. They would’ve helped if we did it the right way, so that’s what happened. But we defeated 100% of the ISIS caliphate. Think of that. And we knocked out Soleimani, and we knocked al-Baghdadi.

Donald Trump: (36:37)

They didn’t know what the hell happened. And I’ll tell you what, our country was respected again. This would’ve never happened, taking the military out first. And I told this, I said, “Look, Abdul, Abdul, the American soldiers have left.” And he said … I’m doing this like [Schiff 00:37:02] did to me, with a phone call that he made up. Right? But mine is probably totally true. And Abdul, the leader of the Taliban, good fighters, by the way, he said, “You’re crazy. They didn’t leave. Are you crazy? Get him out of here. He’s crazy.” “Sir, they left.” “No, they didn’t.” “They left, sir.” And then they sent a patrol in, call back. They said, “Sir, the Americans have left.” He said, “I don’t believe it.” And then they just walked into Kabul, and they walked into the remaining portions of Afghanistan. They didn’t do that with me.

Donald Trump: (37:38)

They didn’t do that with me. They respected us. Remember this. Again, we had conditions. They weren’t meeting them, we’d hit them hard. They would’ve met every one of those conditions. But remember the first condition was you can’t kill Americans, and you can’t shoot, kill American soldiers. Not one soldier was killed in 18 months. Not one. Think of that. And remember when Biden was making the speech about three weeks ago, and it was a disaster for him, and he was in the middle of a disaster, but he’s protected by the press. They don’t even talk about Afghanistan anymore. They don’t even talk about it. But you remember when he was making this speech, he said, “Well, I will say that in 18 months, we’ve lost no soldiers.” And his people are screaming at him, “Don’t. Stop there. Why did you bring that up? That’s a good thing for Trump.”

Donald Trump: (38:28)

I kept waiting for the, but. There was no, but. We lost no soldiers for 18 months, because Abdul knew that we were going to hit them harder than any country has ever been hit before. Okay. It’s very simple. And he understood that. He understood that. No, it’s a very sad thing that happened. I think to me, Afghanistan is the most embarrassing event in the history of our country. I do think that, and I think that meaning the withdrawal. We went in there, we didn’t fight like we should have. We became a police force instead of the military, as we know it. And just, they didn’t fight. But you know what? They should have. They did what they did, but to leave in disgrace, instead of leaving the way they should have left.

Donald Trump: (39:14)

When I left office, we handed Biden the most secure border in United States history. And that includes from drugs, not just people. We ended catch-and-release. We shut down asylum fraud. We struck historic agreements with Mexico and Central American nations to stop illegal immigration. And we built almost 500 miles of powerful border wall, which really helped us. And I want to thank the president of Mexico, great guy. I said, “You have to put your soldiers until we build the wall. You got to put your soldiers. How many do you need? 28,000.” It’s a long wall. That’s a long border. And he did it. He gave us 28,000 soldiers. And that’s why we did things that nobody else could do.

Donald Trump: (40:04)

Now, in all fairness, he did it for a reason. I said, “If you don’t do it, we’re going to put a 25% tariff on all the cars that you make and sell it back into the … ” And they said, “Yes, we’d love to do it. It would be our honor.” Whatever it is, it worked.

Donald Trump: (40:20)

And we have a great relationship with him and with Mexico, and it worked out great. And then these people came, and they tore down everything. Remain in Mexico, gone. All of it’s gone. And people are destroying our country. We tracked down the gang members, the drug smugglers and the dangerous criminal aliens. And we threw them in jail, or we threw them the hell out of our country. Ideally, we wanted to get them out. But some were so dangerous, we put them in jail. Yet Biden has systematically reversed every border security policy that we had in place. Oh, they were so good.

Donald Trump: (40:52)

I say, and I mean it, if Biden, would’ve just gone to the beach, just take it easy, enjoy the surf, you’d have a great border today, because it was getting better and better and better. And you hear all the border patrol people, even people that worked for him, they’re saying we should have left it. They didn’t have to do anything. It was so good. Best we’ve ever had. And people could come in, but they have to come in legally.

Donald Trump: (41:16)

Just days ago, even amid the worst border crisis in history, the Biden administration issued an order, effectively abolishing ICE. These are great patriots. These are tough people. They would go into these gangs of MS-13, the toughest gangs in the world, they say, and they’d go in there and the fist would start … I’d say these people. And I can tell you, I have some tough people in front of me. Some of them are even tough farmers. I don’t even think you people want to do what they do. And they loved it. They wouldn’t want any other job. And they’re great patriots. They love our country, but they were tough, to get rid of MS-13 and some of the worst people that you’ve ever seen.

Donald Trump: (41:57)

I mean, typically when you have tattoos on your face, it’s not a positive event. It’s not positive. When you have a tattoo on your face saying, “We hate America.” And we say, “We’d love to have you.” It’s great. It’s not going to work out well. But when you look at what they’ve done, ICE has been so incredible. And they’ve basically taken away their power and their prestige, but they will be around because nobody can do the job that they did. And that goes for the border patrol and our police department and law enforcement.

Donald Trump: (42:27)

Our police departments are incredible and law enforcement, incredible. I met a lot of them backstage. You have them here, incredible police. And with the Republicans, there’ll be no defunding of the police. I can tell you that. There’ll be no defunding. That’s not working out too well. You see in Minnesota, Minneapolis there, they’re not doing too well. They defunded the police and they cut it. And it’s a disaster. Crime is through the roof, but it is in other places. New York is through the roof. You have district attorneys. They’re looking at Republicans. They’re not looking at people that shoot people every day. It’s a crazy …

Donald Trump: (43:08)

What’s happening is so bad for this country, so dangerous for this country. People want other people to stop shooting and knifing people to death in broad daylight. Did you see the case in Chicago? Gets out of the car, starts shooting somebody, and they just said, “We’re not going to press charges.” And he’s right on tape and right on camera. No, it’s a terrible thing that’s happening. It’s sick. Actually, it’s sick. And it’s only going to lead to the destruction of our country. And other bad things can happen, because I don’t think a lot of people are going to take it for much longer. I’ll be honest. I don’t think they’re going to take it.

Donald Trump: (43:44)

Other countries are emptying their prisons and sending their murderers and drug smugglers and child abusers into the United States. We are becoming a dumping ground. We are a dumping ground for very, very serious criminals. And Joe, you know that. You know, I used to say, it’s in Guatemala and Honduras and El Salvador, but it’s not. It’s in many, many countries, many, many, including Middle Eastern countries. They’re taking them out of prison. These are seriously tough people, evil people in many cases. And they’re dumping them in the … We’re becoming a dumping ground. Never before has a president shown such contempt for oath of office. He’s supposed to be protecting our country, not destroying our country.

Donald Trump: (44:33)

Joe Biden has launched a foreign invasion of his own country. Come on in. He said, “Come in.” This is a sick thing that’s happening to our country. Not even explainable. I used to say it was incompetence, but it is that. But you know what it really is? I don’t know. It’s almost like evil. They want this to happen, because they’re paying $6 million a day to contractors to not finish the wall, which could be finished very rapidly. They’re paying millions of dollars a day to contractors. And do I know tractors. They’re making a fortune. They’re making more money now than they would ever make if they built it. But they’re paying millions and millions of dollars a day, a week, a month to these contractors not to build the wall. And you wonder, is that incompetence, or is that just a bad ideology? You know? It’s probably a lot of both.

Donald Trump: (45:32)

Biden had the gall to attack our brave border agents in the midst of this nightmarish disaster. And remember the horses, these guys with the horses, to keep illegal immigrants out of our country, or to keep them at bay. And now they’re fighting for their lives, those people. And it wasn’t a whip by the way. They didn’t have whips. They didn’t have whips. What a sad thing is going on.

Donald Trump: (45:59)

In the Republican party, we will always stand with law enforcement and our great heroes of law enforcement. And we will keep America safe. All of these calamities are the direct, predictable and disastrous consequence of a totally corrupt election. It’s all because of the corrupt election. They rigged the election. And now based on the rigged election, they’re destroying our country. That’s not a mandate. That’s a destruction of our country. Remember this, it’s not about me being robbed of an election. This is about the American people, having their country taken away from them. That’s what it’s really about.

Donald Trump: (46:47)

Just recently, we got the results of the Arizona forensic audit, but the papers refused to report it the way it was, which showed massive irregularities, to put it nicely. That’s a nice word. A few in the findings, 23,344 mail-in ballots came from people who no longer lived at that address. Oh, that’s wonderful. The entire margin in the state, remember, or as they say, lost. We didn’t lose. But the number they concocted was 10,457. That’s what I lost by 10,000 votes. A little more than 10,000. There was no chain of custody, which you have to have provided for. Listen to this, no chain of custody for 1.9 million mail-in ballots. Now think of that. We need 10,000. There’s no chain of custody for 1.9 million. There were 2,500 duplicated ballots with no serial numbers. Oh, they have to have a serial number. What happened to the serial number?

Donald Trump: (47:55)

There was also missing serial numbers on thousands and thousands of adjudicated ballots. At least 1,900 blank mail-in ballot envelopes were discovered. Well, it’s not supposed to be blank. There were numerous bad signatures or mail-in ballot envelopes that should not have been counted. These are all things that they have. 2,081 votes were cast by people who had moved out of the state. Oh, that’s wonderful. But we’re talking about Arizona. You’re supposed to live in Arizona. 10, 324 voters might have voted in multiple counties. Oh, well, that’s okay. I vote here. Let’s vote in another county, maybe two or three or four. 284,412 ballot images were quote, corrupt, they quoted, corrupt or missing. Oh, but I only lost by a little more than 10,000 votes. In addition, the auditors discovered that millions of the election related files, the files were deleted during and after the election, in violation of federal law, including a purge of the election management system software the day before the audit began. Oh, I see.

Donald Trump: (49:17)

And the Justice Department was scared or impotent. They didn’t want to do anything about it. It’s been going on for years, but never like this. Again, they used COVID in order to cheat, with all of these ballots and all of this early voting and late voting. Likewise, the Supreme Court refused to hear the case by Texas and almost 20 other states. And now their approval rating is the lowest it’s been in memory. They have the lowest approval rating in memory. And I believe it’s for the reason that they refused or didn’t have the courage. They rule against me all the time, all the time, very personal rulings. They didn’t have the courage to do something about the election. And I believe that’s the real reason their ratings or their approval numbers are so low.

Donald Trump: (50:09)

These horrific findings are now in the hands of the Arizona attorney general. And let’s hope that he does the right thing for our country. I don’t know that he will, I don’t know that he will, but let’s hope he does. Our country needs it, Arizona needs it. And with all of those numbers being so horrible-

Audience: (50:29)

Trump won, Trump won, Trump won, Trump won, Trump won.

Donald Trump: (50:36)

We did.

Audience: (50:36)

Trump won, Trump won, Trump won, Trump won.

Donald Trump: (50:36)

We did.

Audience: (50:36)

Trump won, Trump won, Trump won, Trump won.

Donald Trump: (50:48)

Thank you. Very, very sad for our country. The whole world laughs at us on this too, this, the border, Afghanistan. But with all of those numbers being so horrible, Arizona was in my opinion, the least corrupt of the other swing states. I think it was the least corrupt. It was so corrupt. They used the word “determinative”. That means are there enough votes? Like for instance, if you had 300 dead people voting, but you needed 10,000 votes, I wouldn’t even talk about that. But we have a determinative result many, many times over, so many times over, otherwise I wouldn’t bring it up. It was recently reported that 43,000 absentee ballot votes were counted in DeKalb County, Georgia, that violated the chain of custody rules, 43,000. Georgia was decided by only 11,779 votes. In other words, I needed 11,779 votes, and they have 40,000 here and 20,000 here. There were many other infractions in Georgia, but the Secretary of State, Raffensperger, and the governor of …

Donald Trump: (52:03)

Secretary of State, Raffensperger, and the Governor of Georgia, Brian Kemp, who I got elected by giving him an endorsement. Thank you very much for that recommendation to endorse this guy, absolutely refused to do anything about it. He hurt our Party and he hurt our country very badly. Kemp was in last place when I endorsed him, and he ended up winning because of my endorsement in a landslide. He’s afraid of Stacey Abrams. I don’t know what the hell that she’s got, but he and the Republicans, but he is afraid of Stacey Abrams and refuses to take on the corrupt Democrats in the State of Georgia, just refuses. I know, it’s fraught with danger. It’s fraught with danger, but you have to do it. It’s for the country.

Donald Trump: (52:53)

But think of this. I win Alabama. I love Alabama. I win Alabama by a record vote, a record. I win South Carolina by a record vote, but right next to them is Georgia and I lose by that much, it doesn’t work that way. A new investigation by True the Vote alleges a gigantic illegal ballot harvesting operation, involving large numbers of people throughout the State of Georgia and many other places.

Donald Trump: (53:24)

Why aren’t they investigating the stuff? They are not investigating it. Jody Hice will end up taking over that job and he’ll investigate. Congressman Jody Hice gave up his absolutely guaranteed seat because he saw what was happening, how corrupt it is in Georgia. Also in Georgia, everybody’s heard the water main break story, right? Where people were rushed out of the Vote Tabulation Room because of a water main break.

Donald Trump: (53:51)

“There’s a water main break, everybody leave.” They all ran out, but there was no water main break. Only to see a crew of Democrat operatives, or whoever, come back and start pouring votes into machines from boxes that mysteriously appeared from under a table, from under a table.

Donald Trump: (54:14)

And the Governor found nothing wrong with that, and the Justice Department found nothing wrong with that. And it’s on tape, and it’s like baseball now and football. They do action replays in magnified [inaudible 00:54:27]. They have a fashionable, magnified tape and you can see just about everything. It’s a sad thing. I think they have cases where they had the same one, three times, four times, five times, but that was all a fake story. There was no water main break.

Donald Trump: (54:46)

And then they actually said, “No, the water main break took place 250 miles away,” somebody said. I don’t know if that’s correct or not, but they were looking all over the place for a water main, that didn’t work out too well. So Georgia is very, very sad, and the law they pass isn’t tough enough, by the way. They weakened it because Stacy Abrams wanted it weakened. She wanted it weakened and they do whatever she says. Pretty amazing. I don’t know. Hey, maybe she’ll be running for President, I’d like that. Let’s run against Stacey Abrams, I’d like that.

Donald Trump: (55:18)

In Pennsylvania, they were reportedly hundreds of thousands of more votes than there were voters, oh, I see. Philadelphia, more votes than voters. That’s a tough one to explain. Why didn’t they do something about that? Hopefully the people of Pennsylvania are angry that this can be allowed to happen, and will not allow the Republican majority to be re-elected if they don’t get to the bottom of it fast, but there’s no getting to the bottom. We won the State.

Donald Trump: (55:51)

I was up by massive numbers on election day. Even the news was saying, “Wow, what a big lead in Pennsylvania.” I love Pennsylvania, I went to school in Pennsylvania College, but what a great State and what great people, and I was up by so much, all of a sudden the booths closed, the Tabulation Centers are closed, three o’clock in the morning. And shortly thereafter, we’re tied and then we’re losing by just a little bit. We’re just losing by just a little bit. No, it’s a disgrace. And the US Attorney said that he was told by the Attorney General not to do anything. The US Attorney was a pretty tough guy. He was told not to do anything by the Attorney General because the Attorney General, I think didn’t want to have problems. He was very worried about certain things with regard to himself, and I think it was probably the easy way out, but so bad for our country. The US Attorney of Philadelphia, in the Philadelphia area said, “I was told…” In writing, said, “I was told not to do anything, not to pursue it.”

Donald Trump: (57:01)

And Philadelphia was so corrupt. Pittsburgh was very corrupt, they say, but think of it, more votes than you had voters. That’s a pretty easy one. We don’t have to go into a lot of detail. That’s a pretty easy one. In Pennsylvania, thousands of voters reported receiving at least two ballots in the mail, and many others reported receiving mail-in ballots without requesting them. They just happened to flow in, they flowed in.

Donald Trump: (57:27)

On election day, thousands of people were complaining that they weren’t allowed to vote because they were told that their ballot had already been cast. How many people… Here in Iowa, you had a good clean… You have a great Governor. You had a clean… Who happens to be here. Where is she? Where’s your Governor? Stand up. Stand up, Kim. Great Governor. I’ll be introducing you. I’ll be introducing [inaudible 00:57:50]. But no, she did a great job.

Donald Trump: (57:54)

Kim, if you had more votes than you had voters, would that bother you? When they say, “Sir, you have more votes than voters,” and they don’t want to do anything about it. They complained vehemently, some laughed in disgust. Think of it. People walk in and they’re proud. And the Republicans tend to vote on election day, and the Democrats tend to use ballots, right? Maybe they’re better off using ballots, the way it happened, because it was a shocker.

Donald Trump: (58:20)

But people would walk in and they were proud people. They don’t want anybody playing with the ballots. They don’t want anything to go wrong. “So I’m going to vote on election day.” They get up and they get out, and they vote, and they go and they say, “I’d like to vote.” “I’m sorry ma’am, you’ve already voted.” “I haven’t voted. I just came here.” “No, no, ma’am, I’m sorry, you voted.” This happened by the thousands and thousands.

Donald Trump: (58:50)

And you know what? Some would walk out laughing in disgust. Some walked out crying. So many complaints. It’s such a disgrace. There’s never been anything like this ever happened in our country before, and I think everybody has a good idea who got those votes. You ever see some of those so-called lockboxes? I call them unlocked boxes.

Donald Trump: (59:19)

97% of the vote goes to sleepy Joe Biden, 97. I said, “I did really well in that State. I don’t think I only got 3%. You’ve got to look at those boxes. You have to look at the tabulation, at the numbers, the unlocked boxes.” In Michigan, the legislature found that over 300,000 people were listed on the voter rolls, even though they hadn’t voted in over 20 years. Oh, and again, in Detroit, which is known as the single most corrupt election venue in the country for many years, but nobody went to look at that, there were many more votes than there were voters.

Donald Trump: (01:00:04)

And if you saw the percentage of errors on the vote, it was almost infinite decimal, where even four years ago, when you didn’t have all the mail-in ballot and all of the… It wasn’t like it was this time. They had 4%. This year we had none, with mail-in ballots, they had almost nothing. And then I have to listen to people and they say, “There was no fraud, there was no fraud.”

Donald Trump: (01:00:31)

Over 40 years, bellwether Counties have correctly predicted every election. Bellwether Counties, it’s a big deal. I won almost every bellwether County, more than any other President. I won 18 out of 19. No President has ever done that, 18 out of 19. If you got just a small number, you win. I won 18 out of 19, the most any President’s ever won.

Donald Trump: (01:01:02)

Think of it, we won 27 out of 27 toss-up House races. We won all 27. So they like to say, “Well, the people in the House were more popular than Trump.” No, I made robocalls for them. I made calls for them. I helped them, and some of them said to me, a lot of them said, “It’s impossible. We got X percentage of vote. I got more than you, but you were much more popular in my District than I was.”

Donald Trump: (01:01:29)

It’s amazing. That’s what happened to our country. I had numerous calls from people saying, “Sir, it’s not possible that I beat you. Every poll, every… There was no way that I beat you. This election was rigged.” They said that. “This election was rigged.” And no Presidential candidate has ever lost an election while winning Florida, Ohio, and a place called Iowa. First time it’s ever happened. So think of it, think of it. Think of it, in the history of our country, if you win Iowa, Florida, and Ohio, no President has ever… If you win that, you don’t lose, never happened. All these elections, so many years, never happened. Thank you very much, Iowa. We love you. Thank you. Joe Biden lost with the African American population to former President, Barack Hussein Obama in every single State, other than the five swing States. In other words, the only States that were going to determine the election, although I think a lot of other States were corrupt also, but the only swing States, the swing States that determined, that’s where Biden won with the African American population.

Donald Trump: (01:02:59)

I don’t think so. No, I don’t think so. I don’t believe that. In other words, the election was a fraud and if we want to save our country and make America great again, we have only one choice. We must elect strong and unyielding America first Republicans at every level, and we must pass a complete overhaul of our entire election system to ensure it’s free, fair, honest, and able to be fully and quickly audited. I tell a lot of these Republicans in Congress and all, they don’t want to get involved. And I say… Go ahead, let’s go. Go! [crosstalk 01:03:47]

Donald Trump: (01:03:48)

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for your support. You’ve been incredible. Iowa has been incredible, but I tell a lot of these Republicans, some rhinos, but people that do like us, people that love the country, “Sir, think to the future. You shouldn’t go back to the past. You have to think.” I say, “I’ve been doing this stuff a long time now, not as long as [inaudible 01:04:18], but for a long time. And I’m telling you, the single biggest issue, as bad as the border is, it’s horrible, horrible what they’re doing. They’re destroying our country. As bad as that is, the single biggest issue, the issue that gets the most pull, the most respect, the biggest cheers is talking about the election fraud of 2020 Presidential election. Nobody’s ever seen anything like it.”

Donald Trump: (01:04:45)

And these guys will say… And they mean it. You have some bad guys and then you have the Democrats. They don’t want to be caught. A lot of the steal, a lot of what they do is they don’t want to talk about it because they know we’re so close. They don’t want to talk. And when they say cancel and cancel culture, you know why it’s canceled? It’s not canceled for any other reason. It’s canceled because they don’t want anyone talking about the election.

Donald Trump: (01:05:09)

They don’t write about it. I’ll bet you, their damn cameras went off. They don’t talk about it. They don’t write about it because they know they got caught. They know they got caught. All you have to do is listen to the numbers. And remember what I said, Arizona was more honest than the other States, in my opinion, much more honest than some of them. But the single biggest topic that they want, people that love our country, because they said, “If you don’t solve this, people aren’t going to vote in ’22 and ’24. They don’t want to go through this again.”

Donald Trump: (01:05:47)

When we have numbers, when I go to Arizona or Pennsylvania, in Pennsylvania, Butler, Pennsylvania, I had 58,000 people show up in a small town in the middle of Pennsylvania, just before the vote. And I said, “It’s not possible to lose this. That’s like the ultimate poll.” He would go there and he’d have eight circles and he couldn’t fill them, so the press would stand there. They couldn’t fill eight circles. We had 58,000 people.

Donald Trump: (01:06:13)

I go to Arizona. I went twice. We had 38,000, 42,000, I think maybe even a third time, well over 40,000 and I laughed. I said, “Not possible to lose.” And then all of a sudden, you lose just by a whisper. Now, fraudulent numbers shouldn’t take months to accumulate with Democrats and rhino Republicans in the way of every single step we take, they’re in the way. We got them by surprise.

Donald Trump: (01:06:44)

We all got them by surprise in 2016 and they said, “We’ll never let this happen again.” They worked hard for four years and yet we did far better in 2020 than we did in 2016. It was a rigged election. It’s very interesting, a reporter from one of the people, sending back that big one, on the liberal side said, “What was the difference between 2020 and 2016?” I said, “Well, the primary difference was I did much better in 2020 than I did in 2016. The rallies were bigger. The enthusiasm was even greater, if that’s possible. And we got far more votes, almost 75,000,000 votes, more than any sitting President has ever gotten.” Last time we got 63,000,000. We got 12,000,000 more votes. No President in history has ever gotten that many more votes from the time before, not even close. So we got 63,000,000 in 2016. I was told by the best pollster, supposedly the best pollster. I won’t use his name because you have other good pollsters, but you have mostly, really bad pollsters, evil pollsters, crooked pollsters. But they came to me and they said, “Sir, you got 63,000,000 votes. If you get 64,000,000 votes, you can’t lose. If you get 65,000,000 it’s over, sir.” I got almost 75,000,000, probably I got 85,000,000 but who the hell knows?

Donald Trump: (01:08:14)

And we lost, they say, and our country’s paying a very big price as everybody knows. And by the way, you know who was one of our best supporters in Congress? A guy named Chuck Grassley, one of our best supporters on election fraud. He was one of our best supporters, and I’m going to introduce him in a second because I have something very important to say about him, but he was one… He’d write these letters, and when Chuck speaks, “Were you lying? Did you leak?” And he’s actually trying to be nice, but the voice is so tough. He scares the hell… Remember he scared the hell out of Komie? “Did you leak?” “Yes, I’m sorry,” like Perry Mason.

Donald Trump: (01:08:54)

As everybody here knows, my new slogan was going to be Make America… Remember this, remember? It was supposed to be something a little different than Make America Great. It was supposed to be Keep America Great, but America’s not great right now. So we’re using the same slogan, Make America Great Again. And we may even add to it, but we’ll keep it, Make America Great Again, Again, because we already did it, right? We’re going to make America great again, again.

Donald Trump: (01:09:29)

No, I had a whole big deal and it was all good, and it was just going to be Keep America Great because we made it great. Our military was rebuilt, our economy was great. Our job numbers were the best. We had the best country we’ve ever had, and in nine months, little more, they’ve destroyed our country. So I can’t say Keep America Great. So I’m back to Make America Great Again-/, Again. Make America Great Again, Again. I don’t know, what do you like better? Really, if you think about it, it’s more accurate. Make America Great Again, Again, because we made it great. Now we have to make it great again. So it’s one of those things, but Make America Great Again, our nation’s comeback begins in November 2022, when we’re going to reclaim the House, and we’re going to reclaim the United States Senate.

Donald Trump: (01:10:34)

And we have with us tonight, a great American patriot, a man who truly loves Iowa, loves Iowa. He’s young, very young guy. He’s strong and he’s very handsome. He fights like no other. When I’ve needed him for help, he was always there, especially with anything having to do with farmers, and that includes ethanol. Nobody’s ever done more. I know more about ethanol than anybody in the audience, I think.

Donald Trump: (01:11:10)

He was with us all the way. Every time I needed something, he’s very persnickety sometimes, right? He’s tough. But when I needed him, he was always there. And I just want to ask Senator Chuck Grassley just to come up for a second. Chuck Grassley, strong on military, strong on Vets, strong on our under siege Second Amendment. He helped pass the USMCA, helped confirm almost 300 Federal Judges and three great Supreme court Justices.

Donald Trump: (01:11:46)

Come here. You are the greatest. Look at this, he’s young. I’m thrilled to announce tonight that Senator Chuck Grassley has my complete and total endorsement for re-election. Chuck? [crosstalk 01:12:02].

Chuck Grassley: (01:12:14)

I was born at night, but not last night. So if I didn’t accept the endorsement of a person that’s got 91% of the Republican voters in Iowa, I wouldn’t be too smart. I’m smart enough to accept that endorsement. [crosstalk 01:12:33]

Donald Trump: (01:12:39)

He’s a great guy. He is a great gentlemen. I think he’s never missed a vote, can you believe it? After so many decades, you’re lucky to have him. We’re also delighted to be joined by your Governor, Kim Reynolds. I’ve gotten to know her so well. She’s so tough. She’s so tough. Kim, great job.

Donald Trump: (01:13:08)

I said, “Kim, do you want me to endorse you tonight or later?” She said, “Sir, this is Chuck Grassley’s night.” How nice is that? “So if you would, give it to me sometime in the very near future, if you don’t mind.” I thought that was very nice Kim, most people wouldn’t say that. They’d say, “Give it to me now,” but she’s been an incredible Governor, done a great job. Loves our farmers, our people, loves everybody. Respected, and she’s had some tough races and she always comes out on top. She’s smarter and she’s tougher. So I’ll be talking to you soon about it, endorsement Kim. I refuse to do it now, Kim, okay?

Donald Trump: (01:13:52)

Members of Congress, they’ve been incredible, highly respected. Ashley Hinson, Ashley, Ashley. Great job. Great job, Ashley. And Mariannette Miller-Meeks. Mariannette, thank you. Proud of them. By the way, we have a man. We talk about strong people and weak people. We talk about stupid people and smart people, but we have a man from Arizona with us tonight. He is tough as hell. He’s incredible, and he is running for a certain position that’s going to be, I think a very easy victory. Arizona State Representative, Mark Finchem is with us tonight, and what a job he’s done. Mark, great job Mark. You’re going to win big, Mark. Because he’s tough, they say he’s controversial. It’s not controversial. He’s actually not controversial.

Donald Trump: (01:14:50)

A man that I’ve gotten to know over a five-year period, a man who runs an organization as well as anybody, can run any organization, Iowa GOP Chair, Jeff Kaufmann. Jeff, great job Jeff. What a job. You got a record crowd tonight, Jeff. And you’re the one that started this whole thing, I will tell you. “Sir, do you mind coming out to Iowa?” “Sure Jeff, anytime.” I didn’t know it would be such a big deal with the Iowa football game, but that was pretty big. That was pretty big.

Donald Trump: (01:15:23)

And also, former Acting Attorney General, a friend of mine, a great, great guy. And there’s somebody up in heaven looking down on you right now because he loves his pop, Matt Whitaker. Matt, he loves his pop. Do you understand that? We love Matt. He was a football player. He was a football player, look at the size of that guy, huh? He was a great football player.

Donald Trump: (01:15:52)

Under our administration, we accomplished more in four years than almost any President ever dreamt of accomplishing. What we did with the military. We passed the largest tax cuts and regulation cuts in the history of our country. We stood up to China, never has anybody done this to China. We took in billions and billions of dollars when nobody else was able to take in 25 cents. Nobody took in money from China. And when China economically attacked our great farmers, we remember that Kim very well, don’t we? I went back and I started doing tariffs on China, and I took out $28 billion over a two year period. I gave it to our great farmers all over the country, including Iowa.

Donald Trump: (01:16:43)

And Chuck Grassley wanted me to do it, and Kim wanted me to do it. We gave $16 billion and $12 billion. They made so much money. Those farmers are so rich. You remember what I said? I said to the farmers, I said, “You’re going to suffer for a little while because we negotiated an incredible trade deal with China.” I don’t know if they’re going to honor the deal under Biden, but they sure as hell honored it under me, and the farmers made a lot of money.

Donald Trump: (01:17:11)

But do you remember what I said? “Go out and buy yourself more land and bigger tractors.” Do you remember? It turned out to be true. They’ve never been so successful as they are now because of what we did. Don’t give credit to the guy that’s sitting there right now. He doesn’t like farmers. I then signed a trade deal with China that made so much sense because they were taking such advantage of our country, but the farmers were the biggest beneficiary, and manufacturers too.

Donald Trump: (01:17:41)

I kept my promises. I kept my promises to Iowa. I kept my promises to everybody, and I kept my promises to protect Iowa ethanol, and that turned out to be a very important promise. Thank you, Kim, for getting us so involved in that. I approved E15 for use all year round, and I allowed higher…

Donald Trump: (01:18:03)

… E15 for use all year round, and I allowed higher ethanol gasoline to be distributed from existing pumps. Remember they wanted it brand new, brand new. I said, “What’s the difference?” No difference. You just have to spend a fortune in doing it. So I used existing pumps. And with the help of Iowa farmers, we became energy independent for the first time ever, ever. They say, “75 years.” Ever. And America was respected again and respected like we have never been respected before.

Donald Trump: (01:18:34)

Under Joe Biden, America’s no longer respected. And the world watched the horrible Afghanistan withdrawal, and they took … You just see what they look. Every night, they were watching. Every day, they were watching. Our borders were exploding and the fake news refused to report it, but everybody saw it. And they see it now. And by the way, it’s worse now than it was last month and worse now than it was two months and three months and four months ago. It’s at a level that is unsustainable by any country.

Donald Trump: (01:19:07)

And again, they’re emptying their prisons, and people are coming into our country. We should never allow this to happen. They’re destroying the United States of America, and our credibility has been literally thrown the window. And now the Democrats want to send $10 billion to Afghanistan. Despite the fact that when Biden, hopelessly surrendered to them just a month ago and moved our military out first, we left them with the $85 billion of the finest military equipment in the world. And now he wants to give them $10 billion of your taxpayer money on top of everything else. And we shouldn’t do that, unless … here’s an idea. We have breaking news, unless they’re willing to give back 100% of the military equipment that our television generals left behind. Isn’t that a good idea?

Donald Trump: (01:20:11)

I mean, you hate to give them 10, but it’s … I wouldn’t give many money unless they gave us back the equipment. I wouldn’t do anything. And remember this, we also have American hostages over there. They haven’t played that game yet. They will. That’s why they’re doing … They’re paying the 10 billion, because we have so many people over there. And I guarantee the Taliban, very tough, very smart. Afghans, great negotiators. And they say, “What are you going to do, if we give back the people that automatically would’ve just walked out with us very easily?” And they weren’t doing anything. We could have taken six months, a year, two years, five years, or we could have taken two months, could have done it as fast as we want. They were leaving us alone. They didn’t like jets over their heads, with machine guns and bombs. They didn’t like it, as tough as they may be. But you know what’s happened? They look at us now, like we’re stupid people.

Donald Trump: (01:21:06)

So we shouldn’t be giving them $10 billion. And if we do give them 10 billion, we demand every ounce of equipment back. And we want our hostages back immediately. And if we don’t get our hostages back … And you know the amazing thing about politicians? I’ve never heard that idea. That idea’s never been thrown around. They don’t even think of these things. But think, how much sense …

Donald Trump: (01:21:29)

I don’t want to give them 10 billion, but if we’re going to give them … Let Russia give them money, by the way, let Iran give them money. That’s their territory. And they’re right there. We’re doing their work for them. And then we’re supposed to keep them going. Biden’s giving them $10 billion so that he doesn’t look bad. Because they’re tough, and they’ll do numbers on us.

Donald Trump: (01:21:47)

Now, we want our hostages back immediately and we want our equipment back immediately. And then we can start talking about doing what we could do. I wouldn’t mind doing it under those … We want our hostages back. We want our equipment back, and then we can start talking about that.

Audience: (01:22:19)

[crosstalk 01:22:19]-

Donald Trump: (01:22:21)

So leaving Afghanistan was a good thing. I was going to leave. We should have left however, under the symbols of strength and dignity, not weakness and surrender. We could have left under strength and dignity in the same period of time. It didn’t have to take long. We could have been respected right now. I don’t know that we’ll ever recover from this, from allies to everything else. And you know what? Every ally’s take an advantage of us. So I’m less concerned about. They all take advantage. Or NATO, they take advantage, Germany, France, all of them. We’re like the stupid people. We’re like a country run by stupid people. Every single nation and every deal that I’ve looked at, and I looked at countries that many people have never even heard of, we made bad deals. Every single country. It’s almost, you wonder, how do you sustain? How does it keep going?

Donald Trump: (01:23:17)

Our soldiers are heartbroken at what happened in Afghanistan. They wanted to win. They wanted to be respected. They wanted to show strength, and our television generals wouldn’t allow them to do that. Just imagine how hard China is laughing, when they see our woke politicians and woke generals, injecting poisonous ideologies into our schools and into our military. You’ve seen the military of China. You’ve seen what they have, a million soldiers standing out on the square. You think they’re told about the things that we are telling our soldiers and our school children? They laugh in our face. They think we’re a failing nation. And I ended all of that. But one of the first things they did when Mitch McConnell said, “We have to get back to business.” Mitch McConnell should have challenged that election, because even back then we had of material to challenge that election. He should have challenged the election. Schumer would’ve challenged the election, but Mitch McConnell didn’t have the courage to challenge the election. He’s only a leader because he raises a lot of money, and he gives it to senators. That’s the only thing he’s got. That’s his only form of leadership. He should have challenged the election. He said, “Now we have to get back to work. We have to get back.” And the first thing that happened is Biden signed 17 executive orders that were devastating to our country. And now the Democrats want $6 billion in new federal funding to teach critical race theory, which I ended in our schools at the same time that Biden is unleashing the FBI on parents who stand up and object at school board meetings. The parents are the enemy. Biden is using federal law enforcement to threaten and silence citizen who oppose radical left indoctrination. To Joe Biden, the hated Taliban, our enemy for many years, killed many soldiers, we killed many of them, is an enforced upon us partner because of their weakness and their stupidity while patriotic American moms and dads are the enemy.

Donald Trump: (01:25:43)

That’s what’s happened to our country. Along with the constant use of city, state, and federal prosecutors, this chilling left-wing tyranny is the kind of thing you see in Russia and China and Third World dictatorships. It’s un-American. It’s got to stop. We’re not going to have a country left. We’re not going to have a country left. The only thing the radical Democrats are good at is hoaxes, witch hunts and abuses of power. You saw where the Russia, Russia, Russia was a totally made up and paid for by the Democrats and crooked Hillary scheme.

Donald Trump: (01:26:23)

For five straight years, it has been a con job, one after another. One con job after another, a nonstop parade of fake whistle-blowers, phony investigations, twisted conspiracy theories, and very, very perverted lies. First, it was Russia, Russia, Russia. I said, “I don’t know anything about Russia.” People would come up to be, “Sir, do you know anything about Russia?” People that worked for me early on. I said, “No, I don’t. Didn’t even think about it.” Month later, somebody comes up, “Sir, so great to meet you. Sir, do you know anything about Russia?” “No, I don’t. I don’t.” I wonder why he asks. Another one would come couple of months later, “Sir, do you know anything about Russia?” Now, I’m starting to say, “What the hell’s going on with Russia?” And then it started.

Donald Trump: (01:27:21)

And they said they were going to impeach me before I even got sworn in. They said, “We’re going to impeach Trump.” It was in The Washington Post. Three days before I got sworn in, they said, “We’re going to impeach Trump.” And I mean it, I had to run a country .and I had to survive. Those were my two jobs and the surviving was tougher than running the country, but then it was Ukraine, Ukraine, Ukraine.

Donald Trump: (01:27:46)

Remember that? A phone call, perfect phone call. In fact, some of the senators said, “I never knew he could be so nice.” The call was so good, and I got impeached. But we had impeachment hoax number one, impeachment hoax number two, the witch hunt against Justice Kavanaugh, Supreme Court Justice. It was a witch hunt. And then it became, and that’s what we’re doing now, every story you see, they’ll quote all these numbers and all this stuff. And there’s many more. This was just a small sampling of the things that they found. And every story, these fake people, crooked people write, they say, “There is no evidence of election fraud.” You ever see that? You read the papers. You’re reading about this. Then they say, “While there’s an election, there is no election fraud.” While these claims are totally unsubstantiated, they are. There’s massive evidence, or it’s a big lie.

Donald Trump: (01:28:43)

Remember that? The big lie. That’s what they … While it’s a big lie. And on MSDNC, which is also dying in the ratings, but between the two of them … That’s why I really thought that MSDNC and CNN would sometime prior to the election endorse me. We want Donald Trump, because their ratings have gone down the tubes. But they called it the big lie. But the big lie turned out to be the corrupt election itself. But you ever notice where you always read in there, “While there is no evidence to prove this,” there’s so much evidence, it’s pouring out of our ears. We’ve never had so much evidence.

Donald Trump: (01:29:25)

And let them look at it, let them go over it, or let them prove it’s wrong. But the people of this country, whether it’s Arizona or Georgia, or Wisconsin or Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and if you look at all of Michigan and others, the people get it more so than the politicians. With that being said, we have some great, great Republican politicians. And they proved that on Thursday, when they totally decimated the people that were making the Arizona presentation in Congress. Andy Biggs, Jim Jordan, Congressman Clyde. They totally devastated. It’s funny. They were going point after point. All bullshit. These other people, all giving all bullshit.. And within about 10 minutes, it was proven that the whole thing was a fraud, but the press didn’t want to report it.

Donald Trump: (01:30:21)

The left’s new obsession is the un-select committee. They have an un-select committee. I call it the [inaudible 01:30:27]. It’s called a select committee. For those of you that aren’t that aware. We have appointed a select committee. You know who’s on the committee? Swalwell, who likes the Chinese spy. Why aren’t they investigating Swalwell? What a sleazebag. Why aren’t they investigating him for being with … I say, “being with.” What is being with? I’ll give you a definition afterwards. For being with a Chinese spy. Why does he have to be with a Chinese spy? And he’s on the big committees. But we have all these people.

Donald Trump: (01:31:03)

And then of course we have the warmonger-er Liz Cheney. She’s a real beauty. She’s going to lose big in Wyoming. Think she’s down to 9% approval. Terrible. But as I’ve said before, the truth is a force of nature. It’s going to come out. It’s all coming out. Hang in there. Everything the extreme left touches throughout history, it leads to misery and destruction and failure. But with all of you in Iowa and conservative patriots all across the country, we will end their reign of radicalism, and we will take back America. We’re going to take back America.

Audience: (01:31:47)

[crosstalk 01:31:47]. USA, USA, USA, USA, USA, USA, USA, USA, USA, USA, USA-

Donald Trump: (01:32:12)

Such a great country, such a loving country. With the Republican Congress, we will fight for more jobs for American families, fair trade for American workers and more American factories. Remember for two years, I’ve been coming up, talking about factories. And five years ago, when I started in Iowa, I talked about your farms, and I talked about factories all over the country. And the job we did was incredible, but it’s being wiped out by people that have no clue as to what … Or they may have a clue. And that’s even more dangerous. They may. But American factories forging more product, stamped with that beautiful phrase, “Made in the USA.” Made in the USA. We will shut down Joe Biden’s border disaster, and we got to do it quickly. We can’t let this go on. This is poisoning our country. People say, “Three years.” They say, “Two years. Sir, you’ll win in three years.” We’re not going to have a country left in three years.

Donald Trump: (01:33:22)

We’ll again, end catch-and-release. We will stand strong and demanding that we start up, remain in Mexico. They couldn’t come into our country until we had them fully checked out. Most didn’t make it. And most didn’t come up, because they knew they weren’t going to make it. So we didn’t have a problem, where millions of people are pouring up through South America. We will quickly complete the border wall, and we will end illegal immigration once and for all. We will have to start it all over again. Would’ve been so much better if we had an honest election, but we’ll be able to do it again. We will hold China accountable for unleashing the virus and charge them trillions of dollars for the unbelievable suffering they have caused to our country and all around the world.

Donald Trump: (01:34:17)

We will reign in the big tech monopolies, crooked as can be. We will reject left-wing cancel culture, and we will restore the right to free speech in America, which we don’t have anymore. We don’t have it anymore. There is no free speech. We don’t have free speech anymore. It used to be automatic, free speech. We don’t have free speech. We have the opposite of free speech. And this is the beginning of communism, when you hear that. This is the beginning of communism. We will protect innocent life. We will defend our Constitution. We will defend the Second Amendment, and we will proudly uphold the Judeo-Christian values and principles of our nation’s founding.

Donald Trump: (01:35:11)

We will care for our great veterans. I love our veterans. I love our veterans. We had the highest approval rating of any president for taking care of our veterans. 92%, 92%. We will continue to strengthen our military and give our police officers, border patrol, ICE and law enforcement our 100% support. We love you. You know we love you. The whole country loves you.

Donald Trump: (01:35:47)

We will ban critical race theory in our classrooms. We will ban that horrible, crazy, critical race theory in our military. We will ban it from our workplaces. We will ban it from our federal state and local governments. It will be banned, permanently banned, and will never be allowed to come back again. We will restore patriotic education to our schools, and we will teach our children to love their country, honor our history and to always respect our great American flag.

Donald Trump: (01:36:38)

Our movement is the greatest and most powerful in the history of our country. And it’s based on one thought, make America great again. Yet we are up against some of the most sinister forces and entrenched interests that anyone has ever seen in our country. We’ve never encountered anything like this. But no matter how big or powerful they may appear, you must never forget that this nation does not belong to them. This nation belongs to you, belongs to you.

Donald Trump: (01:37:22)

This is your home. This is your heritage and our magnificent American liberty is your God-given right. And just in closing, I just want to say the United States of America will not tell you how to live, how to think, what to do. You will not be bossed by incompetent, dishonest, disgusting politicians, by big tech tyrants, by left-wing bullies or anybody else, because we are a great, proud and sovereign people. We know what to do. We are a great, proud and sovereign nation. We are born free. We will live free, and we will win again like we’ve never and ever won before.

Donald Trump: (01:38:21)

The great state of Iowa, and it is indeed a great state, was founded by strong and righteous frontiersmen and magnificent pioneer women who defied the dangers in order to carve out a life and a home for their families. They tamed the wilderness. They braved the elements. They tilled the soil, they worked the fields. And they poured out their blood, sweat, and tears to build this country into the greatest nation and the history of the world. And we will never let anyone take that away from us. Never. Our ancestors summoned the courage to fight and win our independence and wars against the most powerful nations on earth. We won the First World War. We won the Second World War. Afghanistan, we couldn’t even take our troops out properly. Think of it. They stormed the beaches to crush fascism. They found the strength to topple communism. And that’s what’s happening with our country today. Communism.

Donald Trump: (01:39:34)

Communism is happening with our country today. We’re not going to let it happen. We will not be afraid of woke agitators who despise our country, hate our people and ultimately want us to lose. They want us to lose. There is no mountain we cannot climb. There is no summit we cannot reach. There is no challenge we cannot meet. There is no victory we cannot have, as long as we remember that we are proud and mighty Americans. We have great people.

Donald Trump: (01:40:12)

We have great people. And JJ and Janet, thank you, JJ and Janet, friends of mine are here today. We will not bend. We will not break. We will not yield. We will never give in. We will never give up. We will never ever back down, and we will never, ever surrender. We will never surrender, like they just did in Afghanistan.

Donald Trump: (01:40:39)

My fellow Americans, our movement is far from over. In fact, our fight has only just begun. And remember this. Look at the crowd tonight. In theory, there’s not even an election and yet you broke records. We have bigger crowds now, everywhere. Not just in Iowa, everywhere. We have bigger crowds everywhere. There’s more spirit now than there was before the election. Nobody ever thought a thing like that could happen.

Audience: (01:41:09)

We love you.

Donald Trump: (01:41:09)

Thank you.

Audience: (01:41:09)

We love you, we love you.

Donald Trump: (01:41:09)

Thank you.

Audience: (01:41:09)

We love you.

Donald Trump: (01:41:09)

Thank you very much.

Audience: (01:41:11)

We love you, we love you.

Donald Trump: (01:41:20)

Greatest movement in the history of our country. And it’s never even challenged when I say that. The fake news never says, “Well, it’s not really true there was a movement.” There’s nothing they can say. There’s never been a movement like this. I remember one politician many years ago, came in second in a certain state. And he became famous for many, many years because he came in second. We won 34 states. We did a job that nobody’s ever done. There’s never been anything like it. You are the people that built this country. We’re not going to take that away. You are the people that built this country. We are one movement, one people, one family, and one glorious nation under God. And together, we will make America powerful again. We will make America wealthy again. We will make America strong again. We will make America proud again. We will make America safe again, and we will make America great again. God bless you. Thank you, Iowa. Thank you very much. I’ll see you soon. Thank you.