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LESSON for April 23/24*, 2022 – GOD’S BUTCHER


Sunday’s holiday was unique in several aspects.  For the first time in decades Easter, Passover and Ramadan coincided and, while the Jews and Arabs were doing their usual dance in Jerusalem, it was Christians fighting Christians in Ukraine.  And there was a full moon... a full pink moon; the first full moon of the spring season (it is also called a "Paschal Moon") inasmuch as Easter Sunday always comes the Sunday following the Paschal Moon.  Astrologers believe that, like full moons themselves, Easter is typically a time to think about rebirth.

Not so in Russia, where the message is death, death and more death!... or, in Hebrew, the mawt hamawt, death without rebirth, resurrection or Heaven.

Vladimir Putin’s vain campaign to subjugate their once (and perhaps future) vassal state and reincorporate it into a new, non-Communist Soviet Empire as the first step in a campaign to restore the collapsed superpower, followed by another campaign to conquer and enslave the world... well, it’s hit a few roadblocks, but it continues as the Soviets (er... the aggrieved and persecuted patriots) grind their way through the rubble and the corpses and, as the propaganda of State Media corrodes, a growing opposition at home echoes near universal condemnation abroad.

“They (the ex-Red Army) now control the smoking ruins of what used to be a flourishing city.  In that sense,” wrote Frederick Kaban of the American Enterprise Institute, “it’s a success.”

The dictator should be soliciting aid and comfort from American capitalists and conservatives, now that he has renounced the left (but will still celebrate the May 9th victory in World War Two, even as his inner circle is now plotting World War Three.  “At a certain point, (Putin) will decide that he’s got enough of the East to satisfy his honor.”


“Russians are not Putin,” contends exiled wineseller Evgeny Chichvarkin, now living in London. “He doesn’t represent us. We didn’t elect him. We don’t support him.” (Time, 3/30)

Wealthy Russians who would prefer the lights and delights of the West to the grim facades of Moscow or Omsk have been relocating to the West for years... to America, to the E.U. nations and the U.K.  What Time calls “Britain’s prostitution of itself for Russian billions” has deep roots. Following World War II, the U.K. was verging on bankruptcy until the City of London began cozying up to the Soviet Union, which, economists maintained “didn’t want to keep dollar reserves in American banks so instead chose British.”

English lawmakers, however, are suddenly waking up to the possibility that they sold Putin what Time called “the rope with which to strangle their democracy.”  Since Boris Johnson became Prime Minister in 2019, his party has accepted £2 million in Russian funding. In 2020, 14 members of his government received Russia-linked donations.  (In the United States, even more politicians have bellied up to the campaign cash buffet prepared by oligarchs like Len Blavatnik, Andrei Muraviev and the indicted Lev Parnas.)  And not just the obvious slurpers like Trump, BoJo and Rudy G…“Plenty of lawmakers on either side of the aisle” could face the same question about their campaign bank accounts — and some of them already have. Blavatnik, a Ukrainian, but with close ties to Mad Vlad and the gang, asserts Politico, “has given money to Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, the NRCC and the DCCC, to name a few.

Chichvarkin describes the Russian diaspora as “probably the best ever” to have set up in London, pointing to the companies saved, jobs created and taxes paid. “They predominantly follow the rules and laws,” he says. “The only problem is Russian ex-wives lying in court!”

And patriotism... whether for a diminished Russia or for the grand Putinesque dream of restoring the lost and legendary Russkiy Mir (literally, “Russian World”), whose platform is “an ideological worldview that rejects most forms of diversity and tolerance from any long-standing Russian Orthodox positions,” (America Magazine, 3/22/22) which pre-Soviet empire was founded by Vladimir the Great, grand prince of Kiev more than a millennium ago, five centuries before another “Great”... Peter.

When it comes to support for Ukraine, Chichvarkin... and Russkiy Mir be damned... goes further than U.S. or E.U. leaders: he advocates for “immediately” sending NATO soldiers and enforcing a no-fly zone, as President Volodymyr Zelensky has repeatedly requested. (Which actions, Putin counters, will result in an immediate nuclear barrage upon all.)  But Clean Gene also says... perhaps disingenuously... that the punitive economic measures targeting supposed Kremlin allies are so broad as to amount to “discrimination.”

“It’s a dirty game,” he says. “Javelin missiles and NATO troops can end the war. Not seizing a yacht in Monaco. That will only help a particular politician get re-elected.”

The particular politician ensconced in Moscow, whom foreign and domestic adversaries call a dictator although Putin now claims to despise Communism, Socialism… anything of that ilk (but still lobbies in Cuba, Venezuela and, to a limited extent, NoKo)... and has been working less like the proverbial Russian bear than as a busy beaver or scurrying rodent, of some sort, to get Chinese President Xi on board or, at a minimum, to remain neutral which success (such as it is) at least somewhat mitigates what has been a bad fortnite for Mad Vlad.  Not that the Russians and Chinese do not have designs upon each other’s territory... it’s just the cold, hard, political fact of life that Western weakness in response to the invasion of Ukraine (and then a few more places – some being members of NATO, some not) augurs a corresponding Chinese adventurism in Hong Kong and Taiwan.  And, via proxy Kim, South Korea... and then Japan.

Putin’s Plan A... a massive infusion of tanks, arms and a corps consisting of a small number of loyal (and sadistic) officers, many with experience in the 2014 war that ended in the annexation of the Crimean peninsula on the Black Sea, or in Georgia or Chechnya, or as mercenaries in Syria commanding a predominantly drafted army of hesitant and inexperienced troops... was launched with great fanfare two months ago, but has since bogged down in the suburbs of Kiev (or Kyev, as it is now being termed).

Plan B, pulling those troops back and punishing the recalcitrant rebels with a prolonged aerial assault on civilians, continues apace, allowing for a strategic retreat and Plan C... this being to forego the ground assault on Kyev, Karkiv and, of late, Lvov for the time being, and continue dealing death from above while redeploying thousands of soldiers to the eastern provinces of Luhansk and the Donbas.

Conquering the bombed-out port city of Mariupol would give Russia control of a strategic corridor to Crimea.

Unfortunately, the Ukrainians have been peppering the Russian fleet in the Black Sea with outdated, castoff and donated deathware and, this week, Resistance fighters sunk the Moskva, flagship of Putin’s fleet with as many as four hundred casualties.  Enraged and enmaddened, Russia, over the past week, has intensified its bombing raids... including the aforesaid targets in and around the major cities of the Donbass as well as the rest of Ukraine; Kyev, Karkiv, even the refugee camps of Lvov on the border with Poland... and, in addition, has been testing nuclear weapons which the pacifists and denialists still continue to deny that he would us, without provocation.

The Easter fantasy of “peace on earth, goodwill to men” seems to be receding further and further back into the rear view mirror of vehicles headed for the cliff with drunks and fanatics at the wheel.



While the fighting escalated, Pope Francis departed his quarters to proclaim (for the first time in two years, due to the plague) his “Urbi et Orbi” message to Catholics in attendance and onlookers worldwide, through social media.  In his Easter address delivered to tens of thousands of worshipers in the Vatican’s St. Peter’s Square, called for “peace for war-torn Ukraine” and cautioned that the conflict could lead to nuclear war.

“Under the bright sun before a crowd reveling in a return to tradition after previous years’ pandemic-related restrictions,” (WashPost, Monday morning,) the pope called Sunday’s holiday an “Easter of war.”

“We have seen all too much blood, all too much violence,” he said. “Our hearts, too, have been filled with fear and anguish, as so many of our brothers and sisters have had to lock themselves away to be safe from bombing.”

“Let us all commit ourselves to imploring peace, from our balconies and in our streets,” the pontiff proposed. “May the leaders of nations hear people’s plea for peace.”

He cited a line from a 1955 manifesto by physicist Albert Einstein and philosopher Bertrand Russell, in which scientists and thinkers warn of the risks posed by nuclear weapons, writing, “Shall we put an end to the human race, or shall mankind renounce war?”

“Our eyes,” he said at Easter Mass, “are incredulous on this Easter of war. We have seen all too much blood, all too much violence. Our hearts, too, have been filled with fear and anguish, as so many of our brothers and sisters have had to lock themselves away in order to be safe from bombing. We struggle to believe that Jesus is truly risen, that he has truly triumphed over death. Could it be an illusion? A figment of our imagination?

No, it is not an illusion! Today, more than ever, we hear echoing the Easter proclamation so dear to the Christian East: “Christ is risen! He is truly risen!”  (from the Vatican, Attachment One – A)

Calling upon the faithful to celebrate Easter during his Good Friday homily, Francis offered the inspiring (but slightly ominous) thanksgiving, contending: “...evil has been robbed of its power; failure can no longer hold us back from starting anew; and death has become a passage to the stirrings of new life.”  (See the Good Friday’s Catholic News Agency’s text... (Attachment One – B)



Patriarch Kirill, on the other hand, holds a somewhat different view upon war as the bringer of “rivers of death” and the “thick darkness” of cruelty, he rather likes it.

In this morning’s Easter Address to his faithful (the Russian Orthodox faith holding Easter Sunday to be one week after the Roman Catholic... and most Protestant denominations... celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ – therefore, our delay of one day in the publication of this Lesson) the Patriarch spewed out two... count em, two... Easter homilies: one for the Orthodox faithful today, the other for heathen Westerners on their holy day.

Addressing various non-Orthodox persons in funny clothes last Sunday... Coptics, Armenians, Assyrians, an Ethiopian and “others” (which did include Francis, but probably not Protestants, Muslims and Jews and definitely not the Ukrainian heretics)... Kirill wound up and pitched...

“I cordially salute you on the Radiant Easter of the Lord and address to you the life-asserting greeting:



Asserting that the risen Savour (perhaps a translation glitch) has “destroyed the stronghold of hell and dissipated the darkness of sin,” he wished “spiritual and physical strength” to the preachers, “and to your flock I wish peace and welfare.”

To his homies, his Paschal Message invoked a Paschal Canon where “all things are filled with light; heaven, and earth, and the places under the earth.”

He was probably not referring to the Ukes huddled in basements, tunnels and below the steelworks in Mariunople currently under siege as his Patron, Putin, can’t seem to make up his mind whether to starve the dirty little bastards out or bomb them into another place.  This makes his final “blessing”, promising a “radiant” Easter to the heathens somewhat ominous – un-Orthodoxies might even have cause to wonder what he meant by misspelling “Christ” as “Chistdefined as a variant of “chest”, upon which bullies and butchers beat with their fists.

“As the holy apostle John teaches us,” he concluded “Let us love one another, because love is from God. He loved us and sent his Son to be the atoning sacrifice for our sins. Since God loved us so much, we also ought to love one another.”

(Although not under some circumstances... as below.)

And then the rains came, a week of rain and a week of bombs raining down on Ukraine and Lo! – Kirill reared up on his hind legs again and

And then the rains came, a week of rain and a week of bombs raining down on Ukraine and Lo! – Kirill reared up on his hind legs again and splashed holy water onto loaves of colourfully decorated Easter bread known as kulichi and said many of them would be sent to the Donbas region of eastern Ukraine.  According to Reuters, the Patriach “appeared to have ditched his pro-violence stance and called for an end to the conflict – though he did not criticise it. 


The Most Holy Russian Orthodox church is, these days, a piece of work.  And it is wholly under the thumb of Kirill, Patriarch for Life, albeit at loggerheads with other Orthodox ministries... the Greek, the Turkish and, of course, the Ukrainian.

A WikiBio (see Attachment Three) recounts his slow, steady rise through the ranks of Orthodoxy... aided, now and again, by powerful persons in high places (notably the Komitet Gosudarstvennoy Bezopasnosti, i.e. KGB... purportedly dissolved in 1991 and replaced by more “user friendly” agencies like the GRU, the Federal Security Service (FSB) and assorted spooks without names.


Kirill's support of Putin has put the Russian Orthodox Church at risk of losing international allies. The World Council of Churches, a fellowship of 352 churches across 120 countries, is under pressure to oust Kirill from its ranks.  Pavel Cerny, former chairman of the Council of Churches in the Czech Republic, argued in a March 26 opinion piece that the ROC should not be allowed to be a part of the WCC due to its complicit support of Russia and the history of ROC leaders being connected to the KGB.

Rev. Rob Schenk, the president of the Dietrich Bonhoeffer Institute, is also organizing an effort among the WCC's member denominations to press for a vote to exclude Kirill from leadership. Schenk posted an online petition to promote the ousting of Kirill and the ROC from the WCC.

Patriarch Kirill is a former KGB agent as is Putin,” contends W.L., a peanut in the gallery of the Catholic magazine America.  “Formation in violent control of others is hardly suitable for a religious leader. Putin has long been violent to anyone who opposed his own power, killing opponents in Russian and in foreign countries.”


He is, ostensibly, a Godly man of God but… to most everybody in the West save a few Trumpish MAGGogs… up to his koukoulion (headdress) in ungodly endeavors... a cigarette smuggler and real estate speculator who used his influence to extort a “dust compensation” settlement (see WikiBio).

According to the Religion News Service (3.14.22): “the only cleric in the world to bless the Russian atrocities in Ukraine is Kirill, Patriarch of Moscow and all Rus’. 

“Watch him,” Phyllis Zagano of the RNS warned on March 14th.

“Or maybe just look at his watch. To give you an idea of who this FOP (Friend-of-Putin) is, consider the $30,000 Swiss Breguet watch he was spotted wearing in a 2012 photograph.” 

The patriarch’s WikiBio notes note that, after being accused of wearing the Swiss Breguet watch worth over £20,000 (US$30,000). In an interview with Vladimir Solovyov, Kirill said that he owned a Breguet, among other gifts, but he had never worn it.[79] Concerning a photo which appeared to show him wearing the Breguet at a liturgy, Kirill stated "I was looking at that picture and suddenly I understood - it was a collage! But after that photograph was posted I began examining. As many people come and make presents. And often there are boxes that were never opened and you don't know what is there. And I found out that in fact there is Breguet watch, so I've never given commentaries that the Patriarch doesn't have it. There is a box with Breguet, but I've never worn it."[80] This triggered at least one Internet blogger to study the issue and collect images of Kirill's wristwear.[81] Some time later, photographs on his official website showed him wearing what appeared to be an expensive watch on his left wrist,[82] and later one even showed the watch airbrushed out, but with a reflection of it still visible on the table's glossy surface.[83]

You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.” This Commandment is recorded in Exodus 20:19 and Deuteronomy 5:20. It is typically understood as a command not to tell lies. Yet the power and rich meaning of this simple commandment reaches far beyond the simple admonition to tell the truth.  Words matter to God because of their ability to harm as well as heal. In the context of expressing ourselves in terms of words that are false, empty, deceptive, or even just spoken in ignorance, the power is to harm.

Whereas Francis has called for peace and cited a 1955 manifesto by physicist Albert Einstein and philosopher Bertrand Russell, in which scientists and thinkers warn of the risks posed by nuclear weapons (Washington Post, 4/18, see Attachment Four), the Patriarch, as he gave a gilded icon to Gen. Viktor Zolotov during a service at Moscow’s Christ the Savior Cathedral in mid-March, appealed to God to:  “Let this image inspire young soldiers who take the oath, who embark on the path of defending the fatherland.”  The precious gift, the general responded, would protect the troops in their battles against Ukrainian “Nazis.” (see an earlier WashPost, 4/8. Attachment Five).

 “Fr. Cyril Hovorun, professor of ecclesiology, international relations and ecumenism at University College Stockholm, said Kirill's latest comments show him to be in a "golden cage."  (which, at least, matches his watch – DJI)  (Natl. Catholic News Service, March 8th, see Attachment Six)

Hovorun said Kirill helped "supply the ideology" that Putin has used to justify Russian hegemony over the region, and in return the church has received strong government support.

"Even if he (Kirill) understands what is going on in Ukraine with the war, even if he wants to speak up and name things by their proper name, he can't," said Hovorun, author of several books about Orthodoxy in Ukraine and beyond. "He is a completely unfree figure that needs to follow faithfully the official narrative."

Hovorun’s assessment is, if anything, far too generous to Putin’s Patriarch.

In a recent statement, the Rev. Christian Krieger, president of the Conference of European Churches, wrote, “The ideology pursued by the Russian president is fully reflected in some of Patriarch Kirill’s statements.” Krieger urged Kirill to condemn Russia’s invasion, an “aggression” he never would have imagined possible.

Pope Francis said the Ukraine situation is “not just a military operation, but a war which sows death, destruction and misery.” Lamenting the “rivers of blood and tears,” he dispatched two cardinals to the region to better understand the levels of humanitarian assistance needed. 

Kirill sees himself as one of three great Christian leaders: himself, Orthodox Patriarch Bartholomew I of Constantinople and Pope Francis. 

But, wrote Zagano, “it looks as if Kirill is losing his grip on his own spiritual power and authority as he faces an internal insurrection of his own making. Orthodox priests and deacons within Ukraine and elsewhere have condemned Kirill’s coziness with Putin’s aims and decry his attitude toward the invasion.“

NDTV (India) interviewed the head of Ukraine's Orthodox Church in 2014 amidst the Russian adventurism in Crimea, and came to the conclusion that Russian President Vladimir Putin was possessed by Satan – “a comment certain to outrage tens of millions of faithful in both countries.”

Patriarch Filaret issued a statement accusing the Russian leader of trying to "incite bloodshed and killings" in eastern Ukraine where pro-Moscow rebels have been waging a bloody five-month campaign to establish their own state.

"...(i)t seems that he remains deaf to these calls and only multiplies evil because he, like Judas Iscariot, has become possessed by Satan."  (See Attachment Seven)



Forbes, having reported as far back as February 20th, 2009 that, "Kirill, who was the Metropolitan of Smolensk, succeeds Alexei II who died in December after 18 years as head of the Russian Church. According to material from the Soviet archives, Kirill was a KGB agent (as was Alexei).”

They solicited an official who remarked, anonymously, that Kirill, who according to material from Soviet archives was a government agent before the fall of the USSR. "Kirill is a KGB guy, and he supports all aggression against Ukraine," said the whistleblower, but asked not to give his last name, worried like many in the town about community tensions about the church. "He’s a bastard, not a religious leader."

Further, the liberal Guardian UK’s Emma Graham-Harrison interviewed local Ukrainian's for their opinions about Kirill and the Russian Orthodox Church in Ukraine. The response was mostly a pessimistic view of Kirill and his motives towards Ukraine based on his past as a KGB agent; a correspondent for Religion News Service opined that the patriarch “is losing his grip on his bid for wider spiritual authority.”

“Russia,” Kirill declared, as quoted by Zagano (above, and Attachment Eight) “is one country, one people... “How terrible to set these people against their brothers! How terrible it is to arm them so that they enter into a struggle with their brothers of the same blood and of the same faith!” 

However, a letter signed by some 275 Russian Orthodox priests and deacons worldwide calls for “the cessation of the fratricidal war” and affirms the right of the people of Ukraine to their political self-determination.  

They write against their own patriarch, who has called Putin’s leadership “a miracle of God” and asserts those opposing the Russian invasion comprise “evil forces.” On March 13, Kirill preached, “today, even the commemoration of the name of the patriarch in the temple for some becomes impossible for fear of the Jews (John 19:38).”

Ah, yes, those accursed Jews!

And there is more...

Giles Fraser (; see Attachment Ten) asks us to look deeper into Russian history and, in particular, the relationship between the Patriarchs and Tsars (or, rather, their lineal predecessors) as it existed in 988 AD.

Threatened by an uprising of his treacherous generals, Fraser informs us, “the Christian Emperor Basil II, based in the glorious city of Byzantium, reached out to his enemies, the pagans over in the land of the Rus. Basil II was a clever deal maker. If Vladimir of the Rus would help him put down the revolt, he would give him the hand of his sister in marriage. This was a status changer for Vladimir: the marriage of a pagan to an imperial princess was unprecedented. But first Vladimir would have to convert to Christianity.”

More than a millennium later, another Vladimir... he hasn’t yet taken the title of Tsar, but his sympathies certainly hover therein... and Fraser is not the first, nor only Western correspondent to emphasize the importance of religion to the assult upon Ukraine.  (In fact, a peanut from Fraser’s rather useful Gallery, scolds the decadent Americans, Brits and Euros for hating on Lootin’ Putin, asserting that, “while Putin is certainly an autocrat and Russia is an authoritarian state, we in the West would do well to leave well alone. Russia is no longer the Soviet Union seeking to impose communism on the world. It is just a large country with a lot of nuclear weapons.”)

Or, as the Elvis movie advised: “Stay Away, Joe!”

Into this religious intensity, Fraser contends, “we can add some angry church politics. In 2019, the Ukrainian arm of the family of Orthodox churches declared its independence from the Russian Orthodox Church — and the nominal head of the Orthodox family, Bartholomew I of Constantinople, supported it. The Ukrainian president, Petro Poroshenko, described this as “a great victory for the devout Ukrainian nation over the Moscow demons, a victory of good over evil, light over darkness”.

The Russian Orthodox Church furiously rejected this claim to independence, stating that Ukraine belonged irrevocably to its “canonical territory”. This led to a historic split within the Orthodox family, with the Russian church rejecting the primacy of Bartholomew, declaring that they were no longer in communion with the rest of the Orthodox family. Russian Foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrov denounced Bartholomew as an American stooge.”

More than a few Peanuts of the Unherd and other tendancies have praised the smackdown that Putin and the Patriarch are dealing the children of Mariunople (and, as of this morning, the Odessa of Sergei Eisenstein’s epic movie) on the grounds that Russians are nearer to God than are we and thee... a redefining of traditional Christian bloodthirstiness as a sort of variant on Critical Race Theory, CRT as a sort of Critical Religious Presumption (a CREP or, harkening back to the previous century, CREEP) whereupon God chooses his friends and enemies among humankind and rewards or punishes them according to his whims.


A Dose of Deuteronomy 20...

16 But of the cities of these people, which the Lord thy God doth give thee for an inheritance, thou shalt save alive nothing that breatheth:

17 But thou shalt utterly destroy them; namely, the Hittites, and the Amorites, the Canaanites, and the Perizzites, the Hivites, and the Jebusites; as the Lord thy God hath commanded thee.


Newscasters, CIA psychologists, bloggers left, right, center and just plain out there, nervous military mollies, diplomats in striped pants and assurances of “peace in our times”, worried NATO allies (still recovering from the Trump Quadrennial as some walk and talk hesitantly after a bout with the Long Covid) and a sea of spooks – all asserting that they know exactly what really motivates Mad Vlad, how mad he really is, and what is his endgame.

A few have even sussed out the influence of Kirill... the Russian President’s Number Two influencer (after, of course, his butt-kissing toady and Useful Idiot in Mar-a-Lago, Djonald Unpalatable).

One need only scrutinize the writings, influencers and promulgations of the patron patriarch to gain an understanding of Pute-psychology... a mélange of Caesarism (all those Great and Terrible Tsars), a Napoleon complex (Uke-patriots and sympathizers are boycotting Tchaikovsky for his celebration of the War of 1812), some seasonings from antiquity (Alexander the Great, Attila the Hun) and heaping helpings of Trump and Kirill.

The former President was a nominal Presbyterian before announcing that he’d become a nominally pandenominational Christian (a ploy to fertilize his base that backfired somewhat due to an overly-aggressive ecumenicism).  The scriveners asserted that Ol’ 45 had “harmed faith communities”, the “Hang Pence!” campaign rankled some (but by no means all) of the religious conservatives, and a Newsweek opinionoid actually accused the Ex of being... “an atheist”!  (See Attachment Nine)

Still and all, a WashPost post (Attachment Ten) reports that plenty of Americans (as well as a numerous, tho’ non-majoritarian flock of Frenchmen and –women) hold favorable views of both Putin and Trump.  According to a poll, American Republicans view the Russian maniac slightly more positively than they do leading Democratic officials. Between Putin and President Biden, it’s a toss-up that leans in Putin’s favor.

The poll was taken on the day before the invasion, so perhaps the army of atrocities since committed has nudged the scales back towards President Joe.  Then again, perhaps not.



From Leviticus 20:13… “If a man lies with a male as with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination; they shall surely be put to death; their blood is upon them.”  (See a few more sexual prohibitions here.) 

Kirill, bless his (75 year old) heart, would be an admirable counselor to Florida Governor Ron deSantis, who is trying to milk his anti-gay legislation (the schoolyard “Don’t Say Gay!” directive to perhaps filch enough of former President Trump’s base to mount a primary challenge (or, more likely, step up to replace Ol’ 45 in the event of his death, health crisis or incarceration). 

Ron’s a bigot, but he isn’t too foolish – with most of the plague in the rear view mirror, persons of alt-sex preference are flocking to Florida’s beaches and niteclubs (pace “Pulse”) and leaving behind a lot of money, which a lot of Floridians need... and others simply want.  While same-sex marriage remained off the table under what activists called the “false dawn” of Zelenskyy’s election,  gay parades occurred in 2019 and, again, in 2021 – infuriating the Patriarch who, while seldom stripping to the waist in public like his secular, “hyper-masculine” partner, Putin,

But Guv’nor Ron is also a puny paperweight compared to Putin’s confessor, Kyrill, who, a year to the day after the One Six, pre-emptively promoted an invasion and chastisement of the Ukraine — “describing the conflict as part of a struggle against sin and pressure from liberal foreigners to hold "gay parades" as the price of admission to their ranks,” according to the Natl. Catholic News Service.  (See Attachment Eleven)

The Papists, never historically friends of Sodomites themselves, now contend that Kirill accuses an “unnamed world power” of posing a "test for the loyalty" of countries by demanding they hold gay pride parades to join a global club of nations with its own ideas of freedom and "excess consumption."

Could it be... Francis?

“Pride parades are designed to demonstrate that sin is one variation of human behavior. That's why in order to join the club of those countries, you have to have a gay pride parade,” Kirill said in his obliquely monikered Forgiveness Sunday sermon. (Moscow Times, March 7th

His support is not all Russian.  According to the conservative Washington Times, the Russian church leader also resorted to apocalyptic language of civilizational clashes to describe the war, saying it was “far more important than politics.”

“If humanity accepts that sin is not a violation of God’s law, if humanity accepts that sin is a variation of human behavior, then human civilization will end there,” Kirill said.

(Then again, a pre-invasion, pre-plague article in Gizmodo cited an interview with the Patriarch on the state-run Russia-1 TV network, wherein Kirill warned that smart devices like cell phones and social networks could enable “the rise of Satan’s chosen and the rule of darkness until the end times.

“Every time you use your gadget, whether you like it or not, whether you turn on your location or not, somebody can find out exactly where you are, exactly what your interests are and exactly what you are scared of,” Kirill said, according to the BBC (which noted that he is a close ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin, who has restricted internet freedoms). Per the Moscow Times, Kirill continued to warn against “falling into slavery” to smartphones and that user data like “location, interests and fears” could allow any potential forthcoming Antichrist to control the entire global population and cause “the apocalypse.”)


An article in the U.C. Riverside News (March 9th, See Attachment Twelve) attributes Putin’s hyper-masculinity not only as a desperate appeal to his base but a demonstration of fealty to the Patriarch; his “macho displays of shirtless manhood are well known,” but the silver cross around his neck, visible when he submerged himself in an icy lake during the Orthodox Festival of Epiphany has been accompanied by a “flaunting (of) his religious faith; he is often seen on television praying, crossing himself, kissing icons, and lighting candles. Priests have held ceremonies to bless Putin, and Patriarch Kirill has called Putin ‘a miracle of God.’”

The dictator reportedly went ballistic over representations of him as a gay clown; this is clearly a man terrified of the closet door opening and the world... particularly his own advisers... peering and leering in.  (Or perhaps being compared to Rudy Giuliani!)  Even Sir Elton John has accused him of hypocrisy, according to the BBC.


Patriarch Kirill will end up breaking Orthodox unity,” predicted Jean-Francois Colosisimo, a French opinionator for La Croix International (3/7/22). The head of the Russian Orthodox Church has “forged a doomed allegiance with Vladimir Putin out of a desire for power.”

“The two potentates don't need anyone's help in order to be self-congratulatory. The pact that has bound them for 20 years has long had its share of kitschy devilry that is unintentionally comical. The war in Ukraine reveals its Luciferian dimension. Caught up in the escalation, will Vladimir Putin dare to resort to nuclear strikes? If he gives in to this ultimate vertigo, he will not fail to invoke Seraphim of Sarov, the Slavic Francis of Assisi, whom Kirill, Patriarch of Moscow, consecrated as patron saint of Russia's nuclear arsenal.”  (See Attachment Fourteen)

And the endgame?  For Kirill, near-universal condemnation from his fellow non-Russian orthodoxies as well as religious sorts ranging from Christians to Jews, even Muslims.  Lord Rowan Williams, the former Archbishop of Canterbury, alleges a “centuries-old tradition of Holy Russia, the imagination of a nation identifying as a suffering servant, always marginalised, invaded, defeated, oppressed — a sort of Christ-like people.”  (See Attachment Fifteen)

This was deeply rooted in Russian culture and was something that Putin was keying into. And it was a paradox: “We may find it bizarre, looking at the situation at the moment, faced with a naked act of aggression, and unrestrained indiscriminate slaughter of civilians. Anything less Christ-like is hard to imagine, and yet that narrative is there.”

Lord Williams said he knew many Russians and Russian Orthodox were torn when confronted with the war, facing the fact that an extraordinary tradition of vulnerability had turned into revenge, avenging centuries of victimhood: “That does seem to me pretty toxic,” he said.

Perhaps, but in Russia, toxicity is the new normal – whether a dictatorship that poisons enemy journalists and politicians or a military machine that massacres children and sends its own draftees into a still-smoking nuclear ruin to contract cancer.  Let the world wring its hands, Kirill will remain in power as long as he is alive.

The endgame outlook for Putin is less positive.

The Washington Times (they know cults, being a creation of the Ascended Mister Sun Myung Moon) recently concurred with the much-reviled RINO Lindsey Graham (R-SC) in that Mister Putin would best be removed from power, as well as from the planet.  President Joe, perhaps inadvertently, seemed to give his support before, as often, backtracking.

Last week, when Mr. Biden said (quite correctly) that the goal is to get rid of Mr. Putin, he spoke the truth that the foreign policy establishment did not want him to say.

“The real goal is regime change in Russia to stop the war,” declared the WashTimes.  “There is little chance that Russians can vote out or revolt against Mr. Putin at this time. Western policy should evaluate how to get rid of Mr. Putin faster by effectively exploiting the conflict between Mr. Putin and his generals (on war campaign failures) and by putting more pressure on oligarchs around Mr. Putin. They are losing vast amounts of wealth and power and cannot be happy with their current affairs. Ideally, some would find a way to put Mr. Putin into involuntary retirement.”

Especially if the new ground offensives fail to conquer Odessa and/or an invasion of Moldavia draws the wealth of the Carringtons and such into the fray, the Generals... already dissed by Mad Vlad... may decide that it’s better to sacrifice Putin than themselves.

Perhap,” the Times concluded, “London political and sports betting markets could open a book on Mr. Putin’s life expectancy.”

Or... warns Pope Francis (as well as a growing number of America’s military and political elites)... one twisted little man may accomplish the end of the human experiment.

"Our imagination appears increasingly concentrated on the representation of a final catastrophe that will extinguish us," he said at a March 16th address to the public, then departing from his prepared text to add: "such as that which would happen with an eventual atomic war," albeit without specifically mentioning the Ukraine war.  (Reuters, Attachment Eighteen)

"The 'day after', if there will still be days and human beings – we will have to start again from nothing," he said.





APRIL 16th – APRIL 22nd, 2022



Saturday, April 16th, 2022


Infected:  80,625,120

Dead:  988,609

Dow:  34,451.23   





American military aid (in lieu of the no no-fly zone) starts arriving in Ukraine... missiles, launchers, drones and 11 helicopters.  Also, from that “abundance of caution”, gas masks and hazmat suits.  Diplomats and military arguing over Russia’s chemical and nuclear intent; former CIA chief spook William Burns says: “The last act of Putin’s war is yet to be written.”

  Cases of Bad Ass Two plague keep rising, but hospitalizations and deaths lag due to Americans getting vaxxed and the fact that it’s just a weaker strain (except in Shanghai).  Still, the U.S. is the only country where life expectancy keeps falling... drugs and guns, along with Covid, blamed. 

   Apropos the guns: “follow home” robberies and shootings spiking in L.A. while twelve are shot at a South Carolina mall and thirteen at a Pittsburgh AIR B&B house party.   On the upside, a 14 year old girl slashes, stabs and routs a home invader with kitchen knives, and the Georgia gunshop gunman is captured (but the stolen guns are already out and into the streets).




Sunday, April 17th, 2022


Infected:  80,632.30

Dead:  988,618




It’s Easter Sunday and the Pope prays for peace (above) and against the “cruel and senseless war” while Mad Vlad orders Mariunople’s civilians to “surrender or die.”  Most choose death.  Fears of World War Three incite new support for the discarded Reagan-era “Star Wars” proposals; Russia attempts to pre-empt the effort by shooting down Elon Musk’s communications satellites. 

   Dr. Jha, now President Joe’s official Coronavirus Czar, notes that Bad Ass Two cases are down overall, but up in 31 states and hospitalizations, more important now than infections, are on the rise.  Advising Don Jones to “drown out the noise,” he adds that: “The pandemic is not over with, much as we may wish it were.”

   Pollster Nate Silver says that French President Macron leads the pro-Trump, pro-Putin challenger Marine LePen by seven points going into next week’s elections, and gives the challenger only a ten to fifteen percent chance of winning (and pulling France out of NATO).




Monday, April 18th, 2022


Infected:  80,685,321

Dead:  988,899

Dow:  34,411.69







It’s a (belated) tax day and Goldman-Sachs predicts a 35% chance of recession within two years.  The IRS admits that shortage of personnel will lead to delays in processing refunds.

   A Trump-appointed Federal Judge in Florida overturns all CDC mask mandates for travelers, provoking wild cheers from Refuseniks and fear among the most vulnerable – the elderly, people with compromised conditions and parents of children under five not yet eligible for vaccines.  On one of the year’s biggest air travel days, various states and localities have various policies about mask requirements at airports, so chaos reigns.

   Rebel ecologists celebrate return of Augusta, GA nuclear power plant, clamor for more.  Nukes now comprise 19% of American power production, according to the Brookings Inst., renewable sources comprise 20% and fossil fuels are down to 61% so President Joe offers more drilling leases on Federal land (but ups the fees imposed).  He also promises funds to renovate dangerous old plants and build shiny new ones.




Tuesday, April 19th, 2022


Infected: 80,737,932

Dead:  989,331

Dow:  34,911.20




It’s National Garlic Day.  Vampires stay home in their coffins while, despite Bad Ass Two now rising in 34 states, Biden says he will comply with the Florida ruling as the DOJ files legal action.  With airlines no longer forcing travelers to mask up, in-flight fights decline.  The new sub-subvariant, B.A. 212.1 reaches the 20% of new infections mark and still doesn’t deserve a Greek letter.  Is this a coverup?

   Russia and China continue shooting down American satellites, and space debris is taking a higher and higher toll – narrowly missing the I.S.S.  Nonetheless, VP Harris proposes a unilateral ban on Star Wars adventures, which America’s enemies are glad to dis-reciprocate. On the ground, Mad Vlad escalates his campaign to include incendiary bombs (prohibited as war crimes, but so what?) and TV General Ganyard asks: “Will victory (in Donbass?, in all Ukaine?, in Europe or...) satisfy Putin?  He implies not.

   The Boston Marathon returns without new bombings.  Kenyans, as usual, win, but the publicity is on a runner who runs to honor his older brother, killed in the blast. Crowds cheer a small contingent of Ukrainians just as the Invictus Games, watched over by Harry and Meghan in the U.K. feature refugee participants.




Wednesday, April 20th, 2022


Infected: 80,801,713

Dead:  990,218

Dow:  35,160.79







It’s National Lima Bean day.  Apropos: a lunatic crashes into the Peruvian embassy and shoots up the place before being killed – identity and motive unknown. 

   America sends more aid and weapons as Russians surround remaining Mariupol partisans and the troops promis to “level everything to the ground”.  Back in the USSR, ordinary Russians are evacuating too, and complaining about boycotts on artists and performers.

   Ecologists say that climate change can be stopped by planting more trees – but what kind?  The cold climate arboreal forests of Canada and Siberia are being replace by warmer weather trees.  In other agri-news, 37% of Joneses now say they have tried marijuana, and over 60% believe in Federal decriminalization as blacks are 263% more likely to be arrested for possession.  In honor of the Day, the worst weed in the world is Paraguayo, which is made with marmalade and smells like urine. 



Thursday, April 21st, 2022


Infected:  80,850,913

Dead:  990,679

Dow:  34,792.76






After testing new nuclear missiles, Russia threatens the world as condemnation grows – tennis players banned from Wimbledon, musicians kicked out.  Next: book and record (or DVD) by likes of Tolstoy and Tchaikovsky burned?

   President Joe will send “ghost drones” to Ukraine, where mass graves are being discovered in and around Mariunople.  Putin blockades steel factory where Resistance and a thousand civilians are hiding – plots to starve them out.  Zelenskyy given a JFK Democracy award (with no talk about the Cuban Missile Crisis). 

   QE2 turns 96 amidst talk of reunion with Meg & Harry (but what about Andrew?).  “Revenge travel” boosts airline tickets (prices duly raised) and an idiot bothering Mike Tyson on Jet Blue gets his face smooshed.  Rudy G. unmasked as the Masked Singer (a leering Jack in the Box) and Judge Ken Jeong walks out.



Friday, April 22nd, 2022


Infected:  80,942,268

Dead:  991,109

Dow:  33,811.40 



It’s Earth Day! Virtuous Americans plant trees, watch documentaries about sea creatures like the Vampire Octopi and Bloody Belly Jellyfish that “sequester” CO2, and a “green burial company” that promotes sending your loved or not-so relatives off in “eco-friendly” coffins and without formaldehyde so they rot (and stink) in peace instead of becoming pickled delicacies for the space aliens.  (Sort of like how the Russians are burying people in Mariupol.)

   In economic news, states are crawling over one another to lure Disney World away from an unfriendly Florida.  Seattle’s flagship Starbucks goes the way of the Moskva... worse... employees vote to unionize.  Dark Money kingpin Koch is now searching for ways to get out of Russia without losing too many roubles and reports of (more) rising interest rates costs the Dow almost 1,000 points.  (See Attachment Last, below)

   Heeee’s back!  (Of course he never goes away!)  Djonald Unfriended turns on former butt-kisser turned butt-kicker Piers Morgan after some New York Times reporters allege that the Big Macs (McConnell, Senate and McCarthy, House) wanted him to resign after the One Six.  McCarthy denies it all, but has to eat crow after an audiotape surfaces.  Yet another book: “This Will Not Pass” will exploit the situation.

   Also back... Barack Obama who makes a speech at Stanford and says disinformation is a bad thing.  Students are appreciative.  Another former President doesn’t fare so well... Hernandez of Honduras indicted as a drug kingpin.


* Most of our indices were compiled to the 23rd.  We are holding the full Index another day in order to get a transcript of Patriarch Kyrill’s (Orthodox) Easter message, if such proves available.  We will also use our revised Indices starting next week.


A rather torpid week (as the new normals of plague, war and inflation rumbled on) livelied up Friday, which saw the Dow fall by nearly a thousand points... the worst drop in many, many years.  Consequently, we appended a rare economic attachment to the Index, the gist of which was that companies reporting disappointing quarterly results led the market decline.  “The prospects of more aggressive rate tightening by the Federal Reserve in response to an inflation rate not seen since the early 1980s continues to weigh on stock prices and investor nerves,” Sam Stovall, chief investment strategist at CFRA Research, told CNBC.














(REFLECTING… approximately… DOW JONES INDEX of June 27, 2013)


See a further explanation of categories here













6/17/13 & 1/1/2022





(w/reset: 4/1)


(w/ reset: 4/1)


Wages (hourly, per capita)


1350 points







(1,356.08)   27.06 nc

Median Income (yearly)






677.63 (600.60)

677.93 (600.78)   35,781 791 801 811

*Unempl. (BLS – in millions









(633.36)  3.6% nc

*Official (DC – in millions)









(300.90)      5,932 923

*Unofficl. (DC – in millions)









(300.71)    11,655 647

Workforce Participation.











328.11  (299.66)




In 158,547 586  Out  99,055 006 Total: 257,592 61.55

WP %  (ycharts)*






154.22 (150.24)

154.22 (150.24)  62.40 nc



Total Inflation








926.69 (1037.40)     +1.2







259.22  (298.50 )

259.22 (298.50 )     +1.0







151.39  (245.10 )

151.39 (245.10 )   +18.3

Medical Costs






279.11 (298.20)

279.11 (298.20)     +0.6









279.65 (298.50)     +0.5




Dow Jones Index









(294.52)   34,451.23 33,811.40   (See Attachment, The Last, below)

Home (Sales) 







 -4.15%           +5.04%








(287.72)  (315.31)

     Sales (M):  6.02 5.77  Valuations (K):  357.3 375.3

Debt (Personal)









(298.38)    68,771 9,023




Revenue (trilns.)









(301.70)       4,119 121

Expenditures (tr.)









(315.64)       6,293 274

National Debt tr.)









(451.04)    30,387 402

Aggregate Debt (tr.)






351.57 (449.19)


(450.00)    89,813 977





Foreign Debt (tr.)






273.27 (301.42)


(301.03)   7,771 781

Exports (in billions)






203.17 (150.00)

203.17 (150.00)  228.8 nc

Imports (bl.)









(150.00)  317.8

Trade Deficit (bl.)









(150.00)    89.2



World Affairs










Ukraine gets an early Easter Basket of missile launchers, “ghost drones” and copters from the Biden Bunny; President Z. gets a JFK Democracy Award.  France gets an election, pro-Putinish Marine LePen challenging incumbent Macron who shows off his chest hair.











Quran burnings spark Swedish riots.  NoKo’s Kim tests more nukes and “claps with glee.”  Taliban find themselves on the receiving end of terror as mystery Muslims bomb mosque, killing over fifty.











President Joe files his taxes Saturday; pays 24.6% on 610K, promises 6B to upgrade and build more nuclear plants and also promises to cancel 60K student debts.  Tex. Gov. Abbott rounds up migrants and puts them on buses to Washington to annoy Biden.  Omarosa wins  41M in anti-Trump lawsuit while much-sued conspiracy theorist Alex Jones declares bankruptcy.  Trump himself says he forgives the Big Macs (McConnell and McCarthy) for blaming him for One Six, then walks off sycophant Piers Morgan’s show.  Or doesn’t.  Who knows?











Goldman-Sachs predicts 35% chance of recession by 2024.  Kids hunting plastic easter eggs with money inside wish they were finding expensive real eggs as bird flu spreads to American eagles.  Also inflated: corn and wheat (Ukraine produces a lot of grain).  Get ready for many oatmeal breakfasts.











Georgia gunshop gunmen captured (but the guns are long gone).  This week’s active shooters strike SC (twice), Pittsburgh, and Washington DC.  14 year old girl skewers home invaders with steak knives.  Suepect in duffel-bag murder surrenders.  Kindergartener brings tequila to school and shares it.  Natl. Marijuana Day polls say 37% of Joneses now say they use the wicked weed, 60% say legalize it.  (Blacks are 263% more likely to be arrested.) And users say that Paraguayo is the worst.














Earth Day comes and goes with many speeches, some public-spirited events and no real action.  Too much water: Deaths in South Africa floods passes 500.  Too little water: Colorado river down 20%. Western wildfires have compatriots in Siberia... ecologists promote planting more trees.  Ten inches of “snowball snow” fall upon the Northeast. 

Natural/Unnatural Disaster










Good Samaritan dies saving 12 from capsized boat.  Police rescue two more from car sinking in lake.  Others pull a pilot from a plane crashed on the railroad tracks to beat oncoming train.  FAA declares war on jokers who shine laser pointers at airline pilots.



Science, Tech, Education










Green people protest Biden’s greenlighting sales of gas & oil contracts on Federal lands.  Best Buy announces it will pick up old appliances if you pay them $200.

Equality (econ/social)










Florida damns Disney, bans 41% of school textbooks as promoting CRT, Michelle Obama’s nephews expelled from ritzy Milwaukee private school for protesting racist textbooks.































- 103.60









- 103.70

Once more, America is the only (developed) country where life expectancy is falling.  Guns, drugs and plague blamed. (Is Ukraine still a “developed” country?  FDA recalls toxic “Lucky Charms”, Dollar General (now $1.25 General) recalls glue guns that burn users.  650K Ford trucks with failing windshield wipers, 635K air fryers that cause air fryer fires and 20K child-choking carseats also get the hook. 


Dr. Jha says plague recedes, but Bad Ass cases still up in 34 states with kids at risk; hospitalizations deemed more important than infections.   New Greekless variant B.A. 212.1 comprises 20% of U.S. cases.

Freedom and Justice










Florida judge cancels mask mandates, making some travelers exuberant, others afraid.  “Gone Girl” Sherri Papini pleads guilty to Smolletting herself, faces 25 years (but will probably get less than one).  “Rust” onset killing investigators exonerate Baldwin, fine producers $100K.









Cultural incidents






550.38  (453.15)





QE2 turns 96, poses for pictures with two of her “ponies”.  Tom Hanks throws out the first pitch for Cleveland Guardians (formerly Indians).  Library of Congress calls “La Vida Loca” a recording of cultural significance.  Ezra Miller (“the Flash”) arrested in Hawaii for bad conduct on set, Richard Dreyfuss calls Bill Murray a “drunken Irish bully” and Johnny Depp and Amber Heard swap “heinous” charges in court.  Rudy (“I need the money”) Giuliani dresses up as Jack-in-the-Box and sings “Bad to the Bone” on “Masked Singer”, causing judge Ken Jeong to walk out and comedians to decry: “That’s a terrible thing to do to people on National Marijuana Day.”

Miscellaneous incidents










Stuck container ship in Chesapeake Bay finally freed.  Holiday “revenge travel” highlights tired pilots and confusing mask rules.  Notre Dame renovations uncover centuries old tombs and statues.  Stupid man starts airline fight with Mike Tyson, another walks into a carwash (but doesn’t walk out).  Hot wax!  Fame seeker wins fame by watching “Spiderman” movie 292 times.  Aww: “Batman”, a spider monkey with a Batman mask born 4/15 in Florida zoo.  New baby orangutan born in Oregon zoo, python found lounging on WalMart shelf.











The Don Jones Index for the week of April 16th through April 22nd, 2022 was DOWN 5.18 points.



The Don Jones Index is sponsored by the Coalition for a New Consensus: retired Congressman and Independent Presidential candidate Jack “Catfish” Parnell, Chairman; Brian Doohan, Administrator.  The CNC denies, emphatically, allegations that the organization, as well as any of its officers (including former Congressman Parnell, environmentalist/America-Firster Austin Tillerman and cosmetics CEO Rayna Finch) and references to Parnell’s works, “Entropy and Renaissance” and “The Coming Kill-Off” are fictitious or, at best, mere pawns in the web-serial “Black Helicopters” – and promise swift, effective legal action against parties promulgating this and/or other such slanders.

Comments, complaints, donations (especially SUPERPAC donations) always welcome at or:




ONE (A) – from the Central Loggia of the Vatican Basilica


EASTER 2022 

Dear brothers and sisters, Happy Easter!

Jesus, the Crucified One, is risen! He stands in the midst of those who mourned him, locked behind closed doors and full of fear and anguish. He comes to them and says: “Peace be with you!” (Jn 20:19). He shows the wounds in his hands and feet, and the wound in his side. He is no ghost; it is truly Jesus, the same Jesus who died on the cross and was laid in the tomb. Before the incredulous eyes of the disciples, he repeats: “Peace be with you!” (v. 21).

Our eyes, too, are incredulous on this Easter of war. We have seen all too much blood, all too much violence. Our hearts, too, have been filled with fear and anguish, as so many of our brothers and sisters have had to lock themselves away in order to be safe from bombing. We struggle to believe that Jesus is truly risen, that he has truly triumphed over death. Could it be an illusion? A figment of our imagination?

No, it is not an illusion! Today, more than ever, we hear echoing the Easter proclamation so dear to the Christian East: “Christ is risen! He is truly risen!” Today, more than ever, we need him, at the end of a Lent that has seemed endless. We emerged from two years of pandemic, which took a heavy toll. It was time to come out of the tunnel together, hand in hand, pooling our strengths and resources... Instead, we are showing that we do not yet have within us the spirit of Jesus but the spirit of Cain, who saw Abel not as a brother, but as a rival, and thought about how to eliminate him. We need the crucified and risen Lord so that we can believe in the victory of love, and hope for reconciliation. Today, more than ever, we need him to stand in our midst and repeat to us: “Peace be with you!”

Only he can do it. Today, he alone has the right to speak to us of peace. Jesus alone, for he bears wounds… our wounds. His wounds are indeed ours, for two reasons. They are ours because we inflicted them upon him by our sins, by our hardness of heart, by our fratricidal hatred. They are also ours because he bore them for our sake; he did not cancel them from his glorified body; he chose to keep them forever. They are the indelible seal of his love for us, a perennial act of intercession, so that the heavenly Father, in seeing them, will have mercy upon us and upon the whole world. The wounds on the body of the risen Jesus are the sign of the battle he fought and won for us, won with the weapons of love, so that we might have peace and remain in peace.

As we contemplate those glorious wounds, our incredulous eyes open wide; our hardened hearts break open and we welcome the Easter message: “Peace be with you!”

Brothers and sisters, let us allow the peace of Christ to enter our lives, our homes, our countries!

May there be peace for war-torn Ukraine, so sorely tried by the violence and destruction of the cruel and senseless war into which it was dragged. In this terrible night of suffering and death, may a new dawn of hope soon appear! Let there be a decision for peace. May there be an end to the flexing of muscles while people are suffering. Please, please, let us not get used to war! Let us all commit ourselves to imploring peace, from our balconies and in our streets! Peace! May the leaders of nations hear people’s plea for peace. May they listen to that troubling question posed by scientists almost seventy years ago: “Shall we put an end to the human race, or shall mankind renounce war?” (Russell-Einstein Manifesto, 9 July 1955).

I hold in my heart all the many Ukrainian victims, the millions of refugees and internally displaced persons, the divided families, the elderly left to themselves, the lives broken and the cities razed to the ground. I see the faces of the orphaned children fleeing from the war. As we look at them, we cannot help but hear their cry of pain, along with that of all those other children who suffer throughout our world: those dying of hunger or lack of medical care, those who are victims of abuse and violence, and those denied the right to be born.

Amid the pain of the war, there are also encouraging signs, such as the open doors of all those families and communities that are welcoming migrants and refugees throughout Europe. May these numerous acts of charity become a blessing for our societies, at times debased by selfishness and individualism, and help to make them welcoming to all.

May the conflict in Europe also make us more concerned about other situations of conflict, suffering and sorrow, situations that affect all too many areas of our world, situations that we cannot overlook and do not want to forget.

May there be peace for the Middle East, racked by years of conflict and division. On this glorious day, let us ask for peace upon Jerusalem and peace upon all those who love her (cf. Ps 121 [122]), Christians, Jews and Muslims alike. May Israelis, Palestinians and all who dwell in the Holy City, together with the pilgrims, experience the beauty of peace, dwell in fraternity and enjoy free access to the Holy Places in mutual respect for the rights of each.

May there be peace and reconciliation for the peoples of Lebanon, Syria and Iraq, and in particular for all the Christian communities of the Middle East.

May there be peace also for Libya, so that it may find stability after years of tensions, and for Yemen, which suffers from a conflict forgotten by all, with continuous victims: may the truce signed in recent days restore hope to its people.

We ask the risen Lord for the gift of reconciliation for Myanmar, where a dramatic scenario of hatred and violence persists, and for Afghanistan, where dangerous social tensions are not easing and a tragic humanitarian crisis is bringing great suffering to its people.

May there be peace for the entire African continent, so that the exploitation it suffers and the hemorrhaging caused by terrorist attacks – particularly in the Sahel region – may cease, and that it may find concrete support in the fraternity of the peoples. May the path of dialogue and reconciliation be undertaken anew in Ethiopia, affected by a serious humanitarian crisis, and may there be an end to violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo. May prayer and solidarity not be lacking for the people in the eastern part of South Africa, struck by devastating floods.

May the risen Christ accompany and assist the people of Latin America, who in some cases have seen their social conditions worsen in these difficult times of pandemic, exacerbated as well by instances of crime, violence, corruption and drug trafficking.

Let us ask the risen Lord to accompany the journey of reconciliation that the Catholic Church in Canada is making with the indigenous peoples. May the Spirit of the risen Christ heal the wounds of the past and dispose hearts to seek truth and fraternity.

Dear brothers and sisters, every war brings in its wake consequences that affect the entire human family: from grief and mourning to the drama of refugees, and to the economic and food crisis, the signs of which we are already seeing. Faced with the continuing signs of war, as well as the many painful setbacks to life, Jesus Christ, the victor over sin, fear and death, exhorts us not to surrender to evil and violence. Brothers and sisters, may we be won over by the peace of Christ! Peace is possible; peace is a duty; peace is everyone’s primary responsibility!


AND ONE (B) – From The Catholic News Agency


By Pope Francis, Vatican City, Apr 16, 2022 / 15:00 pm


Here is the full text of Pope Francis' homily for Easter Vigil 2022, which was celebrated in St. Peter's Basilica on April 16, 2022.


Many writers have evoked the beauty of starlit nights. The nights of war, however, are riven by streams of light that portend death. On this night, brothers and sisters, let us allow the women of the Gospel to lead us by the hand, so that, with them, we may glimpse the first rays of the dawn of God’s life rising in the darkness of our world. As the shadows of night were dispelled before the quiet coming of the light, the women set out for the tomb, to anoint the body of Jesus. There they had a disconcerting experience. First, they discovered that the tomb was empty; then they saw two figures in dazzling garments who told them that Jesus was risen. Immediately they ran back to proclaim the news to the other disciples (cf. Lk 24:1-10). They saw, they heard, they proclaimed. With these three verbs, may we too enter into the passover of the Lord from death to life.

The women saw. The first proclamation of the resurrection was not a statement to be unpacked, but a sign to be contemplated. In a burial ground, near a grave, in a place where everything should be orderly and peaceful, the women “found the stone rolled away from the tomb; but when they went in, they did not find the body” (vv. 2-3). Easter begins by upsetting our expectations. It comes with the gift of a hope that surprises and amazes us. Yet it is not easy to welcome that gift. At times – we must admit – this hope does not find a place in our hearts. Like the women in the Gospel, we are overtaken by questions and doubts, and our first reaction before the unexpected sign is one of fear: “They were terrified and bowed their faces to the ground” (v. 5).

All too often we look at life and reality with downcast eyes; we fix our gaze only on this passing day, disenchanted by the future, concerned only with ourselves and our needs, settled into the prison of our apathy, even as we keep complaining that things will never change. In this way, we halt before the tomb of resignation and fatalism, and we bury the joy of living. Yet tonight the Lord wants to give us different eyes, alive with hope that fear, pain and death will not have the last word over us. Thanks to Jesus’ paschal mystery, we can make the leap from nothingness to life. “Death will no longer be able to rob our life” (K. RAHNER), for that life is now completely and eternally embraced by the boundless love of God. True, death can fill us with dread; it can paralyze us. But the Lord is risen! Let us lift up our gaze, remove the veil of sadness and sorrow from our eyes, and open our hearts to the hope that God brings!

In the second place, the women heard. After they had seen the empty tomb, the two men in dazzling garments said to them, “Why do you look for the living among the dead? He is not here, but has risen” (vv. 5-6). We do well to listen to those words and to repeat them: He is not here! Whenever we think we have understood everything there is to know about God, and can pigeonhole him in our own ideas and categories, let us repeat to ourselves: He is not here! Whenever we seek him only in times of emotion, so often passing, and moments of need, only to set him aside and forget about him in the rest of our daily life and decisions, let us repeat: He is not here! And whenever we think we can imprison him in our words, in our formulas, and in our customary ways of thinking and acting, and neglect to seek him in the darkest corners of life, where there are people who weep, who struggle, suffer and hope, let us repeat: He is not here!

May we too hear the question asked of the women: “Why do you look for the living among the dead?” We cannot celebrate Easter if we continue to be dead; if we remain prisoners of the past; if in our lives we lack the courage to let ourselves be forgiven by God who forgives everything, the courage to change, to break with the works of evil, to decide for Jesus and his love. If we continue to reduce faith to a talisman, making God a lovely memory from times past, instead of encountering him today as the living God who desires to change us and to change our world. A Christianity that seeks the Lord among the ruins of the past and encloses him in the tomb of habit is a Christianity without Easter. Yet the Lord is risen! Let us not tarry among the tombs, but run to find him, the Living One! Nor may we be afraid to seek him also in the faces of our brothers and sisters, in the stories of those who hope and dream, in the pain of those who we suffer: God is there!

Finally, the women proclaimed. What did they proclaim? The joy of the resurrection. Easter did not occur simply to console those who mourned the death of Jesus, but to open hearts to the extraordinary message of God’s triumph over evil and death. The light of the resurrection was not meant to let the women bask in a transport of joy, but to generate missionary disciples who “return from the tomb” (v. 9) in order to bring to all the Gospel of the risen Christ. That is why, after seeing and hearing, the women ran to proclaim to the disciples the joy of the resurrection. They knew that the others might think they were mad; indeed, the Gospel says that the women’s words “seemed to them an idle tale” (v. 11). Yet those women were not concerned for their reputation, for preserving their image; they did not contain their emotions or measure their words. They had only the fire in their hearts with which to bear the news, the proclamation: “The Lord is risen!”

And how beautiful is a Church that can run this way through the streets of our world! Without fear, without schemes and stratagems, but solely with the desire to lead everyone to the joy of the Gospel. That is what we are called to do: to experience the risen Christ and to share the experience with others; to roll away the stone from the tomb where we may have enclosed the Lord, in order to spread his joy in the world. Let us make Jesus, the Living One, rise again from all those tombs in which we have sealed him. Let us set him free from the narrow cells in which we have so often imprisoned him. Let us awaken from our peaceful slumber and let him disturb and inconvenience us. Let us bring him into our everyday lives: through gestures of peace in these days marked by the horrors of war, through acts of reconciliation amid broken relationships, acts of compassion towards those in need, acts of justice amid situations of inequality and of truth in the midst of lies. And above all, through works of love and fraternity.

Brothers and sisters our hope has a name: the name of Jesus. He entered the tomb of our sin; he descended to those depths where we feel most lost; he wove his way through the tangles of our fears, bore the weight of our burdens and from the dark abyss of death restored us to life and turned our mourning into joy. Let us celebrate Easter with Christ! He is alive! Today, too, he walks in our midst, changes us and sets us free. Thanks to him, evil has been robbed of its power; failure can no longer hold us back from starting anew; and death has become a passage to the stirrings of new life. For with Jesus, the Risen Lord, no night will last forever; and even in the darkest night, in that darkness, the morning star continues to shine.

In this darkness that you are living, Mr. Mayor, Parliamentarians, the thick darkness of war, of cruelty, we are all praying, praying with you and for you this night. We are praying for all the suffering. We can only give you our company, our prayer and say to you: “Courage! We are accompanying you!” And also to say to you the greatest thing we are celebrating today: Christòs voskrés! Christ is risen!


ATTACHMENTS TWO (A through C)   From (or through) THE RUSSIAN ORTHODOX CHURCH, Department for External Church Relations


(A)...  From Reuters  See here for videos.




April 24, 2022 5:04 AM EDT


April 24 (Reuters) - President Vladimir Putin on Sunday attended an Easter mass conducted by the Russian Orthodox Church, which has strongly backed the Kremlin leader's "special military operation" in Ukraine.

Putin, dressed in a dark blue suit, a white shirt and dark purple tie, stood to one side in Moscow's Christ the Saviour Cathedral, holding a lit red candle, live images of the midnight service showed.

The Russian leader crossed himself several times during the ceremony. When Patriarch Kirill announced "Christ has risen", Putin joined the other members of the congregation with the reply "Truly he is risen". He otherwise did not speak.

At an outdoor service in Moscow on Saturday, Kirill said he hoped the conflict in Ukraine would end quickly but did not condemn it. His statements backing Russia's intervention, which has been condemned by Kyiv and Western nations as an act of aggression, have splintered the worldwide Orthodox Church. Read more here.

Russia says it is carrying out a special military operation in Ukraine aimed at demilitarising and "denazifying" the country. Ukraine and the West reject that as a baseless pretext.


AND (B)...




His Holiness Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russian has sent Easter greetings to heads of non-Orthodox churches. Among the addressees are Patriarch Tawadros II of the Coptic Church, Pope Francis of Rome, Patriarch Mor Ignatius Aphrem II of the Syrian Jacobite Church, Supreme Patriarch and Catholicos Karekin II of All Armenians, Catholicos Aram I of Cilicia, Catholicos-Patriarch Mar Gewargis II Sliva of the Assyrian Church of the East; Maronite Patriarchate Bechara Boutros Cardinal al-Rahi; Metropolitan Baselios Mar Thomas Paulose II of Malankara, Patriarch Abune Mathias of Ethiopia, and others.

 The message states:

 I cordially salute you on the Radiant Easter of the Lord and address to you the life-asserting greeting:


 Today the great feast of the feasts has come, according St. John Chrysostom, the banquet of faith and the richness of goodness. The rising of the Savour from the dead has destroyed the stronghold of hell and dissipated the darkness of sin. Let us rejoice on this wonderful day, for through the resurrection the human race has been granted eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord (Rom. 6:23).

Sharing the joy of the feast with those who are near and who are far, let us join efforts to assert in society the intransient moral values, help those who suffer from injustice, who are persecuted or endangered by the spreading coronavirus infection.

I wish you spiritual and physical strength and God’s help in fulfilling your lofty ministry, and to your flock I wish peace and welfare.


AND  (C)...

Paschal Message of His Holiness Patriarch KIRILL of Moscow and All Russia

Paschal Message

of His Holiness Patriarch KIRILL of Moscow and All Russia

 to the Archpastors, Pastors, Deacons, Monks and Nuns and

All the Faithful Children of the Russian Orthodox Church



Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ!

By his great mercy he has given us a new birth into a living hope

through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead (1 Pet 1:3)



Your Graces the archpastors, venerable fathers, all-honourable monks and nuns, dear brothers and sisters!

On this wondrous day of great solemnity, filled with a special joy in the Lord Jesus who has risen from the tomb, I convey my heartfelt congratulations to all of you on the great and world-saving feast of Pascha and address you with the words of the ancient life-affirming greeting:


Today the fullness of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church praises “with hymns and spiritual songs” the resurrection from the dead of the Son of God and the Son of Man our Lord Jesus Christ, who has cast down the power of death and opened up for us the way into his incorruptible kingdom. Truly, “now all things are filled with light; heaven, and earth, and the places under the earth. All creation celebrates the resurrection of Christ, on whom also it is founded” (The Paschal Canon).

Like the myrrh-bearing women of the Gospels and the other disciples of the Saviour, who became the first witnesses to the resurrection, we are called upon to proclaim this great joy to people – to those who are close and dear to us, to those who are around us, to those whom we know. We say to them: Christ is risen! And then, as many centuries ago, having believed, some will reply: He is truly risen! Others, like the apostle Thomas, will doubt and say: until I have seen him, until I have touched him, I will not believe ((Jn 20:25). Others will simply deny this message.

Belief in the resurrection of Jesus Christ is the unshakeable foundation, the firm pillar, upon which Christianity rests. “If after death He could not rise again, neither is sin loosed, nor death taken away,” says St. John Chrysostom, “Yea, and not only have we preached in vain, but ye also have believed in vain” (39th Homily on the First Epistle to the Corinthians).

By his redemptive sacrifice Christ united heaven and earth, the eternal and the temporal, the Creator and the creation, God and the human person. He has overcome the gulf which since the dawn of human history has separated the first people from their Maker. When they violated the commandments that were given to them and disobeyed their Creator, sin and death came to reign in the world. “When the fulness of the time had come,” says the apostle Paul, “God sent his Son, born of a woman, to redeem those who were under the law so that we might receive adoption as children” (Gal. 4:4-5).

Christ, being the Lamb of God “without defect or blemish takes away the sin of the world” (1 Pet 1:19; Jn 1:29). In being obedient to the heavenly Father “to the point of death– even death on the cross” (Phil. 2:8), he brings all of humankind to its Creator, reconciling it with him. Being the Son of God by his nature, he makes us sons and daughters of God by grace. The Lord opens up to us the way of moral transformation and spiritual ascension to life everlasting and blessed with God “in the unfading day of his kingdom” (The Paschal Canon).

In freeing us from enslavement to sin, in casting down “the powers of this present darkness, the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places” (Eph. 6:12), the Lord is raised up to heaven, where he sits in unapproachable glory at the right hand of the pre-eternal Father. At the same time, he does not abandon us here on earth and abides eternally with his disciples who together form his Body of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church. Her Head, Christ himself, guides this ark of salvation through the stormy waters of the sea of life to the tranquil haven of heaven where “God may be all in all” (1 Cor. 15:28).

We, Christians, who comprise the Holy Church, are to continue his glorious mission in the world. Like the great multitude of brothers and sisters in the faith who came before us – the apostles, the myrrh-bearing women, the martyrs, the saintly bishops, the venerable monks and nuns and the righteous – we are called upon to “give thanks to the Lord, call on his name, make known his deeds among the people” (1 Chr. 1:8). We are called upon to preach the Son of God and the Son of Man, who in his ineffable love for us shed his most precious blood on the Cross. We are called upon in both word and deed and with our whole lives to bear witness to people of the One who “was wounded for our transgressions, crushed for our iniquities” (Isa. 53:5) and “was raised for our justification” (Rom. 4:25).

Dear brothers and sisters! Again and again from the depths of my heart I would like to congratulate you on the radiant “Feast of feasts and Triumph of triumphs – the Lord’s Pascha” (The Paschal Canon). As the holy apostle John teaches us, “Let us love one another, because love is from God. He loved us and sent his Son to be the atoning sacrifice for our sins. Since God loved us so much, we also ought to love one another” (1 Jn 4:7-11). May these magnificent words be forever a guide for us on all paths of our life and inspire us to accomplish good deeds in the service of both those who are near and those who are afar. Amen.


This is the day that the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it, for CHRIST HAS TRULY RISEN!



ATTACHMENT THREE – from Wikipedia and various


Kirill or Cyril (RussianКириллChurch SlavonicСт҃ѣ́йшїй патрїа́рхъ кѷрі́ллъsecular name Vladimir Mikhailovich Gundyayev, Russian: Владимир Михайлович Гундяев; born 20 November 1946) is a Russian Orthodox bishop. He became Patriarch of Moscow and all Rus' and Primate of the Russian Orthodox Church on 1 February 2009.


Prior to becoming Patriarch, Kirill was Archbishop (later Metropolitanof Smolensk and Kaliningrad beginning on 26 December 1984, and also Chairman of the Russian Orthodox Church's Department for External Church Relations and a permanent member of the Holy Synod beginning in 1989.



Kirill, according to his WikiBio, “was born Vladimir Mikhailovich Gundyayev in Leningrad (present-day Saint Petersburg) on 20 November 1946. His father, Rev. Mikhail Gundyaev, died in 1974. His mother, Raisa Gundyaeva, a teacher of German, died in 1984. His elder brother, Archpriest Nikolay Gundyaev, is a professor at Leningrad Theological Academy and rector of the Holy Transfiguration Cathedral in St. Petersburg. His grandfather, Rev. Vasily Gundyaev, a Solovki prisoner, was imprisoned and exiled in the '20s, '30s and '40s for his church activity and struggle against Renovationism.[1][2]


After finishing the eighth grade (year 9), Vladimir Gundyayev got a job in the Leningrad Geological Expedition and worked for it from 1962 to 1965 as cartographer, combining work with studies at secondary school.[1] After graduation from school, he entered the Leningrad Seminary and later the Leningrad Theological Academy, from which he graduated cum laude in 1970.[2]

Life in the Church

On 3 April 1969, Metropolitan Nicodemus (Rotov) of Leningrad and Novgorod tonsured him with the name of Kirill after saint Cyril the Philosopher and on 7 April ordained him as hierodeacon and on 1 June as hieromonk.[1]

From 1970 to 1971, Father Kirill taught Dogmatic Theology and acted as rector's assistant for students’ affairs at the Leningrad Theological Schools and at the same time worked as personal secretary to Metropolitan Nicodem and supervising instructor of the first-grade seminarians.[1]



On 12 September 1971, Kirill was elevated to the rank of archimandrite and was posted as a representative of the Russian Orthodox Church to the World Council of Churches (WCC) in Geneva. On 26 December 1974, he was appointed rector of the Leningrad Academy and Seminary. Since December 1975, he has been a member of the WCC central committee and executive committee.[1]

In 1971, he was appointed representative of the Moscow Patriarchate at the World Council of Churches and has been actively involved in the ecumenical activity of the Russian Orthodox Church since then.[1]

Since 1994, Kirill has hosted a weekly Orthodox television program "Слово пастыря" (The Word of the Shepherd) on ORT/Channel One.[1]



On 14 March 1976, Archimandrite Kirill was consecrated Bishop of Vyborg, Vicar of the Leningrad diocese.

·         On 2 September 1977, he was elevated to the rank of archbishop.

·         From 26 December 1984, he was Archbishop of Smolensk and Vyazma.

·         From 1986 – administrator of the parishes in the Kaliningrad Region.

·         From 1988, he became Archbishop of Smolensk and Kaliningrad.

·         On 13 November 1989, he was appointed chairman of the department for external church relations and permanent member of the Holy Synod.

·         On 25 February 1991, Archbishop Kirill was elevated to the rank of metropolitan.

The Supreme Authority of the Church charged Kirill with the following functions:

·         from 1975 to 1982 – chairman of the Leningrad Diocesan Council;

·         from 1975 to 1998 – member of the Central and Executive Committees of the World Council of Churches;

·         from 1976 to 1978 – deputy Patriarchal Exarch for Western Europe;

·         from 1976 to 1984 – member of the Holy Synod commission for Christian unity;

·         from 1978 to 1984 – administrator of the Patriarchal Parishes in Finland;

·         from 1978 to 1988 – member of the Millennium of the Baptism of Russia preparatory commission;

·         in 1990 – member of the preparatory commission for the Local Council of the Russian Orthodox Church;

·         in 1990 – member of the commission for assistance in overcoming the consequences of the Chernobyl accident;

·         from 1989 to 1996 – administrator of the Hungarian Orthodox deanery;

·         from 1990 to 1991 – temporary administrator of the diocese of the Hague and Netherlands;

·         from 1990 to 1993 – temporary administrator of the diocese of Korsun;

·         from 1990 to 1993 – chairman of the Holy Synod commission for reviving religious and moral.[1]


Patriarch of Moscow

On 6 December 2008, the day after the death of Patriarch Alexy II, the Russian Holy Synod elected him locum tenens of the Patriarchal throne. On 9 December, during the funeral service for Alexey II in Christ the Saviour Cathedral (which was broadcast live by Russia's state TV channels), he was seen and reported to have fainted at one point.[3][4] On 29 December, when talking to journalists, he said he was opposed to any reforms of a liturgical or doctrinal nature in the Church.[5] On 27 January 2009, the ROC Local Council (the 2009 Pomestny Sobor) elected Kirill I of Moscow as Patriarch of Moscow and All Rus;[6][7] with 508 votes out of 700.[8]) He was enthroned on 1 February 2009.


The conservative wing in the Russian Orthodox Church criticized Kirill for practicing ecumenism throughout the 1990s. In 2008, breakaway Bishop Diomid of Anadyr and Chukotka criticized him for associating himself with the Catholic Church.[9] However, in a 2009 statement, Kirill stated that there could be no doctrinal compromise with the Catholic Church, and that discussions with them did not have the goal of seeking unification.[10]

Still, contact with Benedict XVI was characterized as greatly warm and with mutual respect with relations between the churches following. In 2012, Kirill's visit to Poland advanced greatly relations with the Roman Catholic hierarchy of Poland. Visits and encounters with Roman Catholics in Russia and abroad continue to enjoy support, if tacit, from many Orthodox clergy and lay people.[citation needed]

On 12 February 2016, Kirill and Pope Francis, the head of the Roman Catholic Church, met at José Martí International Airport near Havana, Cuba, and signed a thirty point joint declaration, prepared in advance, addressing global issues including their hope for re–establishment of full unity, the persecution of Christians in the Middle East, the Syrian Civil War and church organisation in Ukraine.[11]