8/20/22...      14,962.90

  8/13/22...      14,984.24

   6/27/13…     15,000.00



(THE DOW JONES INDEX:  8/27/22… 33,706.74; 8/13/22… 33,761.95; 6/27/13… 15,000.00)



LESSON for August 20, 2022 – “VENGEANCE is MINE... sa’ith ME!”


“Tell your husband to load up his wagon and take you out of Wyoming!” – Robert Ryan to Tina Louise in “Day of the Outlaw”

With the news in from Wyoming, Djonald Uncoordinated broke out into a rambling, shambling, staggering salsa to strains of the only hit of the one-hit-wonder “Steam” as has become a sort of triumphal anthem for bad winners everywyere... “Na Na Na Na Hey Hey... Good Bye!”

Wyoming kissed (or rather slapped) Liz Cheney good bye, allowing Trump to take his vengeance and perhaps setting the wheels to grinding for 2024.

The Donald also won a sort of victory in Alaska where the bubbly and demented Sarah Palin advanced to November’s showdown for the state’s single Congressional seat, but was foiled by Sen. Lisa Murkowski’s easy victory over an Alaskan armada of challengers.

Results are in as regards three important races in two states and, while Djonald Unforgiving’s revenge tour of the American primaries did not score a clean sweep, he did manage to oust his most hated enemy upon any and all U.S. ballots.

This was the main event of the 2022 primary season.  Tuesday’s races in New York and Florida, feature important incumbent politicians in both parties - the likes of Reps. Adam Schiff (D-NY), aging Congresspersons Carolyn Maloney and Jerry Nadler (thrown against each other through redistricting or, in Florida, party switching Republican-turned-Democrat Charlie Crist, or unopposed Republican incumbent Senator Marco Rubio and Governor Ron deSantis in Florida.

None of these, however, faces serious opposition and, to all intents and purposes, the primary season is already over.

For the remaining primaries, see Attachment One.

For the numbers in Wyoming and Alaska, see Attachment Two.



The former President is still fuming over the ten Republicans who voted to impeach him, the rats within and without his administration who have knuckled under to the January 6th Inquisition (co-chaired by Cheney) and assorted Republicans in Name Only (RINOs) who have dared to go on record opposing some or all of Djonald UnContradicted’s policies during his tenure or... worse... even the Man himself.  (He’s also holding grudges against those whom he suspects of disloyalty but cannot yet prove to be among those Enemies of America.)

And Wyoming is a proper state for vengeance.  With Montana and Idaho, parts of eastern Washington and Oregon and perhaps Utah, too, it is a redoubt of hard settlement, hard living and frontier justice where a man whose word is not his bond’s a man worth shooting.

The relocated Cajun author James Lee Burke describe the upper Mountain West... Montana, in this case, though applicable to Wyoming and the rest, north of Denver and Salt Lake... the scenic grandeur and sanguinary history as, for example, included the massacre of native tribes by manifest destineers like Major Baker, who butchered hundreds of Blackfeet during the thousand mile retreat of Chief Joseph that fell short of reaching Canada.

“Maybe we have already entered the time of Major Eugene Baker and those like him.  Maybe we’re about to see the horses in the Book of John up close and personal, their chests heaving, their breaths hot, their mouths and necks lathered, thundering across a ruined world peopled with skeletons.  But the darkest hour is not in the prophecy of a Hebrew evangelist who lived two thousand years ago; it’s in the soul...”  (“Every Cloak Rolled in Blood”)

Cowboy Staters could forgive Liz for being female, if only because she was the daughter of their former icon Dick... the Bush Two Veep who took care of lil’ Georgie’s dirty work and shot the smile off some poor moax with the temerity to accept a “hunting trip” with Papa Cheney.

But after she spoke out against Trump’s “peaceful tourists” at the Capitol, Lizzo complicated the heresy by being one of the Ten Little Traitors who supported impeachment (and replacing the President with another turncoat, Mike Pence) and, finally, accepted the appointment by Speaker Nancy Pelosi to be one of the two Republican tokens on the House Select Committee panel (a.k.a. “The Inquisition”)... well, that just steamed Ol’ 45’s cabbages.

But revenge was sweet (as we noted in last week’s Lesson)... one by one, seven of the ten traitors (less Lizzo) either retired in fear for their lives or were gunned down, garroted, eviscerated, set afire or... like nearly happened to Pence, hanged.  (Politically, course... so far... the Wrath of Trump runs still and deep with many tentacles and a medieval memory, but has not yet joined Vladimir Putin in his campaign tactics.)

Cheney, Daddy be damned, was the last tin can on the fence.

In some ways, Wyoming was progressive... old progressive as the terminology goes... with a way-out-west independent streak: in 1869 it became the first territory or state to grant women the right to vote and, in 1925, elected America’s first female governor, Nellie Taylor Ross. Known as both the “Equality State” and “Cowboy State”, in the 1990s it welcomed visitors with signs that proclaimed: “Like no place on earth.”  (Guardian U.K., August 13th... See Attachment Three)

Even today it can feel remote from national trends. It has no major professional sports team and, since 1983, no scheduled passenger rail service. The state museum in Cheyenne notes that “for centuries, Wyoming was a place to journey through rather than a destination … the ‘Highway of the West’.”

But revenge was and also remains a hallmark of Old Wyoming... the settlers hated the Indians, ranchers hated sodbusters, the cattlemen hated sheepmen, miners hated claimjumpers, country folk still hate migrants from the big cities (like Cheyenne, Laramie or Cody), white folks hate dark folks,  natives hate the newcomers (anybody without less than three generations in residence) and everybody not pimping the tourist bizness hates Yellowstone and the expletives who dwell in and around Jackson (worse, by far, then the hate Arizonans express for Sedonites or Texans for Austin – although they won’t always turn the radio off or shoot it if the DJ plays Waylon or Willie).

Vengefulness abides.

Trump’s devotees... critics call them “cultists” are vengeful too.

One, Darin Smith, raised $400,000 to challenge the traitoress and made a pilgrimage to Trump’s golf club in Bedminster, New Jersey, to seek the former president’s all-important endorsement.

Trump gave Hageman the nod instead; Smith abandoned his campaign within a day and insists that he is not bitter. The bitterness... he told GUK dwells within Cheney – one of 10 House Republicans who voted to impeach Trump for inciting an insurrection – vengeful over Trump’s criticism of her father as the mastermind of a neoconservatism that led to the torturing of suspects, opening of a prison at Guantánamo Bay and waging of an illegal war on Iraq.

“It was a vendetta. She’s mad at Trump because Trump pointed out the truth of the Cheney foreign policy. Her dad is responsible for millions of deaths worldwide and trillions of dollars in spending from the US government. She’s pissed about it and she’s a narcissist and she saw her opportunity to go for Trump’s throat and she did.

“But it’s bigger than that. She wants to be the first woman president. We all know that. We’re not stupid. She’s going to ‘educate’ us in the constitution and how ‘we’re wrong and she’s right.’ Well, she’s got news and she’s got something coming for her on Tuesday of next week. She’s gonna find out if she educated us or not.

“The voters in Wyoming do not like being disparaged or patronized.”  (Even if the disparager or patronize is Daddy Cheney!)


James King, a political science professor at the University of Wyoming interviewed by GUKsters, said that Cheney’s opponent has seized on the theme that “she is too much Washington and not enough Wyoming”... that she’s not of Wyoming any longer, she’s not paying attention to us.

Indeed, Cheney has raised more than $13m largely thanks to donations from outside Wyoming, a vast sum for a congressional primary while Hageman, travelled the state extensively to court voters. This, too, was seen as evidence that the incumbent is beholden to outside interests despite the excuse that persons unknown (but sympathies suspect) were gunning for the Congresswoman... not only politically, but physically.

In Cheyenne, the state capital, Dianna Burchett, 62, a nurse who has voted for Cheney in the past, told GUK: “She was put in office to do what the people of Wyoming wanted her to do and she went against the people of the state. She needs to keep her views to herself but she’s on a witch-hunt or blood hunt. It’s inexcusable.”

Laura Harnish, 53, an administrator who used to sit on an election committee for Dick Cheney, added: “I wouldn’t vote for Liz Cheney if she was the last person on the ballot. The January 6 committee was very badly done. She wasn’t representing Wyoming at that point. I vote for you. That’s who you represent: Wyoming. If you’re not going to do that then you don’t need to be in office. You need to find something else to do.”

Not all Democrats, eitherer, embraced a conservative who used to appear regularly on Rupert Murdoch’s Fox News and, according to the FiveThirtyEight website, voted in line with Trump’s position 93% of the time during his presidency.


“In another era,” posited (CNN, also on Saturday, August 13th, 7:04 PM – Attachment Four), Liz Cheney would have been exactly the kind of candidate Republican leaders would champion. She has the voting record, the pedigree, the fortitude, the eloquence and the smarts they might look for in the party's first female presidential nominee.

“But in this, the Era of Trump, traditional political strengths have been supplanted by blind loyalty to the standard bearer. So it is that Wyoming's sole member of Congress has become a pariah in her own party, stripped of her House leadership position, expelled by her state's GOP, widely derided and essentially banished for having the audacity to fight for something conservatives like her used to hold dear: America's democracy.”

The Democrats who fawn over her oppose pretty much everything Cheney stands for beyond Trump's threat to the union. After all, she is a rock-ribbed Republican who voted with Trump 93% of the time (and with President Biden less than 18% of the time).

“Cheney has been a staunch opponent of abortion rights and an advocate for gun ownership, though she was one of just 14 House Republicans to back a bipartisan bill on gun safety in June,” CNN opinionator Jodi Enda reminded America in its Saturday night jeremiad before the hammer fell three days later.   “She has opposed creating a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants who came to the United States as children, strengthening the Voting Rights Act and reforming the police in the wake of George Floyd's murder. Like most of her Republican colleagues, she yearned to repeal Obamacare.

On Friday (the 12th), Lizzo extended her broad opposition to Biden's signature initiatives, Enda continued, “voting against legislation to combat global warming, decrease the cost of prescription drugs, raise taxes on wealthy corporations and reduce the federal deficit. Democrats passed the bill without a single Republican vote.

“When she ran for the Senate in 2013 -- a race she ultimately abandoned -- Cheney voiced her opposition to same-sex marriage, though her own sister had married a woman the previous year as well as voting against such feminist standards as paycheck fairness, reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act and protecting pregnant employees from workplace discrimination.

Neither a bleeding heart, nor a Me Too feminist, “she was also the only congresswoman of either party to oppose the creation of that women's history museum near the National Mall.”


Loyalty to the Cheneys still runs deep in some quarters as a cross sample of voters interviewed by David Smith of the liberal Guardian U.K. (See Attachment Three).

On Tuesday afternoon, Richard Gage, 67, a lawyer, was hosing bushes outside his office. The lifelong Republican reflected: “She’s done a great job and she’s one of the few people with the courage to stand up to Donald Trump. He’s trying to destroy my democracy. He’s trying to overturn an election that he lost and that’s a direct threat to democracy itself.”

Gage has a Cheney sign displayed prominently and said it has resulted in rubbish being thrown on his lawn, a glimpse of how this campaign has taken on a menacing tone. Cheney herself has faced death threats and been forced to abandon traditional campaign stops and public rallies in favour of small-scale private events.

Joseph McGinley, a Republican county state committeeman who praises Cheney for “leadership in action” and believes she “would make a great president”, said: “There have been people that are supporting Hageman that have been stealing Cheney signs and vandalising Cheney signs.

 “I was away for the weekend and came back and half the Cheney signs were gone, even in our neighbourhood, not in a very public area. The stealing of Cheney signs is a real thing and that’s unfortunate. It shows the people that are supporting Hageman are willing to do anything and they’re afraid Cheney is going to win.”


But even the liberal GUK is not blindly loyal to the defeated Cheney... at least not blindly enough to refrain from seeking out and publishing dissenting voices.

Ted Hanlon, a Democrat, running a long-shot campaign for the state senate, said: “I’ve been in Wyoming all my life. I knew her and I knew her dad and I have no evidence yet that a Cheney did something that was not self-serving.

“I’m glad she’s doing the January 6 hearings. If any other Republicans had been on the January 6 committee it would not have gone as well as it has and would not have come as close to the truth as it has. So I’m grateful that she’s there. It does not cause me to admire her in any way though.”



If Cheney pivoted left after the One Six, victory for Hageman would reflect a final national pivot not exactly right, as conventional wisdom defines direction, but certainly away from the Bush era establishment to the “Make America Great Again” movement – from old school conservatism to far-right populism, another ancient (January!) Guardian tome tolled.

And so it was foretold, so it happened and so it will be.



Concluded its hearing phase, the Inquisitors gave Don Jones a rest from the parade of Republican rodents traipsing to the podium and denouncing their superiors (and their former selves) and praying their testimony would prevent a Garland of poison ivy being wrapped around their throats.

Among the reasons seldom expressed was that the members – including retiring Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-Ill.), who joined Liz on the select panel after House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy boycotted it in protest of Pelosi’s move to block two of his picks – and seven Democrats could, with Cheney, return to the campaign trail before their term concludes and settle accounts with their constituents.

Despite the formal cessation of the Inquisitorial hearings, the shadowy labors of the investigators continued... witnesses briefed in confidence, promises of depositions made, collaborators betrayed.  The stuff of criminals and the police - snitching for reduced or dismissed charges.

To Cheney, the almost-certain defeat was simply motivation to redouble her efforts to drive through the mass of minions and impale the criminal-in-chief upon her spear.

(Ponder: If the Committee survives, who will Speaker Pelosi choose to replace Cheney?)




Darin Smith, the rejected aspirant for Trump’s primary blessing (above) told the Brits at GUK that he remembers January 6 very differently from Liz Cheney and her congressional colleagues investigating the US Capitol riot.

“People were singing patriotic songs, the national anthem, hymns,” insists Smith, who was outside the Capitol that day to protest about Donald Trump’s election defeat. “There was a group of grey-haired ladies – the average age had to have been mid-70s – that were praying.”

“Nineteen months later,” (and three days before the primary), a bunch of Brits brace Smith, sitting in a cafe in his home city of Cheyenne in the western state of Wyoming. He condemns the violence that took place inside the Capitol but, despite a mountain of evidence, scoffs at the idea that Trump was responsible. And he is adamant that Cheney, his representative in Congress, should pay a price for her anti-Trump crusade.” 

Jackson native George Dykes, 53, told Politico (Attachment Five) that he’d supported the Cheney family for years “and recalled seeing former Vice President Dick Cheney’s daughter walk into the office of former Sen. Craig Thomas (R-Wyo.), where he once worked.”

But Dykes soured on the family altogether over Liz Cheney’s service on the Jan. 6 committee, arguing that she had fed into a Democratic narrative and adding that while “I don’t necessarily love Hageman, I’m done with Cheney.”

“She’s dead to me,” he said. “I will never support that family again.”In other words, Cheney’s beliefs make the Wyoming native the outsider now.

CNN’s Enda (above) had paid the defeated Congresswoman a sort of pre-death eulogy, acknowledging that Cheney was “the breakout star of this summer's blockbuster TV series: the hearings of the House committee investigating the January 6, 2021, attack on the Capitol.” As the vice chair and one of only two Republicans with the mettle to serve on the committee, Cheney had been (and, until January 20th when a new Wyoming representive – almost assuredly Hagemann – takes office and, perhaps, the entire enterprise is shut down by an incoming Republican majority) still will be granted the lead in hearings that have “methodically and dramatically revealed the role that Trump and his sidekicks played in the violent attempt to overturn the election of Joe Biden.”

But, scoffed Enda, “shed no tears for Liz Cheney,” not only because of the sins of her past, as noted above, but because her star “has never shone more brightly.”  Even after being ridden out of Congress on a rail, her options will be numerous... none so enticing as the payback she can deliver between January, 2023 and November, 2024.

In his August 16th Election Day autopsical preview, Columbia Journalism Review (See Attachment Six), Jon Allsop punctured Cheney’s enhanced status among liberals and moderates with memories... citing personal and generational sins of the Cheney family dating back to the silent movie days.



Cheney’s post One Six anti-Trump pivot quickly made her an object of media fascination; as Bloomberg’s Joshua Green put it last year, “political press coverage thrives on two things—conflict and Trump—that Cheney delivers in one efficient package,” and Cheney clearly understood this, noted CJR’s Allsop.

“As her primary (neared), this fascination has only intensified,” Allsop wrote, ticking off the Tik Tok and tabloid politics of the day. “TV interviews with Cheney have been billed as set-piece events, particularly in the wake of her starring role in the January 6 committee’s televised hearings.

Allsop hosted a Chataqua tour (sans Salman Rushdie) of some of the op-ed writers who disagree with Cheney on just about everything, but have lionized her: Jonathan Capehart, of the Washington Postrecently called her “the Obi-Wan to Trump’s Darth Vader”; Margaret Renkl, of the New York Timesmentioned her in the same cultural breath as J.Lo.  Reporters for major outlets have filed a steady trickle of campaign dispatches from Wyoming, often looking back at her Republican apostasy and forward to 2024, when she may run for president. “Liz Cheney’s political life is likely ending,” a typical headline, in the Times, read—“and just beginning.”

About the only ploy the plutocrat from Jackson Hole hasn’t employed has been to don a Dale Evans or Calamity Jane mask, hat, boots and six-guns and join Sarah Palin on “The Masked Singer,” or dance onstage with Devil Djonald to the sonorous strains of Steam.

Allsop cited the all-so-cynical Maureen Dowd of the New York Times as a disbeliever in the myth of martyrdom aswirl about the crucified candidate (and others of her sainted family), casting a critical eye on liberal cable channels’ sudden veneration of her as an “avatar” of “fact based” politics; Dick Cheney’s lies about the Iraq war, Dowd wrote, set a template for Trump’s election lies, and Liz Cheney cheered those on, including from a “patronage perch” at the State Department.

As when she appeared on Fox a decade ago, the CJR noted, foreign policy remains a preoccupation for the younger Cheney, who remains a hawk, “and so it’s particularly jarring that coverage of her post–January 6th pivot has so often glossed over her views in this area,” notwithstanding subsequent events in the Ukraine or around Taiwan that have somewhat diminished the ranks and rancor of the “peace at any price” hippies.

Nor has outrage resonated, among professed defenders of integrity in politics... partisanship aside... after the candidate baldly and openly solicited the support of Wyoming’s handful of Democrats... even, reported NPR on election morning: “invoking the late Democratic President John F. Kennedy in a fundraising email.”



While only members of a given party are allowed to vote in that party's primary in Wyoming, explained Fox News, “the state does allow for same-day voter registration. This means that people can switch parties the same day they vote, so those who had been Democrats can become Republicans just to vote for Cheney in the primary, where her main challenger is Harriet Hageman.”

Whether a result of Cheney's efforts or not, the Fox trumpeted a swing in voter registration numbers since January, with Democrats losing almost 7,000 voters and Republicans gaining more than 11,000, according to Wyoming Public Media. 

Mike Sullivan, former Democratic governor of Wyoming, counts himself among those who will make the switch and vote in the Republican primary. He told the Casper Star-Tribune that for him, it was "a choice between the politics of courage, character and integrity or revenge, vindication and chaos."

And Bryan Tarantola, 75, a Democrat and longtime Wyoming resident, said he has registered as a Republican this election year so he can vote for Cheney in the primary.

“There’s not much about the Cheneys that I care for,” Tarantola told Politico (above) during an interview in a cigar lounge in Jackson Hole. “But her opposition [to Trump] would tell you that Liz is displaying Wyoming values. Liz is showing honesty, integrity, courage — which I always thought were traditional Wyoming values. At least they were in the Wyoming in which I grew up.”


"When Liz Cheney’s only hope is to appeal to Democrats to raid a Republican primary, you know she has gone all the way over to Nancy Pelosi’s side," Hageman's campaign manager Carly Miller told Wyoming Public Media. "Wyoming is fed up with Cheney, and it’s too late for any election shenanigans to save her."

The victorious nominee presents herself as a “true conservative” and party loyalist — she says her experience growing up on a ranch in rural Wyoming taught her the value of what she calls “riding for the brand” — and, before the sole issue crystallized around Trump, emphasized her fight against Federal agencies to preserve Wyoming public land. She has also attempted to use the national audience drawn to Cheney’s plight against the incumbent, saying in her closing campaign ad that she — not Cheney — is the candidate looking out for Wyoming voters’ interests. 



In its premature, but realized, celebration on Monday, the pro-Trump, Bannon-indwelt Breitbart took one of its usual swipes at the despicable “establishment media” which “did what they could to put a positive spin on Cheney’s reelection prospects.”  (See Attachment Seven)

NPR also took a glance at Election Day polls and found the numbers unsympathetic to Cheney: the latest NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist poll finding that Cheney had a 60% favorability rating with Democrats.  But among Republicans, her favorability sank to just 13%. (See Attachment Eight)

“Looking at other surveys, it's a similar story. A Quinnipiac poll, for example, showed her approval with Republicans at 17%.  In Wyoming, a CNN survey found Cheney's disapproval in Wyoming at 72%.”

And the polls reported by Breitbart found Hageman leading Cheney by 57 points among likely Republican voters. “Polling that includes independents and Democrats additionally showed Hageman leading Cheney by huge margins of 30 points, 28 points, and 22 points.”

Oddly enough, Breibart erred on the side of the liberals.  Liz lost by over forty points.

“As Ms. Cheney faces a near-certain defeat on Tuesday in her House primary, it is the likely end of the Cheneys’ two-generation dynasty as well as the passing of a less tribal and more clubby and substance-oriented brand of politics,” the New York Times’s Jonathan Martin claimed. “It’s not mere clout, however, that traditional Wyoming Republicans are pining for as they consider their gilded past and ponder the state’s less certain political and economic future.

“Before Tuesday’s election, which is likely to propel Harriet Hageman, who is backed by former President Donald J. Trump, to the House,” reflected Breitbart’s Wendell Husebø, “the nostalgia in the state is running deeper than the Buffalo Bill Reservoir.”

The August 15th edition of Roll Call, a nonpartisan political journal, noted that the incumbent held “a staggering fundraising advantage in her race, with more than $15 million in receipts to Hageman’s $4.4 million, as of July 27... all but $380,000 in Cheney’s contributions (coming) from outside Wyoming, compared to almost $1 million of in-state donations for Hageman.” (See Attachment Nine)

Liz could and did pour plenty of her campaign lucre into the pockets of the local media.

Her campaign ads have featured well-known local figures — like former Sen. Alan Simpson — and, noted Roll Call, “an array of regular-looking Wyoming voters touting such accomplishments as support for rural health care, public lands, the military and the petroleum industry.”

Cheney’s campaign also bought national ad time on Fox News to run a spot featuring former Vice President Dick Cheney, her father, who... in cowboy hat, fleece and gruff tones... recorded a campaign video for her, excoriating Trump as a “coward” and saying there has never been anyone who is a “greater threat to our republic”.  (GUK, 8/13)

The video went viral, after it aired in Wyomingm contended Roll Call.  Therein, Dick doubled down on Trump - saying that the former POTUS “tried to steal the last election using lies and violence to keep himself in power after the voters had rejected him.”

In her own campaign video, Cheney... staring into the camera... elucidated: “Like many candidates across this country, my opponents in Wyoming have said that the 2020 election was rigged and stolen. No one who understands our nation's laws, no one with an honest, honorable, genuine commitment to our Constitution, would say that. It is a cancer that threatens our great republic. If we do not condemn these lies, if we do not hold those responsible to account, we will be excusing this conduct and it will become a feature of all elections. America will never be the same.”

And Cheney recruited a posse of Republican politicians to promote her re-election... the Leadership PACs of GOP Sens. Mitt RomneyLisa Murkowski and Susan Collins all having donated, along with those of former Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan and Trump-adjacent South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham

Democratic Reps. Tom Malinowski and Dean Phillips both recorded ads for Wyomingites Defending Freedom and Democracy, a group urging more Democrats in the state to change their registration to vote in the primary. 

That group has spent $188,000 supporting Cheney in the primary. She also got $37,000 in support from a group called The Thomas Payne Society.

Hageman, in turn, collected more than $125,000 from Leadership PACs and other candidates, many of them associated with Republicans who have amplified Trump’s baseless claims that the 2020 election was stolen, according to Roll Call.

Three groups have spent a combined $350,000 opposing her. The majority of that has come from Wyoming Values PAC, a super PAC chaired by Donald Trump Jr. that has been running a three-week TV ad blitz attacking Cheney. 

Wyoming Values has spent $684,000 supporting Hageman — the biggest share of the $1.7 million she had received in outside support. Other groups supporting Hageman include the anti-tax Club for Growth, which also spent money attacking Cheney; the House Freedom Action and House Freedom Fund, groups aligned with the far-right House Freedom Caucus; and Protect Freedom PAC, a group started by former aides to Sen. Rand Paul and his father, former Sen. Ron Paul. 

 “Sometimes it is better to lose the small thing and win the big thing,” stated Kevin D. Williamson in the conservative (but anti-Trump) National Review on Election Morning, as the candidate and her tenure careened towards extinction, “and, in this case, the  nomination of such a body as the Republican Party in Wyoming is the small thing. Liz Cheney already has won the big thing. The voters will pass judgment on Liz Cheney, and history will pass judgment on them. Cheney probably will have the better part of it.


And then, cards in hand and money on the table Election Day rolled round and round and quiet went the sounds.


The numbers rolled in early and often and pundits were confirming the results long before the polls closed. 

See stats from Five Thirty Eight (Attachment Two – A) and the New York Times (Two – B)       

“The big news from the evening remains Rep. Liz Cheney’s defeat,” Five Thirty Eight reported, declaring that the margin by which Cheney lost was staggering — 37 points:

The numbers for Alaska came in a little slower and were a little closer... given the state’s strange vote-counting protocols (See the 8/17. 7:10 AM Washington Post, Attachment Ten) but, by Wednesday afternoon, it was clear that the former President had (with Hagemann) won a split decision.

Lisa Murkowski (R-Al) was another, if slightly lesser, target of Trump’s rage but, in this instance, she advanced to the November election.

Former Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin kicked off her comeback by finishing second in an open primary... but the overall Republican vote gives her an excellent chance of overtaking Democrat Mary Peltola in the complicated November balloting, inasmuch as the combined total of G.O.P. votes exceeded sixty percent/




Murkowski (R-Alaska) was one of four candidates whom the WashPost (above) named to have advances to the ranked-choice general election alongside Trump-backed Kelly Tshibaka. And notably, Murkowski actually held a narrow lead — “something that, if it holds up, will augur well for her chances of survival in November.”

With 68 percent of expected votes counted in the Alaska’s Senate primary, Murkowski led Tshibaka 44 to 40 percent.

“Much of the vote has yet to be counted, which will take some time, but it stands to reason that the first votes counted would be more favorable to Tshibaka than the others, given that Election Day votes are counted first, and Trump-backed candidates tend to do better with them.

“Murkowski appeared to rally Democratic support, with the highest Democratic vote-getter, Patricia Chesbro, taking just 6 percent of the vote — suggesting that Murkowski is likely to be the first choice for the vast majority of Democrats come November.”


Sarah Palin, who rose to fame more than a decade ago as John McCain’s running mate, also advanced to the general election along with two challengers, Nick Begich III, a tech millionaire backed by the Alaska Republican party, and Mary Peltola, a former state legislator and Democrat – all in competition for the Alaska’s only House seat, formerly occupied by Don Young, who died in March. The trio were also competing in a special election to serve the remainder of Young’s term, which ends early next year.

There will also be a fourth spot, but which candidate with miniscule support will reap this wheelbarrow of humiliation is not known yet.  (See WashPost for an explanation, such as it is, for the intricacies of the new ranked voting system, and the Guardian U.K. 8/17, 4:24AM (see Attachment Eleven) for the skinny on Sarah’s plight flan against Peltola, the “fiercely amicable moderate.”

It’ll be awhile yet before we know who won Alaska’s House special election, conceded Five Thirty Eight, with additional results scheduled to be released on Aug. 23, Aug. 26 — and then, by Aug. 31, the ranked-choice tabulations should take place as all the mail ballots will be in.

But with only a few points separating former Palin and Begich for second place, it’ll be important to watch how the vote tallies change. For instance, if Palin ends up finishing third, she’ll be eliminated and most of her support would likely go to Begich, leading to his election. But if Begich finishes third, his support might be split between Palin and Democratic former state Rep. Peltola, who is currently in the lead, possibly helping Peltola win. We’ll just have to wait and see.

And the wheels within wheels keep spinning.

Fifteen years ago, a younger, Brexitless GUK reported that: “(Palin) was a fiery newcomer who unseated a powerful incumbent: Lisa Murkowski’s father, Frank Murkowski. Back then, Palin’s approval rating had peaked just over 90% according to Ivan Moore, an Anchorage-based pollster. She was briefly reputed for her bipartisanship, creating a sub-cabinet on climate change and taking on the oil and gas industry, before she leaned into more rightwing politics.”

Her Democratic rival. Peltola, has presented herself as “a fiercely amicable moderate”, willing to collaborate with conservatives and progressives. “I’m not interested in speaking ill of Sarah, she has her supporters and I respect her and her supporters,” she said in an interview with the Guardian before the election.”

There was also a Republican primary for secretary of state, the office that oversees elections.  The winner was Chuck Gray, a state legislator whom Trump endorsed. Gray, like Trump, has falsely claimed that the 2020 presidential election was fraudulent.



Dawn broke o’er the Potomac while Jackson still slumbered amidst the dead of night, and the WashPost unspooled its Three Takeaways on the previous day’s election (see above and Attachment Eleven) confirming that, while the results in Alaska were still being counted and might take days or weeks under the state’s new ranked choice protocols, Cheney  “...(f)ourteen years after Republicans nominated Sarah Palin to succeed Dick Cheney as vice president, was being  cast out in an overwhelming rebuke by her home state of Wyoming.”

By Wednesday evening, the magnitude of the butt-stomping was manifest for all to denounce or appreciate. The big news from the Cowboy State wasn't merely that Rep. Liz Cheney lost, reported CNN (Attachment Twelve) it was her margin of defeat. “Cheney's loss is one of the biggest on record for a House incumbent and is part of a pattern this primary season pointing to former President Donald Trump's strength within the Republican Party.”

“Cheney's defeat appears to be the second worst for a House incumbent in the last 60 years, when you look at races featuring only one incumbent,” CNN reported. As of Wednesday afternoon, she trailed Hageman by 37.4 points, which is just worse than California Rep. Marty Martinez's loss by 37.2 points to fellow Democrat Hilda Solis in a 2000 blanket primary trailing only the defeat of South Carolina Republican Bob Inglis by 41 points in a 2010 primary runoff to Trey Gowdy.

“The highest-ranking Republican to vote to impeach Trump over the Capitol riot,” admitted the liberal Salon, Cheney “took a stand on principle, even as it left her in direct opposition to the driving principles of the overwhelmingly Republican electorate of her state.”

She even won the respect (if not support) of Trump's former national security advisor and fellow neocon John Bolton... this while embroiled in the midst of an Iranian assassination plot... who praised Cheney's “bravery in defeat.”

But the Trump triumph was, for the time being, complete (except for that damned Murkowski).  The final tally was that three more other House Republicans who’d voted to impeach Djonald Unforgiving lost their primary bids against Trump-backed challengers in recent, while opted to retire. 

Reps. David G. Valadao (R-Calif.) and Dan Newhouse (R-Wash. – see last week’s Lesson) were the only Congressmen who voted against Trump during impeachment and survived... so far. But both survived in states with unusual processes intended to favor more moderate candidates — a significant caveat when it comes to how the GOP proceeds with Trump.

Altogether, according to CNN analyst Harry Enten, all six House Republicans who voted to impeach Trump and ran for reelection failed to garner a majority of votes cast for GOP candidates in their primaries. Since 1956, House incumbents have averaged more than 90% of the primary vote.   Just 2% of other House Republicans who have run for reelection this season have lost primaries, and those defeated lawmakers were either scandal-plagued or lost to a fellow incumbent because of redistricting.

“All of these historical anomalies related to those who voted to impeach Trump help us understand Trump's strength with the Republican Party today.”



Conceding defeat in a speech in Jackson (although not to Hageman face to face - DJI), Cheney said: “Two years ago, I won this primary with 73% of the vote. I could easily have done the same again. The path was clear, but it would have required that I go along with President Trump’s lie about the 2020 election.

“It would have required that I enabled his ongoing efforts to unravel our democratic system and attack the foundations of our republic. That was a path I could not and would not take.”

While Cheney quickly conceded her primary loss on Tuesday, explicitly acknowledging that the GOP voters of Wyoming rejected her — despite a staunchly conservative voting record as the third-highest ranking Republican in the House of Representatives — after publicly criticizing Donald Trump, Salon also reported to her to be less aggrieved than angry... and determinedly doubling down on her threat to keep pummeling the once and future King (with, perhaps a veiled hint of 2024).

"This primary election is over, but now, the real work begins."

Hageman, however, cried out that sore loser Liz had lied, displaying her grief and trauma for FoxWorld to witness (well, at least hear) on Wednesday’s Fox News' Hannity, and disputed Cheney's remarks about a phone call to concede.

"Well, there wasn't a phone call," Hageman complained to host Hannity. "While I was going in and getting ready to do my acceptance speech last night and had just arrived at the watch party, she called and left a very brief two-second message on my cellphone. That's the extent of it. I haven't had any other contact with Liz Cheney. She only made one effort and all she said was, 'Hello, Harriet.' And then that was the end of it."

"She just said 'Hello, Harriet,' and then hung up?" Sean-O asked.

"That was the end of the call, yes," Hageman answered.  "That was the only time. It was about 8:15 last night and I was just getting ready to go on stage with my acceptance speech and I didn't have an opportunity to visit with her."

And what did the victor expect her defeated and disheveled supplicant to bring with her on that “visit”?  A bottle of wine?  A casserole.  Even a personal declaration of submission?

Boo Hoo Hoo!

However, audio of the voicemail Cheney provided to Politico reported in, of all places, People Magazine (See Attachment Fourteen) challenges that assertion.

 “Hi, Harriet, it is Liz Cheney calling,” Cheney is heard on the audio moments after an aide tells her that the AP called the race for Hageman. “It is about 8:13 on Tuesday the 16th, I’m calling to concede the election and congratulate you on the win. Thanks.” 

Hageman’s campaign in response released aher own video showing that it received a voicemail from Cheney that only said, “Howdy Harriet,” followed by silence until the call ends about 10 seconds later.


As the ballots were counted and put to bed, the gravesite eulogies for Liz commenced.

Former Clintonian Robert Reich intoned that she had “displayed more courage and integrity than almost any other member of her party – indeed, given the pressure she was under, perhaps more than any lawmaker now alive,” in, unsurprisingly, the liberal G.U.K. (Attachment Fourteen)

Flattery aside, Reich touched upon an important point of contention that partisans of all stripes and flags must pay heed to, so long as the United States remains a democracy... a conflict of ideals that the Cowboy State peanut galleries condemning (and removing) Liz from her post for her failure to support “Wyoming values” also recognized.  (As too did the Strom Thurmond and George Wallace people in the last century and the Manifest Destinarians in the century before.)

“Is it the responsibility of elected officials to represent the views of their constituents or their own principles?”

As the midterms progressed, Reich warned, some Democratic operatives and pundits operating on what he called the Dick Morris Principle “argue that Biden and the Democrats must move to the “center” to win.

But where is the center?  Reich’s take on the DMP is that it is: “Halfway between democracy and fascism? And if Democrats must go there to win, what’s the point of winning?” 




In the One Six Inquisitorial hearings where Cheney was appointed and elevated to Vice Chair after Minority Leader McCarthy literally took his ball home, refusing to appoint more Trumptalicious Republicans and allowing Pelosi to select Kinzinger and Liz, Cheney, was a star, delivering opening and closing statements filled with sharp soundbites that would soon be all over Twitter and broadcast news segments. (Time, August 17, 2022 9:49AM, Attachment Fifteen).  Some of her most memorable lines were directed at her fellow Republicans who continue to enable Trump. “There will come a day when Donald Trump is gone,” she said at one hearing. “But your dishonor will remain.”

Perhaps the end of the line for the Trump train... at least for some... came when former White House aide Cassidy Hutchinson, who testified that the Secret Service informed Trump on Jan. 6 that many of his supporters who had come to his rally near the White House were heavily armed. Trump urged them to go to the Capitol anyway. The 26-year-old ex-staffer also told the panel that Trump tried to march to the Capitol with them, even after White House Counsel Pat Cippolone warned the staff that Trump would be charged with “every crime imaginable” if he did.

Cheney, Time reported, “led the questioning of Hutchinson,” and probably led most Wyoming voters who may have been experiencing conflicting loyalties to the Cheney family or to the former President – falling in line behind Trump’s false claims that the election was stolen. “A recent University of Wyoming survey found that just 16% of likely Hagemen voters thought that Biden legitimately won the election, Time pointed out. “By contrast, 94% of Cheney supporters believe he won fair and square. But those voters were too few and far between for Cheney to hold on.

“What turned Wyoming Republicans against Liz Cheney is the feeling that she has been disloyal,” Stephanie Anderson, a politics professor at the University of Wyoming, told TIME. “And loyalty is a very important value to Wyomingites. It’s part of their identity.” Her role on the Jan. 6 committee, she adds, was seen as “a betrayal of the Republican Party.”

Indeed, a Casper Star-Tribune poll of likely GOP voters conducted last month found that only 30% of the respondents said they planned to vote for Hageman because of Trump’s endorsement, whereas 60% said it was because they disapproved of Cheney’s role on the Jan. 6 panel.

“The people of Wyoming deserve leaders who reflect their views and values,” Hageman, 59, said last year – launching the loyalty issue before launching her own campaign. “But Liz Cheney betrayed us because of her personal war with President Trump, who won Wyoming by massive majorities twice.”

But Cheney’s closest confidantes say that she refused to let Trump’s vitriol—and the resentment toward her he whipped up in his acolytes—dissuade her from doing what she believes is right.

“Everybody knows who she is,” former Sen. Alan Simpson, a Wyoming Republican, just responded in Time. “She’s a gutsy, courageous person. She’s had a belly full of Donald J. Trump. So what if she loses? She’s a patriot. She sees this fictional character without any clothes on getting ready to run again. Of course, he hates her. And he’s not exactly a sweet old fart. He’s a revenge-filled guy.”


On Thursday morning, Fox News disclosed that Cheney and President Joe had held a sweet-talkin’ confab after the drubbing... the details and the particulars still unknown (and probably likely to stay that way).

Needless to say, the topic of Biden’s predecessor probably came up... and not in a favorable way.



While Washington’s dawn was breaking, Fox News... casting aside its 24-7 microscope on hotfooted lawyer Rudy Giuliani and headman Rudy Murdoch’s personal spitting match with Djonald UnPerspectivated for the time being... was quaking with glee over Trump’s gloating spree on his social media posts. 

And while the “fair and balanced” mass media... liberals from head to toe... were decrying the crushing Wyoming Republican primary debacle, the unreconstructed New York Post reported that Ol’ 45 was calling Nemesis Liz a “fool” who “should be ashamed of herself.”

“This is a wonderful result for America, and a complete rebuke of the Unselect Committee of political Hacks and Thugs,” the former President twittered away into the Twittersphere (with a little help from the NewYoPost over... you know... that “cancel culture” thing)...

“Liz Cheney should be ashamed of herself, the way she acted, and her spiteful, sanctimonious words and actions towards others,” he wrote of the Republican who’d voted to impeach him after the Jan. 6 Capitol riot.

“Now she can finally disappear into the depths of political oblivion where, I am sure, she will be much happier than she is right now. Thank you WYOMING!” (See Attachment Sixteen)

Cherry picking the former President’s ripe fruits of revenge, justly consummated, Fox tore up the liberals’ henhouse with accusations of treason and espionage (for Q-Anon’s reptilian space invaders? – DJI), as would be exposed and “quickly begin the beautiful process of DISSOLUTION” of the “January 6th Committee of political Hacks and Thugs.”

Donald Trump Jr., also mocked Cheney — posting  a meme showing her working behind a McDonald’s drive-thru and handing Daddy his (soft) drink.

Democrats... despite expecting the worst... reacted to a worser worst by decrying the “cult of Trumpism” (GUK, Attachment Seventeen) and parroting Cheney’s fixation on Abraham Lincoln and his Congressional losses before winning the Presidency.

“In a traditional cult, public adoration of the iconic leader might be enough to keep the mob together.” And yes there are plenty of grotesquely Trumpy memes polluting the internet.

“But this curiously pigmented icon represents a perpetual test for his loving fans and the elected officials who pander to them. Beyond the hush money to porn stars, there is the cozying up to foreign dictators and the nuclear secrets in his basement.”  Ideology and consistency (perhaps fortunately) “are almost entirely absent.”

Cheney has been pimping ideology and consistency with such JFK-ish vim and vigor that even some supporters are becoming annoyed as she wraps herself, not only in the bloody cloak of Lincoln, but conjuring up the cigar-wreathed halo of his Civil War-era military and presidential successor Ulysses Grant – a military genius (whose administration, however, was probably the most corrupt that America has ever endured.)  Portland (Maine) Press Herald, See Attachment Eighteen.    

But Trump... worse than Grant when it came to matters of the public wealth, at least... was “the least lawful lover of law and order,” contended the hyperbolic GUKsters, who compared Trump to Mussolini and Argentina’s Juan (not Evita) Perón (although not quite Hitler, Stalin, Putin or Woody Allen).  “He is both pro-choice and anti-abortion, pro-outsourcing to China and anti-trade with China, a hawk against Iran and a dove towards Russia, an American nationalist who somehow marries foreigners and buries them (figuratively speaking, to be fair – just as GUK also bipartisanly noted Old Dick’s spotted curriculum vitae upon the misadventures in Iraq) on his golf course.

“If you stand for nothing,” they ask, “what are your followers to stand behind?”

Well, “Wrong-O!” as the late (over)weight Rush Limbaugh used to state... the Once and Future King has a stern and solid shadow to stand for, and behind...


And Vengeance... in the concept and the flesh.  “It’s not enough just to love the great leader. You need to demonstrate that love by finding your secret enemies and expunging them from the cult.”



The Portland Press-Herald, above, worked with the Associated Press to ferret out a nexus of intellectuals as well as nests of political remarkers, consultants and university Professors to delve into the depths of deeper thoughts about Trump’s politics of revenge (and its likely backlash).

“Liz Cheney represents the Republican Party as it used to be. … All of that is gone now,” said Geoff Kabaservice, vice president of political studies at the center-right Niskanen Center.

“It’s just a party of Donald Trump’s fever dreams,” said Mark Salter, a former longtime Republican aide to the late Sen. John McCain.

“It’s just Donald Trump’s club.”

“The House is — should be — the people’s House,” said former Republican Rep. Carlos Curbelo of Florida. Instead, he said, “It’s controlled by Mr. Trump.”

On the right side of righteousness... Trump-style... the Fox solicited judgment from conservative author Charlie Kirk, who called Tuesday’s election a “mass repudiation” of the Bush-Cheney-McCain era, while Rep. Elise Stefanik of New York, who replaced Cheney in House GOP leadership and endorsed Hageman, said in a statement she was glad to see Pelosi’s “puppet” defeated.

Tim Murtaugh, a self-confessed Hageman advisor and correspondent for the Washington Times, stated (Thursday, August 18, 2022, See Attachment x41) decried the (liberal... pretty much everyone to the right of the Moonies, not excluding Fox and the National Review) media “parachuting into a red state just before an election to infiltrate the local population like it’s an anthropological expedition. Reporters fanned out across Wyoming, treating voters like subjects in a National Geographic documentary.”

Lining up the viperous villains of First Amendment promises and corporate profits, Murtaugh took potshots at The Atlantic’s Mark Leibovich was allowed to attend a Cheney event in a private home and wrote that she was “a lonely exemplar of courage” in the Republican Party, reported on the internal conflict surfacing at the leftist publication Mother Jones, which fretted about Ms. Cheney’s Republican history throughout a piece titled, “Hero: Liz Cheney,” the inevitable New York Times, which called her doomed reelection campaign “a sort of high-profile stage for her martyrdom...” perhaps prescient given the prevalence of violent lone wolves and persons of unknown affiliation executing their own versions of executive action, whether in Russia, the Amazon or the United States... while CNN anchor Alisyn Camerota contemplated a Cheney loss asking: “What does that mean for our democracy?”

And in a revealing segment, CNN political analyst Nia-Malika Henderson actually admitted that “her party in many ways is the [Washington] Beltway media.”

And that was only the beginning... other perpetrators included national behemoths like ABC, and NBC’s “Today Show” as well as the Communist... or, at least, Socialist propagandists of Vox and Politico; Murtaugh even joining the dozens of readers of little local cockroaches with cloudy crystal balls like WyoFile, a news website in Wyoming, which ran a story promoting an analysis that claimed the election was “going to be far closer than conventional wisdom suggests,” or the Cowboy State Daily website’s columnist and publisher emeritus Bill Sniffin, who “predicted a near-dead heat, with Ms. Cheney losing by only 100 votes.”

Well, someone was reading them... weren’t they?



And that brings round the question of what Liz will do with her remaining hours on earth, be they few or many.

Her tenure on the Inquisitorial Panel, of course, will not end until a new Congress... be they Democratic or Republican-majority... in January.  With investigations and negotiations still taking place behind closed doors, and a wrap-up, summation and (presumably), DOJ indictments slated to take place probably a few weeks (or days) before the November midterm elections, she’ll probably have plenty to do until then – and cannot really be missing the meet-and-greet (and duck-and-cover) encounters with hostile constituents that winning nominees must endure.

“We have a charge to investigate the violent assault on our democracy on January 6 and to report on recommendations for our national response,” said panel member Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-Md.) when asked whether the outcome of Cheney’s primary would affect the committee’s work. “Electoral outcomes, in the meantime, have no bearing on our work.”

“Regardless of the outcome of the election, she’ll still continue to be engaged for the next few months here in Congress,” predicted Newhouse one of only two House Republicans who voted to impeach Trump over Jan. 6 and later prevailed in contested primary battles. (See above)  “She’s still part of the committee investigating … and I think she’ll continue to carry on.”

Her sensational loss is likely to only heighten the importance of Cheney’s role in the Capitol attack investigation in terms of keeping her name in the mix ahead of a 2024 presidential field that she has not ruled out trying to join — if she can find a lane as a Trump spoiler without helping him by serving as a foil. And, as that left-wing birdcage liner Politico contended Monday, a’fore the beatdown, “some fellow Republicans predict she’ll have no trouble commanding attention, even if she loses her House seat, thanks in large part to her select committee platform.”


Wednesday, the even-more liberal-ish liberals at GUK reported that Cheney had already laid out her priorities for the next few months before leaving the House in January. (Attachment Thirteen)

Beyond “representing the people of Wyoming”, she said: “We have a tremendous amount of work left to do on the January 6 committee. And also, though, I’m going to be making sure that people all around this country understand the stakes of what we’re facing, understand the extent to which we’ve now got one major political party, my party, which has really become a cult of personality.

“We’ve got to get this party back to a place where we’re embracing the values and the principles on which it was founded. And talking about fundamental issues of civics, fundamental issues of what does it mean to be a constitutional republic.”



A busy Cheney was also asked on NBC’s Today show on Wednesday morning whether she was thinking of running for president. She did not respond to the question directly but, when pressed a second time, admitted she was.

“It’s something I’m thinking about, and I’ll make a decision in the coming months,” she said.

On Tuesday night she had said she would “do whatever it takes to keep Donald Trump out of the Oval Office”. After her loss to Hageman by almost 60,000 votes was confirmed, aides revealed the former House number three planned to set up her own political action committee.  (GUK, Wed 17 Aug 2022 09.43 EDT, Attachment 32)

“In coming weeks, Liz will be launching an organization to educate the American people about the ongoing threat to our republic, and to mobilize a unified effort to oppose any Donald Trump campaign for president,” Cheney spokesperson Jeremy Adler told Politico Playbook.

NBC confirmed on Wednesday that it will be named The Great Task, which was the title of Cheney’s final pitch to Wyoming voters, and features in the closing sentence of Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address.

One may wonder whether whether her fixation upon and adoration of Lincoln foreshadow actual suicidal (by MAGAmob) or homicidal (by Dad’s shootin’ irons, sharp or blunt object) tendencies? - DJI

And is there an appetite within the Republican Party for a candidate singularly focused on serving as an antagonist for its most popular and dominant figure, asks CNN (8/18 2:45 AM, See Attachment 24)

“Cheney's advisers told CNN she intends to wait until next year to make any decisions, when she's no longer in Congress or serving as vice chair of the House select committee investigating the events surrounding January 6, 2021. She is cognizant of appearing to politicize the findings of the committee.”

But thereafter?

“An effort led by a Republican who doesn't like Trump would be speaking to a very small part of the US population,” theorized CNN (above and Attachment Eleven). 

(But Sarah, as well as Mike Pence and possibly other challengers, will make the G.O.P. debates in the summer and fall of 2024 a living hell for the aging hellraiser; Trump could be well be annoyed or angered into saying something stupid... even something disqualifyingly stupid.  DJI .)

Among the paper bag of other peanuts interviewed by GUK was Heath Mayo, 32, a lawyer, who said: “There are few people making an argument counter to the prevailing Trumpism argument. She’s the only one that can make it. I certainly hope she’s not done. I hope she runs for president in 2024.”

And the MAGAmuch-derided Sniffin, nonetheless, expressed hope that Liz would bring the bacon (more likely the beef) back to Montana.  “Liz Cheney’s concession speech sounds a lot more like the announcement of someone planning to run for president in 2024 than an admission of defeat back here in 2022.”  She could even bring back the failed Montana strategy of courting party switchers.  (See Attachment Thirteen, Wednesday 9:43 AM)

“In the 2024 presidential election, Democrats could be facing an uncompetitive nominating contest with President Joe Biden on the ballot seeking a second term,” CNN acknowledged, “a prospect that could create space for more party-switching.”

“I don’t think Liz is going to disappear,” believes Rep. Kelly Armstrong (R-ND), hinting that Cheney may run for president in 2024.

Proving Breitbart’s point that the so-called Establishment Media were chock-a-block full of excuses for the gritsy challenger to her chock-fulla-nuts former President was enhanced by the Associated Press’ hyping of Cheney on Monday before the blowout as “principled” and potentially “willing to lose on Tuesday to have the moral authority to launch a presidential campaign in 2024.”

So, what do these pundits think Liz could do (besides fundraise) during her interim year in exile before the 2024 race starts in earnest?

As during her stint at Fox, Cheney could “soon be a pundit again,” either in the buildup to or in lieu of a 2024 tilt. This time, as the New Republic’s Daniel Strauss and Alex Shephard noted in a recent piece that addressed both Cheney’s Fox days and what might come next for her, she’s more likely to land at CNN, or even MSNBC; because as the former conservative blogger Matthew Sheffield put it, “she really does fit the mold that the Sunday shows like to have on—very bellicose foreign policy, critical of non-defense spending, and a Republican,” and there’s a “never-ending market on cable punditry shows for Republicans who don’t like Donald Trump but who also don’t want themselves to admit that they created him.”

Punditry, hence, is gaga over the possibility of a 2024 Cheney run alongside Pence and others (perhaps dozens of others) beside Trump, which is viable but... for reasons noted below and for others that her media apologists were too deferential to... victory is impossible.

It’s hard to imagine Cheney making much headway in GOP primaries in 2024, Time determined.

As a Presidential candidate, Liz has no chance – upon this a universality of experts agree. Even if she somehow won the nomination, the explosive Trump would probably torch the party, start his own and so divide the vote that President Joe (87 by the end of his second term) would rack up the sort of landslide reminiscent of Reagan-Mondale, Nixon-McGovern or LBJ-AuH2O.

Why then, would she waste time, money and possibly expose herself to some crazy gunman who, like the simmering Iranian in New York waiting thirty some years to catch Salman Rushdie onstage and do his Islamic duty.

For Cheney, now, it’s all about the revenge.  Her revenge upon the Revenginator...

“Vengeance will be Mine, sai’th Liz.”





August 13th – August 19th, 2022



Saturday, August 13th, 2022

Dow:  33,761.95



MAGAmob descends on Mar a Lago to show their support for Djonald Un-unPersecuted... in a strange pivot towards BLM, they chant: “We know what freedom is,” and slogans to abolish the F.B.I.  And everybody, left and right, in person and online, is selling merch.  The Cincy Kid who actually acted on his faith left social media posts decrying the Mar a Lago raid and is being raised to the status of a martyr.  The FBI says it’s a “dangerous time” and blames “toxic rhetoric.”

   Stepping away from Trump, Mister Garland’s DOJ is also investigating the Southern Baptist Union for clergy sex abuse.  Who do they think they are... Cat’licks?

   In medical news, Monkeypox spreads to dogs... one French canine (a bulldog?) gets it, as do eight American children and 12,000 mostly gay men.  Salman Rushdie surviving on a ventilator after what the media call a “gruesome” attack; Iranians celebrate.  And Anne Heche surviving on a ventilator too, but only until her organs can harvested for recycling.




Sunday, August 14th, 2022 Dow: Closed



Rep. Paul Gosar (R-Az) throws down the gravy:  We must destroy the FBI!” while good ol’ gal MTG content to only advocate impeachment of (Trump-appointed) Director Wray and AyGee Garland.  FBI cites more threats of attacks; Democrats call for calm, Republicans for “peaceful protests.”  WashPost opinion columnist and author of “The Deconstructionists,” Dana Milbank, declares: “We’ve reached the point where truth doesn’t matter and calls allegations of the FBI planting evidence at Mar a Lago “twilight zone” stuff.  (He’s apparently too young to remember 1968.”)   

   Rushdie is off the ventilator (but will lose an eye); his failed assassin Hadi Matar experiences disbelief that he failed, Iran, nonetheless, cites “Divine Revenge.”  Unrelated (probable) terrorists machinegun an Israeli bus, killing 8 (including a pregnant woman and Americans) and, at home, somebody (intent unknown) runs down 13 at a memorial for the Pennsylvania house fire victims.  And come media reports that Afghan’s Taliban are bored with peace; so pass their time torturing women, burying starved, dead children and begging the world to bail out their failed economy.



Monday, August 15, 2022

Dow:  33,912.44


DOJ attrneys scrutinized Mar a Lago treasures – TV lawyer Dan Abrams says that obstruction of justice brings longer prison terms than espionage (the... uh... Rosenbergs?) and opines that the key concept is “intentionality”.  FBI claims to be tracking “chain of custody” and says America was put at “great risk” with the four Top Secret and one Top Secret CSI... uh... SCI packets.

   Terror goes global... 40 killed in Cairo church explosion... and local (three shot at Chicago-area Six Flags amusement park and a youth fooball coach gunned down in Texas) as some mental health workers take to the airwaves to decry and rationalize the violence and then others (in California) go on strike.

   The NYT reports on employee surveillance... corporate CEOs respond that they are creating “places of productivity” and doling out “productivity points” to the workforce elite and separate them from the “idle and derelict.”  Bring out the coke bottles for their Uri-Nation!

   Astonishingly, there haven’t been mass incidents of workplace violence.  Instead, the oppressed and the exploited are MAGA-programmed to hate downwards against the jobless scum whose fate they aspire to gain enough productivity points to avoid.



Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Dow:  34,162.01






It’s Election Day.  Donald Trump unleashes a speech resuscitating the Apprentice’s “You’re fired!” chants and excoriating... “the Liz Cheneys of the world – we’ve got to get rid of them!”  Politically, and (through his “lone wolf” MAGA-sassins) personally.

   Gamblers, meanwhile, lay down their swag on which entity will be first to lock him up... New York (taxes), Georgia (those 11K votes) or the DOJ (out of Inquisition exhaustion).

   A retaliatory President Joe signs the Inflation Reduction Act (formerly treating climate change, healthcare and tax hikes for the rich) and even lets Senator Joe (D-WVa) hold his pen.  The actual climate is changing for the worse... hot (107° in Tulsa, 115° in Vicksburg), dry (thirsty Boston and the Colorado River... down 130 feet and at a “tipping point”, with rationing ahead?) or wet (too much monsoon rain in Arizona and New Mexico.

   Monkeypox creeping through the world... 12,000 American cases (Dr. Agus says 97% gay men), but also eight children and one dog (in France).  And Jill Biden gets it (the plague, not the pox).

   On deck – polio again!  And killer flu.  And Lyme Disease.  And brain-eating amoebas.



Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Dow:  33,980.22







Results are IN and Lizzo is OUT.  She immediately forms a 2024 exploratory PAC and the money starts flowing in.

   Trump’s new legal team battles to prevent Mar-a-Lago search and seizure affidavit from being unsealed.  Or is it being sealed?  Cheney’s demise sets him dancing, but he still has Lisa Murkowski to contend with.

   The retail sales report finds gas prices still falling but inflation on other necessities (food, rent and especially baby formula) still soaring.  Low wage workers like public school teachers are quitting their jobs and searching for better opportunities or just wandering off into the woods to die.

   Girl Scouts add a new flavored cookie to their arsenal... “Red Rally!”  (No, its not an expression of support for Communist China or Cuba, or an endorsement of Trump, just raspberry filling.)



Thursday, August 18, 2022

 Dow:  33,982.65






The CDC admits that they were taken by surprise by Covid and plague response was “botched”.  Also “overwhelmed” and “confused”.  Maybe dazed, too! 

   With the elections over (until next Tuesday), crime and punishment return to center stage, cops corral robbers, robber shoots cop in Miami.  Gunmen shoot cab driver and Wendy’s worker in New York.  Random shooter takes out three post-election civilians in Georgia and Alabama, another drives up and down I-85 in the same area, pots three more.




Friday, August 19, 2022

Dow:  33,761.05




It’s National Potato Day.  Russia (“is potato”) and Ukraine elbow their way back into the headlines as fingers point over who is shelling the closed nuclear plant (formerly the world’s largest). Panic strikes residents who are fleeing the area, while America promises 775M more military aid.

   Adopting Trump’s “You’re fired!” meme, Starbucks starts purging pro-union workers, many are forced out onto the streets but vow to continue fighting.  And Minneapolis wokesters plan to fire some of their white teachers to achieve better racial balance.

   Three suspects in the Whitey Bulger jailhouse murder are arrested and... surprise!... they’re Mafia hit men.



The Don fell back from its run at parity with 2013, and the culprit was housing... sales, rents and inventory.  Prices have risen so quickly that homebuyers are bidding shoddy properties up to record heights, buyers are settling for renting, renters are settling for shelters and jails.

   Isn’t it time for national wage and price and rent controls?  I mean... if f***ing Nixon could do it, why can’t President Joe (who does, at least for the next few months, have a legislative majority?









(REFLECTING… approximately… DOW JONES INDEX of June 27, 2013)


See a further explanation of categories here












6/17/13 & 1/1/22








Wages (hrly. per cap)


1350 points





1,381.63   27.57


Median Inc. (yearly)







603.59   35,979


Unempl. (BLS – in mi)







651.46  3.5%


Official (DC – in mi)







303.60      5,856


Unofficl. (DC – in mi)







295.33    11,466


Workforce Particip.







-0.004%           +0.005%








In 158,167  Out  99,909 Total: 258,076 61.28


WP %  (ycharts)*







149.76  62.10








Total Inflation







1010.64     +0.0









286.15     +1.1









238.50      -7.7


Medical Costs







292.28     +0.4









291.99     +0.5








Dow Jones Index







280.81   33,706.74


Home (Sales)







-6.05%             -2.93%






Sales (M):  4.81 Valuations (K):  403.8


Debt (Personal)







290.69    70,770








Revenue (trilns.)







324.61       4,430


Expenditures (tr.)







330.07       5,961


National Debt tr.)







443.46    30,656


Aggregate Debt (tr.)







438.19    92,118










Foreign Debt (tr.)







322.30   7,482


Exports (in billions)







163.46  260.0


Imports (bl.)







153.99  340.4


Trade Deficit (bl.)







210.77    79.6













World Affairs








16 grain ships allowed to pass through Black Sea but Ukrainian nuke danger rising and Russia bombs Kharkiv theater, killing more civilians.  Another US delegation to Taiwan ramps up Chinese outrage, so the US begins trade talks with Taipei to stick it in Xi’s eye.  Taliban (men only) celebrate a year in power as children starve and poverty rate reaches 97%, hunt down secret schools for girls and accuse West of “insults to Islam.”










Rushdie survives, though half-blinded and on a ventilator after “gruesome” attack.  Iranians celebrate.  8 shot on Israeli bus including a pregnant woman and Americans.  American lone wolf runs down 13, kills 7 at benefit for victims of Penn. house fire. Somali terrorists attack hotel, kill 21, gang wars in Tijuana scare tourists and abortion seekers away from Mexico.








* Mixed bag alert; up 2.0 for MAGA, down 1.0 for liberals (and RINOs).





Trump wins with Hageman and Palin, fails to slay Murkowski as Lizzo ponders 2024 and MAGAmob storms the streets of Mar-a-Lago screaming: “We know what freedom is.” DOJ and FBI scour their treasures – the latter condemning “rhetoric”; warning that “it’s a dangerous time.” Paul Gosor calls for its elimination, but MTG would just settle for impeaching (Trump-appointed) Director Wray. 

   President Joe signs IRA.  “Today, the American people won and the special interests lost.”










Inflation causing retail sales slowdown as the merch piles up in stores, provoking discounts and the BLS says consumers are switching to cheaper house brands.  No way to obtain cheap housing, though... rents up 80 to 120% spark bidding wars for those who can afford to stay off the streets.  Clever Real Estate researcher say Americans are spending down and will not have money to retire on.  Duh!

Week’s commodity shortage: food, coffee (But oil is down to $88/barrel) and, as ever, baby formula.  (Some doctors whisper to moms to start hoarding.)

Week’s worker shortage: lifeguards, school bus drivers and teachers, airline and retail workers etc. etc.










American couple arrested for stealing nuclear secrets to sell to... Brazil?  Former Rep. Tim Cox (D-Ca) arrested for Indian casino wire fraud.  Machete slices 3 at New York Dick’s.  Shootings include three at Six Flags Chicago, a youth football game in Texas, 3 more for random highway perp roving from Ala. to Ga., hospital in Memphis, cop in Miami, NYC cab driver, 2 Wendy’s workers in Cincinnati.  TikTok car theft challenge goes viral.  FBI alleges Alec Baldwin lied and pulled the trigger on crew member.















Wettest Southwestern monsoon season in ten years eludes most of Texas, but failed Gulf hurricane floods border areas.  Colorado River drought – down 130 feet; mob burials exposed in Lake Mead and water rationing is proposed.










Over 40 killed in Cairo church explosion and fire.  Fire also destroys the “Dirty Dancing” hotel in NYC.







Science, Tech, Educ.








NASA tests Artemis rocket – optimists predict a man back on the moon by 2026.  Hackers are finding Apple iPhones and MACs to be easy pickin’s.


Equality (econ/social)








Experts allege that 18 of 25 pregnancy apps sell purloined data to the Roe cops.  Minneapolis promotes diversity by firing white teachers to make quota, Starbucks fires union sympathizers to enhance its profits.










Kings’ Hawaiian recalls poisoned pretzels.  Recalled killer baby swings still being sold at Buy Buy Baby.  FDA to greenlight over the counter hearing aids.  New plague booster vax may be out by September (despite allegations that CDC “botched” Covid response).


Freedom and Justice








WalMart and Walgreens must pay $600+M in opioid abuse case. Trump CEO refuses to snitch, faces five years.  Singin’ Rudy G. subpoenaed in Atlanta voter fix.  Pundits debate whether Ga, NY or Feds will be the first to “lock (Trump) up!”










Cultural incidents








“Old Town Road” gets billionth Tik Tok view.  Anne Heche declared brain dead and organ harvest begins.  Tiger Woods turns down $800M Saudi golf tour bribe.  RIP director Wolfgang (“Das Boot”) Petersen, Princeton baseball coach Peter Carr,


Misc. incidents








The dog days of summer are upon us: Hungry dog chews up winning lottery ticket in Oregon.  Five viciout Great Dans kill their owner in Iowa.  Cops rescue puppy from stolen pickup truck and a newborn found in bushes in Texas... Moses?












The Don Jones Index for the week of August 13th through August 19th, 2022 was DOWN 21.34 points


The Don Jones Index is sponsored by the Coalition for a New Consensus: retired Congressman and Independent Presidential candidate Jack “Catfish” Parnell, Chairman; Brian Doohan, Administrator.  The CNC denies, emphatically, allegations that the organization, as well as any of its officers (including former Congressman Parnell, environmentalist/America-Firster Austin Tillerman and cosmetics CEO Rayna Finch) and references to Parnell’s works, “Entropy and Renaissance” and “The Coming Kill-Off” are fictitious or, at best, mere pawns in the web-serial “Black Helicopters” – and promise swift, effective legal action against parties promulgating this and/or other such slanders.

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ATTACHMENT ONE – from Ballotpedia




Michigan Democratic Party state nominating convention

August 21, 2022


Florida statewide primary

August 23, 2022

New York

New York statewide congressional and state Senate primary

August 23, 2022


Guam territory primary election

August 27, 2022


Michigan Republican Party state nominating convention

August 27, 2022


Massachusetts statewide primary

September 6, 2022


Delaware statewide primary

September 13, 2022

New Hampshire

New Hampshire statewide primary

September 13, 2022

Rhode Island

Rhode Island statewide primary

September 13, 2022


Louisiana statewide primary election

November 8, 2022



ATTACHMENT TWO (A) – Election Results from Wyoming ballot

From Five Thirty Eight, 8/17 2AM

Latest count in Wyoming’s at-large district GOP primary

Results of the Republican primary for Wyoming’s at-large congressional district, as of 2:00 a.m. Eastern




Harriet Hageman



Liz Cheney*



Anthony Bouchard



Denton Knapp



Robyn M. Belinskey




99% of the expected vote has been reported.

ATTACHMENT TWO (B) – Election Results from Wyoming and Alaska

From – New York Times  Aug. 17, 2022, 6:45 a.m. Eastern time


Harriet Hageman, former President Donald J. Trump’s pick, defeated Ms. Cheney in a G.O.P. House primary in Wyoming. In Alaska, Senator Lisa Murkowski and Sarah Palin, and their leading rivals, all advanced in their races.

See a recap of a few key races below, and get full results from each state by following the links.



Liz Cheney Is Defeated by Trump-Backed Harriet Hageman in Wyoming

Ms. Hageman’s easy victory was a blunt repudiation of Ms. Cheney and her relentless campaign to stop Donald J. Trump. Ms. Cheney vowed to not let up.