11/5/22...     15,016.92

10/29/22...     15,093.66

   6/27/13…    15,000.00



(THE DOW JONES INDEX:  11/5/22…32,403.22; 10/29/22…32,861.80; 6/27/13… 15,000.00)


LESSON for November 5, 2022 – “ALL OVER but the SHOUTING!”


Frenzy rules the roost.  Don Jones may have cause to believe that Republicans and Democrats, having accused each other of more and more grisly atrocities than Uighurs and Ukrainians have suffered at the hands of President Xi and Vladimir Putin, will have no recourse after Tuesday than for the winners to impose their Communist or Fascist dream upon the losers, who will have no answer but to commence Civil War Two... a Hollywood ending sequel that is, in reality, only a prequel to Civil War Three in two years.

We’ve probably exhausted all of the twists and turns and tricks and treats of the campaign... no, we haven’t, not by a country kilometer... but now, with three days to go, politicians, celebrities and lunatics are crisscrossing the country, touting their partisan prejudices and using up a lot of gasoline.

In addition to making his “Soul of America... the Sequel” speech at the much-mocked Union Station in D.C. (See Attachment One), President Joe showed a willingness to campaign for whomever wanted him around... that would be Pennsylvania Senate candidate and stroke victim John Fetterman and, maybe, the First Lady.

He gave no quarter to those whom he believes are trying to destroy democracy and fomenting political violence in advance of Election Day.   Even before January the 6th, we saw election officials and election workers in a number of states subject to menacing calls, physical threats, even threats to their very lives,” Biden reiterated. In Georgia, for example, the Republican secretary of state and his family were subjected to death threats because he refused to break the law and give into the defeated president’s demand: Just find him 11,780 votes. Just find me 11,780 votes.

He dug into the carpetbag and pulled out an old adage... venerable, but not true.  “Look, my fellow Americans, (at) the old expression, ‘Freedom is not free,’ the President said - it requires constant vigilance. “From the very beginning, nothing has been guaranteed about democracy in America. Every generation has had to defend it, protect it, preserve it, choose it. For that’s what democracy is. It’s a choice, a decision of the people, by the people and for the people. The issue couldn’t be clearer, in my view.”

But it’s not.  Freedom is not a commodity, it is the birthright of every human on this planet... not only Americans but Russians, Ukrainians, Chinese, Africans, Asians and so on: children are not born shackled.  The problem is that other human beings (we might call them dictators or the kinder, gentler autocrats, or they might be megalomaniacs desperate for followers, or simple sadists) choose to limit or exterminate the freedom of people, either individually or collectively.  Defending freedom, democracy, what have you... it may be costly, but it is a strikeback against an unnatural, one might even say evil aberration by persons who have to be disempowered, resisted and, if necessary, killed.

Most of the rest of the President’s speech was measured and laudatory – he called out the “defeated former President”, but not by name, and was careful to discriminated between “extreme MAGA Republicans” and the G.O.P rank and file.

While decrying the “alarming rise in the number of our people in this country condoning political violence, or simply remaining silent... because silence is complicity”... the “disturbing rise of voter intimidation, the pernicious tendency to excuse political violence or at least, at least trying to explain it away” or “the voices excusing or calling for violence and intimidation,” he responded that, while “loud and determined”, they “are a distinct minority in America.”  Including most, but not all, Republicans.

He appealed to a bipartisan constituency, stating: “In our bones, we know democracy is at risk. But we also know this. It’s within our power, each and every one of us, to preserve our democracy.

“And,” he concluded, “I believe we will. I think I know this country. I know we will. You have the power, it’s your choice, it’s your decision, the fate of the nation, the fate of the soul of America lies where it always does, with the people, in your hands, in your heart, in your ballot.”


The “defeated former President” had a few words of response, phrases repeated at rallies across the country as he tried to justify the righteousness of his cause (if not, always, his tactics.

As  surrogate for the great red herd of angry elephants, former President Donald Trump embarked on his own crusade... fulminating angrily and strangely at an Iowa rally in the company of rising supernova MTG and candidates for Senate, Charlie Grassley (at 89, Washington’s oldest incumbent) and Governor Kim Reynolds.  Both are considered shoo-ins, but hey... it was all about the Show! 

He ticked off those annoying insects of democracy that plagued (and perhaps ruined) his administration... promising to “defund the vaccine mandates” and the “political actors abusing their power in the department of Justice and in the FBI.”  (See Attachment Two)

He’ll make 2024 rock and roll, for sure.

Elsewhere and otherwhom, the Washington Post published a roundup of election intelligence (Attachment Three) with a mob of correspondents writing on the coming election being a choice between the “dream of a democracy and the appetites of an autocracy”, the actions of a federal judge who ordered that a group monitoring Arizona ballot drop boxes for signs of fraud stay at least 75 feet away from ballot boxes, and admitting that the results might not be known for days (or, in the case of runoffs, weeks).

“We know that many states don’t start counting those ballots till after the polls close on November 8,” Biden said. “That means in some cases we won’t know the winner of an election until after a few days after the election. It takes time to count all legitimate ballots in a legal and orderly manner.”


CNN (Attachment Four) said that Biden’s speech “placed blame for the dire national situation squarely at the feet of his predecessor”, and extrapolated the name of the Beast: Donald Trump... “accusing the former president of cultivating a lie that has metastasized into a web of conspiracies that has already resulted in targeted violence.

“That is the path to chaos in America. It’s unprecedented. It’s unlawful. And it (presumably the lie and not the path) is un-American.”


The day before his speech in Washington, Biden had warned a group of Democratic donors in Florida that “democracy is on the ballot” this year – and offered something of a preview of his message for a day later.

“How can you say that you in fact care about democracy when you deny the existence of a win? The only way you could win is either you win or the other guy cheated,” he said at the event, held in an oceanfront backyard of a mansion in Golden Beach, Florida.

“This has not happened since the Civil War,” presumably citing historian Jon Meacham’s new book, “And There Was Light: Abraham Lincoln and the American Struggle,” which explores how America’s 16th president confronted secession and threats to democracy.

And, as if the mention of Lincoln three times summoned up another, rather more admired ghost of Presidencies past, also-Ol’ 46 has acquired a somewhat domineering sidekick to lobby these last few undecided voter in undecided states, his old boss.  Obama, CNN maintains, “remains an avatar of progressive change and an increasingly diverse nation, who’s far more popular than current Democratic President Joe Biden. ‘He’s the most sought-after political fireman for Democrats struggling to survive tight swing state races and is being used to energize young, minority and suburban middle-class voters.’”


But even evocations of the Great Emancipator and his Kenyan-Kansan protégé did not impress the National Review’s Rich Lowry who called Biden’s appeal to whatever “abysmal”, “meandering, clichéd, and repetitive,” and Buckley boy added, “Biden’s delivery was notably lifeless.”  Not particularly cogent either... “Biden started out describing the horrific attack on Paul Pelosi in detail but elided the fact that his attacker is seriously mentally ill. Instead, with no basis whatsoever, he connected the attack to January 6 and then launched into the typical argument that “democracy is on the ballot.”  (November 2nd, Attachment Five)

Threats against election workers are wrong, Lowry admitted, and should be prosecuted as warranted. “But Biden’s broader case is meritless and self-serving.”

Stylistically, the speech was “meandering, clichéd, and repetitive,” and Biden’s delivery was notably lifeless.

All around a poor performance, but what, the NR asked, “did you expect?”


Similar sentiments for transformation were expressed by the Moonie cult chronicle Washington Times, zeroing in on the state-hopping MTG, who affirmed the bloviations of Ol’ 45 and added a twisted twist of her own.

“More Americans are robbed, stabbed, raped, kidnaped, carjacked and murdered. But only, the only crime victim you hear about from Democrats in the media is Paul Pelosi,” she said as the crowd booed (presumably for the Speaker’s husband, not the speaker in front of them).

“Paul Pelosi was brutally attacked by a drugged-out illegal alien that should have been deported. And Paul Pelosi should have been a gun owner and shot his attacker,” Mrs. Greene said, referring to David DePape, a Canadian national arrested and accused of the attack. 

“The Georgia Republican echoed the sentiments of Second Amendment advocates, including The Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms,” maintains the Guardian’s Ed Pilkington on Wednesday (see Attachment Six), “which condemned the attack against the House speaker’s husband last week and offered hopes for a swift recovery.

“When someone — including Mr. Pelosi — is attacked in their own home, or in a public place, even on a sidewalk, by someone wielding a hammer or other potentially deadly weapon, that person has an absolute right to defend himself or herself,” said CCRKBA Chairman Alan Gottlieb. “In a situation like this, a gun beats a hammer every time.”

Trump, in his supportive peregrinations (as chronicled by CNN’s unwoke chronicler Stephen Collinson yesterday afternoon – Attachment Seven) “has mobilized his Make America Great Again movement, which first emerged as a backlash to the first Black presidency and is built around the notion that the cultural values of a largely White, working-class nation is under siege from political correctness, undocumented migration, experts and the establishment.”

While Obama is rekindling memories of a past presidency, Trump is out on the trail seeking to build the foundation for a future one.

Our most recent ex-president has demonstrated the extraordinary hold he still has on the Republican Party by promoting and endorsing a roster of candidates in his election-denying image. There is a question, however, whether Trump’s role in orchestrating inexperienced or extreme nominees, like senatorial candidates like Mehmet Oz in Pennsylvania, Herschel Walker in Georgia and Blake Masters in Arizona, could cost his party the critical seats in swing states that will decide control of the Senate.

Republican officials have worried all election cycle about the former president putting his own political ambitions ahead of his party. Many still blame his false claims of voter fraud for helping two Democrats, Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff, win Senate seats in Georgia runoffs, which enabled their party to control the 50-50 chamber with the help of the tie-breaking vote cast by Vice President Kamala Harris.

Then, shunting President Joe aside, for the moment, CNN’s Collinson declared that the capital B-Black Barack Obama and capital W-White Donald Trump “personify two rival visions of the meaning of America itself and are extending their bitter years-long duel as they find themselves on opposite sides of a profound confrontation over the future of US democracy.”  (Attachment Seven)


Arizona is the ground zero of the 2022 threat of election subversion. All four of its Republican candidates in statewide races – Lake, together with the nominees for US Senate, attorney general and secretary of state – are out-and-out election deniers.

Blake Masters, another Trump-backed Republican, whose candidacy was explored by Pilkington, above, has been pre-emptively sowing doubt about the outcome of his challenge to the incumbent Democratic US senator for Arizona Mark Kelly. “Masters has been telling supporters on the campaign trail to look out for thousands of fraudulent votes that will snatch victory from him,” which pre-election ploy was deployed (although not successfully) by Trump in both 2016 and 2020.

Mark Finchem, the Republican running for secretary of state, led the push to decertify Biden’s victory in Arizona and was present at the US Capitol on January 6. During the primary elections, also he said he would refuse to concede.

“Ain’t going to be no concession speech coming from this guy,” he said, suggesting the election could have “impropriety”.

And Abe Hamadeh, the Republican running for Arizona attorney general, has claimed without evidence that mail-in voting is riddled with fraud – another pre-emptive move used by Trump in 2020.

People in Obama’s extended circle have remarked that their former boss has been on fire this campaign season. Lacking the burdens of presidential office, unlike his former vice president, Obama has shown the kind of freedom and relish for big political rallies that rocketed him to the Democratic nomination in 2008.

It’s easy to tell when the 44th president doesn’t have his heart in his task. In the early rallies of his 2012 election race, for instance, he was lethargic and weary, and he didn’t approach top form in his events last year in an off-year election in Virginia.

But his rallies this year have rocked with the pulsating energy and enthusiasm that is often lacking at appearances by the incumbent president, an older, more conventional politician. Obama has also come up with far more relatable and focused economic messages than Biden has managed – ironically performing the same role for the current president as another ex-president, Bill Clinton, performed for him in the 2012 campaign – a service that led Obama to dub the 42nd president “the explainer-in-chief.”

Obama’s talent for oratory is undiminished and he looks like he’s having great fun showing it off.

 “He’d like to have done it already. … I think you can expect him to announce it soon,” Conway said of Trump’s anticipated campaign launch. “He’s being urged by some people to still have a November surprise.”

“Donald Trump is just getting started. I think you should keep your cellphone on,” Conway told reporters at a Christian Science Monitor breakfast on Thursday.


Like CNN, the WashTimes also trod President Joe’s “path to chaos” (albeit with a song in their hearts and assault rifles in their fists).

Another of its Moonie minions, Jeff Mordock took note of Biden’s path, and noted that it “repeated many of the same themes at a speech Tuesday in Florida and the Wednesday speech in Washington.

“Mr. Biden has repeatedly warned of the threat posed by election deniers and extremists in the run-up to the midterms, but that message has not resonated.”

Republicans are surging in the closing days of the election season contended the WashTimes... as well as a few more un-alt-right, moderate and even liberal observers... “ as inflation, the economy, and crime have emerged as voters’ top concerns” as will probably result in  Republicans  regaining control of the House and possibly the Senate on Nov. 8.

“The scare tactics and fear-mongering aren’t working,” Jimmy Keady, a Republican strategist,” told Mordock (Attachment Nine). “Voters are fed up with the economy, crime, and open border and I don’t think anything Biden does in the next six days is going to matter.”

“Democratic strategist Hank Sheinkopf agreed that Mr. Biden casting himself and his party as protectors of democracy is not resonating with voters.

Biden is talking about it because it takes him away from the problems that are facing the nation right now, which are the cost of gas, the cost of food, and the sense that things are out of control. Talking about those issues reminds people that this situation occurred under his presidency when he had the most power to alleviate it,” he said.

And a couple of peanuts from the WashTimes gallery concurred – if less eloquently.  It's ALWAYS projection with the wet fart mouthpiece. Blank check joe means antifa/blm and the released criminals from prison in kkkommiforniazuela will wreak havoc on Nov. 8th because they KNOW the returns won't merely reflect a red wave but a friggin' TSUNAMI, as in the elevator scene from Kubrick's The Shining,” quailed “A”

A more optimistic “O” disagreed, contending: “Biden knows that a wipeout is coming his way. If your closing message doesn't even mention voters' greatest concerns you very quickly become irrelevant. Any politician who declares half or more of the electorate a danger to democracy is on the road to oblivion.”


And MAGAposterchildren aren’t the only critics of the Democratic obsession with saving Democracy at the expense of losing the battle at the grocery and gas pump (negatives which can be at least whittled down by some plain speaking on the economic impact of the plague and the war).  Instead they’re doing what liberals always do and do with flair and panache and a few other elitist terms... form a circular firing squad.

The left (but not alt- nor even hard left) Southern Poverty Law Center has expended its capital on the moderate to lukewarm left Newsweek in Friday’s hit piece accusing the rag of jumping on the autocratic (if not quite totalitarian right) bandwagon, based upon the adventures of one Josh Hammer, its opinionator.  (Attachment Ten)

It’s commonplace for institutional print media to hire a roster of hirelings... most of whom do tend to exhibit the namby-pamby “can’t we all get along?” trope (consider Marc Thiessen in the WashPost or Ross Douthat at the New York Times)... but Hammer, according to the SPILC’s own “Hatewatch” opionator Michael Edison Hayden, is a piece of work – an extremist, a bigot, a confidante of unsavory animals like MTG and, perhaps worst of all, The Donald’s atrocious attorney John Eastman (a Kamala Harris nullifier, Federalist Society geek and suspected coup-plotter) who Hammer has called a “friend” and mentor and has compared the One Six attack, “which left five people dead, to the anti-tax, 18th-century Whiskey Rebellion under George Washington.”  That insurgency killed only four.

Hayden dug up employees who also said that Newsweek managers, such as editor Nancy Cooper and chief content officer Dayan Candappa, “indulged Hammer’s involvement in radical-right politics, while striking a markedly different tone with other employees. Far from labeling itself as an activist organization, Newsweek has warned writers in multiple meetings and on email chains about publicly supporting political causes, employees said.”

The Hammer (Pelosi attributions aside) is a sort of blue dwarf in the conservative conspiracy constellation and one of his go-to gangstas is the “journalism-focused non-profit Poynter” whose patrons include dark money magnates like the Koch Kabal, and Hayden... an admittedly former Newsweek employee... closed with a citation from New York University journalism instructor Jay Rosen, who referred Hatewatch to a tweet he issued in response to a Newsweek opinion piece authored by Donald Trump Jr. with the headline, “Trump was right about everything,” from March 16.

On August 2020, The New Republic labeled Newsweek a “zombie magazine” known for laundering “right-wing ideas and conspiracy theories.” 

Newsweek is not a thing. It’s like an animal that lives in the discarded shell of another animal,” Rosen wrote.

“Hatewatch”, whose coverage of right-wing organizations has included more than a few with violent, even criminal tendencies, did not specifically accuse Hammer, nor Newsweek, of sedition, but the implications should be concerning to First Amendment advocates – from Elon Musk on down to the nut in the public park holding a sign that proclaims “The End is Near”.

America, it is said on this Election Eve, is bifurcating into halves as might well be designated pro-Trump or never-Trump.

President Joe is sadly irrelevant.  So, too, are any inclinations that Congress, Senators or Governors may have beyond pandering to their base (which was sufficient for them to gain election in the first place).

A proselytizer once predicted that, sooner or later – more or less sooner, now – Don Jones would be able to subscribe to one and one only source of new mis-, dis- or piss-information, and it would be called “The Daily Me”.  Nothing would be permitted beyond the event horizon of narcissism and there wouldn’t even need to be any sort of government interference (although anti-gumment partisans... some left, more right) would claim that it was endemic; rather, it would be the cunningly and carefully crafted profilization made possible by the Big Data collected from voluntary and involuntary sources.


“Taking credit for Republican gains has long been Trump’s strategy as he works to craft a compelling reason for mounting a third presidential campaign, something that goes beyond his false claims that the 2020 election was stolen. For months, the former president’s team has beat back criticism from Trump-weary corners of the party that candidates he personally recruited or elevated in primaries couldn’t be competitive in general election races. Now, as critical contests in Georgia, Pennsylvania, Arizona and Ohio narrow, they are waiting with bated breath for an “I told you so” moment.”  (CNN, yesterday Attachment Twelve).

And finally, what would an American election be without a good, gripping murder (or, at least, death) story?


The Capitol Riot murders are receding into the past, according to voters, and... should they do as expected and flip Congress, the panel and its work will, itself, be euthanized/

But also on yesterday, (PolitiFact, Attachment Thirteen) fact-checked a report circulated among believers and hopers that CNN had pronounced Donald J. Trump, 35th (and potentially 37th) President deceased.

He was rumoured to have done a Rockefeller... expiration during sex... or, even worse, a David Carradine (auto-erotic asphyxiation... google it, but don’t show the kids).

PolitiFact declared the report “pants on fire”.


Three days.  Willie Nelson wrote a song about three days, the saddest in a sad, sad country/western song world.  They were: yesterday, today and tomorrow.   Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow... and then the petty princes will creep out of their cabinets, some to glory, others to perdition.  Tears and blood will flow, vengeance taken, self-imporant spectators will make riveting pronouncements and predictions.  The World Series will also be over (barring a week of catastrophic weather) but perhaps the Powerball will keep climbing into the billions.  Maybe the trillions.  Wars and plagues will ravage, winter will approach to strains of Mariah Carey.  Some will be born, some will die.  And... except in the few unfortunate provinces where overtime runoffs are necessitated by the machinations of scheming Greens and lucky Libertarians with their point oh two polling tolling as have greased the gridlock, the barrage of filth and information backing up our mailboxes, TV screens and social media platforms will subside – at least for the time being.

All over but the shouting?  That begins Wednesday.  Or... will we have to say “the shooting”?



October 29th – November 4th, 2022



Saturday, October 29, 2022

Dow:  32,861.80



Thursday was National Black Cat Day, so today is just plain National Cat Day – for all those other coloured pussies.

   Videographers capture a cougar prowling the wealthy L.A. Brentwood district on camera... then police capture it in the flesh.  The bad cat is released into the wild to pursue her hunt for millenials among the birds, the bees and the underbrushes. 

   Paul Pelosi’s attacker increasingly revealed as one uncool cat... his social media manifestoes are full of the usual neo-Nazi, MAGAconspiracy dreck.  Most Republicans flock to proclaim their horror and outrage, but a few are smugly satisfied – Ted Cruz, pimping for wifebeater Herschel Walker, promises: “A revival is coming,” while Gov. Glenn  Youngkin (R-Va) predicts: “We’re gonna send (Nancy) back to San Francisco to be with her husband.”

   Parents and police in pre-Halloween panic over perverts lurking in haunted and ordinary houses where sex offenders are being hired as klowns, sadists are giving out apples with embedded razors and dope cartels are disguising fentanyl as Skittles to kill the American children.  (The last proven mythical... drug dealers don’t just give away their wares.)




Sunday, October 30, 2022

Dow: Closed



It’s Mischief Night and God is playing the trickster as sixty die on a collapsed bridge in India, a hundred more in Somali car bombings and the prizewinner... over a hundred and fifty in a Halloween party stampede on the streets of Seoul, SoKo.

   Ukes and Russian soldiers stall as early winter rains cause troops to stall... Mad Vlad Putin supplements his army by hiring American-trained Afghan mercenaries, then delivers another threatening rant, blaming it all on the gays.  Bombing of Ukraine infrastructure, however, may pay his sort of dividends in another few weeks as civilians will face winter with no heat and no water while his resumption of attacks on ships carrying grain for export will starve Africans.

   With Roe v. Wade in the dustbin, SCOTUS lurches on with planned overturning of affirmative action provisions that are only forty years old.  Asians denied college entry for being too smart are at the forefront of this campaign – Justices Thomas and KJB spar (the latter has to recuse herself from ruling on her alma mater, Harvard) and the usual collateral damage is cheered by some, condemned by others.  (A Harvard study says wage equality is improving... but because the bosses are firing and cutting pay of white workers, not doing anything to help minorities.)




Monday, October 31, 2022

Dow:  32,387.27



And Halloween arrives.  Deaths from tripledemic (plague, flu and RSV) soar among infants, tuberculosis is back and tributes keep pouring in for “The Killer”.  (Johnny Cash is remembered for saying that nobody wanted to follow Jerry Lee Lewis onstage, not even Elvis.)

   “Black Adam” eviscerates a host of Hollywood horror wannabees as the return of “Wakanda Forever” approaches.  World Series begins with miracle Phillies comeback win over Astros, Powerball reachs billion dollar bounty and the Jones family is already singing Mariah Carey Christmas songs.

   The spooky good news is that researchers claim to be nearing a vaccine for the RSV nobody knows about and everybody fears.  Further – the EPA now says that water in Jackosn MS safe to drink.  Want some?




Tuesday, November 1, 2022

Dow:  32,560.16






Grain cutoff causes food prices to soar worldwide, diesel shortage plus two railroad strikes snaps more links on the supply chain, further weaked by Chinese plague lockdown that closes the factories that make all that Christmas stuff Americans think they need. 

   SoKo officials apologize as stadiums fill up with belongings left by the stampeded dead and calls for overturning or overthrowing the government arise.  Riker’s Island prison uprising kills a guard, stabbed fifteen times by vengeful inmates.  Fourteen, including children, are shot in Chicago drive by, another child butched by road rager, Migos’ “Takeoff” is killed in Houston’s rapper wars and the village drug dealer (legal, pharmacist who allegedly gave family free access to printing flyers) is arrested in the cold case murder of two Indiana teen girls. 

  President Joe proposes 13B subsidy for winter home heating, threatens windfall profits tax on Big Oil.  It’s still warm east of the Rockies, but Mississippi river drought gridlocks barge traffic which, with rail strikes and diesel inflation, imperils the supply chain.  Also hitting the picket line: United Airlines pilots.




Wednesday, November 2, 2022

Dow:  32,147.76







Fed 0.75% rate hike to 4% (with promises of more to come) sends stocks into freefall even though job growth, which economists predicted would fall from 10.3 to 10.0 million, rises to 10.7.  Democrats rationalize the rate hike as an inflation fighter... inflation shrugs. 

   Elon Musk’s first week at Twitter called “chaotic” by the haters; he fires more upper, middle and lower class workers and proposes a $20/mo. usage fee.  After horror writer Stephen King protests on the Day of the Dead, he drops that to $8.  Even so, there is a mass exodus of users.  Wonderers wonder if Djonald UnTweeted will return from social media exile as a prequel to his restoration in 2024.

   Suave Obama and manic Biden crisscross the country warning of democracy doomed, citing the One Six and Pelosi attack. G.O.P. counters with 2024 aspirants DeSantis, Tom Cotton (who has a book to sell that accuses Democrats of working for the decline of America) and... Ted Cruz?  Survey monkeys determine that half of the Republican candidates for high office are election denialists.



Thursday, November 3, 2022

 Dow:  32,001.25






It’s National Sandwich Day.

   President Joe delivers his “closing argument” – ranting that the midterms are a battle for the soul of America while Djonald UnSuppressible does his act in Iowa (See above, and Attachments Two).  Soul brother Kylie Irving doubles down on his praise for anti-Semitic movie but also throws somc money at Jewish anti-hate groups.  Seoul sounds the air raid sirens as NoKo follows up the missiles with buzzing fighter jets despite Biden’s threats.

  Hammer-er DePape pleads not guilty as Capitol Police and SFPD point fingers at one another over failed security at Nancy’s house.  Many strong bipartisan speeches are made denouncing DePape’s attack amidst heightened threats and violence directed at politicians, law enforcement and local poll workers – some of whom are donning bulletproof vests while others just quit (50 out of 67 in Pennsylvania).

   Add to America, Britain and Brazil more elections, electioneering and election violence.  Bibi Netanyahu returns from his exile with a coalition of extreme right wing Jews, ready to kick ass on the Palestians (or Kylie, if he shows up in the neighborhood).  And former Pakistani boss Imran Khan is shot in the foot at an election rally, while Bolsonaro’s military advisers lobby for a coup.




Friday, November 4, 2022

Dow:  32,403.23




As the last pre-election weekend begins, psychiatrists declare that 40% of Don Joneses say their job is driving them crazy.  (The rest are quiet quitters... or whatever, now that that trope is nope.)  Jobs are reported up, but so is unemployment.  That’s crazy!  The Dow is up too... based on higher unemployment?

   Last minute election intelligence (or its other) finds Oprah stabbing Dr. Oz in the back after making him a star, Democrats are hunting Iowa’s Grassley, ‘Pubs seeking steals and deals in New York.  Ballot fraud reported in Wisconson – and it isn’t even Election Day yet.

   Philly phanatics phretting... Astros take 3 – 2 lead in World Series.  Still, the Eagles are undefeated.  And everybody pines for a piece of Powerball: the pot hits a record 1.6B and climbing for tomorrow’s numbers.



The month-long bull market (in the Don, as well as the Dow) came to a shuddering halt this week.  America actually gained jobs – a lot of jobs – but the unemployment rate rose, leading to the Fed raising interest rates, leading to a domino crash of the U.S. economy (our trade balance, our real estate... but without lowering home prices and rents to moderate the skyrocketing homless crisis, and even reversing the recent and welcome practice of government taking in more revenues than spending).  Don Jones is still better off now than in 2013, but only by a fingernail.  The big winners are going to be Republicans, who can point to the slumping economy and win the House and Senate, leading to two years of gridlock, vetoes and, yes, more violence.  Kevin McCarthy will be able to snatch up the One Six report out of Pelosi’s grasp at hammerpoint and hold a celebrity bondire on the Capitol Mall, impeachments will begin (but probably not convictions unless the Senate flip is fliptastic) and The Exile will announce his intent to return, probably within a week or two.

   MAGAmaniacs will pump their fists, stomp their feet and give all their money over to the billionaires – even Elon Musk, whose Twitterpurge should have alarmed the plutocracy as leading to labor revolts.  But the only stirring of the whimpering liberals has been to escalate the railroad strikes which, with rising diesel prices, will snap the supply chain by Christmas and lead to more misery (blamed, of course, on the gays, migrants and minorities) and nudge us closer to the fasicism prowling round the door of ’24.  Depressed liberals will start to check out better places to emigrate to.

   St. Helena Island might be a good choice...







(REFLECTING… approximately… DOW JONES INDEX of June 27, 2013)


See a further explanation of categories here













6/17/13 & 1/1/22






Wages (hrly. per cap)


1350 points





1,396.64   27..86


Median Inc. (yearly)







606.24   36,079


Unempl. (BLS – in mi)







608.03  3.75%


Official (DC – in mi)







326.27      5,713 709


Unofficl. (DC – in mi)







299.01    10,441 429


Workforce Particip.












In 158,979  Out 99,703 Total: 258,682  61.4573 


WP %  (ycharts)*







150.72  62.30









Total Inflation







1006.60     +0.4









283.86     +0.8









239.67     -4.9


Medical Costs







289.36     +1.0









289.95     +0.7









Dow Jones Index







257.73   32,403.22

+401.97 (1.26%)today


Home (Sales)







-1.875%              -1.30%             






Sales (M):  4.71 Valuations (K):  384.8


Debt (Personal)







283.02    72,022











Revenue (trilns.)







410.00       4,921


Expenditures (tr.)







344.70       5,978 


National Debt tr.)







431.74    31,258


Aggregate Debt (tr.)







429.09    92,928