Who protects the multi-national corporations as comprise the Dow Jones Index?  President Joe?  Ex-President Djonald (Unchained!) Trump… and his gang from InfoWars and Goldman Sachs and the seven dwarfs scrumbling to usurp him?  His predecessor, Barack Hussein Obama or faces out of time.  Warren Harding?  Or the failed candidates - Hillary Clinton and her weary basket of narcoleptics?  Bernie and his big mittens?  Congress?  Vladimir Putin, the Cubans, the Tea Partiers, the Bush boys and the rest of that bipartisan rat pack family as ran… squeaking, scuttling and squealing… after the greasy polls of 2016 morphed into 2021’s clown riots? and Congress nuked the budget, then itself?  More others… the Courts?  Wall Street?  Main Street?  The military and police, their drones and bomb-slinging robots?  The fake media?  Foreigners?  Plague spreaders and plague doctors?  Foundations and unions, dark money donors… science, technology and religion… academics… history (as revised and sanitized by Entropy’s lapdogs) or alt-anything…

Who tracks the progress of and protects that aggregation of average, above-average and maybe a little bit below-average Americans known as Don Jones?

We do! 


LESSON for June 17, 2024 – “LET THE GAME(R)S COMMENCE!”


LESSON for June 3, 2024 – “D-CAPITATION DAY!”

LESSON for May 27, 2024 – “BOOTS on the GROUND!”



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        The Don Jones Index is a research project maintained by the Coalition for a New Consensus, operating under the provisions of the Supreme Court’s SUPERPAC ruling; its officers and funding duly confidential under said decision.  The CNC… a membership organization open to American citizens without regard to race, creed or political affiliation… disseminates these following articles by retired Congressman, syndicated columnist, author of “Entropy and Renaissance” and “The Coming Kill-Off” and independent Presidential Candidate Jack “Catfish” Parnell for informational purposes only.

        The CNC denies, emphatically, allegations that the organization, as well as its officers and former Congressman Parnell are fictitious – mere pawns in the e-serial Black Helicopters” - and promise swift, effective legal action against all parties promulgating this and other such slanders.


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